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  1. The official PlayStation website just got an upgrade timed with the upcoming PlayStation 5 launch, and it includes an easy to browse library section. User andshrew from ResetEra noticed an API that monitored which games to display based on an internal backward compatibility list, which is a clear view into which games Sony has deemed as not working correctly on the new hardware. Andshrew also published a list that lets users search through the entire catalog to ensure that everything from Killzone Shadow Fall to Streets of Rage 4 made the cut. From that site, user Eoin produced a list of games deemed as "Bootable" but not "Compatible." APB Reloaded deemed is as "Bootable“. This means that the game can be compatibility problems. Perhaps this only means that the game has not yet been tested. Source: Screenrant, Resetera
  2. Extra thing with a way better rewards than actual event.
  3. APB Wiki is not a competitor to APB Vault. These are two different approaches. At APB Vault you can only find statistics. Let's compare the Nut Crackers page on two sites. This is a reward for the role of Slay Bells. On the APB Vault website there is only a name and faction. On the Wiki, in addition to these data, there is information on how to get this item. And most importantly, there is a screenshot of a symbol! Given that there is no symbol preview in the game in the selector of awards (and you need to choose one of several), Wiki can help you make the right choice. Also, on APB Vault you will never find such information as system requirements, guides or video presentation of emotions. Because this data is not in the game. But it is in Wikipedia. Thanks to the players.
  4. Hello! I want to introduce you a project that may be of interest to you — APB Wikipedia. APB Wiki is the classic APB Reloaded Wikipedia. I created it together with Draggi and with the help of the Russian community. A few words about me My name is Shepard. I'm the administrator of the largest APB Reloaded fan site in Russia. The site has been running since All Points Bulletin closed beta. I also support the most active of VK's group (Russian equivalent of Facebook), where I translate and publish news about the game and communicate with the Russian-speaking community. I try to do something useful for the game for a long time. Periodically I write guides, articles about game designers or create concepts. Last summer, I took up a major project — Wikipedia. We have been working on Wikipedia in secret all summer. The public release took place on September 1, 2018. Wiki Features MediaWiki Engine The principal decision was to create Wiki on the engine on which the original Wikipedia works. Clean, comfortable and familiar. No ads Wikipedia has no ads. I personally pay for hosting with the help of the Russian-speaking community. Mobile version We have a mobile version. It's not perfect, but very helpful. We are struggling with the problems of insufficient information about new events and awards. But with Wiki we can solve these problems. For example, the page of Slay Bells role was updated in real time with the support of players. On the wiki, you can see a screenshot of each symbol, primitive or item of clothing from this role. It's not just a database. I want players be able to see tips from community: which mod is better to use in certain weapons, how to use the Tagger correctly during missions, and so on. Check Wiki for yourself Especially for you, I translated several pages into English: Shift (contact), Patriot Vegas (car), STAR (weapon), Slay Bells (role), Weapon Skins. If you want to see more, you can use Google Translate. Why did I create this topic? I believe that Wikipedia will be useful to all APB Reloaded players. Our editors constantly add and supplement pages in Russian. However, the MediaWiki allows you to create pages in different languages. I'm ready to give editorial rights to all players who want to complete a wiki in English (or any other language). Also, I would love to hear your opinion on this project. Maybe something is missing on Wikipedia? Maybe you think this is a meaningless idea? I will read all comments. And of course I will be glad if @MattScott pays attention to this.
  5. I hope you will check all submissions for «The costume must have been made after this announcement» rule. Because this one is just ridiculous. This work was done in 2012. It won in «Halloween Costume 2012». Original image.
  6. Featured Screenshots All screenshots (in spoiler zone):
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