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  1. Dasimoge

    You're not Excused

    Google translator: "Copy and past the text" .. Google translator: Translating... .. Google translator: Connection lost
  2. I don't mind either actually.. But if you develope a new engine and you put it on OTW, you actually want as much people to test it right. So where is the sense of putting it on "premium access only".
  3. Why would they put OTW on "premium access". Just that less peoples test the new UE3.5 ...?
  4. Seriously i actually don't mind if it comes this years. 2k19 January or February would be fine tho.
  5. Since the BattleEye patch, everyone knew already it won't work. Same cheaters cheating since the BE patch and..? Surprise!!! They still not banned yaaaaaay!
  6. Everyone so hopeless... yikes. Wait till end of the year.
  7. The only thing i want to hear from Matt is, "Yes, UE3.5 will be on OTW end of this year".
  8. Everyone is probaly now excited haha >:)
  9. Would be great if the OTW Server would be EU sided and not NA sided.. I really hate testing with 200ms and tp lags.
  10. GTX 1060 OC 6GB I7-7700K 4,5Ghz 2400Mhz DDR4 16GB 100K inet connection. Same problems as you ludde.
  11. Checked my screenshot folder. Didn't made one. Though why would i, at least 70 peoples read that in the Social District.
  12. That was ingame. Not a forum post.
  13. "There might be a chance that we will finish APB UE3.5 end of this year" -ComFeyer
  14. Exactly... 32bit jeez...
  15. Can APB run smooth?... a question which no one can answer.