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  1. I dont get you. I threw those ideas for the team after they finished every necessary part. Weird additions when somebody wants the game to be in a better look ? It doesnt even change the META! Just some ideas. If they say it isnt possible at the moment or in the next 2-3 years because someone already said it would be too expensive, I would say, well. You know how to handle it and I agree. Stop talking about core gameplay. What do you mean ? The interrest of a gameplay, also increases by its look. For me personally.
  2. I know whats going on. That nothing is going on in APB. Adding invinsible walls to not getting over some places or glitching objectives. Thats it. Nice work after all these years. My suggestions should not be done tomorrow. But it could have been done in these 8 years. Maybe Matt is our man. My last hope. After all the things the team want to make, hopefully they spend some breaths also on those ideas in the future.
  3. Hello APB: Reloaded community! APB has died in the middle of 2014 for me personally. I started playing APB in 2011 for about 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks I was in hospital. Even in the hospital I couldnt wait to get back home and start the game. I really was addicted to it. APB was hella fun back in the days, where we used to operate in clans and put the clans on the map! Always had to get better as a group name, representing with nice clothing lines, nice cars, themes & symbols. For me personally, APB was about gangs, violence & looks. Like in real life. Now every gang left.... players left.... I had some really good moments. I've spend so much time in designing stuff. Sometimes I was buzz lightyear, Homer Simpson, the red power ranger or Piccolo from Dragonball (still today). Hackers still exist and Battle Eye didnt changed that much to be honest. I agree, there are not much hackers like back in the days. Yes, because the number of all players got smaller. Easy to understand right ? Sometimes I think, well, I dont give a damn about hackers anymore. Just fix the game optimization and the looks of APB. Some ideas: First of all, stop spending time for new Joker box ideas - Better details on clothing - Better details on cars ( designs has to be more accurate and not that pixelated) - Premium patterns on designing logos should be capped at 120 - When designing a car and you allready used for example 49 patterns, even a 120-Pattern-Big-Logo should fit the last pattern without saying "the designing is to complex". - An overall graphics update (buildings, buildings inside, streets, walls, trees, bushes, fences and so on... ) - Adding more trees, bushes, plants, colourful lights. - Adding rain, when rainy weather. - Adding aquaplaning - Tires producing more smoke when drifting - Make maps bigger - Adding a race map (drag,drift,round) - Giving cars more endspeed - Reaching the end speed should have nice effects ( need for speed style = wind,vibration & tunnel vision effects) - Fire out of exhuast - MP/H display on screen - Edit all animations. (NPCS, civilian real players) - when a mission starts, an animation of a contact should pop out on screen and says what to do. Also when you get opponents. - A sound should be played in the background when you hitting a particular area who says, whos area you're stepping into (only when you step into a enemy unity) Social district: - Jenz Amaka did a big picture in the past and you can see how great it looks with all the addings. I would love to see NPC-cars drifting around areas or a NPC crew showing off their cars and talking about their cars. - NPCs should walk around - NPCs should walk in the car hall and spectate cars. (giving thumbs up for the car look for example) - You should be able to pay the barkeeper for some drinks !!PLEASE GIVE APB THE QUALITY THAT THEY DISERVE!! !!APB IN A MORE REALISTIC LOOK!! Its all Im asking for. APB is able to do this. You guys want to make money, so invest in good ideas and please make them ideas real! - FengPeng
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