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  1. I can see the future. The Halloween event will be announced in a week or so and someone will create a thread complaining that it's a waste of time and LO should concentrate on fixing the game instead.
  2. As someone who thinks Nazi uniforms with no swastika on them are toxic, racist shit designed to trigger people that should be banned (cos deleting one detail doesn't change what it is), gotta say I think this one's been called wrong by the mods. As presented in the OP's outfit, the swastika does not appear to be part of racist iconography in this instance. I'm not familiar with the source material, maybe whatever anime it's from is racist as hell, although I doubt it and it certainly doesn't look like an overt intention to offend. I'd lean towards allowing it. Then again, maybe it's just easier for LO to have a straight, clear rule rather than have to argue about context with the pathetic manchildren who want swastikas (not the OP, obviously) just to be edgy.
  3. It's Todesklinge, either he's been playing a fantastic long game with posts like this for years, or it is unfortunately real.
  4. Release the engine upgrade, ban all cheaters (by that I mean ppl who are better than me) fix everything in the entire game and get 10,000 new players in a regular maintenance patch pls. I don't think that's unrealistic.
  5. It's gonna go one of two ways: 1) It'll be brilliant because people aren't hung up on threat anymore and just play the game. 2) It'll suck patootie because either the matchmaker will still try to match by threat in the background and it won't generate matches, or it will ignore threat and all the matches will total kerbstompings because there's no matching by threat and the team skills are massively uneven. There will be no in between. Either brilliant or awful. Must try it in the next couple of days before one of those outcomes starts to set in. It's worth noting that threatless districts became unpopular fairly quickly though.
  6. You're right that there are far too many guns for a 100m draw distance and sub 1 second ttk to make all of them, or even most of them, competitive. But I think we could do better than the 3 gun meta we had for what felt like a very long time under G1.
  7. Exclusive N-TEC, OCA & N-HVR meta. Yes pls. Or was it the PMG that was the go to CQC gun at the end of G1's tenure? Can't remember now.
  8. The N-TEC 5 became a cornerstone because it's been one of the best performing weapons in the game since forever, it's a natural 'progression' from the STAR 556, and it's relatively easy to use, so as such it's very popular. As a consequence people like it, and because they like it, they don't want to lose their precious crutch gun want it to remain powerful, and if there are changes, it should be to make other guns to feel more like the N-TEC. They defend this like of the weapon by saying it's 'balanced' based on feel, even though a weapon that's almost always been in the top 3 guns in the game is hardly balanced vs. the other weapons. It's also funny that a lot of the "pro" APB players want a slower ttk, but by buffing other ARs to compete with the N-TEC would actually slightly reduce the average ttk in the game because you'd have an entire class of guns that are better than they are now, and would probably need to tweak a few other guns upwards as well to compensate. It really shouldn't have this cornerstone status, but good luck convincing people who've mained it for a decade and therefore couldn't possibly be unbiased about it, of that.
  9. Tch. Talking about APB on the APB forums. What nonsense will people think of next?
  10. Ok. See you all in 3 years. If they don't run out of money first. Which they absolutely will.
  11. So the current low pop is due to pre-made groups and not, oh I dunno, literally everything fucking else that's been wrong with the game for the past 6 years or so?
  12. I can't find the post on it now, but there were issues getting some of EAC's features to integrate into APB:R and function correctly. Once EAC's people deemed the issues insurmountable, LO & EAC couldn't agree a reduced fee for the reduced service. That's why they went back to BattlEye. EAC even without all the bells & whistles was still better than BattlEye though.
  13. Pretty sure they'd openly talked about the Descent thing at some stage. It's not like it's some super secret.
  14. Felt broadly the same as the last test to me in terms of performance. Chrome car bug was fixed though. You mentally tune the FPS drops out for the most part when shooting a guy, but with cars, explosions etc. around it's noticable. Plus I feel like I have to do a lap of the map first to stop drops whenever I see a building I haven't come across in this play session. As Kempington says, sharp drops whenever a few players and vehicles are around is not going to work.
  15. It's some sadarse who's been banned a hundred times or so because he thinks he should be allowed cheat.
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