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Found 18 results

  1. Greetings citizens of San Paro! We like to present to you our community driven Discord server. Founded in 2016 and with now over 3600 members, we are one of the largest community servers for APB Reloaded. What we offer A place for you and your mates to hang out and chat in several text and voice channels moderated by our moderation team. The server offers special roles for Creators in several categories (i.e. Clothing, Vehicles, Symbols, Themes) and streamers. Other than that we also have a bot set up to show the current population of all world servers, commands to lookup all items in the game and a system to set yourself as "Looking for Group"! We also offer a Dev/Admin – Tracker, aswell as multiple support channels. Rules Don't try starting drama with others or harassing others. No Racism or Hate speech. Avoid spaming. (i.e. Sending pictures or pointless text in rapid succession) Keep on topic with the channel you are talking in. Avoid advertising personal/private discords or referral links. Interested? Join now! discord.apbdb.com alternative link https://discord.gg/eHBBXgx This Discord is not affiliated with Little Orbit, LLC. Whilst there is Little Orbit staff in the discord, we kindly ask you not to message or @mention any of them with support or ingame related questions as they are not support staff and unlikely to help you. You may @mention any L.O. Staff but make sure to keep this to a minimum.
  2. It was said that game was *launched for community* (so it's *running*), then there are 2 simple questions to Little Orbit: 1. When are you going to address general game performance issues such as: - unplayable due to lag on weekends and not only on weekends - sometimes down without any warning/ETA to fix - no warnings about potential performance issues and outbreaks Any plans to address that issue in general? Any plans to warn users (yeah, there are *some* warnings in LO discord, do you consider it enough)? 2. Who is your game community? - how do you see your game community? - whom do you want to be your community? - what do you want/not want from community? - do you in general want feedback from your community? - will you continue to host the game, if there are no players (no community)? etc. Please, describe your game community, as you see it. @Emilydid I tag you correctly? @Alarisasked me to tag Emily dev from LO team
  3. Event powered by Wave Lounge! A new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them! learn more here. End of the year meet Hello everyone, welcome to one of our events! I will just stop calling them bimonthly from now on, i just can't respect deadlines This year in APB has been quite a tough one, Wave Lounge is a family, but so is the whole APB Community, maybe we all get rage whispers, or maybe have bad days, but in the end we've all been playing that game for years, and for some, almost a decade... What is this event ? This meet is similar to the last one we did, just a laid back event, simply because, there is no reward at all. This event will simply be a car/hang out meet, with maybe some minigames, and other fun things to do, there won't be any competition, and if there is any of those, it will be a surprise ! At the end of the meet, we all hope to take a high resolution screenshot, with the citadel community, to sum up the year ! Talking about summing up the year, maybe you guys can have some creations to do so What are the rules and requirements ? The only requirement is you, you need to be a human, and be nice ! You creativity level doesn't matter, as long as you like to show or appreciate your own/other's work , you're welcome ! When and where will the event happen ? This event will happen Tuesday 31 at 20:00 UTC in Citadel Waterfront1 and last for about an hour. The meeting spot will be here on the map : Hope to see you guys here ! Here's a countdown for people that have trouble with timzeones ! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20191231T20&p0=1440&msg=Wave+Lounge+End+of+the+year+Meet&font=cursive
  4. Welcome to the XONE Recruitment Forum post! About XONE: This is a fairly new Clan within APB Reloaded, I created this Clan with the idea in mind that I can provide players with a place to belong and also have people who are ready to help you out or just team with you in missions or just to give new players a collective of people which can help them out or give suggestions to them to get better weapons and tactics within the game when combatting with the other faction. What Faction is XONE? XONE is an Enforcer Clan, one I like Police and two... ne noor nee noor. How do I join? If you message me via Mail in-game or whisper me if you happen to have me in your game with the Subject "XONE Clan Join Request" and the Contents with your Discord username and ID and your IGN. You'll be accepted into the game Clan and when the Discord has been created you'll either see the link in the MoTD or you'll be added via Discord. My IGN: CryzTheKitsune Faction: Enforcer Does XONE have a Discord? Currently, we don't have a Discord but I'm working on that and I'll update the post when one has been created. Is XONE mainly English Speakers? Yes, since I am not blessed with the ability to use multiple languages or just more than the English Language, English is required to converse with other Members and me, but you don't have to have perfect English though long as you can understand people and you are moderate with English you'll be fine. Clothing and Vehicle Icons: Clothing and Vehicle icons aren't really needed if you've already got a set design on your character and cars that you like but if you wish to sport the Icon of XONE they'll be shared via the Discord when it's created. Threat Levels / Ranks: Don't need to be a set Threat Level or Rank to join anyone's free to join. Clan Community Rules: DONT BE A BAD SPORT. DONT DISCRIMINATE, HARASS OR CAUSE DRAMA FELLOW CLAN MEMBERS. (Stright up kick from the Clan DONT AFK MID GAMES (Both not cool and just abusing the games XP and money mechanics.) DONT TK 'Team Kill' (Both not cool and you'll just be harming yourself in the long run.) AGE CANNOT BE BELOW THE AGE RATING OF THE GAME I.E MATURE That's the end of the XONE Recruitment Forum post long read, right? I'll change the format up every so often if it's too lengthy along with updating information about the clan. Hope to see you in the Clan!
  5. Hello, in the name of the Spanish speaking community I’d like to ask a couple questions about the the direction and management the Spanish community will have with Little Orbit, it has drastically fallen to almost none, as of today I barely see any new players coming in, and those who do leave quickly due the lack of support in Spanish. As we know a couple of months back support for most languages was removed and with it a big portion of the community left. I have recently created a discord server so all the Spanish folks who come in and see this post or find us in game can join, and hopefully, find new people to play with (I dearly ask the forum people to not join this discord unless they are Spanish or can speak Spanish). The questions are as follow : 1- Do you plan on inserting more languages into the game such as Spanish, so those without the ability to understand English have it easier to get into the game? 2- Will you hire people with the ability to answer tickets in Spanish and/or community managers that people can get help from? 3- Do you plan on making advertisements in Spanish? 4- Will you make some kind of system that rewards old players for having played for so long while keeping the game alive? 5- Will you make a more comprehensive and player friendly tutorial? Discord link: https://discord.gg/PKHP4Kb
  6. Hey there gamers, I've recently created the Emergency Car Club, a place where everyone who likes the designing, viewing or anything to do with emergency cars to hang out, share tips and designs, and of course we host car meets. Hop on to our discord server https://discord.gg/sFyq54rfJq where we hang out, chat and meet up See you there - Biolog
  7. Hello! I want to introduce you a project that may be of interest to you — APB Wikipedia. APB Wiki is the classic APB Reloaded Wikipedia. I created it together with Draggi and with the help of the Russian community. A few words about me My name is Shepard. I'm the administrator of the largest APB Reloaded fan site in Russia. The site has been running since All Points Bulletin closed beta. I also support the most active of VK's group (Russian equivalent of Facebook), where I translate and publish news about the game and communicate with the Russian-speaking community. I try to do something useful for the game for a long time. Periodically I write guides, articles about game designers or create concepts. Last summer, I took up a major project — Wikipedia. We have been working on Wikipedia in secret all summer. The public release took place on September 1, 2018. Wiki Features MediaWiki Engine The principal decision was to create Wiki on the engine on which the original Wikipedia works. Clean, comfortable and familiar. No ads Wikipedia has no ads. I personally pay for hosting with the help of the Russian-speaking community. Mobile version We have a mobile version. It's not perfect, but very helpful. We are struggling with the problems of insufficient information about new events and awards. But with Wiki we can solve these problems. For example, the page of Slay Bells role was updated in real time with the support of players. On the wiki, you can see a screenshot of each symbol, primitive or item of clothing from this role. It's not just a database. I want players be able to see tips from community: which mod is better to use in certain weapons, how to use the Tagger correctly during missions, and so on. Check Wiki for yourself Especially for you, I translated several pages into English: Shift (contact), Patriot Vegas (car), STAR (weapon), Slay Bells (role), Weapon Skins. If you want to see more, you can use Google Translate. Why did I create this topic? I believe that Wikipedia will be useful to all APB Reloaded players. Our editors constantly add and supplement pages in Russian. However, the MediaWiki allows you to create pages in different languages. I'm ready to give editorial rights to all players who want to complete a wiki in English (or any other language). Also, I would love to hear your opinion on this project. Maybe something is missing on Wikipedia? Maybe you think this is a meaningless idea? I will read all comments. And of course I will be glad if @MattScott pays attention to this.
  8. Which was better, the old or newer system, or a revamp? Or what would you improve on the current/old system? What does the community want/think of it.
  9. It's always interesting to see things from the perspective of a new player to APB, whilst reminiscing on our humble beginnings. It's even more interesting seeing how veterans, who are usually pretty much loud on the forums regarding the new players' treatment are dealing with them on their alt accounts in the bronze district. While one group of people are sincerely trying to encourage newcomers to stay, unselfishly sharing items and tips, the other group, after a lot of stream-sniping and preying upon newbies, has an unusual way to welcome them, to put it politely. Help me learn the game The way this community conducts itself shares the equal part of the responsibility for the current state of the game as various technical problems and poor management this game has/had in the past, if not larger.
  10. I honestly have mixed feelings about APB's issues. I can't have a concrete opinion about his problems. There are so many things, you are right to complain about so much time without anything, matchmaking, hackers, toxicity, among other things. However, the company has reasons for not having done anything all this time, few employees, problems with old codes, failed attempts (APB 2.1, APB 2.2), among other things. I hope this next year will be a good one, according to what was discussed at the AMA with Matt Scott. But some of you here on the forum are changing my opinion about this company. We could play in peace if "simple" problems were solved quickly like matchmaking, chat toxicity, active GM's, hackers, among other things.
  11. Right now it appears that it is unlikely that Little Orbit (LO) will get much progress on this game in the following year(s). Therefore, I believe the last rescue for this game would be to release it as free (as in freedom) and open-source software. LO could focus their manpower on more promising projects, while still keeping us (the Fallen Earth community) happy. Further development could be handled by the community. What do you think @MattScott? Would this be a viable option for Little Orbit? I can even think of some kind of crowdfunding to release Fallen Earth into the public domain.
  12. I recently watched patch notes to find one with "buff" of regular Vegas G20 and found this post: MIKRO & VAQUERO BUFF I mean, this is cool, that moderators are checking forum and listen community, but the problem is that i wrote about those things like 3 years ago in this thread: And in my spreadsheet: (Last Change was in October 10, 2021) So, i wondering: is "Community Corner>Fan Sites & Communities & Promotions" don't checking by Moderators or it's just that theme isn't popular? Anyway, i feel nice that cars were changed in better side, so i'd like to test them, but on a special server for testing without NPCs(like i posted in my "Car Comparison" thread), maybe there is an option to make it? Because NPCs are really ruining tests I'am not asking for something special, because i know, that i'am yet another player of which there are many in APB, but why not try and find out? Especially that i don't ask something extraordinary, and i made/making this videos for a community(and also balancers of game for sure) and this thing will be really helpful and allow me to make videos faster and maybe more better, like making more Sprint runs instead of only 3, or 15 instead of 10 laps on circuit because, like i said before, NPCs are main ruining factor in my tests
  13. I'm in stage of making plans for PC build. I have some high-end "handle them all" builds ready. I also tested on some friends high-end PCs APB. Results in some cases are suprising. One of builds struggled to play APB (while not low FPS was very unstable)... meanwhile it run new AAA games in ultra at 100 fps. So that rised my question... What is perfect build for APB? I look for some good PC build when it comes to quality and price because i'm not millionare and some of this high-end PC builds would probably drive me into debt. I talk components in such form: GPU - ? CPU - ? Ram - ? OS - ? (Heard stability of game is lower on Win 10) Motherboard - ? Cooling system - ? Power supply - ? Additional components - ? Cost - (Just informative and additional) I'm sadly in urgent need of hardware change because with current trend APB gonna be unplayable for me in year. Also no technical bullshoot. I just know how to check if 1 is 1 or 0 is 0 in binary and how to put PC together (after all it's like Lego, you just put together part and just do cable work and viola... eventually you check if voltage is where it should and it should run - if not troubleshot, who knows faulty new hardware happens)
  14. Hello everyone, since we don't have a post on the new forums yet. I decided to quickly remind everyone that we have a Discord server set up for all of you guys. The server is completly community moderated but we have a few staff members in it https://discordapp.com/invite/eHBBXgx Hope to see you there!
  15. Gibt es noch eine deutsche Community? Und was haltet ihr von den Veränderungen bzw. von den zukünftig kommenden Updates? Ich hoffe ja weiterhin auf einen deutschen Support und dass es das Game wieder auf deutsch geben wird!
  16. Lets get something straight first. this is not to "bash" the APB team. i have supported APB from day dot. but there's is some distaste creeping into the hardcore community,. 1. Will APB investors, ( players still purchasing premium, putting money into the game ) be "entitled" / "compensated" for the down time, ??? [ and please do not just "blanket grant" every global player with a generic premium code,, because those that actually purchase it are just mugged off for purchasing it ] Surely you must be able to see who is/has currently purchased premium prior to and over the down time , either role back the premium clock, or award codes to account emails / armas reward lockers 2. the recent* (or not recent) announcement of Riot Season passes is.. well.. disrespectful . Understandably money is always an issue. but really.. at least use a filtered player/account search for the following., 1. active accounts being played in the past 4 years + old , on a weekly basis. = yes (4 years = dedication. the game is what 8 to 9 years old. some of us have, although real life takes priority, have been on since day dot.) 2. of those accounts have purchased premium of "X" more days in the recent year . = yes ( with in the year shows the players are still investing ) 3. Any prior bans on record (that have not been over turned) = no ( hard core fair players do not use hacks , and if wrongly accused, have been reviewed, those with prior bans should not be rewarded, tricky, although we all know Little Orbit knows who is who. ) = Award with 3 or 6 month Riot Season pass for being a continued investor/player ( this then not only allows those that are continued players and content creators supporting the game, but also helps populate and "hype" the game mode ) more importantly shows a big THANK those that have invested into the game. regardless of the Little Orbit purchase as the players can not be punished for "gamersfirst" past and demise. Reads back like a rant, it is not. just some ideas and an opinion. All the Best everyone D
  17. So, after looking at the number of players over the last three years there has been a steady decline. We're getting just over 200 players now every month where there used to be 2000+ in the early days of APB. There was a nice jump up to 1000+ when Little Orbit took over development it seems, but since then a steady decline. Apart from the maintenance patches and holiday events, what is Little Orbit going to do to change the state of the game? Myself, and I'm sure the entire APB community, would like to know what the future of APB will be. Will any new mechanics be implemented? i.e., new objectives in missions? New zones? New contacts? As a player that played back in CBT, I appreciated seeing the 2021 Roadmap. It was a nice and seemingly fresh engagement with the community. I think we need more of that from Matthew Scott and other developers at Little Orbit in regards to what the future plans for APB are. I think there should be more of a dialogue between the devs and players in regards to these future plans as well. I would love to see a revival of this game because the game and gameplay have always been great. I would hate to see another team mismanage this game and let it die....again. Here is the population of players through Steam across APB's lifetime. https://steamcharts.com/app/113400
  18. Matt Scott, and his company Little Orbit, have allowed the game to get to an almost unplayable state, so much is common talk amongst the frustrated playerbase of APB. Moreover he is placing so much of his attention on trying to deliver even a slither of that promise to "upgrade" APB, which has been almost comical in the way the promise keeps getting downsized. All this is part of his failure to do his due diligence before acquiring APB: Reloaded, he failed not only to know the game and its deep rooted issues, but he also failed in knowing his team and their capabilities. Currently a new player entering the game will be faced with players who — as they gained experience in APB over the course of thousands upon thousands of hours — also lost their basic decency and sportsmanship in the process. That is what APB does; it is a toxic wasteland, it grinds down a person's humanity if they aren't careful to preserve it. The new player will get stomped out by pre-made teams of highly experienced veterans of APB, and if they should be so lucky that a highly skilled veteran should end up on their side, that veteran is likely to refuse to play in a team with a newbie, will not make an effort, in order to preserve their ego, or outright restart the game to get out of the team of the new or low-skilled player. You should be aware how highly developed the sense of fairness is in human beings, and none of this feels fair. No technological breakthrough will make this better, LO could figure out how to make APB run on a quantum computer for all I care, and still the community would be defeating any possibility of the game's recovery. If Matt Scott wishes, I can outline for him all of the toxic behaviours that I see in the game, I'll be a wasteland tour-guide if he needs me to, just so that he gets a grasp on the reality. If you can not make the game feel fair, perhaps you should give players an escape. Those players who would outright quit APB because of how unfair PvP feels, might be kept in by further PvE options, if PvE were viable to avoid PvP, and to progress contacts. I do not know what percentage of the APB community would be "pacifists" just looking to customise their characters and vehicles and do co-op activities, but I would say that already at least 10% of a district will have these wallflowers hanging out, who only occasionally will play missions, and not for long, as they are not able to be competitive. These wallflowers could be another source of cash-flow for this cash-starved game, perhaps a PvE district is in order, wherein you would flesh out these cooperative rather than competitive activities. This would not negatively impact the players available to missions, since these "wallflowers" rarely actually participate in missions, and take up district slots. You could incentivise them to spend time, and money, and clear them out of mission districts with a PvE district. I just can not stand the sense that so much hope is placed on a performance upgrade. Then again, perhaps Matt Scott knows these deep-rooted issues, and he doesn't actually think he can get this game up to a viable orbit again, he just keeps it around as a training environment for his devs, as he claimed that R.I.O.T mode was, in the end.
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