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  1. The issue is as we found out in 2013 is that less people believe they should (or want to) be fighting golds than would be strictly necessary. When the gold rush event was going on, and you got G1C for fighting gold players, there was no shortage of silvers and bronze players lining up to enter the gold district. Obviously there was an ulterior motive at play, but it's not like they got destroyed every single game and had so little fun that they gave up. What was more noticeable is when the incentive went away, even golds themselves desperately started de-threating to get away from gold districts (At this point golds could only join gold districts). I think people get far too wrapped up in the colour next to someone's name, and lower threats do have a tendency I find to almost mentally give up when they see gold next to someone's name (This does go both ways, especially before demerits were required to kick a player, and silvers were kicked at the start of a mission). But as I found when playing as a silver years ago is that you only got better from fighting golds, and learning what they did. This is true in all games, but is especially so in APB, where it's not a simple case of just aiming better. It's not an argument for silver teams to get wiped by gold pre-mades, just that some cross pollination may be a good thing now and again. Pre-made teams do tend to have a more disastrous effect on matchmaking than having a range of threats does. A gold team of 3 for example will likely not be able to play against their equal in a district, and as such will often force the opposition to be cobbled together from various lower threat groups. This would be a problem even for 3 unorganised golds to fight against, and they'll often be hit just as hard as any silver group. Higher skilled players don't tend to play solo for a variety of reasons, one of them that you are at the mercy of the match making system. If APB had better population, we could have trialled a solo (Or maybe 2 man max) district only. I think that would have been interesting to see. I think it's more if you're going to play this game at all, you'd rather do it with competent team-mates each mission. Honestly most of the time pre-mades sit waiting for opposition, and when you do get matched against 4 silvers, you're not happy about it, because it's unlikely either team will enjoy the match.
  2. I don't remember this being a particularly effective deterrent when we had it initially. The issue always was as gold was such a broadchurch when it came to skill level, golds in general never wanted to play in a district solely populated by golds. I don't think matchmaking is ever going to work as long as there is such low population in the game, which is split into two factions who can only face each other, and then further split by being restricted to the district they're in.
  3. I meant more that weapons like SMGs and Shotguns need to have their TTKs increased, so that they still have to fear running into LMGs.
  4. That was me! For me what puts me off all the LMGs except for perhaps N-SSW is that their standing accuracy is usually pretty poor. This actually means there's huge parts of the map where you can't even use the weapons because you need to stand up to fire (The highway in Financial, or the mall in Waterfront are great examples of this), and addition it means you can't stand up from behind cover to fire at someone, you often have to expose your entire character in order to use the gun. If instead the penalty for standing up was heightened recoil, it would mean that LMGs could at least be used in an aggressive role by firing in short bursts, with longer periods of fire requiring the user to crouch. LMGs already suffer from having to be stationary to operate, which in APB is a massive disadvantage. Yet in APB, they're also given poor standing accuracy, strong recoil, long reloads and subpar hipfire to deal with. No other weapon class is disadvantaged in some many aspects, and it's no wonder that they remain perennially unpopular weapons. The standing accuracy change would be a great help to LMGs, but I suspect what would improve them most would be to give them some room to breath. Since 2014 with the release of the Troublemaker, we've seen a slew of weapons with increasing low TTKs. This has meant that the one big selling point of LMGs which is that they kill fast is not as relevant as it could be. But TTK balancing is a topic that goes beyond the scope of just LMGs.
  5. Reverting the M-1922's recoil back to its pre-curve mechanic days would be a nice change. I'd also like to overhaul a lot of the LMGs as well - I really hate the design decision to give many of them essentially unusable accuracy whilst standing. It may make sense if you're thinking of it from a mobility standpoint, but it actually means LMGs can be a really massive liability to use in areas of the map where you need to stand up to fire (This is especially true of the highway in Financial, or the mall in Waterfront). I'd rather that crouching gave more of a recoil based benefit than such a large accuracy improvement. At least you can control recoil.
  6. The STAR is actually quite a decent starter weapon - even though it might not be the most effective, it is a pretty good tutorial, in that it can teach new players a lot about weapon handling, such as bloom, hipfire etc. All the little skills you need to learn to be effective with other weapons can be practised on the STAR. If you want to help new players, maybe change the default sensitivity - it's crazy high by default, with an incredibly low Marksmanship mode sensitivity.
  7. Neat. Little Orbit should bring back that design competition where the winning design for a clothing set got sold in the Joker Store.
  8. It was entirely unnecessary and entirely preventable - ever since shotguns received their big nerf back in 2013, Reloaded had slowly been buffing them, adding little things on slowly and slowly. They then turned around and proclaimed that the OCA could no longer compete with shotguns, as if it wasn't a problem of their own making. It would only get worse when in some of the earlier balance changes LO did, they mentioned how shotguns have difficulty fighting weapons like the OCA.
  9. Once again the Test B changes are a classic case of "throw everything we have and hope it works". A 0.75 ttk is on the whole a pretty good idea, which along with the jump shooting nerf should be enough to bring the N-tec in line - the slower accuracy recover and reduced range (AND reduced health damage) seem like complete overkill. Remember the job here is to balance weapons, not ritualistically destroy guns completely. This is starting to become reminiscent of the old Obeya CR 762 and PMG changes from 2012 where G1 completely ruined weapons for a couple of months with their over eager nerfing. @MattScott once again I have to ask - is the Ursus going to receive any of this treatment? If these changes go ahead, it will kill faster, with less bullets than the regular N-tec, have more range and be better at jump shooting. You stated you don't like P2W weapons - well let's ensure there isn't a straight N-tec upgrade you can win by gambling for it!
  10. I don't doubt it is coming - whether by the time it arrives it will mean anything will be a different matter. A huge amount of work has been put into it, and I'm sure that will show - but there will definitely be people disappointed by it, something which is inevitable for an update 6 years in the making.
  11. The N-tec competes against marksman and pointman weapon in the sense that it's not a complete roll-over against those weapons. The issue with combat in APB is that the mid range weapons are on the whole less straight-forward to use than close or longer range weapons - the N-tec almost needs to be as robust as it is to stand a chance. This is not to say it's perfectly balanced, far from it - it certainly needs the jump shooting nerf, and probably a TTK increase (although nothing like what they've done in Test District B). It's just that the other mid range weapons tend to require a lot more effort to get the same results as the N-tec and other weapons (Such as OCA or Obeya). Perhaps that's a wider balance issue. That being said I don't know how any real balancing can take place whilst we have such unreliable hit registration in this game.
  12. I think they still need to fix the standing animations for male characters carrying the pre-modded variants of the ATAC like the Bodyguard (Fairly sure male characters may be accidentally using the Watchman's animation for the Bodyguard, the former of which doesn't have a vertical hand-grip, but instead an enlarged barrel jacket, resulting in male characters have a horizontal hand position where they should have a vertical). What's odd is before they made it so the ATAC is held two handed while idle, male characters suffered from an incorrect running animation on all ATACs with a grip - this bug now exists on just the special pre-modded ones, whilst idle and running. Additionally male characters also hold the ATAC's grip fairly low down - but this is par for the course considering that many weapons such as the AMG result in broken wrists for female characters.
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