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  1. yes i actually made a topic from one of my answer from another topic of someone else . well there is not much balance atm i found more mess now then the start of the balance progress yes i think better to roll few patch back of the balance and starch again . at the original stat of the guns there was fewer guns that was need a bit balance not really much nerfing
  2. that all nerfs that going on are ruin the game ! Everything needs to be balanced back to RP state and from there to start again . listen to the community to people that playing this game for years . don't do this up coming patch stop with the nerfing !
  3. that all nerfs that going on are ruin the game ! Everything needs to be balanced back to RP state and from there to start again . listen to the community to people that playing this game for years . don't do this patch stop with the nerfing !
  4. no debut Kevlar need nerf , i was shooting one guy 4 times with duck and the guy survive and even have still time to kill me , after 4 times of hits with sitting duck ! nerfing guns are NOT the real thing that would make the game better . a lot of people crying about guns due of they don't have skills or trying to learn to master the gun . most of the guns nerf but how is that compare near the Kevlar mod ? if the guns nerf and Kevlar are more stronger its show something here need some change
  5. This is the only game that other people can be an obstacle to you and stop you from the mission when they are not even part of your mission Where is the logic here? People outside! From your mission can be an obstacle and even make you lose. It must change, there is no need to talk about it in long conversations, there are facts here that need change. The game itself is already in great decline it is a game so complex that three companies failed just because they do not make the essential changes The company will make money that will have decent results Engine update is not the next thing The small and significant things are what will bring about a change for the better for the game and enjoyment for the players
  6. actually he is right and that for sure need to be change
  7. come on i hope its trolling ! Clotting Agent ? OP ?
  8. hi there everyone as you all know for years there is a problem with griefers in this game so like if you get to be bounty others people outside the mission cant kill you so i think same i think the best for others around outside the mission meant others players CANT push / block / grief your cars due of they are become invisible when you become to be in mission for example : lets say you / your team need to raid a door and some other guy outside the mission ( friend of your enemies ) want to block the door with his car , he cant due he become to be invisible / transparent and you still can raid the door even if he is there blocking the door cos he is transparent ! same for pushing cars or anything , every car he get in the street become to be transparent / or invisible for you / for people and only visible for him in his missions hope from this idea you can mange to do something against this whole griefers .
  9. ty Alisha for the info hey Sakebee i just not before long time submit a ticket about it , hope i will get help about it soon thanks
  10. hi little orbit before around 2 weeks i was reinstall windows and then did a fresh install of apb all seems go well and fine , but then i wanted to buy something in the social marketplace and i cant . the BUY button are seems not clickable and i found out i cant add an attachment in a mail . some friends of mine said its may happen due of me install new windows and that little orbit do that to protect my accounts i really need your help little orbit to solve it for me so i would have the ability to buy things in apb . Regards , Donjae
  11. hi there daimnon try to install BE from the in game files its might help you
  12. well its the one and only DOPEFISH ! old days was the glory days
  13. great news Little Orbit ! thanks for the chance to try it again .
  14. yeah i think its would help to a lot players , and like zolerox said : "Either add all the consumables to jokerstore or make them tradable Simples. "
  15. hi there i was thinking if there was the ability to trade/ give to another player any of the yellow mods that can be awesome to help to another players to have any mods they need or finish . for example i finish my yellow large ammo box and i didn't know its i used them all i cant get more then i asked one of my friend if there is the option to give/trade this and ofc NOT its can be great to have this ability to trade or give to your friends some mods of the yellows if some of your friend used them all so you can give them . peace for all Edit : or maybe to add them in the joker store so we can resupply them .
  16. FBW all the way ! i feel i have more control on the FBW bloom then on the colby 45
  17. hi there LO first of all i want to say ty for you work and handling on the game im sure most of us very appreciate it . also i do notice that you listen to the game comunnity and that something very important and in this topic i want to talk/complain about few things that start up in the last few weeks so in the last few weeks ( around 2-3 weeks now ) i found out there is packet loss issue and extremely lags that didnt was much before . pack loss going from 1 - 10 . i was thinking its something from my side but after i check everything and also talk with my ISP and we did check all the sides and then i heard from a lot of my friends and also saw ( in discord stream ) a lot people have hugh lags and also in the same time packet loss issue . its happen from the update you did before the last one i guess . its need to be fix and i want you guys pls check about it . some people i know even stop playing apb due of this things and im sure there something to fix this . with much respect , Donjae .
  18. hi there everyone and LO . i am playing this game from the time it was relese ( RTW) i also have the disk of the game ( good old time ) seeing how RTW sell the game to G1 and how G1 was taking care on the game from the begining when they own it they bring new contacts , new guns , and such . yes then we start to see how they promissing things such and engine update . we the players was for years with hope for the new contacts and engine now g1 sell the game for you LO and for sometimes now we only see some info about the engine update progress but for real LO ? to be honest , the community of the game lost tursting in this words , most of us lost the hope for this words and most of it dont belive now promiss , we want to see fact ! now i want to thank you LO for the things you doing so far and ofc that you buy the game . and you do giving info in the forum about stuff . BUT ! and i feel i say things that the community feel ...and they feel its ENOUGH . until the engine will come up i think its time to bring the new contacts and to let us feel the game have more then to being stuck in NOT maX rank for years and no new things we know the max rank are more then 255 we know there more contacts that can be in game without the connection of the engine . if G1 indeed bring new contacts without the engine why you cant ? the contacts already made nice to see info about the engine but lets face it ...we dont really know when its going to be happen and the about the contact its can be done so we WANT to see a real INFO about the new contacts we want to SEE the things that you can add to the game without the connaction of the engine we for years see over and over the same events same things over and over , getting same promiss for years over and over . now pls tell us WHEN the new contacts would be add ( and i know there nothing to do to the engine ) give us a real info pls with much respect your friend Donjae . p.s i link the ranks system that already made for the game ( without the need of any engine update )
  19. well apb its apb! the best third person shooter out there ! who play this game from the begining would be hard to leave it mostly i guess cos the friends we meet in this game there something nostalgic when we the people that know the game from the time its realese . i play more games but lets say when i play COD or BF or any others games i dont know much who they are , if they good and such \ in apb its like you really know your opps , the comunnity in this game are small and that make its feel special
  20. seems everyone saw the server MS jumping up from 33 to 38 - 40 was hard to play like this ! pls fix it up
  21. one of the best things in apb is the free choices that the players have , they can choice to play the mission that up coming or not .
  22. indeed LO doing good way to fix what others company didnt do . yeah sometimes when they taking down the game for hours are pain in da A... but still im Appreciate they time and work they puting in our game . the only thing i have fear of its the nerfing waves they doing but still as i see it even the nerf of the guns are ok , they learning to do this works and the talking with us about this all things , so yes so far the only company that DO SHOW they care about the game are LO , well done
  23. the new bounty system are bless . before people out side the mission was can kill you and you can loss you mission only cos someone outside your mission . but in this new bounty system people only in your mission against you can kill you as bounty and they will get more money as reward . like this for me its good way to fix the bounty system . u cant be punished cos your good and that fix it
  24. not the good thing to try or say . exo give you the best tip , the game engine old and not like the newer games out there the game dont using your specs like its need to do . dont take the risk and do things against the rules its not worth it . exo give you some tip ( removeing blood , and removing regdoll ) might help you . also give the game high priority also might help , but dont go against the rules . good luck
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