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  1. Deadly By Definition has been around for years we just haven't really done a recruitment phase besides once and it didn't last long. But due to my return to the game I am starting this back up. We are mainly a semi-competitive clan but we do like to just be random A LOT. We are recruiting only experienced gold criminals. We have a clan symbol if you would like one and we are planning to do clan vehicles depending on the recruitment outcome. If you do want in please message in-game or on here, if you do we will schedule a little tryout (we aren't picky, just don't be terrible). See you in-game. We have simple rules. Must have Discord for call outs Do not feed the trolls Do not grief or ghost Obviously don't cheat Do not harass other players Please respect officers and owner
  2. any fans to "Girls frontline" this is in only Jericho server Maxed lvl or under (195 or 235 or 255 ) players less active is ok ("if you a gold or sliver doesnt matter if your good) "AK-12" clan leader (bronze server area only) whisper me if you want to join!! the "girls frontline" glory to "griffon & kryuger" PMC
  3. So the purpose of this clan is quite simple and similar to our rules. The purpose was to create a community that wanted to spend time and enjoy the game with eachother, since we also have a Discord we like to discuss things together and talk as a clan on the whole, not just about the game but also about the inviduals and other joys of life . Noobondrugs ( Owner ) xFeisty ( Leader ) N3xa ( Officer ) AnonSquarred BoglsusKrist DarXoP elise1996 HYPERONII l3ritney KhaledAshrf MrsKittyYo roselina Vylai xPaulinka XxKillergangster ZNZNCJ So rules here are very simple, first of all you must understand and speak decent english, it doesnt has to be perfect as long as you can understand and read it ofcourse. Besides that we search only inviduals with good intentions and positive vibes, since the clan is mainly based on having fun and enjoying with eachother. Ofcourse this includes no racism, hate, cheat, and so on but it should be common sense atleast to us that you already is self awared about such things. Regarding activity ( being active ), there is no requirements what so ever on this, ofcourse we would like to see some happy active members but it is free on this point wheter you have time or not and there isnt any limitations on these points . To join the clan simply leave a Reply in this topic with followed : Ingame Name : Time played : Country : Why do you wish to join ? : If there is any questions or anything not related to the clan recruitment / topic itself, then feel free to send me a PM on the forums and i will reply as fast as possible . Other contact options - Discord : *✾ॐ xαιηт ॐ✾*#2510 Application Status : OPEN
  4. pyre is an English-speaking Criminal clan founded in 2018 by three veterans of APB. We have over 16,000 hours of in-game experience between us, and have all belonged to some of APB's most successful clans at some point. Coming from this background and using our knowledge and experience, we've decided to set up our own organisation in APB. Our primary objective is to to create a competitive APB community which players are proud to belong to, and not one which is simply an extended friend list. We realise that we are not a large group currently, but every clan starts out somewhere, and we're hoping to make a success out of it. If you're interested in joining us, please make sure you comply by our requirements: Requirements: To join pyre you must: Have a solid grasp on the English language, both spoken and written Be at least 18 years of age Possess a working microphone and be prepared to use TeamSpeak3 Hold and be able to maintain a Gold threat level Not have characters with offensive names or symbols Have a positive attitude If you think you've got what it takes, simply visit our website and head to the recruitment section. We look forward to meeting you! All the best, Lord Cashpoint.
  5. Profil Name: GavaXS LvL: 109 (but still growing) Rank: Silver I usually play every day, and I'm looking forward to joining a clan with people who want to tryhard the game. I play with SMG-s mostly, but I can play with Snipers and Shotguns pretty well too.
  6. Takeover Command Hello guys! We are a freshly created clan looking for new members! What we offer: - a friendly, experienced and open community - people that are able to work as a team - clan outfit and cars - events once we are more members - a discord server for communication Requirements: - ability to play as a team and communicate - being friendly and respectful - microphone for communication would be nice, but is not a must - joining our discord is also recommended so you can get the latest info, and find other members to play with t matter How to reach us: If you are interested in joining us, message Killer54321 or RyanKiller ingame or join our discord server ( https://discord.io/takeover or https://discordapp.com/invite/7Nzd8qR). We are looking forward to you!
  7. CRIM CLAN DRIVERZ CLUB Guten Tag verehrte Mitspieler von SAN PARO. Wir "DRIVERS CLUB" fahren um unser Leben gerne. Unaufhaltbare Fahrerfähigkeit die jedes Hindernis mit dem richtigen Gang verschwinden lässt. Wir sind frisch wie neues Öl, haben den richtigen Druck in den Reifen und sind ausgerüstet mit einer riesen Packung "Zusammenhalt". Kein Erdbeben lässt uns einstürzen und auch Moses könnte uns nicht teilen. Denn die Liebe auf den Straßen von SAN PARO ist etwas besonderes! Bist du auf der Suche nach Wahrheit & Geborgenheit, somit bist du herzlichst Willkommen bei uns! Jede Seele ist einzigartig wie Licht und zeigt uns ihre Farben im Muster. Du bist nicht alleine mein Fahrer! Nein das bist du nicht! Wir sind hier um zu helfen und zu ermöglichen. Denn den harten Weg haben wir schon hinter uns, als diese Stadt neu erwacht worden ist. Wir sind Momentan eine schnell aufgezählte Einheit die aber dennoch vor nichts abschreckt und somit UNBRECHBAR ist. Diese Einheit ist auf der Suche nach Zuwachs von Ehrenhaften und Loyalen Spielern. Uns interessiert es nicht, welches Leben du vorher hattest und in was für einem Zustand du dich befindest. LEVEL, RÄNGE UND ALTER SIND FÜR EINEN BEITRITT NICHT WICHTIG! WICHTIG IST DAS DU MIT HERZ DABEI BIST! AUF ANFRAGE GIBT ES LOGOS & KLAMOTTEN. (BALD AUCH CLAN FAHRZEUGE) DER DRIVERZ CLUB DISCORD SERVER STEHT EUCH ZU VERFÜGUNG FÜR EURE SUCHE UND EUER ZUSAMMENSPIEL "Ziel ist es, eine große deutsche Community für die Spieler aufzubauen. Das sie immer jemanden zum Spielen haben." Anmeldung mit ingame-Namen und paar Infos zu eurer Person und Erwartungshaltung unter diesen Beitrag oder im Discord Server. >>CLAN LOGO & OUTFIT<< DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/jZ8ydBc
  8. [ITALIANO] Ciao a tutti e benvenuti in questo nuovo topic. Ultimamente APB si sta ripopolando, e con l'occasione vi informiamo che i reclutamenti per entrare a far parte del clan CriminalGang sono aperti e chiunque di voi, si anche tu che stai leggendo, potrá entrare far parte del Clan. Come sempre, abbiamo dei requisiti minimi per poter entrare: -Avere delle cuffie e un microfono [ormai nel 2019 tutti dovrebbero avere un buon headset ] -Utilizzare Discord quando si gioca in gruppo -Essere maturi [non esiste alcun limite di etá] -Non flammare [per rispetto di voi stessi e del clan] Quindi se anche tu vuoi entrare a far parte del Clan e soddisfi i requisiti minimi, non devi fare altro che mandare una mail / PM in game al leader o ufficiali del clan. Tutti i nomi li trovi qui sotto. -Leader: Kingcriminal -Ufficiali: Arcadel, Hackium, Hedonisme, Hola, l3rian, LadyDame, Skyrem, xDIOBONO, Zalkman Una volta entrati nel clan troverete in descrizione il link d'invito per poter entrare nel nostro server discord! Preparatevi ad eventi mensili tra cui gare, destruction derby, death match all'interno dei fight club. [ENGLISH] Hello everyone and welcome to this new topic. Lately APB is repopulating, and with the occasion we inform you that the recruitments to become part of the CriminalGang clan are open and any of you, yes even you who are reading, will be able to join the Clan. As always, we have the minimum requirements to enter: -Have headphones and a microphone [by 2019 everyone should have a good headset] - Use Discord when playing in a group - Be mature [there is no age limit] -Do not exaggerate [out of respect for yourself and the clan] So, if you want to join the Clan and meet the minimum requirements, all you have to do is send an e-mail / PM to the leader or clan officers. You can find all the names below. -Leader: Kingcriminal -Officers: Arcadel, Hackium, Hedonisme, Hola, l3rian, LadyDame, Skyrem, xDIOBONO, Zalkman Once in the clan you will find in the description the invitation link to enter our discord server! Prepare for monthly events including contests, destruction derbies and fighting death matches.
  9. DesertHazex

    Looking For Clan

    Hi, im Haze and looking for active crim clan, players should be golds like me. I started APB like 8years ago and had breaks from game now im back and need players to play with :)
  10. Can you recommend me some good outfits - with joker tickets, from social marketplace or contracts. I'm R151 criminal woman char and my outfit is incredibly ugly :)))))))))) looking for upgrade
  11. Asiana

    Enforcer Only Vehicles

    Hiya, So i noticed this pretty big bug while making a car for my friend. I have a fire hawk kit on my enforcer account and was trying to make them a kit. i got curious and added a light bar to the car. before saving the changes, i removed the light bar and then i clicked save. my issue started at that moment. the car was marked as Enforcer only from that moment on. now ordinarily this wouldn't be much of an issue, but in this case it was a huge issue because it left me unable to trade the car to my friend( a criminal) and i had no personal need for it myself. this left me with 2 options, use it myself(which i don't need it) and sell it on the auction market. in the end i was left with 3 useless vegas g21s that i couldnt trade as i tried to figure out how it worked. i feel as though this issue should be addressed soon because if people join to create and design cars, this will be a huge con to them. in my case, i feel like it might be easier to make a button for removing enforcer only elements, thus allowing us to sell the car(kind of like how the refurbish button works) as a quick recommendation, i think it would be sorta cool to allow criminals to use a light bar and light patterns because they already have access to this feature in 2 Balkan vehicles and the ambulances. maybe they are only allowed to receive the car with light bars though? kind of like a black market thing. -Asiana
  12. Dojima Ichizoku The Yakuza wannabe group Greetings fellow shoplifters and notorious trashcan vandalists, you have done well, you have found your way to the doorway that leads to a better lifestyle, Dojima Ichizoku will guide you from here on out. Your interest in us is a given, much like how a crane craves fish the superior criminal craves the Yakuza lifestyle which of course only Dojima Ichizoku can provide, now the question arises, is that interest mutual? To answer that question we will have to investigate the matter, let's start out with some formalities. Kindly answer these questions and post them below or send them to me personally in the form of a PM if you are interested. Sincerely, Oyasan, Kazaku Dojima Post may be prone to editing over time
  13. ENG: HELLO VISITOR. PL: WITAJ GOŚCIU. WHO WE ARE / KIM JESTEŚMY ENG: I'd like to introduce You the ONLY ONE criminal clan, that exists constantly since Open Beta and stays active!.Actually, also one of the biggest criminal clans, if not the biggest one, in general. PL: Chciałbym przedstawić Ci JEDYNY klan dla Crim, który istnieje nieprzerwanie od Open Bety i pozostaje aktywny!. Aktualnie Również jeden z największych klanów dla crim ogólnie, jeżeli nie największy. Something about us. / Coś z grubsza o nas. ENG: Niutex is a national multiclan, which unite population of polish people in one place. We are more than just a compans to play apb. We are friends. And we play together in more games and we unite there as well. We exist constantly since july 2007. PL: Niutex to narodowy multiklan, który gromadzi i jednoczy polską ludność w jednym miejscu. Jesteśmy więcej niż tylko kompanami na misję w apb. Jesteśmy ziomkami. Gramy razem w więcej gier i tam również się jednoczymy. Istniejemy nieprzerwanie od lipca 2007. YOU COULD ASK WHAT WE CAN OFFER? / MOŻESZ ZAPYTAĆ CO OFERUJEMY? -Professional clan website, Active Facebook group and steam group. -Profesjonalną stronę klanową, aktywną grupę na Facebook'u, oraz Steamie. -SO MUCH FUN! Check out our photo gallery on the website or watch our videos to find out how we are having a good time together. -BARDZO DUŻO ZABAWY! Sprawdź naszą galerię zdjęć na stronie, lub obejrz nasze filmy, aby się przekonać jak świetnie spędza się nam razem czas w grze. -3 main clan Logos. and few optional if you are interested in customizing yourself more. -3 główne loga klanowe i kilka opcjonalnych jeśli jesteś zainteresowany/na bardziej zaawansowaną personalizacją postaci, lub auta. -Projected clan clothes if you aren't original enough to make them yourself. -Zaprojektowane ciuchy klanowe, jeżeli nie jesteś wystarczająco oryginalny, żeby zrobić je samemu. -Clan car (You can order professional designed car, which will be totally personalized and unique and made by one of the best Citadel's car designers. You will pay only the minimal price of the car. Customization is free!). -Klanowy samochód (Możesz zamówić profesjonalnie zaprojektowany samochód, który będzie w pełni spersonalizowany i jedyny w swoim rodzaju, oraz stworzony przez jednego z najlepszych projektantów samochodów serwera Citadel. Zapłacisz tylko minimalną cenę auta. Personalizacja jest darmowa!). -Players to play together with you in any moment! And I'm not talking only about APB! -Gracze do wspólnej gry w każdym momencie! I nie mówię tu tylko o graniu w APB! -Discount in the Clan Store. Also few thing from there, you probably can get for free if u ask nicely! -Zniżka w Klanowym Sklepie. Prawdopodobnie część z tych rzeczy możesz uzyskać za darmo jeśli ładnie poprosisz! -All cars from the game with full kits combination- ready for order! -Wszystkie samochody z gry z każdym dostęnym kitem- gotowe na twoje zamówienie! -Clan events. -Eventy klanowe. -IRL meetings if you are interested. -Realne wspólne spotkania jeśli jesteś zainteresowany. -Great atmosphere! -Wspaniała atmosfera! -Clan tshirt or jacket for order. -Klanowa koszulka, lub kurtka na zamówienie. -Participating in clan videos and streams. -Udział w klanowych filmach i streamach. -Discord server for great comunication. -Serwer Discord dla dobrej komunikacji. -You can challenge us for fair 4vs4 match!. -Możecie wyzwać nas na fair mecz 4vs4!. Convinced? Here are our requirements. / Przekonany? Oto wymagania TAKE MY HAND AND COME WITH US. / WEŹ MNIE ZA RĘKĘ I CHODŹ Z NAMI. -Minimal threat: Silver. -Minimalny threat: Silver. -Minimal "R": just not a newbie. We require any knowledge about the game. Or just willingness to get the knowledge . Game is in bad condition- We can't be too restrictive. -Minimalny poziom ("R"): tylko nie początkujący. Wymagamy jakiejkolwiek wiedzy o grze. Lub przynajmniej chęci do zdobycia jej . Gra jest w słabej kondycji- Nie możemy być zbyt restrykcyjni. -Fraction: Criminal. -Frakcja: Criminal. -Server: Citadel (EU). -Serwer: Citadel (EU). -Age: We don't want kids here. We aren't babysitters. Voice should be after mutation. -Wiek: Nie chcemy tu dzieci. Nie jesteśmy opiekunkami. Głos powinien być po mutacji. -Being active player and member or at least mid-active. Announcing long absences. (Everyone takes a break- we ain't kick you out, till we run out of space and you are one of logest unactive members). -Bycie aktywnym, lub przynajmniej średnio aktywnym graczem i członkiem, oraz zapowiadanie długich nieobecności. (Każdy robi sobie czasem przerwę- nie wyrzucimy Cię dopóki nie skończy się nam miejsce, a ty będziesz jednym z najdłuzej nieaktywnych graczy). -Respect for everyone. We don't want boors here. We build good reputation. We don't accept any kind of cheating as well. OBVIOUSLY. -Szacunek dla każdego. Nie chcemy tu gburów. Budujemy dobrą reputację. Nie akceptujemy również żadnego rodzaju oszustwa. OCZYWISTOŚĆ. -Clan clothes. BUT DONT WORRY! We don't want to restrict You with common clan clothes which are same for everyone. We give you a free hand. Do it youself. Just make them in clan colors and put logos on it. Rest belongs to you! (You don't have to wear them all the time, but at least put them on, when you play in clan group or for the events and videos/streams). -Ciuchy klanowe. ALE NIE MARTW SIĘ! Nie chcemy Cię ograniczać nudnymi, typowymi i identycznymi strojami, które ma każdy klanowicz. Dajemy Ci wolną rękę. Zrób je sam. Po prostu zrób swój strój w kolorach klanu i umieść na nim klanowe symbole. Reszta należy do Ciebie! (Nie musisz nawet nosić ich cały czas, ale zakładaj je chociaż, gdy grasz w klanowej grupie, lub na nasze eventy, oraz filmy/streamy). -Clan car * (*- not a necessary, but increases your chance and you build our reputation by this ).- You show by this, that you are more loyal member!. -Klanowy samochód (*- nie jest to konieczność, ale zwiększa twoje szanse, oraz budujesz tym naszą reputację ).- Pokazujesz tym, że jesteś bardziej lojalnym członkiem!. -Polish language at the communicative level. -Język polski na poziomie komunikatywnym. DO YOU FULFIL ALL REQUIREMENTS? GOOD! SO LET'S GO FARTHER. / SPEŁNIASZ WSZYSTKIE WYMAGANIA? SUPER! PRZEJDŹMY WIĘC DALEJ! To join us: Contact us via website or just /w in the game the leader or one of the officers. If none of them keeps online send in-game email to Krigannes. Or just answer this post. Aby do nas dołączyć: skontaktuj się z nami poprzez naszą stronę internetową, lub po prostu napisz prywatną wiadomość w grze (/w) do lidera, lub jednego z oficerów. Jeżeli nikt z nich nie jest online wyślij email w grze do Krigannes. Lub po prostu odpowiedz pod tym postem. Leader: Krigannes Officers: Drynsky xSagittiSx Zonik999 DonVitoCorieone Egzotyk VarmieN DO YOU WANT TO FACE US? COME AT ME BRO! / CHCESZ SIĘ Z NAMI ZMIERZYĆ? DAWAJ ŚMIAŁO! U can easily challenge us for a fair 4vs4 clan match with the really non-tryharding rules. Take your group or clan. We are waiting . For more details visit tab "challenge us" on our website. Możesz z łatwością wyzwać nas na uczciwy klanowy mecz 4vs4 na naprawdę dobrych zasadach. Weź swoją grupę, lub klan. Czekamy . Dla dalszych informacji odwiedź zakładkę "challenge us" na naszej stronie. Thank you for your time to read this post. And even if it is not meant for You, we are at least waiting for your challenges vs us! Dziękujemy za twój poświęcony czas na przeczytanie tego posta. I nawet jeżeli nie jest przeznaczony dla Ciebie, to czekamy na twoje wyzwania na mecz! And remember. Stay cool. As niutex do. PEACE! I pamietaj. Bądź spoko. Tak jak robi to Niutex. PEACE!
  14. Metal-Janah

    <gg n00bs>

    Join <gg n00bs>, make money. I'm recruiting criminals for end-game progression and raiding who meet any of the following requirements: 15,000+ Kills R195+ 10:00:00+ District Time Thinks percs and kevlar are garbage and that they should be unusable after R195 Thinks remote detonator is garbage and that it should simply be removed from the game Knows that Beacon is the best Fight Club map and that we all need it back very badly Is a Pure Pwnage fan and/or hates cheating n00bs. Whisper Janah in-game if you're interested. I will teach you about the game if you want to learn. I have a main on both factions with only a few alts. My main enforcer has Cop 15 and is around R220+. (Know your enemy!) I have never cheated in an online multiplayer game against other players, ever. I have never been banned in my entire lifetime on Steam since 2004, ever. I have played APB Reloaded since Open Beta in Q1-2011 and have never been banned for anything, ever. I have called out many closet cheaters and predicted their bans before they happened. Trust me when I say that I know my shit. I have also purchased 90% of the ARMAS Marketplace account-wide in support of this game for a very special time exactly like this one. Trust me when I say that I got your back. Thanks for reading, comments will be ignored if I can't lock this thread because I work a lot and generally dislike forums.
  15. BaronSaturday

    After the EU.

    So. After the EU I think it would be good to add a new district as "end game" content. This district would be accessible only after you complet 10 ranks with a brand new level 1 contact. So about an hour or so worth of game play if you're brand new and set this contact. It would be a New York/Chicago type area called Old Town. It would add two new factions with 50 ranks (immediately and then an additional 206 over time) and some new items, weapons and cars. For the Criminals the faction would be a Mafia type group. For the Enforcers it would be an FBI type group. For weapons, the first rank unlocks a zero slot short barreled Chicage Typewriter with a wider bloom radius but lower recoil than the one that exists now for both factions. At rank ten we'll unlock both a single slot version and a new red mod called Chrome Barrel 1 that slows bloom over time. We'll also unlock a new Zoot Suit jacket that is pre pin striped for criminals and a new slim suit jacket for enforcers. At rank 15 we'll unlock a Zoot Zuit bottom and new slacks. Also some new decals would be good here. At rank 20 we'll unlock a new vehicle. It would be an old school 4 door ford type vehicle that will also unlock a few hot rod mods for it with a new vehicle mod called Bullet Proof Doors that decreases acceleration rate significantly but adds health significantly. For the Enforcers they'd get the same mod but also unlock a SWAT van. Also also we'd get a 2 slot version of the new Typewriter and Chrome barrel 2. At Rank 25 we unlock a few more decals and some more mafia/FBI themed clothing. At Rank 30 we unlock the 3 slot variant of the new gun, and a single slot version of the new vehicles. At 35 we unlock some more decals and clothes and the 2 slot varient of the new vehicle. At 40 we unlock a 3 slot varient of the new vehicle, the new faction variant of the Typewriter with Chrome Barrel 3, Mobility Sling 3 and Hunting sight 3 At 45 we get more clothes and decals and things. At Rank 50 we unlock the 4 slot variant of the vehicles and a faction varient with ammo, nitros, bulletproof doors and ramming plate. We also unlock a title. Mafioso and Agent. The final clothing pieces are in this rank. Story and Lore intigration for this area. As tensions mount in the major Financial and Waterfront areas of San Paro, the factions struggle to stem the losses. Record deaths on both sides of this conflict have lead Arlon Benjamin and Michael Simeone to convene in private. Michael Simeone reached out to mafIa contacts half a world away to provide much needed gusto and wealth. The Di'Pietro family now join the G-Kings and Bloodroses on the streets of San Paro. But they want favors in return. Criminals all over San Paro now fly to Old Town on the East Coast to handle business Old Style. But the criminal organizations are not alone in their pursuit to turn the tide. Justin Teng has called in reinforcements from the East. The Federal government has agreed to get involved. The Federal Investigation Unit (FIU) have arrived to give much needed support to the city of San Paro. In exchange they need CSA Enforcers to fly East to help bring down the Di'Pietro family. You thought crime was a hard fought war in San Paro? You haven't seen anything yet. To those tested in battle, it's time to answer the call. New District. Old Town. Welcome to the East. New Contacts. Mario Di'Pietro and David Anthony. New Weapons and Mod. Old Town Typewriter. Chrome Barrel I, II and III. New Vehicles. Patriot Model 1. Dolton Rover. New Clothes. Zoot Suit. Agent Suit.  Fight hard. Fight long. Fight Old Style.
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