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  1. I know those steam charts already. Though let me lie, 30% is just sitting in social simulator you know. When will it go up instead of down.
  2. Another "add it to the pile" topic yay..! But what so ever, uhm.. yeah title says it actually. Is the population dropping due to that cheaters ain't getting banned? Is it dropping because we almost keep versing 24/7 the same peoples? Is it the communication between LO and the community? ..or just cause of that the "Eninge Upgrade" is not getting live. (Who cares about some graphical issueses or bugs.. Me definitly not, i finally want a 64Bit APB version) I guess that was all what got in my mind while being bored ha ha.. ha..
  3. Cheaters in APB? Hell noooooo.... they're all training for eSports.
  4. Why are they working on Riot if no one is playing it?
  5. @MattScott take that gamemode down please. Get first UE3.5 out. I rather play on a bugged 3.5 version of APB than farming joker tickets or ingame cash on this crap developed gamemode. I seriously don't want to be negative, but this here is just a no for me.. Though where are the 3.5 photos/screenshots? For me it feels like your just hiding between "new" content to prolong that the Team is probaly not even near to finish 3.5. If im wrong, then please give the community at least a little update about the current development situation of the engine upgrade.
  6. Did you really thought i ment this seriously? Haha
  7. The patch bugged out on normal districts tho.
  8. Join Riot, play one game and join a normal district. What's going to happen? Your able to pick up guns from your opposition/team such in RIOT (Though only for peoples which played RIOT befor) The green fog still going to be on the map (Sometimes) You won't be able to change your weapons from Ammo boxes etc Solution: Restart your complett game
  9. Get more GMs in the districts to observe cheaters..
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