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  1. Event with this current server in NY. ~120ms. Sounds like fun...
  2. My game crashed befor i even started it.
  3. DPI: 400 Sens: 10.5 (switching sometimes between 8 - 11) Marksman: 0.7 Low sens players have more skill...
  4. Dasimoge

    LF Clan (Criminal)

    Edit// I said it wrongly haha. Would you play on Enforcer side tho?
  5. TITLE I actually wanted to make a more specify design but some symboles from me are bugging out completely on the Kantana .___. I don't if that is made on purpose but... (Look on the image below) @MattScott
  6. Heya guys, for that who want to join us, please directly contact us here on the forums or DM us in Discord. Note// Discord -> You have to join the server first to contact us due to the settings Forums (REZ Officers): @Poque @_Avanth (Avelite) Edit//: I'm not a Officer anymore, i've headed up to the Mod position. Regards, Dasimoge REZ Officer Team
  7. Must be some cheated google translation
  8. @L0pht "Error Code 10004 (The account is currently in use from another client)" Restart ur internet router and PC, should work. Edit// Or wait 30min might work too sometimes.
  9. Watch the movie "2 Guns", might help for robbery tactics..
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