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  1. Update 3. Added an RX 460. Gets into the high 70 fps. With Vsynce it'll stay at 60 not including the Frame Drop™ feature.
  2. You guys can try to make a skull decal as cool as the Baron's but you will never achieve it.
  3. I agree, but the threat system has little to do with this new district. I also edited the initial post to remove the rank gate and instead all you have to do rank up a new contact to level 10.
  4. Edited initial post for lore flavor. Will continue to edit as things evolve.
  5. It's not based around cheaters, but it does have the benefit of gating them to an extent. It also doesn't have to function in this way, it was just a way to create a goal more than anything. How's about this? You gain 10 ranks with a new level 1 contact in Financial or Waterfront and you can go to the new area. I suggest the New York/Chicago aesthetic more in the looks department rather than a lay out. But. Now that you mention it, the bottom half could be a New York Grid style area and the top could be more of a Chicago layout. They'd be seperased in the middle by a Central Park type area with lots of trees and winding roads and walk ways.
  6. Update 2. So. I got RAM set to 2400Mhz because I accidentally bought 2400 speed RAM... I also set the AGPU VRAM allocation to 2 gb because I was getting video tdr failure BSODs when editing my character and this seems to have fixed it. So. With a Ryzen 3 2200G with 8GB (5.95 usable)@2400Mhz, and running off of a 7200RPM DW Blue HDD we get good results and okay settings. If I could post video I would. But these are the settings I use. Outdoors I'm getting anywhere from 30 to 45 fps and indoors it'll shoot up into the high 50s. For all the nay sayers, with some tweaking you do get a fairly decent looking APB at full frame resolutions running at playable frame rates.
  7. Firstly, this change assumes there will be a population to support it. Secondly, 150 is arbitrary and can be drop to 100, 75, or even 50. That rating lock also serves another purpose. A vast majority of cheaters would never see that district. If the cheaters are not going to be locked out monitarily, then it will lock them out mechanically because most will be cough before they have a rating high enough to enter.
  8. BaronSaturday

    After the EU.

    So. After the EU I think it would be good to add a new district as "end game" content. This district would be accessible only after you complet 10 ranks with a brand new level 1 contact. So about an hour or so worth of game play if you're brand new and set this contact. It would be a New York/Chicago type area called Old Town. It would add two new factions with 50 ranks (immediately and then an additional 206 over time) and some new items, weapons and cars. For the Criminals the faction would be a Mafia type group. For the Enforcers it would be an FBI type group. For weapons, the first rank unlocks a zero slot short barreled Chicage Typewriter with a wider bloom radius but lower recoil than the one that exists now for both factions. At rank ten we'll unlock both a single slot version and a new red mod called Chrome Barrel 1 that slows bloom over time. We'll also unlock a new Zoot Suit jacket that is pre pin striped for criminals and a new slim suit jacket for enforcers. At rank 15 we'll unlock a Zoot Zuit bottom and new slacks. Also some new decals would be good here. At rank 20 we'll unlock a new vehicle. It would be an old school 4 door ford type vehicle that will also unlock a few hot rod mods for it with a new vehicle mod called Bullet Proof Doors that decreases acceleration rate significantly but adds health significantly. For the Enforcers they'd get the same mod but also unlock a SWAT van. Also also we'd get a 2 slot version of the new Typewriter and Chrome barrel 2. At Rank 25 we unlock a few more decals and some more mafia/FBI themed clothing. At Rank 30 we unlock the 3 slot variant of the new gun, and a single slot version of the new vehicles. At 35 we unlock some more decals and clothes and the 2 slot varient of the new vehicle. At 40 we unlock a 3 slot varient of the new vehicle, the new faction variant of the Typewriter with Chrome Barrel 3, Mobility Sling 3 and Hunting sight 3 At 45 we get more clothes and decals and things. At Rank 50 we unlock the 4 slot variant of the vehicles and a faction varient with ammo, nitros, bulletproof doors and ramming plate. We also unlock a title. Mafioso and Agent. The final clothing pieces are in this rank. Story and Lore intigration for this area. As tensions mount in the major Financial and Waterfront areas of San Paro, the factions struggle to stem the losses. Record deaths on both sides of this conflict have lead Arlon Benjamin and Michael Simeone to convene in private. Michael Simeone reached out to mafIa contacts half a world away to provide much needed gusto and wealth. The Di'Pietro family now join the G-Kings and Bloodroses on the streets of San Paro. But they want favors in return. Criminals all over San Paro now fly to Old Town on the East Coast to handle business Old Style. But the criminal organizations are not alone in their pursuit to turn the tide. Justin Teng has called in reinforcements from the East. The Federal government has agreed to get involved. The Federal Investigation Unit (FIU) have arrived to give much needed support to the city of San Paro. In exchange they need CSA Enforcers to fly East to help bring down the Di'Pietro family. You thought crime was a hard fought war in San Paro? You haven't seen anything yet. To those tested in battle, it's time to answer the call. New District. Old Town. Welcome to the East. New Contacts. Mario Di'Pietro and David Anthony. New Weapons and Mod. Old Town Typewriter. Chrome Barrel I, II and III. New Vehicles. Patriot Model 1. Dolton Rover. New Clothes. Zoot Suit. Agent Suit.  Fight hard. Fight long. Fight Old Style.
  9. I would change how it affects certain types of weapons rather than a flat increase. In real life, better rifling makes things more accurate over longer ranges. Except shotguns. In real life it increases spread unless you're using slugs but the slugs have to be rifled as well. You could call it Improved Rifling/Tight Bore
  10. I don't think you understand how online game development works. How money flows through the company is all back end. Not a single game developer was taken off task to do this. The team working on the engine update is a different one from the team working on back end. So what it looks like to me is that the internal road map had this project on it. The guys running the server stuff are working on this while they wait for testing to complete on server. This did not impact the development cycle because it was a "mean-time" project that gets done when you wait. This is actually a good sign because it means the team that's working on back end is doing their job efficiently. This is a good sign. As for weapon balance and things of that nature, that's an entirely separate team as well. So while you're complaining that they're not getting things done that qe asked for, it appears they're getting it done and then some.
  11. Alright. So the PC is complete I must say that I'm competely blown away by how well this thing performs. It's running APB fairly well at 1920x1200 msI afterburner has confirmed that the in game fps counter is accurately reporting fps. I'll go more in depth about settings, but off the top of my head: dynamic shadows and settings tied to it are off. AA is at x4 ambient occlusion is on. bloom is on. like I said, I'll get more specific with the settings, but the game looks very good and at the above stated resolution I'm averaging 32fps with a low of 14 (but this is from that frame stuttering problem APB has and is generally rare with a few exceptions*) with a high of 50fps (this is also rare*) So yeah. Perfectly playable at a decent resolution and graphics settings. exceptions* So. There are times when the stuttering is worse than others and I'm trying to figure that out still. I have noted it's more prominent in WF than Financial. rare* Idk where the 50 is getting reported from. As far as I've noticed my highest should be about 43 fps.
  12. I don't disagree. I'm just making the suggestion as a, "Yo. When the big thing is done and tested and bug fixed, you wanna maybe hook a brotha up on a new emote suite?"
  13. Let's not monetize a play time extender that is created by the community. We're talking about an emote set that should just exist in MMOs as a baseline. /chuckle /laugh /sigh /sit /look some other added functionality would be /me and /e which would create custom emotes that appear in the chat box that aren't accompanied by an animation in game. so. You would type. /me looks around suspiciously before pulling out the briefcase and setting on the crate. He opens it and says "You need to count it?" this would return BaronSaturday looks around suspiciously before pulling out the briefcase and setting on the crate. He opens and say "You need to count it?"
  14. Any chance we can get some more support for Role Play? I know... j... just hear me out. I feel there's some actual role play potential in this game. It just needs some minor tweaks. More emotes. A /me chat function for creating custom emotes. An option to turn on chat bubbles. I think these would be great options for throwing support at RP.
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