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  1. As I understand it, developers do not need to make anti-cheat, so gentlemen, we play against cheaters and triggers
  2. MattScott When he sees it, he will make a Russian person for Russian players, and one for America. And it will be easier for the players, and mata mente and so on
  3. It needs to be updated, and sewn into the game, so that it is also installed during installation. And remake it, as it were, so that it checks your computer like a kaspersky
  4. Hi all! The question is, when will the anti-cheat be updated? Dear developers, I will help to help with this issue. I am a programmer myself, and I understand what it's like to redo everything manually. But BF3 did it, and we will do it together. Do you want to balance the characters in the game when it will be included in the game? I can help too I can also be your assistant in the game, on the Russian language client. If such a possibility exists? Merged. We also need to fix a couple of weapons, because there is an imbalance with ordinary players
  5. I also want a lot of events, and a lot of ideas. And I want this game, a lot of nuances. Dear developers, see this thread. There are a lot of ideas and fixes for the game in my bowler hat, and also about anti-cheat. Merged. I don't have as much money as this game costs. Merged. I just ask the developers to listen to me, and give the opportunity to monitor cheaters in the game and so on. And it will be a little easier for you in this area.
  6. I have been playing since the opening of the game, and I suggest that the developers listen to me. I am a programmer myself, and I can help the players in the game and make exceptions for the game, listen to the players in the Russian language and in the English language of the game, it depends on the developers whether they come to listen to me. And to make the game pleasant to the game, even anti-cheat can give advice and patch holes
  7. And I want to make the game for straight hands and not for cheaters who have hands like their butts And I will achieve my goal, and before MattScott Maybe he will read and answer me. I can even write anti-cheat if they need it. I have a lot of programmers who have been working in this area for 10-15 years.
  8. Hello! I certainly understand the 64 bit engine update. But dear developers, when I ban cheaters, I play with RTW. I have a lot of experience in the game, but it's not possible to play against cheaters, give the guys, or select guys like moderators, so that cheaters are monitored in the game. They sent a statement to them and they were thrown into a ban, I can even monitor the players, I know everything about the game. Make a set of game moderators, it will be easier for you and the players will be happy for you, there will also be more aldetoria in the APB. I myself in the game began to take off 24/7. So, if you want, I can help you with this implementation of this problem.
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