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  1. No, all those people just took a Zyklon B shower as an ill informed health craze. And the rest were caused by Allied bombing or something. Troll harder.
  2. They did have a choice, they could've run their shit properly and not gone bankrupt for the sake of a game that probably wouldn't have faired any better than G1's iteration of APB did if it had lasted more than a couple of months.
  3. Yes, let's give it back to G1, or RTW. They both did excellent jobs with APB.
  4. The logic behind the decision isn't difficult to understand (whether it's the right thing to do is another matter). It goes like this: 1) Game is stale AF. Even if they fixed everything and got the core experience as tight as it can be, it'd only retain a small core of vets playing all the time, and a larger group of other vets playing intermittently. It needs something new for existing players to do and get hooked into for 'player engagement' (eg. buying things), and that something also has to appeal to new players because we also need those. 2) Battle Royale is popular and implementable. 3) Therefore implement Battle Royale. Or something that is 99% Battle Royale. I'm not saying I want Battle Royale (cos I'd take or leave it) or that I think that RIOT is the future (I voted no in the poll), but that's the logic. The only other thing I could think of them doing is some sort of persistent territory control district ruleset retaining the Enf v Crim divide, but that'd probably be extremely difficult to balance and I suspect a lot of people wouldn't enjoy it either.
  5. I don't disagree with the sentiment, but those are very close range weapons. And it'd kinda suck to be stuck with one against a player with a real weapon. You wouldn't have even a notional chance of defending yourself beyond 20m or so. Would it be really offensive to people who got lucky enough to get an OCA Nano from a contact event (or bought the silenced one) if some variant of that was used? Maybe even with a bad mod to nerf it slightly? It's definitely an equaliser in terms of skill without being OP, imo. Or if that's considered too powerful (or more likely too easy to use) the Joker RFP might be another option? Although then sprint shooting comes into play.
  6. I think the area just gets too small for the game to be able to spawn players in a reasonable place all the time. Like the way Baylan's spawns (which weren't great to begin with) are complete dogshit since it went to 20 v 20.
  7. Bugs: 1) Post game scoreboard doesn't show your kill count. 2) Got disconnected when trying to join a new game after losing one mid game. 3) After this, the "Join a new game" option ceased working and I had to join new games from the district select screen. Game mode: Not sure it's for me. Takes too long for anything other than sporadic gunfights to happen, and then when there is a fight for the truck it's a spam fest in a small area. It's okay, I guess. But it's not great. Riot access codes spawned at vastly different distances from the starting areas. In most games I played, the nearest was 250+m away (400 on occasion), but I had a round near the end of my session where it was only 90m away. Big difference when you're on foot and need that code to start earning cash. Spawns near the end of the game are kinda problematic cos of the decreasing area. You can be either very fortunate and spawn behind a guy who has 10% health and kill him, or find yourself surrounded by fully armed enemies with only an FBW. Although the FBW is probably the best option for a starting weapon. My last round put me a team by myself. Victory is obviously impossible in this situation. Stability, lag etc. have generally been okay.
  8. 404. File not found. Only took a year for people to start wanting G1 back. Soon G1 will take on mythical status as something brilliant and wonderous, like RTW did during G1's time.
  9. I think you've had enough internet for the night mate. Have some calpol and go to bed.
  10. Not sure picking your PC around APB at the moment is the best idea. Aside from the fact that it runs like crap and you can only brute force it with single thread performance, which basically amounts to "buy the most expensive CPU you can, even though you mightn't need it for anything else", the Engine Upgrade might actually be a tangible thing some time in the next few months rather than an idle fantasy. I'm running a Ryzen 2600 (no x) and I don't have any issues with Battlefield V (or iRacing, or Project CARS 2, or Metro Exodus and a couple of other things), and as far as APB goes, leaving it unlocked it bounces around 90-120 fps for the most part on high graphics settings. Occasionally might drop lower in Asylum or if four people unload NFASes on me at once. I locked it to 60 (cos I couldn't be bothered looking for 120fps pure gaming in this game) and it doesn't stutter below it. An i7 8700k would obviously out-perform it, but it is a more expensive chip. Remember to factor in the cost of a new motherboard and RAM whichever one you pick.
  11. Bass guitars should be redesigned because Steve Harris has an advantage over me.
  12. Being a fairly good bass player (which requires a sense of rhythm) has proved of little benefit to me when it comes to timing FBW shots.
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