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  1. I tried Flaws settings from his stream and that fixed it.
  2. Ill try it, i tried reverses but that one didnt work.
  3. Aiight, I upgraded to an RTX 3070 and now i can't even play the game. Sometimes it lets me get in the district and spawn and sometimes it crashes when i spawn in. It always crashes on the spawn/respawn map. Does anybody know about a fix/setting/file or anything so i can play the game?
  4. sooo. what about the cool gamers that dont use 1920x1080? isnt fullscreen borderless forced to your deskto resolution?
  5. Also found a kickstarter for another game reloaded productions was trying to make called APB Vendetta. ( There is pictures of some characters in the Kickstarter and i believe some of them would be awesome to have in game.
  6. Hey, recently, i started leveling new characters because it felt pointless to keep playing on my main character and i've had way more fun because i felt like i was progressing towards something. Also, out of boredom i started looking into the APB files and saw that there was a couple contacts that never made it into the game or got added in as ''shop'' NPC's in the Asylum map when it was released. I know this is old news probably to some but i think it would be good to talk about it. First of all, i want to talk about the Fight Club Contacts from asylum. They are a great adition for newer players as they give an accessible Shop in the district and removes the need to go to social/Mission districts to buy some new guns to try, modifications, cars and all of the other stuff. For the veterant players they are completely useless and feel like wasted potential. They could be so much more. They have the potential to add a new reason to play Fight Club. Right now, it is just a place where people farm kills, money and joker tickets. My take on it would be for them to unlock normal stuff like clothing, guns and new mods and also add a new ranking system that would show up on the Scoreboard next to your normal Rank. FC Ranks would have different icons up to a certain point and you could put your mouse over the icon to see the exact level and have infinite progression levels on the contact. Not too sure if that is a realistic idea considering the limitations of APB but i still think it would be great to have something to show for your endless hours of fragging in FC. It goes without saying that i think that they should add a Criminal and Enforcer contact to Baylan Shipping. Here is some unreleased contacts. They can also be found on APB.DB ''Inky/Binky/Winky/Pinky'' (https://apbdb.com/contacts/Inky/) On the APB.DB website, Each of them share the same profile picture and also share the same biography wich is a shortened copy of LaRocha's. This probably means that this group was scrapped before they got to the point of design and character development. They remind me of Tiptoe and her brood. The Inky group was probably scrapped/modified to be Tiptoe instead as she is the only contact that has other gang members around her and both groups are assigned to the Blood Rose faction on APB.DB I would personally love to have the Inky group as an unlockable Contact as Tiptoe and her clique have the most badass character designs and hangout spot in the game (IMO) ''Clyde'' There is nothing i could find for Clyde. Still, it shows that there was more contacts in the works but got scrapped pretty early for unknown reasons ''Red Rain'' Same as Clyde, could not find anything about him but considering his name. He would've probably been a Criminal Contact. Conclusion APB has been out for almost a decade now and we have not had anything new to work on other than seasonal events and the disastrous flop that RIOT was. I believe it would be in the best interest to have a new contact or some other form of progression to work on. I don't even consider gun roles as progression since it is so SLOW to level up and does not feel rewarding at all and to my knowledge there was only one Player that even came close to completing all of them and all he did was brainlessly kill people all day in fight club. Unfortunately that is the only progression available to me now other than making new characters and level up all the way to 255 over and over again just to feel a slight sentiment of progress. I would love to see your ideas for new content / theories for what those scrapped contacts could've been. Have a good day.
  7. It gets pretty boring playing a game when you've arleady done everything to do. Would be fun to actually grind for something again. I remember back in 2014 when i grinded 12-16 hours a day everyday to finally be max rank. Now if i want to feel the satisfaction of unlocking something i have to grind a whole new character. But it gets even more boring each time. They really need to add a new contact. I could care less what the contact gives you.
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