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  1. Dopefish

    Premium/New LTL Weaponry & tweaks to older ones.

    What would you suggest? That would need an entire topic of its own, and I'd require alot more time outlining a suggestion for it, but it would involve reworking the mechanics for LTL, witnessing and ram raiding in general. As all of these systems feels completely separate from the actual game at the moment, I'd focus on integrating them into the normal game experience one way or another.
  2. Dopefish

    Premium/New LTL Weaponry & tweaks to older ones.

    I believe LTL need a complete rework before contemplating expanding it.
  3. I've usually used Sony Vegas for editing, but that program cost a bit. DaVinci Resolve seems to be much better and is free, so I've considered switching to that: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve
  4. Dopefish

    Why game looks so drab?

    Bloom got nothing to do with making things more colorful. It's just supposed to create those light blobs around bright areas. Problem in APB is that it doesn't just disable bloom, as it disables the color correction aswell, and the base game for some reason is extremely dark and desaturated.
  5. Dopefish

    radical idea

    Would mean that the system would have two separate timers, since you can switch between the spawn points instantly. Don't think it would add much to it, but it's nice to think of alternative ways to balance it, aswell as trying to make it more strategical, as compared to how it is now.
  6. Dopefish

    radical idea

    > CAR SPAWNER - Remove cooldown - Add 60m range limit to objective - Increase enemy range limit to 60m > CAR SURFER - Disable the mod if a user equips a heavy weapon (can still car surf with secondary) > REMOTE DETONATOR - Always detonates after 3s, no matter the range - Detonation sound triggers immediately, instead of a second later > BLOW TORCH - Makes you unable to use it while leaning out of car windows > LOW YIELDS - Lower max damage radius from 400cm to 275cm - Lower radius from 700cm to 400cm - Increase fuse delay from 3s to 4s > RADAR TOWER - No change needed as far as I know. Radar jammer might need a buff instead. > YELLOW MODS - Either make them permanent, or purchasable from regular contacts. > BOOM BOX - No change at this time. > MED SPRAY - Remove the green particle effect (sound is enough) - Add an quick animation on use (force players to do the equip time for their weapon) > MOBILE COVER - No change at this time. > RESUPPLY BOX (both) - Remove the ability to resupply grenades > EPINEPHRINE INJECTOR - Remove the blue particle effect (sound is enough) - Add an quick animation on use (force players to do the equip time for their weapon) > SATCHEL CHARGE - Increase health damage to 500 > VEHICLES - I don't have a good suggestion for vehicles at this time, but it's important to keep the game intuitive, and not to make it too complex with unique behavior for each mod per vehicle. EDIT: They have the exact same blast radius as frag grenades currently, they explode faster, they travel faster, and do almost the same damage. There's a very low requirement for aiming with them, and they're currently a straight upgrade from frag grenades. That's why they need to be rebalanced.
  7. For those who's wondering about the Thunder variant of the Showstopper that will be released as a new JMB next week, it comes with a Pistol Choke mod and a unique skin. Pistol choke: -35% fire rate -66% pellet spread +12m effective range This patch also have the networking updates, changes to the friends system, and raised the max fps cap to 145.
  8. The consistency is good, but I believe that 15m is a bit much, and I'd suggest making it 12m effective, and 22m min range. Came up with these values after seeing how effective it is on OTW, and after discussing it with @Tobii, who was kind enough to provide some really good illustrations for the damage drop-off.
  9. Other than the HVR and the Yukon (which is more a bug fix), this patch is mainly about buffing weapons.
  10. Dopefish

    Character Name Change

    Cost of name changes: BattleTag: $10 Gamertag: ~$10 Uplay: [FREE] Origin: [FREE] I feel like $10 be a fair price for it, to avoid it being abused.
  11. I wouldn't say broken, but certainly unbalanced. I also felt that -9/-15/21% were a much better drawback, but it seemed like alot of people dismissed that before even testing it or actually calculating the differences. I'm even fine to give it more range, but then it would need an even bigger drawback. I still think it would be more suitable with a percentage increase for the range instead, with my suggestion being 10/15/20%. At the moment I feel like it would be best to not change Improved Rifling for this patch, and do a bigger balancing pass on mods for the next patch instead.
  12. But thats just an opinion, no? It's how I've interpreted the design intention of APB, and if it would attempt to be something more similar to The Division for example, then we got an even bigger issue. I'm maxed ranked, so being overpowered would be in my favour, but I don't find unbalanced matchups enjoyable. The reason why I care so much about this, is because it's a design philosophy that's important for player retention. If a new player comes in to the game and see everyone else being more powerful than him, and his only chance to catch up is with a severe time investment, he's more likely to quit and never play again. And before you say "but I stayed", keep in mind that for everyone who did, at least a dozen didn't. This change alone won't change that perception, but it's an important step towards it.
  13. @Revoluzzer thanks for actively participating in the discussion with some good insight. I think your classification of the mods might be the most accurate, and even if they are not hard rules, it's good to have some guidelines for their purpose. I'm still of the opinion that there should be no straight upgrades, and as you already noted, some of the current drawbacks are negligible on certain setups. I personally would like this to be reworked, but what's your thoughts? To bring something more positive to the discussion, I'd like every mod to have an effect on the weapon it's used on, and if they're being tweaked with drawbacks it also means they could have an bigger effect while still keeping it balanced.
  14. That's the thing, there shouldn't ever be any straight upgrades, but consider them more as side grades. You specialize further on something, at the sacrifice of something else. RTW had no mod restriction, and no drawback on their mods. There were character mods that increased your max health (Monolith), made you regenerate faster (Fast Regen), decreased incoming damage (Survivor), and weapon mods that increased your fire rate (Spray and Pray), increased your damage output (Savage), and other mods to improve your accuracy, with no restriction whatsoever. You can imagine the outcome for matchmaking high ranked players against low ranked ones. There were no conscious choice in which mods to pick either, since you simple picked the strongest ones and left it at that. No variation in character builds, so the only purpose mods served was to act as a money sink. The first change (and one of the only few good ones) that G1 did when they took over the game, was to color code the mods, and add drawbacks to most of them, to make them act as trade-offs, instead of the straight upgrades mentioned above. But they never got many tweaks after that, and some of the mods don't have any drawbacks, or their drawbacks isn't applicable for certain weapons. There's a lack of variation currently, since there's mostly dominant choices for mods, or they don't have any effect on certain weapons. Balancing the mods should make the game more fair towards new players, give more depth to veteran players, and provide much more variation for everyone. To post it in suggestions, we should first come up with a good suggestion to propose, and this is a good forum for such a discussion. Since this game isn't about getting stronger through progression, mods needs to be balanced so they don't give any advantage over anyone who wouldn't be using mods, see my example from RTW above to understand why. The good thing about having tiered mods, is so that people can pick one based on their preference, so there could be a mod that gives you +3% damage increase, for a smaller drawback.
  15. Why do you consider adding drawbacks to mods as something that would make the game worse? The optimal mod balance is when a non-slotted weapon is just as good, but mods let's you tweak the weapons niche to be more favorable to how you play. APB is not meant to be a game similar to other MMO's where the higher level you are, the stronger you'll get, but instead it's meant to give you versatility.