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  1. People were using the Pioneer/Espacio before G1 buffed their health all those years ago, I have absolutely no doubt they will continue to be used heavily.
  2. I always saw them as half decent idea, poor execution. If they do the mission balancing right, mobile cover might not be needed any longer. Larger missions would be fine if the game knew to scale missions up automatically (In the same way it will add more lives to deathmatch and VIP missions should additional players join). The main issue for large missions is that the more players in the match, the harder it is to attack, as wiping the enemy team becomes impossible. If for example, the game added a second objective and only one had to be completed (Like Counterstrike I think?) when the number of players per team exceeded 4, you could get around this issue.
  3. I genuinely never believed we'd see car and mission re-balancing happen prior to the Engine Upgrade. I'll be very interested to see how this affects regular missions, especially in regard to item size and objective location (All eyes on The Hidden Menace and especially Piracy Purge) The vehicle re-balancing is interesting, as the Pioneer/Espacio nerf is a reversal of a previous G1 patch to make cars more survivable against weapons like OSMAWs. Hopefully this patch paves the way for more long needed re-balancing efforts which I won't put here to avoid sparking arguments (But mostly around spawns). I hope LO goes further and looks at other tweaks to the mission system, such as introducing a delay before the final stage to allow everyone to spawn in.
  4. G1C is the best route, as you will get it account bound. Don't forget you also get JMBs as a reward for spending X amount of G1C too. You're better off specifically targeting a legendary you're actually interested in than leaving it to fate, as there are a fair number of legendaries which are not particularly interesting or fun to use.
  5. Whilst Spotter certainly needed a nerf, I'd rather they go down the route of making tracking icons not update in real time (This would apply to Deathmatch finale HUD elements too). If icons updated every 3 seconds then you'd still know when an enemy is roughly located, but as the spotted person you'd still have agency to do something. In a way it would be similar to how the minimap icons used to work, where after firing your position would update if you moved. Also APB desperately needs a ping system, it would likely help out random teams a bit. Currently if you're not in voice chat, the only way to quickly alert team-mates is with a very clunky map ping system.
  6. Bear in mind since the 35% discount was removed G1C prices were dropped by roughly 20% and many Armas prices were changed (usually lowered). Overall you should now end up paying less most of the time - same reason why we don't see many large sales happening on Armas any more.
  7. Don't be like me and pretend that the crashing is so infrequent you can play around it, I'd recommend getting the APB Advanced Launcher and just lowering the settings that way - I haven't had a crash so far. It is very annoying to not be able to play at the highest settings, but unfortunately until the new engine is released, there will not be much we can do.
  8. Technically by purchasing the gun enough times you are buying it permanently, you just had a chance to obtain it permanently before then. Given that it costs 50,000 JT to guarantee purchase, I don't think having it available for straight purchase would have made much of a difference.
  9. I think perhaps the best distinction that can be made will be that Joker Tickets = Character bound items, G1C = Account bound items. It's true the distinction will get blurrier, especially for new players who will need to think about 3 currencies at once. Perhaps the best way to think about it may be that JT are just F2P G1C? I guess it remains to be seen how it will all play out.
  10. I do get the impression that LO will at some point add additional ways of earning JTs - they already added a low level passive income from missions itself. JTs have a great potential to be incentives for people to play the game. You could start introducing measures such as log-in rewards, or prizes for playing X number of missions per day. If they were being particularly smart they might replace the weirdly small cash rewards for levelling up a contact and replace it with JT rewards instead. This, especially for Free2Play players would incentivise them to play missions and level up contacts. Of course for the sake of the game's continued existence, people will also be tempted to purchase JTs using G1C as well (Although at that point surely it would be quicker to just buy the gun outright? I guess whatever brings the money in)
  11. It's slightly different in that you obtain it not from regular JMBs, but instead from GM Powerboxes (Which have been available at various times). The FFA 5.56 R&D III is a rather strange case overall. It, along with the "Joker" variant of the OCSP almost belong to a separate class of legendaries.
  12. Seriously though, moving to remove loot boxes from this game is a huge step!
  13. They'll probably find a way to break car spawners
  14. I'd be far happier to restrict ammo resupply (Would make bandolier an actually useful mod) if Mobile Spawn Unit wasn't so prevalent in the game. As it currently stands you need to be able to frequently re-supply grenades to take care of them.
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