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  1. Not sure about the suggested changes to the NTEC cos honestly I just stopped looking at weapon stats years ago, but the OP's 100% right on it being ridiculous bullshoot and people going on about how 'balanced' it is (saying this means you do not understand what 'balance' is) and demanding the entire gun meta be balanced around it are just people not wanting to lose their crutch gun.
  2. Don't disagree there. But sometimes people are so blatantly wrong, ya just can't help it.
  3. Sigh... the conversation thread starts with this comment from Hexerin: "What really needs to happen though, is that all guns have their damage cut to half (or even a quarter), and fire rates jacked up by double or triple across the board. Same amount of damage in a given time frame, but spread across significantly more bullets." Pretty unequivocal what's going to happen there, like.
  4. Ok, shots to kill on an NTEC goes from 6 to 12 with doubled rate of fire. Or maybe 18 with tripled rate of fire. You sure about retaining the 32 shot magazine after that? And that's one of the best cases. Half the damage from the OCA-EW and you have less than 2 kills per standard 30 bullet mag. Or zero kills per mag if we take your suggestion of cutting damage in a quarter at face value (bumping the OCA to 32 stk). You didn't think this out, did you?
  5. I welcome the return of EAC, cos it was really good, but I'm not really seeing all these cheaters.
  6. MrChan

    New updates.

    This is not an issue. I cannot remember the last time I died to an OPGL, in Asylum District or anywhere else for that matter. I can remember the last time I was killed by PMG, Shotguns, N-HVR, N-TEC, actually nearly every other gun in the game.
  7. MrChan

    New updates.

    You're the one who has the problem. You git gud.
  8. Awesome. I think this is better than banning people, don't you?
  9. Kinda read Alien as being sarcastic. Maybe I'm wrong. But yeah, anyone who can tie their own shoelaces is probably an upgraded David Jones.
  10. Sarcasm that was concurring with your humorous derision of the idea.
  11. Knowing how jank this game is, it wouldn't surprise me if speccing someone would probably be so jerky and laggy that it'd look they were snapping to fuck even if they were legit. Speedhackers and teleporters would be easily spotted, but a I think it's reasonable to expect an anti-cheat to be good enough to take care of speedhackers quickly anyway. (And yes, I know that hasn't always been the case, but I'm talking about what we should have. Correctly working anti-cheat > spectating). Although in principle it's not a bad idea, if implementable with sufficient delay.
  12. Can't argue with the actual content of my post? I'll take that as tacit acknowledgement that your proposal won't work.
  13. Absolute nonsense. You will lose more players that are left by making the game subscription or premium to play than you'll gain in returning players from any perceived decline in cheating. I barely play this game anymore cos it's stale, boring and somewhat broken. Cheating has not been a big issue for me, so even if there was a cast-iron guarantee that there are no cheaters in the game (making the game premium to play doesn't do that anyway), it probably wouldn't effect how much I play in the slightest.
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