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  1. Whilst this is probably not the best example - Car Spawners are kind of silly in that you can have entire teams spawning very close to you. However they more make up part of what is a very temperamental and not very consistent spawn system in the game in general - you'd need to do more than just fix car spawners. As for killing the car spawner after the first two enemies - it's clear the third enemy has already located you by that point (they've shot you after all) and it's somewhat unreasonable to expect people to ignore a player they're being actively attacked by. Yes you could have retreated (and your teammates could have really done with not dropping the items so far from the drop itself) just to blow up the car spawner - but that's losing the momentum you had already on the attack. I suppose that's my main issue with car spawners - they take almost no effort to deploy, but you still have to go out of your way and expend ammo/nades to destroy them. I think having increased blocking radii (on objectives themselves might be useful) could help alleviate the issue. They also bring many other issues, such as a destroyed car spawner revealing where an enemy is approaching from. Again however, car spawners aren't the only flaw with the spawn system - and often they're the only way to make it work.
  2. I know it's such a pipe dream (But then again if you asked me in 2014 if APB would make it to 2019 I would have said the same thing) but APB 2 is the way forward. LO has put an admirable amount of work into the game since they've had it, and I'm super excited to see where they take the game - but it did start development over 10 years ago, and I think if we ever want to see a mainstream game which carries the branding, a fresh start will be necessary. There is a very good chance a sequel would look nothing like APB however - the industry has moved on so much.
  3. I would have presumed the Volcano mod is a dummy one intended to give flavour to the gun (and/or prevent you from using Blue Mods on the weapon). The AEEPD probably functions exactly the same.
  4. I understand that the Nekrova merge must have been a real head-ache for Little Orbit given the disparity between the two versions of the game. I appreciate the effort that's gone into it, but it would kind of look like we still have issues such as this: For anyone wondering what the issue is, "Piercing" is not a mod that you are able to apply to any weapon. Previously on non-Nekrova clients you were only able to find it on the Colby 'Commander' and Cap 40 'Sergeant'. I'm sure people could make very solid arguments for why having Piercing on any gun isn't an issue - but that's not the point here. It's not something that non-Nekrova players have been able to get their hands on, and I think Little Orbit needs to go over some the item merges to stop things like this from happening: Once again, it's not that Valentines Tagger on any weapon is going to break anything major with the game, it's just one more layer of dysfunctional mess that has been added to the game. If you guys aren't sure what mods are and are not generally accessible in-game, please just ask us (or your SPCT team!). Apologies if this seems very picky, but it doesn't inspire much faith when little things like this are constantly going wrong.
  5. Now I want to know how the hell G1 managed to make such a complicated interface for what is essentially a store front.
  6. One of the most egregious examples of faction pricing difference: 912 G1C difference.
  7. I'm beyond excited to see the new pricing model in Armas. For far too long items such as clothing were priced on an almost arbitrary basis with no consistency. Here's hoping the prices for them go down on average. You say you've removed the 3 day trials, but how about removing some of the weapon packs currently on Armas? I can't believe for a second people are purchasing packs such as Forces of Nature or Valhalla's chosen in any great numbers. I'm not even sure about other packs such as this sniper pack. It's clear G1 just took two weapons from each category, and chose a close and long range sidearm to go with them. There's so much potential for packs, such as including unique skins or pairing say the N-tec with the N-SSW for example. Maybe even do packs based on certain in game weapon manufacturers like Nekrova or Obeya?
  8. Dog-Ear I find to be a great example of the just weird G1 balancing. Like what was the reasoning behind giving it such high hard damage? Nothing about the gun suggests it should have it. DMR already suffers from a pretty niche role (88m is actually quite difficult to effectively achieve in APB), removing the hard damage would really hamper it.
  9. If all you want them to do is add one weapon a year then that's actually one of the more achievable requests I've seen on this forum.
  10. Essentially yes - but as far as I'm aware you can't trial every Armas weapon in the Joker store (I think you can't get a ACES SMG with 2 slots for example). I know obviously you can just trial it via Armas - but it's something you can only do once per reset. I'd like to see the Joker Store utilised more - especially for trying out items such as clothing. It'd be great to see log-in bonuses for the game which could reward Joker Tickets, maybe you could even buy JMBs with those tickets.
  11. I'd love to see weapon trials be earnable/purchasable by in game means. Perhaps you could buy them with Joker Tickets or earn them for daily activities. There's a lot of ways you can use Armas items to incentivise players to log on more regularly.
  12. Didn't Midtown eventually morph into financial? Although one of the Enforcer start screens does depict it - it would appear to be quite similar to the South East corner of the Financial district. It'd be interesting to see a whole map based on the idea of narrow back alleys and twisting roads (Although this sounds a lot like shotgun heaven now that I think about it)
  13. I've always thought APB should have had the option of a low buy in price which came with a number of perks (Perhaps permanent weapon purchasing or being able to lease Armas weapons for in game cash). Probably a bit late to implement that now however.
  14. I thought they shifted the Criminal contacts in Waterfront due to the glitch of not being able to be witnessed in that corner of the map. They've also moved contacts like Violet Prentiss around for some reason or another - at least Devil Dog was amusing to see in new perches.
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