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  1. In that case let me 'name and shame' then: You and your boyfriend Kittyekaterina is the reason people cheat. The way you act up all rightous, while you two are the epitome of whats wrong with this community. btw random thought i just got.. what kind of a name is Sune? Asking for a friend :^)
  2. +1 Did some research - and that isnt the case at all. Its actually recommended you clear out your memory chache, and whether or not its 5min doesnt really affect anything.
  3. Im probably speaking for the majority when it comes to adding a queue list, when joining a district. S/o to my bois at HAN, who never experienced this issue.
  4. Hvr is good now. its intended for long range, as it should be. If you want a good cqc sniper tho, i recommend you switch to scout
  5. Now we'll always be together, no matter where you decide to post
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