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  1. Thank you for the compensation! Any word when you guys will rotate the weekly Armas items?
  2. The Huntress is probably the better of the two - its faster reload speed and ability to equip any non-blue mod make it a fairly punchy close range weapon. The Temptress is as you'd expect, better performing at longer ranges - but given that the VBR only has a drop off of 35m (42 with IR3), it lacks any real kind of ability to project up to mid-range. This makes the Temptress perhaps a bit redundant; given the chance, you'd never spec the VBR out that way, because it simply doesn't have the base stats to benefit from Hunting Sight. However given that they have pretty low TTKs for semi-automatic weapons as well a decent starting accuracy, they hold fairly well right now and can be used effectively. They just lack anything particularly amazing about them. Ultimately the close-mid range selection of weapons is pretty crowded, and they just don't stand out.
  3. If you're looking for tips on your character's face, this very old video from one of APB's original Principal Artists Jack Oakman might help:
  4. I'd just like to point out the FBW and the Colby 45. AP (along with the FR0G) have the exact same fire rate. The Obeya CR762 has a very similar fire rate, but it's ever so slightly slower. Maybe we should go back to the Snubnose as being the starting secondary.
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