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  1. Yeah, perhaps I should have been more clear - I'm sure RTW didn't make the maps for anything other than combat. I suppose I've never been overly impressed by it - although I like the variety the maps bring, there are still certain areas (Such as Financial's Highway or the edges of Waterfront) that even with a longer TTK still stand out as being particularly poor. None of the spawn systems the game has ever had has done much to help, often only exacerbating the issue. The maps may have been better suited to longer TTK, but it didn't stop the combat itself from being quite boring (From the brief amount of RTW gameplay I saw and played there were certain areas with so much cover that every gunfight took forever). I suppose if one aspect that lower TTK affects is that positioning becomes more important the faster you kill - as poor positioning will get you killed a lot faster than with the original TTK. As such I imagine the inadequacies of the map design become a lot sharper when you're very much relying on it. A dodgy hitbox on a wall, or a weirdly designed chokepoint may be overlooked if you're able to survive for longer under fire. I think a great deal would be helped by a much improved spawn system and a more consistent hit-reg on the server. As for vehicles I'm still annoyed that the solution to cars dying too easily to explosives was to buff vehicle health, and not nerf explosive damage. We now have situations where a Vegas can survive being fired at by 3 players and manage to get away in time.
  2. I was under the impression that Obeya is already fairly popular. The weapon has a very forgiving damage drop off, ludicrous over damage per shot (HB3 doesn't even add another shot to kill), as well as the ability to fire at almost maximum fire rate without a particularly onerous accuracy penalty. It's an incredibly strong weapon - only the monster which remains the HVR is able to realistically keep it in check at the very long ranges. OBIR is not as widely used just because in general it's less forgiving when it comes to missing shots (and because the Obeya is typically the better choice). I may be biased when it comes to the N-tec, but if you were to nerf it before looking at other very powerful weapons (Such as HVR) you'd further accelerate the polarisation of combat ranges in this game, where people elect to either go for the very close range weapons, or the very long range weapons, as those two categories seem to be the only reliable options. I have a hard time believing that the maps were designed with any sort of combat specifically in mind - there are certainly areas where a longer TTK would make far more sense, but there are also parts of the map where along TTK would make gun fights overly drawn out affairs. In any case the intended design is probably redundant anyway - I couldn't see the original RTW design team knowing that vehicle heavy gameplay would become a sort of norm, otherwise they may have made more areas inaccessible to vehicles. Additionally, mission design often forces you into one of two situations: The objective is in an enclosed area where the maximum combat range is scarcely above 15m - playing very aggressive with close range weapons are required The objective can be seen for miles around in at least 3 different directions - taking long range weapons will be a priority (but even still close range weapons are useful for rushing the defenders) All of these issues are probably way beyond what Little Orbit should be focusing on right now - I'm glad to see the OCA/RFP combo being tackled in one go, as it was perhaps one of the most painful set-ups to play against. I just wish with the RFP they wouldn't go down that classic route of not being happy to just nerf a weapon, instead adding a new upside to it for no reason.
  3. You could begin to replace/supplement the current way missions works - i.e. waiting for a text box to pop up on screen and tell what mission you've received. Instead both Enforcers and Crims could (if they didn't wish to wait for a mission to start) go to a location on the map and perform some activity which would begin an unopposed mission. Certain locations could trigger different missions, some more difficult to complete (Having more stages, or more limited time limits) but could have better payouts. I suppose you would have people intentionally trying to get easy missions, but that is something you can already do in game by pledging to low rank contacts. Perhaps even you would get a good reward for completing a risky mission unopposed - but other teams would be given the chance to stop you (I believe RTW had a system somewhat like this, where you could accept or decline opposition)
  4. If we were to make a "Yellow mod" I'd probably just remove ammo altogether - as we already have two field supplier modifications available. I've never really liked how the Ammo consumable allowed you to ignore the downside of not running the Field Supplier mod - especially as it was a tactic that only higher rank players were able to use. I wonder how useful Satchels will be once those EMP grenades come out, they're already limited to planned demolition of Car Spawners and protecting yourself from aggressive vehicle players.
  5. @MattScott Can I ask what the rationale behind making those new contacts not top tier was? I understand the desire to not block off the content from lower rank players, but I feel like this will mess up the contact progression massively. It's clear that there were meant to be 4 "specialist" contacts at the end of the progression, and we already got 3 of them so far - why disrupt it now?
  6. Appreciate the update Matt! Will you be able to buy the skins account bound at a later date, or will they be character bound only?
  7. For me one of the visual improvements I'd love to see the most is some effort put into distinguishing buildings from each other. Currently many buildings will have signs high up on their exteriors, which will denote certain things such as being a Pool Club or a City Community Centre, but nothing about what the player can see at the ground level make any effort to clarify what buildings are. It's very obvious in call outs, as there are very few recognisable buildings beyond the community named ones "Island" "German Fortress" etc.
  8. The community's a lot smaller these days, and there's less reason to try and impress with very technically impressive outfits. Additionally, a lot of players have been here for almost a decade - I think the enthusiasm has worn off, especially with the lack of new clothing pieces.
  9. I appreciate that - I presumed that's what he meant, I just wanted an absolute confirmation.
  10. @MattScott Will this feature be removed from Action Districts? I know you allude to it in your post, but just to get a concrete answer.
  11. I don't really feel like RIOT is much of a BR game. It's an APB game mode at heart, and in many respects still plays like APB. I don't think it's going to capture any audience that weren't already drawn to APB. It's a neat mode for sure, and has a lot more polish and effort than the various Anarchy configurations we saw over the years (Which I suppose were all just proto-RIOT modes in a way). Ultimately though, it's probably a lot less interesting than just standard Action Districts, which is where APB really shines. I can't see the mode sustaining a decent population for very long unless the game as a whole sees a load of players returning - at best it can hope to hold Fight Club numbers, but right now it's competing with Action and Fight Club for player numbers and frankly I don't think it's got the appeal to do so. It's still much the same as the rest of the game: Dense and difficult to get into if you're completely new to the game. If you're skilled and do well in mission districts, you're going to perform well in RIOT as well, and I don't think someone experienced in other BR games would have any advantage here whatsoever.
  12. Two of the ATAC presets, the Bodyguard and the Mercenary have broken idle, run and sprint animations for only male characters. Example: ATAC Bodyguard ATAC Mercenary: As you can see, the hands are not in the correct place - the Bodyguard seemingly has the character holding it like it doesn't have a foregrip - not sure what the Mercenary's problem is. For reference, the regular ATAC: This animation isn't great, but it at least looks semi-decent. It's worth noting this issue has been around before the ATAC animations were changed this patch so that characters hold them with two hands whilst idle (Before idle and run used one handed animations, but sprinting was two handed, and also broken in the same way) For reference, female characters holding the Bodyguard:
  13. Yes, let's not have this discussion again - weapon pick up in Action Districts is not a good idea.
  14. @MattScott what about mods you can only get on Nekrova such as Piercing? Will these be removed from Nekrova characters?
  15. I find it interesting that the $APB cost for the items is pretty low compared to the JT cost.
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