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  1. You should measure an anti-cheat's success by how many people you see cheating, not by how many people it was telling you were banned by it. FairFight did root out a good few people, and I note that some of them are back due to LO's general amnesty but mysteriously aren't as good as they used to be. But do you wanna tell me that more people cheat now than under FairFight? I don't think so. Not to mention the period between PunkBuster being turned off for false positives and LO coming in and implementing BattlEye badly showed up FF's lack of client-side detection when blatants running free cheats could run around for days before FF's metrics would cop-on and drop the ban. Now of course, we know from Matt that FF's metrics weren't really tuned for APB at all by G1. Maybe it could work if it was tuned correctly, but things are, imo better now than when we had FF. Suppose LO decided to publish weekly or monthly ban lists and there were more names on it than we had during an average month or week of FF. Would that change your perception? As I said above, it should be judged by how many people you see cheating, not how many people the system tells you it banned.
  2. It'd probably be easier to build the game completely from scratch on UE5 than try to carry over anything we have now. Good luck waiting for that.
  3. In it's lifetime APB has tried 4 different anit-cheat programs, as well as whatever they're able to do with their own internal software. Assuming the game is full of cheaters (spoiler alert, though: it's not), what's going to make another off the shelf anti-cheat do what PB, FF, BattlEye and EAC couldn't?
  4. I understand fine, I just think you're wrong. Frag grenades are not overpowered. I don't have a problem with their blast radius, and I don't experience this issue of people spamming them at me. Most top rank players I've seen use concussion grenades, presumably for AV purposes. I only find grenades in general overpowered if someone is near an ammo box and thus have unlimited supply, which doesn't happen that often. "Frags are fine" is a valid argument. Surprisingly enough, some things don't actually require change.
  5. Okay, so we'll nerf the second least spammable grenade then. Will we just take 'em all out apart from concs? Will that meet your desired skill floor?
  6. I shot a guy and then shot him again nearly 2 seconds later. Game broken.
  7. Some assclown somewhere fell for it though.
  8. Making paper models of anime girls is probably a lot better for his blood pressure.
  9. I've noticed a few prominent ones who got FF'd aren't as good anymore. I'm sure it's just lack of practice from when they had 'unfair ban' though.
  10. A threat above Gold wouldn't really do anything even if there was the playerbase to support it. What's max threat now would still be max threat, you'd just have a visual differentiation between someone at the bottom of the current Gold scale and someone at the top of it. The numbers behind it used by the matchmaking system wouldn't change.
  11. I'm at the point where I just find percs funny. Most of the time they're used by half a chimp who's too dumb to get kills without them that an average player would get. These people will continue to remain at the level of half a chimp as long as they rely on their 'press G for easy damage' weapon, so it's not really bothersome. I've only seen a few decent or good players, who are actually dangerous with the things, use them lately. Everyone's going to have different mileage in terms of what bothers them in terms of tryhardism, and you can be damn certain that nearly everyone has been up against a specific tactic or weapon that pissed them off, but at some point in their APB play have done that themselves. A lot depends on mood. I only really find myself wondering how sad the oppo are if they're running to take a draw on deathmatch final stages, running with the item, or organised teams stacking N-HVRs against PuG groups - and honestly I haven't seen much of the last on that list lately. Am I missing something here? Surely changing location after gunfights is a sensible way to play? Unless it's a target they're supposed be doing and are just farming the defending team for kills.
  12. Dude... c'mon... that's such a cop out. Players can't really be absolved of further damage they do to game's matchmaking system and particularly the new player experience by saying "well it was broken anyway!" Breaking it more doesn't fix it.
  13. Of which I have seen precisely none on this game in 10 years. Idk, are they all on the 'murican servers or something?
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