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  1. Well, he "quit" last Friday histrionically complaining that everyone in FC was better than him an therefore hacking.
  2. Unless you were playing for at least 12 hours straight today, you did not see 30 actual cheaters.
  3. What I'd do for a burger? Well, I think I'd go to the store, buy some round steak mince, bring it home, season it, shape it into a pattie and cook it.
  4. Could watch this bloke play bass all day. Technique is so clean. Not a single milijoule of wasted energy.
  5. Yes, but only cheap vodka. No Crystal Head for you. And I mean really cheap. It might actually just be water with a dash of industrial ethanol in it.
  6. I rate you 2 Leonid Brezhnevs out of 10 Joseph Stalins.
  7. Titles post "cant wait for this game to die" Ends post by imploring the CEO to do something. Sounds like you can wait for it to die.
  8. Nah. I don't think I've ever had one worth selling. My STO account might net me a few dollars, but I'd rather keep playing it instead.
  9. I'd expect it to be less than 6000 based on what I see in the game. Couldn't see there being many more than 1500-2000 unique players on Citadel regularly, and it's the biggest server, (unless the Russian server is massive). So I'd say 3-4000 for the whole game. (Could be wrong obviously) Matt's earliest posts in that thread show the number of tickets going up by 800 - 1300 a week. That would be equivalent to somewhere between 20 & 25% of the playerbase making a ticket a week if my read on the overall numbers is about right. Of course, it's very unlikely that everyone playing makes a ticket once every 4-5 weeks on the nose. It's actually more likely that 1% of the playerbase makes 90% of the tickets, and I bet most of them amount to whining about being scammed, banned, being killed by better players etc. etc. tl;dr, a small number of people are probably flooding Support with useless shit. And then about 10-20% of the remaining playerbase put in the rest of the tickets that are legit things to contact support about, that get delayed because of having to sift through shit. G1's support sucked and now LO's is struggling under the volume they have. What's the common factor? The people sending in the tickets.
  10. Do you mean 2014? Cos Green threat didn't exist in 2011. It wasn't put into the game until they stopped showing the graduated differences within a single threat colour (ie. Bronze 1-10, Silver 1-10 etc.). That was at least a year after release, possibly longer.
  11. Oh, so enforced lower threat for x number of missions and then no possibility to dethreat after a certain threat is reached? Effectively a protected newbie ecosystem. Not a bad idea on paper, I'll give you that. But with all the Sad Kens that populate this game, they'd just reroll for whatever number of missions of newb stomping are permitted, and then reroll again. Then again is that any different from shedloads of R255s dethreating all the time?
  12. Diarrhea comes from the Ancient Greek words (via Latin) for "through flowing" Vomit comes from the Latin verb "vomo", which surprisingly enough means to be sick. And no, I'm not any fun at parties.
  13. I suppose it's possible they don't, cos I'm not in the Bronze/ Green ecosystem to see. I don't have an issue that a rerolling vet goes straight in at Gold, though. Shouldn't that be what happens, given our experience? Unless you mean that in a hypothetical if we were all new players with no APB experience, any of us with a properly intact cranium would breeze through to Gold?
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