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  1. Shouldn't take any resources whatsoever.
  2. That gun was so broken when it was introduced. Nerfed once enough boxes were sold. Ah nostalgia...
  3. Have you posted this thread before (months ago. Not the accidental duplicate today) or are all your posts so similar that it just seems that way?
  4. I've taken it as a mark of pride that I'm not there. #cope (In any case I can't remember when I last launched APB anyway)
  5. Anti-cheat is on. They're using BattlEye Matt is saying they're considering going back to using EAC once whatever major patch they're planning in lieu of the EU has dropped. EAC was far better than BattlEye and they only dropped it because some features didn't work with APB. IIRC, EAC initially said they'd work with LO to sort that but then later said it wasn't worth their time. Then they couldn't agree a reduced fee due to the reduced service.
  6. RIOT did demonstrate that the map does divide into blocks on the backend and the status of one city block can be different from the surrounding ones, so you'd assume that the basics of territory control are possible. Maybe details like flipping districts from Enforcer to Crim or vice versa don't work. Or maybe they just shelved any work they ever did on it chasing the EU. What was the other new game mode that LO tried? All I remember is that it eventually forced all players into Havalynd Park for a big gunfight before resetting the map?
  7. I know. We even have two factions to fight it out.
  8. Just stop. RIOT failed because it was a poor game mode, not because the playerbase wouldn't give it a chance. It was over-complicated, you spend more time walking around than actually shooting people, the spawn system could screw or bless you much more severely than it does in the regular game, and a basic Battle Royale mode without any of the codes, poison gas etc. would've been far, far better. As an example, the last game I had on it, I spent most of the match hiding behind a barrier near the end zone because both the end zone and the last zone with a canister in it were guarded by a team of 4, and the rest of my team were dead, cos we tried to play the game instead of camping. The team at the last canister didn't activate it cos they'd have had to leave their hidey hole. And it took the game a full 10-15 minutes to activate for them. All the while I'm hidden behind a barrier, hoping to eventually nip in and try and pick up the pieces when the last two teams fight each other. Next level fucking gameplay there. Another time I spawned in a team on my own, thus having little to no chance of winning. A competently built game mode would not have allowed either of those things to happen. RIOT did. They could've implemented a persistent territory control map with the same effort and it would've been better.
  9. NFTs are some of the worst shit in gaming and internet culture. And as mentioned above, you're late to the NFT party lads.
  10. I'm flabbergasted that anyone can still think 'just make a better version of APB' is possible with the resources the current, or previous, developers had.
  11. Absolutely agree that G1 & LO should've prevented dethreating and done better on matchmaking, not to mention that they completely failed to develop the game in any way for about 7 years, but I saw a lot of players attempt to justify their dethreating with self-serving bullshoot ("I can't get matches." "I'm not really Gold." "Gold is full oh hackers" and so forth) over the years. Well before we reached the point where the population couldn't take threat segregation anymore. Those players are far from blameless. We're at such a dumpster fire level with this game that there's plenty of blame to go around in any case.
  12. You will absolutely NOT see 4000+ players with those changes.
  13. Why are people so obsessed with the fucking login theme? It's a complete nothing.
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