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  1. warframe, a lot of content, graphic changes, access to ps, xbox. Yes, you can list a lot of things that the developers have done in 10 years of the game. Updates, fixes, timely. You can misunderstand me because I translate through google translator.
  2. It seems to me that we all here just dream about this, about this, but for this to be realized, it takes a lot of time for such a team as it is now, a lot of time has passed since 2013 and absolutely nothing has changed in the game, oh yes ... it just got bigger cheaters, for example, I have another game and at the moment it looks very advanced compared to its 2013 version, maybe you should change the headquarters? Why do all these people sit there and just get money lol
  3. Indeed, at least they won't use the triggerbot and it's already better, and then another good anti-cheat, I hope soon )) What's the point of this red sight in general?
  4. I agree, this game needs anti-cheat and people who would follow the progress of the battles in the game and, in which case, ban the player on suspicion of cheating before the proceedings, and also followed the game chat because there is a lot of mate, which clearly violates the rules. Yesterday I created a topic about anti-cheat, but there was my question when and how soon. Translated through a translator
  5. Look at examples of how different types of cheats work and there is a topic where, as I understand it, a survey of what excites players, maybe it’s enough to think that they are good, there are a lot of cheaters and that’s it, I played 2 days from the moment I returned and this is not the same APB. here is the topic of the poll Merged. Still worth reading, I've been on the forum for 1 day, but I think there were obviously a lot of complaints
  6. Не соглашусь с вами, игроки которые на 40 ранге делают на сервере 25-30 убийств за матч, лол, я играл в APB в 2013 году, и занимал ранг 200+, не было такого как сейчас, я понимаю что есть игроки которые очень хорошо играют за все время которое они уделяют игре, но посмотрев видео как читы работают прямо в цель, еще раз повторюсь, я понимаю как люди играют и люди склонны ошибаться при стрельбе, и в данном случае , противники как машины для убийства, мошенники. Перевел через переводчик. В игре нужен мощный античит, который будет банить, пусть онлайн упадет, но с приходом новых игроков он должен будет увеличиваться, теперь новым игрокам будет очень сложно играть и нужно что-то делать. Тема читеров актуальна .Перевел через переводчик Merged. I disagree with you, players who at rank 40 do on the server 25-30 kills per match, lol, I played in APB in 2013, and occupied a 200+ rank, there was no such thing as now, I understand that there are players who play very well for all the time they devote to the game, but after watching the video how cheats work right on target, once again I repeat, I understand how people play and people tend to make mistakes when shooting, and in this case, opponents are like killing machines, cheaters. Translated through a translator. The game needs a powerful anti-cheat that will ban, let the online fall, but it will have to increase with the arrival of new players, now it will be very difficult for new players to play and something needs to be done. The topic of cheaters is relevant. Translated through a translator Merged. how soon, after what period of time will the anti-cheat be installed on the servers? I understand that the x64 client was recently installed. Although in fact it should have happened a long time ago. I really love this game, but the developers apparently not very much. It's a pity
  7. Good day to everyone on the forum, just recently I came back to such a wonderful game as APB, before that I played for a long time around 2013, but then I abandoned it. I decided to try playing again and found that there are a lot of cheaters in the game, it’s simply impossible to play and I don't even have desire anymore. I'm afraid to imagine how a newbie will feel at the moment, I would like you to correct this situation and install anti-cheat in your game, otherwise the game will simply die. Yes, someone will say that online is already small, but I will not agree and the game is more alive than dead, and installing anti-cheat will contribute to the growth of additional online in the game. Is it planned to install a good anti-cheat in the game? Translated through a translator :p
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