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  1. Actually a lot more engaging than I thought it would be. It's a real shame about the potato configs though.
  2. So you've gone from admitting they're not OP and are worse than non-explosive AV weapons to likening them to a basketball player having magic boots that increase his jump height by 30cm which enable him to close the gap on better players? Surely that means you do think they're OP? Make up your mind. And as for your comments about balancing the game around the "top 1% skill gameplay", it's fairly obvious from your comments that you don't fall into that category. So maybe you should stop talking about what does and doesn't need to be part of the game if the criteria you're setting is how it effects the absolute best of the best. Yes, LO should immediately come in here and announce a ban on explosive weapons in Asylum because of a straw poll that 90% of the playerbase haven't even seen.
  3. So you agree there's actually no real need from the point of view of balance to remove them and it's just that you don't like dying to them? That's my point exactly. If we start getting into what handfuls of players subjectively feel is fair or fun, I'm sure we'd end up canning most of the arsenal.
  4. This post is why the downvote option should still exist. Leaving aside Asylum for a moment, cos with the nature of gameplay on that map there's scope for reasonable disagreement about explosives, removing them from the entire game? What game are you playing? Doesn't sound like APB to me. They're highly situational, are used infrequently, and usually only by or against bad players for the purposes of trolling, and in 95% of situations you'd be better off with a regular gun rather than a massive heavy rocket launcher that you can barely move with and has an audible wind up, or grenades with a set fuse that most people know how to avoid in anything but an enclosed area. But just because they annoy you they should be taken out? I'm sure if we listed off every gun that's annoyed a few players and removed it, we'd end up having to throw rocks at each other cos everything else would be removed. Until someone complained about rock gameplay ruining the game.
  5. I love the way this basically started as a shitpost from the OP and yet people are now genuinely suggesting the removal of explosive weapons from Asylum. The only reason explosives are annoying is because Asylum habitually runs several item hold rounds in a row usually spawning the item at or near one of a few specific choke spots, like the room near the pool, (and if it doesn't, the sadarses who play this game inevitably bring it to one), which can be easily filled with ordinance. Which can get a little tedious several rounds in a row. Maybe the game splitting up the item hold rounds more, or more variety in placement to break up the constant camping gameplay might be a better plan than disabling explosives? Also OPGL life, bro.
  6. Aside from I'm 90% sure that TechMech said many years ago that increasing the vehicle speed much beyond what it is now caused stability problems with the game, think of game balance: Imagine 2 members of each team wipe as the objective moves. The attacking team respawns within jogging distance of car spawner, spawn their Koenigsegg replica and take off across the map at 400 km/h, whilst the other team spawn on an empty street and have to run 100m to find a Packer Ceresco. Vehicles are probably one of the things functioning best for their role in APB (albeit there are balance issues between them). If anyone wants Need for Speed car sounds and Need for Speed car physics, might I suggest you play Need for Speed? Just an idea. (Although recent NFS titles have physics that make APB's cars look like rFactor.) Also OP, the GTR is an actual racing car, with only 10 watered-down road going versions made for homologation. The Bishada looks like it's meant to be something like a Porsche or Japanese make sportscar (NSX / 370Z) designed for daily road use. You wouldn't hear anything like the transmission whine from a car like that than you would in the GTR.
  7. - Do the majority of the pop care about money and XP anymore? Most of us are max level. - People intentionally lost matches en masse to drop their threat and join lower threat districts. A 2-5 minute timer or loss of premium cooldown buffs won't do shit to people like that. - Making it harder to get matches in Bronze might actually be enough of an inconvenience to have an effect. Of course the counter argument that you might as well disable MM altogether for Gold players in Bronze. And of course such measures can be bypassed by players just dropping even more threat so they get enough matches at Silver threat before going back to Gold. Whilst your suggestions are probably better than doing nothing, I don't think they'll have a major impact. The only solution is to police dethreating, as has been the case since population dropped too low to support hidden threat with enforced auto-join or harder threat segregation. But the powers that be (first G1 and now LO) either can't do it, as in they don't have the necessary tools, or won't do it.
  8. If you dislike something, reply to it and say why you dislike it. If you dislike it a lot, call the person who said it a fornicating baboon. There you go, dislike button replaced.
  9. Because they're twats. Anything else is a bullshoot excuse. People can go on about small population and matchmaking, but this was also happening when we had 4 - 5x as many players as we do now and there was enough for players to get matches in Silver district. I never did it and I'm nowhere near the top of the Gold food chain. There's been literally 100s of Golds in this game who can kerbstomp me yet I never felt the need to intentionally drop threat to avoid them.
  10. Does he even need to delete it? Surely if he closes down the AHK software when he wants to play APB there'll be nothing for BE to detect and kick for? OP is either really dumb / stubborn or is using macros to cheat. BE doing its job either way.
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