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  1. I imagine then the Scoped N-tec was originally in the same boat as the Ursus then - probably overlooked in the January patches, with the most recent balance changes being a correction (Although possibly a mistake) I agree the Scoped N-tec is certainly in need of a bit of attention, but I'm not sure lower max bloom was something that made sense on the weapon, given that its designed for longer range.
  2. So they did they just not change the Scoped Variants whilst changing the regular N-tec previously? Was it ever stated that this was an intentional decision? The fact that the Ursus (and to a lesser extent Cap-40) have until recently been overlooked when it comes to weapon changes means I would not be surprised if this was just a correction.
  3. I know the draw distance is certainly one the areas they are targeting (Essentially to improve how much detail you can see further ahead) This might help in some firefights where you end up hitting invisible objects - I don't think there are any plans to extend the combat ranges in this game above 100m (Excluding explosive weapons) however. I'm not sure what super-long range gun fights would even achieve, given that so few areas actually allow you to have them. By using the DMR you can see that even 80m distances can be hard to actively fight people at.
  4. Scout's damage made it a fairly unforgiving weapon. Given that a CA3 player only have to survive maybe 2 or 3 seconds between Scout hits to survive a second consecutive shot, I think a little bit more over damage wouldn't hurt it. The HVR has the opposite problem - it's far too forgiving. You can hit the 1st and 6th bullet in an HVR magazine and still secure the kill. Again however, I am struggling to understand how you can nerf the OBIR and HVR but not Obeya - the latter is already one of the most dominant weapons in the current meta. With the nerf to Ursus and HVR, it will shine even further at those medium-long engagements. Hard to say without playing - I'd imagine the nerf to the PMG will help it out, as well as the ATAC nerf, however it will have to now compete with more accurate OCAs, Carbines and N-tecs. I doubt its overall standing will change significantly.
  5. The Joker Carbine is finally getting more reserve ammo. It only took about 9 years. Also how the Obeya CR 762 rifle remains untouched is wild, considering how huge a patch this is. Also slight typo here: Can we expect another article @Sakebee?
  6. Interesting to see how much of G1's old philosophy around monetizing the game LO will dismantle. A few questions: Does the discount on Joker Store clothing apply if you bought the item on Armas? Will the Joker Store clothing items cost APB$ to buy from the clothing booth? Will this affect the clothing packs already in Armas? Any plans to make all of them account bound?
  7. Desert Scarf - both variants. Neck lines in APB can look rather strange as they have a habit of distorting clothes put on them - the scarves quite nicely cover up this issue.
  8. I think the decline of player numbers may be something of a correction here - at the start of this year APB was more or less following the trajectory it has been for years now, which is a gradual decline of player numbers: As you can see, roughly around the time the pandemic starts APB gets a fairly large boost in player numbers, which begins to wear off by June. As more people leave their houses and return to work, I think it's understandable that APB should see a more drastic drop in numbers, as the trend corrects itself to where it was before. The same effect can be observed in early 2018, when Little Orbit purchased the game: As you can see, there's a large bump when players return to the game to see what this new company is all about, followed by a sharp decline back to the standard numbers once it's clear that the game is still very much the same. Now obviously Little Orbit does have an effect on player numbers, and their decisions do make a difference, but they can only do so much with the game's dwindling population. They're clearly focusing on the EU, which is the game's best chance to inject itself with some much needed hype to draw players back and try and (realistically) delay the game's inevitable end.
  9. Yes I have noticed this too, by the way the original ratio for large missions was 23 to 8. I'm unsure if this is intentional or not, but it does mean that VIP missions with larger player counts ends very quickly (And seemingly almost in the defender's favour). If anything the reduced lives harms the attackers - as they technically have less lives per VIP life (Something like 2.4 vs 2.8). Attackers ideally more lives in VIP missions, and even then it may not be enough.
  10. I think I may have found the issue here.
  11. People were using the Pioneer/Espacio before G1 buffed their health all those years ago, I have absolutely no doubt they will continue to be used heavily.
  12. I always saw them as half decent idea, poor execution. If they do the mission balancing right, mobile cover might not be needed any longer. Larger missions would be fine if the game knew to scale missions up automatically (In the same way it will add more lives to deathmatch and VIP missions should additional players join). The main issue for large missions is that the more players in the match, the harder it is to attack, as wiping the enemy team becomes impossible. If for example, the game added a second objective and only one had to be completed (Like Counterstrike I think?) when the number of players per team exceeded 4, you could get around this issue.
  13. I genuinely never believed we'd see car and mission re-balancing happen prior to the Engine Upgrade. I'll be very interested to see how this affects regular missions, especially in regard to item size and objective location (All eyes on The Hidden Menace and especially Piracy Purge) The vehicle re-balancing is interesting, as the Pioneer/Espacio nerf is a reversal of a previous G1 patch to make cars more survivable against weapons like OSMAWs. Hopefully this patch paves the way for more long needed re-balancing efforts which I won't put here to avoid sparking arguments (But mostly around spawns). I hope LO goes further and looks at other tweaks to the mission system, such as introducing a delay before the final stage to allow everyone to spawn in.
  14. G1C is the best route, as you will get it account bound. Don't forget you also get JMBs as a reward for spending X amount of G1C too. You're better off specifically targeting a legendary you're actually interested in than leaving it to fate, as there are a fair number of legendaries which are not particularly interesting or fun to use.
  15. Whilst Spotter certainly needed a nerf, I'd rather they go down the route of making tracking icons not update in real time (This would apply to Deathmatch finale HUD elements too). If icons updated every 3 seconds then you'd still know when an enemy is roughly located, but as the spotted person you'd still have agency to do something. In a way it would be similar to how the minimap icons used to work, where after firing your position would update if you moved. Also APB desperately needs a ping system, it would likely help out random teams a bit. Currently if you're not in voice chat, the only way to quickly alert team-mates is with a very clunky map ping system.
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