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  1. Scéal spéisiúil, maité.
  2. Yeah that's totally how that's going to go down. Do you what'll happen to a noob trying to use an OPGL to flush an experienced player off a roof? He won't hit shit and will get shot to pieces whilst trying to figure out the correct geometry. Honestly don't think putting the OPGL on ARMAS will give anyone an advantage. By the time they learn how to use it, they'd have had it unlocked anyway. Might put up the teamkill rate for a while though. No real opinion on the OSMAW because I don't use it.
  3. An anonymous Chinese player? I assume you mean developer? What makes you think said entity has the requisite expertise (or intention) to continue to develop the game and won't just milk the last few ARMAS dollars that can be milked and shut it down?
  4. More accurately, fixing a minor thing tends to break 7 other things. To who?
  5. Asset flippers gonna asset flip. I wonder does that game have full wheel support with ffb?
  6. The only time lore was important is when people wanted to fuzzy bunny about RIOT.
  7. Console scrubs need to know their place in the food chain.
  8. Participated in the Closed Beta Test. I have it, even though I think I was only in closed beta for about 2 days before it moved to open beta.
  9. Haven't played in weeks, to be honest. It just doesn't interest me right now. Completely though? Not my intention. At least not now. I'll probably wander back in for the Christmas event. Or earlier if Matt drops the EU into a live test world, but let's not build ourselves up for disappointment.
  10. DING DING DING. Someone gets it. A lot of crying from people afraid to lose their any-range crutch.
  11. It exists, but: 1) The playerbase is too small for it to provide even matches reliably. 2) And just to make sure it has absolutely no chance, loads of people intentionally try to break matchmaking to give themselves easy wins.
  12. MrChan


    Lol, I did try and give advice. You just didn't want to accept it because it didn't say "wow xDoomGuardx is so right. Let's boycott LO right away!!!", so you dismissed it as trolling instead. Like you've done with every post in this thread because you can't accept the tiniest possibility that you might be wrong. You're like Trump going on about "Fake News" and insisting Hurricane Dorian was going to hit Alabama.
  13. MrChan


    I think we can safely conclude that OP lives in a bubble completely isolated from anyone who has a different opinion to him.
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