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  1. Hello. I was offering myself to the old G1 as community adviser to help them understand what we players really want, becouse they never acted like a players tbh. The old G1 team was ignoring me for years when I was offering my 'volunteer' help in making the new district map (if they only give me the programs like map maker or whatever they used). I could finish the midtown district like 2 years ago but... Nvm. The new age begun. I see that, L.O. is more eager to listen the players. So I will give some pretty useful tips. As a APB player since RTW i think i have something to say in that direction. And also i will speak as voice of the people, becouse my opinion is shared by pretty huge group of people. Already it's like whole nation which is pretty big % of whole apb comunity. Don't dont forget some of these ideas are just my and private so not eveyone can find them cool :P. Some of the ideas are just concepts that could never work good in game- but are worth saying it. So let's go to the point. These ideas must these ideas must come into force. Few of them will be possible to implement instantly, and few will be concepts to work for : Return of stunting- Everyone knows that, a lot of people was chilling in the game and stunting. Getting to hard to reach places was attracting people to do that. And made you want to get it. It gave a lot of fun to everyone that stunts.Then G1 introduced anti-glitching system that stopped people from bugging cases etc. behind the walls. I dont think this system is bad. Its pretty necessary. B U T. As the system came into the game, tobi (if i remember correctly it was him) instantly suggested 1 simply change in the system code, that could make system just perfect. CHANGING 1 LINE - made a system working when you are on the mission, BUT system was inactive when you wasn't on mission. That change could protect people on missions from bugging, and allow the "free-time" chillin' players to stunt (that change probablly would bring a lot of people from beyond the grave)- not every glitch or a bug is bad for a game- stunting spots wasnt, and it made apb kinda unique. Less than LTL weapons - Old apb concept like stuning sticks etc. to stun as melee. Arresting for crims- concept kinda related with upper one. But it can work already if enforcer stun himself accidentally (and that happens). In my idea crims could use 'cable tie' or just a rope to "arrest" enforcers. Road around the social district where people could drive they cars (blocked road like highway what wouldn't allow them to drive into social center). Make clan logos finally visible for others in a 'TAB preview' section. Clans are allowed to challange other clans for a match. Bigger groups than just 4 of people. (5/6 is kinda better- we dont need group of 20). Clan title for everyone- not just for a premium members. heavy NHVR is really hard to balance weapon. from one way it should hit u strong, in second way, its kinda too op. I think adding bullet drop only to this weapon would make it more balanced and less op on distances like 80+ meters. Kevlar 3 is a character mode that is found by community as really tryharding and give huge advantage in 1vs1 situations. I think if someone have 130% hp rather than 100%, so he should provide more points for a kill. If killing traditional person provide 100 points for a kill- killing guy in a kevlar provides 130. it kinda balances the his advantage in 1vs1, or at least rewards you for wining it. 2x bigger custiomization bar in the car customization. Everyone who at least once tried to make a great car: experienced the fact he still haven't use all 50/50 symbols BUT his bar is full and he can't finish his work as he wanted. Clan ranking based on W/L ratio (it's conected with challanges system i suggested above). Everyone knows there was idea about CRIM and ENF social districts. But what you think about clan district? I have few options in my head. There would be "clan bank" and clan members would collect money to buy/unlock a clan's house. First idea is that: there is a district for clans ( working on rules of the old crim/enf social district idea ). So every clan is allowed to have a clan house('district') imposed in advance . they have no choice in this. One for enf clans and other for crims. Like the old 'asylum concept for crims' and unfinished concept for enforcers. Whole clan district could be unlocked after getting right ammount of cash or you can just buy main room, and then you have to buy and unlock next and next rooms and zones. Second idea is that: there are few smaller and bigger clan houses available to buy by a clan. Depends how big clan is and how much money they own to buy and unlock a clan house district. This option is cooler but of course requires much more work and projecting. To finish both ideas we could use mission reward system. As we get yellow character mods/ emoticons/ symbols and rarely clothes after finishing the mission, that we could get furnitures and fixtures to finish our clan house make it unique, and more desired by others. More open buildings in apb- not just corridor through the building. more like few open flats per district ( not many, just few ). and make fire stairs usable- to make a second enter to these flats. that would protect these spots from being too op. If fastest apb car (vegas) max speed is 23 meters per second, AND IF YOU EVER PLANNED adding motorbikes into the game- they should be with a speed like 40 m/s BUT every collision ends with your death or making u '-85' and also u are still hitable on the motorbike, so for example sniper still can take you off. abandoned racing idea. Long time ago there was an idea about races. even old fightclub (bacon) had racing startup lines around. In my idea there should be simple and 'fast-made' racing district. With system of choosing a race type, cars allowed, entry fee etc. Also there could be added some simple (not that awesome as armas ones) car kits, so we could win parts of it in the 'official ranked races', not in the custom ones. Crash Derby arena (minimod like fightclub where group of 4 with a car could join to take part in the car crash derby with weapons. Last team standing would win). There are bronze statues in the city with a plate "higest honor", after placing ourselves on them, the plating should change from the "higest honor" to Chararacter name and our clan. Extend existing districts by existing textures around. Like docks and Lighthouse in Asylum. Or some textures in Financial or Docks in Waterfront. Cars Patriot T-25 and Dolton Montane could have a grip for a weapon on the semi-trailer, that allows you to instal weapon and decrease recoil. Daily login rewards. (with a minimal play-time of 30 minutes to achive). At this moment, HAZARDOUS is the only one legendary weapon in APB that isn't unique becouse of any variation. In the game is placed unavaiable weapon moditication named "Muzzle brake VERTICAL". And this modification would make this weapon much better. I think replacing one of the Hazardous modifications with this variation of muzzle brake would finally make it better than common colby version and worth naming it "legendary weapon". Get back with the old district system, where golds playing on bronze had -90% standing and cash and -25% on silver, so gold disctricts will be full again. Thats pretty MUST HAVE to fill gold districts again and let silvers play vs people on their level. As usual, I was became dreamly and wrote about conteption ideas and i forgot about most of the real ones but I will add them soon. Anyway you can say what you think about these. PEACE.
  2. HEY BUDDIES. New forum comes, so I hit you with our second (old as well) apb funny moments compilation. I find it a little bit better than #1 but it's subjective opinion. As stunt masters we tried here to show you every available apb place, that you thought as unobtainable . Let the nostalgia hit you even harder by backing into gold age of stunting in APB ( I hope LO will give it back tho). Please, don't hate so much :D. Say what you think and rate. PEACE. ( AND YEEEES I KNOW MY INTRO IS SOOOO LONG. It's too late to change it. skip it- 0:30)
  3. HEY BUDDIES. New forum comes, so I hit you with our very old apb funny moments compilation. I have a little tear in my eye watching this nostalgic video and backing in the time with memories of old apb. I really hope you enjoy it! And please, don't hate so much :D. Say what you think and rate. PEACE. ( AND YEEEES I KNOW MY INTRO IS SOOOO LONG. It's too late to change it. skip it- 0:30)
  4. Hello. As it's forum to share our fan arts etc. i'd like to introduce you my horror movie trailer parody. I hope you enjoy it :). And please, don't hate so much ( Yes i know, youtube lowered the volume of background music so i recommend to watch this at the full volume ).Say what you think and rate. PEACE.
  5. We had Germans, Czechs here. As long as you can communicate in polish with us there is no problem
  6. ENG: HELLO VISITOR. PL: WITAJ GOŚCIU. WHO WE ARE / KIM JESTEŚMY ENG: I'd like to introduce You the ONLY ONE criminal clan, that exists constantly since Open Beta and stays active!.Actually, also one of the biggest criminal clans, if not the biggest one, in general. PL: Chciałbym przedstawić Ci JEDYNY klan dla Crim, który istnieje nieprzerwanie od Open Bety i pozostaje aktywny!. Aktualnie Również jeden z największych klanów dla crim ogólnie, jeżeli nie największy. Something about us. / Coś z grubsza o nas. ENG: Niutex is a national multiclan, which unite population of polish people in one place. We are more than just a compans to play apb. We are friends. And we play together in more games and we unite there as well. We exist constantly since july 2007. PL: Niutex to narodowy multiklan, który gromadzi i jednoczy polską ludność w jednym miejscu. Jesteśmy więcej niż tylko kompanami na misję w apb. Jesteśmy ziomkami. Gramy razem w więcej gier i tam również się jednoczymy. Istniejemy nieprzerwanie od lipca 2007. YOU COULD ASK WHAT WE CAN OFFER? / MOŻESZ ZAPYTAĆ CO OFERUJEMY? -Professional clan website, Active Facebook group and steam group. -Profesjonalną stronę klanową, aktywną grupę na Facebook'u, oraz Steamie. -SO MUCH FUN! Check out our photo gallery on the website or watch our videos to find out how we are having a good time together. -BARDZO DUŻO ZABAWY! Sprawdź naszą galerię zdjęć na stronie, lub obejrz nasze filmy, aby się przekonać jak świetnie spędza się nam razem czas w grze. -3 main clan Logos. and few optional if you are interested in customizing yourself more. -3 główne loga klanowe i kilka opcjonalnych jeśli jesteś zainteresowany/na bardziej zaawansowaną personalizacją postaci, lub auta. -Projected clan clothes if you aren't original enough to make them yourself. -Zaprojektowane ciuchy klanowe, jeżeli nie jesteś wystarczająco oryginalny, żeby zrobić je samemu. -Clan car (You can order professional designed car, which will be totally personalized and unique and made by one of the best Citadel's car designers. You will pay only the minimal price of the car. Customization is free!). -Klanowy samochód (Możesz zamówić profesjonalnie zaprojektowany samochód, który będzie w pełni spersonalizowany i jedyny w swoim rodzaju, oraz stworzony przez jednego z najlepszych projektantów samochodów serwera Citadel. Zapłacisz tylko minimalną cenę auta. Personalizacja jest darmowa!). -Players to play together with you in any moment! And I'm not talking only about APB! -Gracze do wspólnej gry w każdym momencie! I nie mówię tu tylko o graniu w APB! -Discount in the Clan Store. Also few thing from there, you probably can get for free if u ask nicely! -Zniżka w Klanowym Sklepie. Prawdopodobnie część z tych rzeczy możesz uzyskać za darmo jeśli ładnie poprosisz! -All cars from the game with full kits combination- ready for order! -Wszystkie samochody z gry z każdym dostęnym kitem- gotowe na twoje zamówienie! -Clan events. -Eventy klanowe. -IRL meetings if you are interested. -Realne wspólne spotkania jeśli jesteś zainteresowany. -Great atmosphere! -Wspaniała atmosfera! -Clan tshirt or jacket for order. -Klanowa koszulka, lub kurtka na zamówienie. -Participating in clan videos and streams. -Udział w klanowych filmach i streamach. -Discord server for great comunication. -Serwer Discord dla dobrej komunikacji. -You can challenge us for fair 4vs4 match!. -Możecie wyzwać nas na fair mecz 4vs4!. Convinced? Here are our requirements. / Przekonany? Oto wymagania TAKE MY HAND AND COME WITH US. / WEŹ MNIE ZA RĘKĘ I CHODŹ Z NAMI. -Minimal threat: Silver. -Minimalny threat: Silver. -Minimal "R": just not a newbie. We require any knowledge about the game. Or just willingness to get the knowledge . Game is in bad condition- We can't be too restrictive. -Minimalny poziom ("R"): tylko nie początkujący. Wymagamy jakiejkolwiek wiedzy o grze. Lub przynajmniej chęci do zdobycia jej . Gra jest w słabej kondycji- Nie możemy być zbyt restrykcyjni. -Fraction: Criminal. -Frakcja: Criminal. -Server: Citadel (EU). -Serwer: Citadel (EU). -Age: We don't want kids here. We aren't babysitters. Voice should be after mutation. -Wiek: Nie chcemy tu dzieci. Nie jesteśmy opiekunkami. Głos powinien być po mutacji. -Being active player and member or at least mid-active. Announcing long absences. (Everyone takes a break- we ain't kick you out, till we run out of space and you are one of logest unactive members). -Bycie aktywnym, lub przynajmniej średnio aktywnym graczem i członkiem, oraz zapowiadanie długich nieobecności. (Każdy robi sobie czasem przerwę- nie wyrzucimy Cię dopóki nie skończy się nam miejsce, a ty będziesz jednym z najdłuzej nieaktywnych graczy). -Respect for everyone. We don't want boors here. We build good reputation. We don't accept any kind of cheating as well. OBVIOUSLY. -Szacunek dla każdego. Nie chcemy tu gburów. Budujemy dobrą reputację. Nie akceptujemy również żadnego rodzaju oszustwa. OCZYWISTOŚĆ. -Clan clothes. BUT DONT WORRY! We don't want to restrict You with common clan clothes which are same for everyone. We give you a free hand. Do it youself. Just make them in clan colors and put logos on it. Rest belongs to you! (You don't have to wear them all the time, but at least put them on, when you play in clan group or for the events and videos/streams). -Ciuchy klanowe. ALE NIE MARTW SIĘ! Nie chcemy Cię ograniczać nudnymi, typowymi i identycznymi strojami, które ma każdy klanowicz. Dajemy Ci wolną rękę. Zrób je sam. Po prostu zrób swój strój w kolorach klanu i umieść na nim klanowe symbole. Reszta należy do Ciebie! (Nie musisz nawet nosić ich cały czas, ale zakładaj je chociaż, gdy grasz w klanowej grupie, lub na nasze eventy, oraz filmy/streamy). -Clan car * (*- not a necessary, but increases your chance and you build our reputation by this ).- You show by this, that you are more loyal member!. -Klanowy samochód (*- nie jest to konieczność, ale zwiększa twoje szanse, oraz budujesz tym naszą reputację ).- Pokazujesz tym, że jesteś bardziej lojalnym członkiem!. -Polish language at the communicative level. -Język polski na poziomie komunikatywnym. DO YOU FULFIL ALL REQUIREMENTS? GOOD! SO LET'S GO FARTHER. / SPEŁNIASZ WSZYSTKIE WYMAGANIA? SUPER! PRZEJDŹMY WIĘC DALEJ! To join us: Contact us via website or just /w in the game the leader or one of the officers. If none of them keeps online send in-game email to Krigannes. Or just answer this post. Aby do nas dołączyć: skontaktuj się z nami poprzez naszą stronę internetową, lub po prostu napisz prywatną wiadomość w grze (/w) do lidera, lub jednego z oficerów. Jeżeli nikt z nich nie jest online wyślij email w grze do Krigannes. Lub po prostu odpowiedz pod tym postem. Leader: Krigannes Officers: Drynsky xSagittiSx Zonik999 DonVitoCorieone Egzotyk VarmieN DO YOU WANT TO FACE US? COME AT ME BRO! / CHCESZ SIĘ Z NAMI ZMIERZYĆ? DAWAJ ŚMIAŁO! U can easily challenge us for a fair 4vs4 clan match with the really non-tryharding rules. Take your group or clan. We are waiting . For more details visit tab "challenge us" on our website. Możesz z łatwością wyzwać nas na uczciwy klanowy mecz 4vs4 na naprawdę dobrych zasadach. Weź swoją grupę, lub klan. Czekamy . Dla dalszych informacji odwiedź zakładkę "challenge us" na naszej stronie. Thank you for your time to read this post. And even if it is not meant for You, we are at least waiting for your challenges vs us! Dziękujemy za twój poświęcony czas na przeczytanie tego posta. I nawet jeżeli nie jest przeznaczony dla Ciebie, to czekamy na twoje wyzwania na mecz! And remember. Stay cool. As niutex do. PEACE! I pamietaj. Bądź spoko. Tak jak robi to Niutex. PEACE!
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