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  1. Nivo

    Not going to lie that’s pretty hilarious. Brings me back to the days of when I had a 680 and the game kept crashing. Everyone thought it was gpu drivers when it turned out to be Realtek audio causing the issue. Lmao.
  2. It’s an easy gun to use yes. Is it over powered no. I have it and barley use it. There are better options.
  3. That has always been the case though.
  4. Agreed, already see the same thing happening to the ursus as well.
  5. I know that much, it's just op in certain situations its kid of annoying. but fuck it ill just learn how to do it then.
  6. Not while it looked like the dude was bunny hopping across the street with it. I’ll record it next time and post it. I know it wasn’t but it used more now then it was before. Seems like some people became butt hurt over a general question.
  7. Is there is reason as to why so many people are generally able to jump and run with this item in a fast paced manner?
  8. This is what auto correct does when you don’t re-check your sentences.
  9. I mean it’s still dangerous in the right hands. I barley use because I have more fun with rifles, but when I doubt sometimes the Ntec comes out. That would be the ideal situation, but yet you do have people with orcas or pigs losing in cactus to an Ntec and blame it on the gun itself loool.
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