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  1. ty for this info waiting also to see what MattScott will say about it .
  2. ty for sharing it , its seems indeed the colors look much more contrast . hey bro ty for sharing this info , its seems from the pics above that indeed increased contrast
  3. hi there everyone . i would like to know if anyone try ReShade and if its work in apb . also want to know if there is any reaL risk to try it / use it ?
  4. anyone can help nohi ? i have try to port forward , DMZ setting ( not sure about the IP to put there is that defult getaway ip to IPV4 ) , i help him also to change from static ip to dynamic ( and the opposite) also he disable firewall in the router as well , still its didnt fix .
  5. same thing , indeed need to relaunch the game to fix the issue.
  6. if its will go like this i think its will ruin alot of the game
  7. i miss the old rank system in apb wish they will bring it back
  8. this is the rank system the game have now also look at the ranks that the new contents unlock . also i really recommend to NOT change any colors in the game system . and this is the old rank system that make the game to be super fun to play and also make the player for something like to be gold 1 gold 2 gold 3 ...until 10 same for silvers and more . p.s : as far as i see the really max rank are 290 .
  9. i agree and they can remove riot and just replace it with racing area , capture the flag fight , hide and seek area , team death match sound great , or add more abilitys to the players ( like in apex legands ) like you can buy mods that give you the ability to jump higher for limited times , mods that give the player the ability to open teleport for the team and so on , this all things im sure can bring to apb the popularity again
  10. actually good name and good reasion to change to this one at engine 4
  11. sry but english are not my main language so maybe i do have sometimes wrong proofread indeed hope you can understand my point in my post
  12. LO you are now about year own the game and i must say you didnt do much as far as i see an maintaince "fixs" g1 did also but that not really something im playing more then 7 years this game and i see the popular of this game daying and daying more and more you promissing dreams as i see it talking about the "engine update " for ages and not one prove that you really DO something asbout it ( like g1 did with us for ages ) i belive in free speach and everyone have the right to say what they think ofc its not my point heaven forbid to insult you LO as company but srsly i think its time to SHOW prove about your promissing things ! people more and more leaving the game , people more and more have less hope and i hear they just lost the love in apb not cos the game himself sux ( atm the game sux cos a lot of things ) cos of the feeling 3 companys foolish the players for many years only to get money . the game have hugh lags problem , cheaters , ghost shots , and many more things . from my point of view you LO need to show prove to use less words and show what you really doing , to do an event ( riot ) its nice but its not the thing that really fix the lags and the performance of the game its seems if you not going to at least SHOW prove ( screenshoots and more ) of your work people will more abendon the game . dont do the same mistak g1 did , im still belive in you LO in someway
  13. g1 did only one thing taking money and press restart botton LO fixing what g1 didnt do for long time also replace from old hardware to new one its taking time but at least they doing something to make apb better then what u actually get used to but what you guys get used to are not really what its need to be so take your time follow in the forum but stop crying cos the game not playable for only 3 days there a lot more games out there or not only games... get outside
  14. hello dear gamers as we seems to found out we have login issue and also LO know about it and they looking about it in the meant time i was thinking we may try to help them and give them some info about us so they can maybe can help us to login put your nickname in game + your server that you trying to login and what the error you got thanks IGN Donjae , server Citadel cant login update : after long time i was able to login
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