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Found 4 results

  1. Unlock more of the already existing kits for both factions (suggestion). One of the kits: bishada sports kit bundle
  2. Right now there is zero incentive for Criminals to finish objectives when assigned a mission without opposition, This is clearly a waste of the Witness system which was clearly intended to be a core game mechanic. Therefore Criminals should get normal money and standing for completing objectives/missions even without opposition while Enforces get extra money and standing for witnessing a Criminal in a mission without opposition. If Criminals actually completed objectives in missions without opposition it would give Enforcers a chance to witness the Criminals and start a mission, If Enforcers got extra money and standing for witnessing Criminals in a mission then Enforces would have a reason to search for Criminals to witness. It's very boring as a Criminal to get missions without opposition because you sit there on an 99% finish objective just waiting for opposition to show up, If missions without opposition gave normal money and standing then it suddenly becomes a fun and worthwhile challenge to try and finish a mission without being witnessed by Enforcers. Criminals being able to farm not just money but also standing on empty servers isn't an issue because getting a mission without opposition requires readying up for a mission which places you on the matchmaker which continues to search for opposition, Which means that as soon as an Enforcer joins the server and readies up for a mission you could get opposition instantly which doesn't happen with ramraiding which already exists. There is also "A civilian has witnessed you" which I don't think does anything right now but what it could do is give any Enforcer who enters your mission from the matchmaker the same money and standing bonus they would have gotten if they had witnessed you. Honestly this all seems to be how the game was supposed to work on release but they simply forgot to turn on rewards for missions without opposition making the witness system pointless.
  3. [ITALIANO] Ciao a tutti e benvenuti in questo nuovo topic. Ultimamente APB si sta ripopolando, e con l'occasione vi informiamo che i reclutamenti per entrare a far parte del clan CriminalGang sono aperti e chiunque di voi, si anche tu che stai leggendo, potrá entrare far parte del Clan. Come sempre, abbiamo dei requisiti minimi per poter entrare: -Avere delle cuffie e un microfono [ormai nel 2019 tutti dovrebbero avere un buon headset ] -Utilizzare Discord quando si gioca in gruppo -Essere maturi [non esiste alcun limite di etá] -Non flammare [per rispetto di voi stessi e del clan] Quindi se anche tu vuoi entrare a far parte del Clan e soddisfi i requisiti minimi, non devi fare altro che mandare una mail / PM in game al leader o ufficiali del clan. Tutti i nomi li trovi qui sotto. -Leader: Kingcriminal -Ufficiali: Arcadel, Hackium, Hedonisme, Hola, l3rian, LadyDame, Skyrem, xDIOBONO, Zalkman Una volta entrati nel clan troverete in descrizione il link d'invito per poter entrare nel nostro server discord! Preparatevi ad eventi mensili tra cui gare, destruction derby, death match all'interno dei fight club. [ENGLISH] Hello everyone and welcome to this new topic. Lately APB is repopulating, and with the occasion we inform you that the recruitments to become part of the CriminalGang clan are open and any of you, yes even you who are reading, will be able to join the Clan. As always, we have the minimum requirements to enter: -Have headphones and a microphone [by 2019 everyone should have a good headset] - Use Discord when playing in a group - Be mature [there is no age limit] -Do not exaggerate [out of respect for yourself and the clan] So, if you want to join the Clan and meet the minimum requirements, all you have to do is send an e-mail / PM to the leader or clan officers. You can find all the names below. -Leader: Kingcriminal -Officers: Arcadel, Hackium, Hedonisme, Hola, l3rian, LadyDame, Skyrem, xDIOBONO, Zalkman Once in the clan you will find in the description the invitation link to enter our discord server! Prepare for monthly events including contests, destruction derbies and fighting death matches.
  4. The Goof Troop is a Semi-serious clan based on Citadel (EU) Founded in 2013, we are back after a 2 year break and are currently NOT open for recruitment. However, You can still find us, friend us and play with us if you'd like. Recruitment may re-open some time in the future. Keep your eye on this thread. The Goof Troop is a clan based around something that often gets overlooked; Enjoying the game. We try to play the game and enjoy ourselves while we do it, We like to avoid drama, taking things too seriously and most importantly, wasps Try-harding. "The Council of Goofs" these players created the Troop and make decisions to shape their future Kirby7633 JagMaz Jahnna Drischa Returning Goofs who were the first to join the Troop way back in 2013 Duco SirBaconMastaIII Secora Eycil ALL NEW AND TASTY GOOF OPERATION CODENAME: RAID! The Council of Goofs has decided to declare OPERATION CODENAME: RAID in affect as of today. The task at hand is simple - Enjoy yourself. We aim to find players and spread the idea that we should be enjoying the game, this is not a job, this is not a contest. Being gold isn't everything. Go out there and do something for yourself! Regular Goofs will not be listed on the forum thread to save space and precious, precious characters, these forums posts have a limit, you know..........
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