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  1. Summary: Main Menu bug. Game Version: 8/1 2.1 Beta Description: Brought up the menu when the Asylum district, it looked like this: Steps to Reproduce: N/A. I'm sorry but I don't know what exactly triggered it. I was playing Asylum as normal for approx 30 minutes and it occurred when I brought up the Menu as normal by pressing ESC. It happened late in the test, so I didn't have time to try different combinations of key strokes etc. to reproduce. Reproducability: N/A Results: All menu options appear as "textField" and don't do anything when clicked. The exit game icon still worked.
  2. Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz RTX 2060 16GB DDR4-3200 Running from standard HD (probably should've put it on my SSD with the Live client, but I didn't) I seem to have gotten less FPS than everyone else. On Very High it ran around 100, but with a lot of drops into 60s and occasionally 50s in action areas. This, coupled with the camera 'feeling' a bit different (I think this might have been perception on my part) made me feel unwell so I Vsynced it and dropped the graphics detail to High and it more or less kept 60 all the time. Sometimes I'd see 54 for a brief second. I think the aesthetic is generally ok, I don't like it more or less than Live. The quality of character models, guns etc. seems a bit better, but that's going to vary with graphics settings. Asylum is too bright, imo, but I think that's an individual lighting choice with that map rather than something intrinsic to the engine as Breakwater Marina was fine. Biggest problem is server lag spikes, as I'm sure you know. Even once Asylum was relatively full and only 1 or 2 joined at a time, it still had semi regular drops from 30 to 18-22. Sometimes seemingly without anyone joining/leaving.
  3. Crashed during Asylum gameplay, shorting after respawning. Here's the crash log:
  4. Considering it has far superior handling and acceleration from a standing start than the regular Vegas, I expect it'll still be a better car even with this hp nerf.
  5. Has to be some trade off for the fact that the 4x4 is a much faster car than the regular Vegas in any situation other than driving in a straight line.
  6. 4x4, Pioneer and Espacio getting HP nerfs? *Dusts off ALIG*
  7. Wait, so you're telling me that no more bugs or issues will crop up opening up the Beta to more players than are available for SPCT? Sure why does anyone bother with an Open Beta then? Just go straight to release from Closed Beta. Shouldn't be any problems, clearly. Think for more than a second.
  8. Any change to rewards, either boosts for being in higher threat districts or penalties for being in districts lower than your threat level, won't matter a fuck since most players left are max rank with tonnes of money and don't need the rewards.
  9. If anyone wants to cry about it being a stress test, don't bother trying to log in and leave it to people who actually want to get in and give grown up feedback.
  10. MrChan


    "Baw! My crutch guns aren't an ez win anymore!"
  11. Have to agree considering his main opposition is a walking, talking cadaver.
  12. What sort of drugs are you taking in order to believe that? Cos they must be good and I want some. Most people who cheat know full well that it's against the rules and they can be banned for it, if caught. They just don't think they'll get caught.
  13. I said at least 4 years ago that threat should be hidden and auto-join enforced to put people with broadly the same threat as each other. This would result in: - More difficulty dethreating since you can't track your threat loss, or intentionally join a Bronze district once you've gone from Gold to Silver - Less point in intentionally dropping to Green threat so you can show off your R255 Green symbol as some class of achievement - Less threat 'obsession', such as giving up before a shot is fired, Gold players trying to remove Silver players from their team etc. - Better in-district matchmaking Sadly, I think the playerbase has declined to the point that enforcing auto-join isn't viable anymore, but hiding threat is still an option. Obviously, hiding threat without auto-join would require removal of district segregation, since you can't see threat. We'd still possibly achieve nos. 1 - 3.
  14. PC Part Picker puts it at about €2500. Not an exact figure without knowing what mobo and case, and exactly which brand of SSD and liquid cooler, were used.
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