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  1. You will absolutely NOT see 4000+ players with those changes.
  2. Why are people so obsessed with the fucking login theme? It's a complete nothing.
  3. Yes, the login screen. So important. Biggest problem in the game.
  4. Well, the intention was just to say they were terrible. But yes, I suppose my comment would suggest there was a functioning anti-cheat.
  5. I remember briefly playing on Innova. It was hilarious how shit they all were. And that coming from me, who was never particularly good at APB, says a lot.
  6. You're quoting a message that's 11 days old mate. Think we might be in the clear.
  7. Probably a stock fart sound they bought from an audio library somewhere. #nofun
  8. So the zombies are also players? And there's less of them than survivors at the start? Does that mean 30 players have to shamble around (the silhouette you used doesn't imply a fast zombie) hoping a survivor either runs out of ammo or is stupid enough to let them close enough to attack? Good luck getting people to do that. I'd say 15 of your 30 zombies would quit the district as soon as the game mode starts and they realise they're a zombie. And if the "zombies" have guns, then it's not really a zombie mode, is it? It's just a variation on the Halloween event.
  9. RIOT didn't work because it complicated the concept of Battle Royale adding the codes, the virus canisters etc. which just served as chores that slowed the game down, and resulted in a situation where no one wanted to commit to a fight early. Last time I played it, I ended up hiding behind a barrier at the end area, which was controlled by a 3 or 4 player team, for about 10 minutes waiting for the last canister to automatically activate, which was guarded by another team of 4, who wouldn't activate it early cos then they'd have to leave their hidey hole. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure any competently made BR mode would not allow something like that to occur. A straightforward Battle Royale where the map closes in around the players and we all keep killing until there's only one left would not have been the silver bullet that saved APB, but it would've worked a lot better than RIOT. Even Forza Horizon made a better attempt at Battle Royale and that game doesn't have guns or shooting in it. I'm fully onboard with the concept that APB would already be gone without LO, but what other projects? According to their own website, they have APB, Fallen Earth (lol), and Unsung Story which is in Early Access. And we know how Descent ended. (Unless you want to include publishing games like Barbie: Puppy Rescue 7 years ago)
  10. "Hostage Crisis". "Federal Crimes". "Fraud". "Gamer Treason". You need to see a doctor. And I'm not joking when I say that.
  11. Oh, in the unlikely event that this is treated as a feedback thread: Is there a chance in hell we can get EAC back? Even without all the features implemented it worked quite well, imo. Cleanest the game ever was.
  12. I'm willing to bet that by the time TechMech & Co. at G1 realised this wouldn't be a 3 - 6 month job (remember "60 days is a bit aggressive of an estimate"?), or even a 12 month job, they didn't have enough people to remake the game from scratch on a new engine.
  13. To my non developer brain, this seems to be an effective concession that the Engine Upgrade is not achievable. Ever. At least that's been finally recognised after 7 (?) years between G1 and LO. Hypothetically the game could've been completely rebuilt from scratch twice on a new engine in the time that's passed, but by the time that was realised the resources to do something like that had long gone out of reach of G1 or LO. I'll give them something for realising that the current approach cannot work, but given APB's history I'm inclined to expect the 1.3 code to perform like arse cos the underlying systems that have been around since year dot are a mess. Hope I'm wrong.
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