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  1. Ok. See you all in 3 years. If they don't run out of money first. Which they absolutely will.
  2. So the current low pop is due to pre-made groups and not, oh I dunno, literally everything fucking else that's been wrong with the game for the past 6 years or so?
  3. I can't find the post on it now, but there were issues getting some of EAC's features to integrate into APB:R and function correctly. Once EAC's people deemed the issues insurmountable, LO & EAC couldn't agree a reduced fee for the reduced service. That's why they went back to BattlEye. EAC even without all the bells & whistles was still better than BattlEye though.
  4. Pretty sure they'd openly talked about the Descent thing at some stage. It's not like it's some super secret.
  5. Felt broadly the same as the last test to me in terms of performance. Chrome car bug was fixed though. You mentally tune the FPS drops out for the most part when shooting a guy, but with cars, explosions etc. around it's noticable. Plus I feel like I have to do a lap of the map first to stop drops whenever I see a building I haven't come across in this play session. As Kempington says, sharp drops whenever a few players and vehicles are around is not going to work.
  6. It's some sadarse who's been banned a hundred times or so because he thinks he should be allowed cheat.
  7. CD Projekt probably scared of APB taking all their Cyberpunk players...
  8. Still getting a lot of lag spikes, especially when you see something 'new' - player, player car, bit of the map that you haven't seen yet in this play session. Does seem a little better than last time and the shooting felt broadly the same as Live.
  9. Why not just remove everything from the game? Since you're constantly complaining about how OP everything is.
  10. Does a bit more damage per shot, yes, but I reckon the average player is going to get more ordanance down range with the NSSW to make up for it.
  11. Accounting for effective range, hard dmg per shot, accuracy and rate of fire, I would imagine the NSSW to be a good bet. Unless you can use the Eurayle out the window. I assume you can't, but I haven't tried.
  12. WHOOOSH! OP Kevlar 3 gives you the all the agility of the fattest b'stard ever to live in a game where movement is really important. Only on very specific choke points could that setup conceivably be a problem. Although this thread does dovetail nicely with Todesklinge's thread complaining about how he's the only person using Kevlar and that Clotting Agent is the overpowered mod, posted only a few hours previously. Vintage APB community really.
  13. Summary: Graphical bug on custom player vehicles. Game Version: 2.1 Beta 24th Oct. (2.1.834.943) Description: Any custom player vehicle other than the one that's equipped to my player on game launch has a dark metallic grey layer over its model. Steps to Reproduce: 1) Go to a car spawner and spawn whatever car you have equipped (we'll call this car A). It should look normal. 2) Whilst still at the car spawner, go into your inventory, equip any other car (we'll call this car B) and spawn it. For me, it looks like this: 3) Quit the game with car B still equipped. 4) Relaunch the game and repeat step 1. Car B now displays properly: 5) Go into inventory and re-equip car A used in step 1. It had the grey metallic layer over its model instead. Along with all my other cars. 6) At every stage during the process, cars belonging to other players also show the metallic grey layer over their model: Reproduceability: 100% for me irrespective of detail level, but I asked in district and no one else said they had the same problem. Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6GB (Driver vers. 456.55) 16 GB DDR4 Ram Results: Cars other than the one equipped on game launch have a dark grey metallic layer over their model. Expected Results: Cars should display correctly.
  14. Summary: Invisible barrier at the Fortuna Maria in Waterfront can be walked on. Game Version: 2.1 Beta Oct 24th (2.1.834.943) Description: The invisible barrier that stops players from jumping into the water on the West side of the Fortuna Maria can be walked on between the two gangplanks. Steps to Reproduce: 1) Climb the gangplank to this point: 2) Jump over the railing. You should now be on top of an invisible barrier. It can be accessed from the other gangplank but it seems to be easier to do from the one nearest the stern of the ship. Reproduceability: 100% Results: Player character will be on top of an invisible barrier that extends all the way to other gangplank and will appear to be standing in mid-air. None of the other invisible barriers around the ship appear to be accessible in this manner. Expected Results: Character should fall to ground, or be unable to jump over the gangplank railing.
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