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  1. Nivo

    Hit reg issues.

    Good thing I haven’t brought a 2080ti yet, I’m still rocking my 1080ti. Same thing with most gun I use, there’s times it’s not even me my opposition is directly shooting at me in cactus yet no hit reg on me, well at least the whole clip.
  2. It’s time for the game to be fixed, forget content at this point.
  3. Nivo


    Believe what you want, As it is what it is we can agree to disagree.
  4. Nivo


    I have not seen Nothing regarding speed hacking or wallhacking but I can agree with trigger botting/scripts. There are a handful on Jericho to say the least. Let’s just say EAC is a joke. Just my two cents.
  5. Nivo

    Hit reg issues.

    Has anyone been experiencing more ghost shots then usual especially in gun fights?
  6. ahh well then, this was my bad somehow read huntress.
  7. That’s not the joker box vbr though. And eww why is the third slot silenced?
  8. Still rather use the 3 slot carbine.
  9. Addiction is when you un-install the game due to frustration, yet re-install it a day later because apb is life.
  10. If there was one change, i wouldn't mind the TTK being increased slightly. I miss the old school shoot outs.
  11. Lol you could always uninstall. It's not like you're not toxic toward other players.
  12. It does make sense, rival gangs go against each other on a daily basis.
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