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Found 15 results

  1. Blackxtar

    Clan Wars

    Clans not effective in game. Add clans wars, clan mods and clan map. Etc: Players can upgrade clan garage, deposit money to clan safe, donate to clan own vehicle.. It will make this game very better and more competitive. Lots of peoples playing for enjoy with friends. Not for farming..
  2. Yo yo guys, I was kinda thinking. Could We get skateboards? skates? maybe heelys?? I kinda figured. Since I play the PC version, and I play on controller, It would be fun to kinda get around on my own custom skateboard that I wear on my back. I'm liking the aim and MMO game-play feel of this game. So the combat would change a bit, but hey, isn't that what an Update is?? I also think it would make the game more fun and interesting!! ”おもしれ”I think it would make the game so cool. heelys combat would be specifically interesting..You probably could keep going on those??
  3. Which was better, the old or newer system, or a revamp? Or what would you improve on the current/old system? What does the community want/think of it.
  4. This is more of a question directly posed to the devs, since I don't think any of us from the community has seen the code changes. Q1: Apart from the shown shadows/shaders facelift, will the game bring improved physics and other things, such as an increased spawn distance + more pedestrians to give the city some more life? (since optimized code should strain the servers less) Q2: Are there going to be any additions that G1 had done but didn't/couldn't finish? EDIT: I understand that it's about upgrading the code into the new engine version to make it more workable with, however my question is that whether along those lines, if during those long years of development hell there were some projects/improvements that were meant to be released with the update/upgrade.
  5. As the title suggests this thread will contain all Vehicle related suggestions so keep the ideas flowing in. I will start off that since LO's CEO mattscott has decided to add new content into the game, with one of them being a new release of a vehicle, I would suggest a slight modification to that new car if possible. SCISSOR DOORS. It's about damn time we got a vehicle that opens up with a scissor door (meaning upwards like a Lamborghini). Anyhow, that was just a suggestion to get this going, but feel free to mention more suggestions related to vehicle please post them in here, have fun and thanks! :D - Kush Patel 7/24/18 (Fluidify/LDnB) Twitch.tv/FluidifyAPB
  6. Summary: I made a new character and got the item for Old Nag (starter horse). Couldn't use the item. Chat said I had an active mount. Turns out there was a motorcycle somewhere in the world and a parked horse. Description: I couldn't use the item to get the starter mount, and it turns out that's because my fresh character for some reason had 2 bugged mounts already. Motorcycle was active and horse was parked. I didn't see the motorcycle anywhere on the map. I towed it and it was usable, as was the horse, but neither of them had inventory and neither of them used fuel/feed (i.e. infinite "stamina"). Steps to Reproduce: 1. Make new character 2. Check mounts? That's about it. How many times have you recreated this bug: I have not made any more characters since, so no reproductions yet. Results: When people make new characters, they sometimes have bugged mount(s). Expected Results: There should be no mounts pre-existing on a fresh character.
  7. NEW THREAD HERE Read_the_old_thread_here Hi all, I love this post. and have enjoyed checking it occasionally to see the responses from players. I figure it's probably time for me to weigh in. First, I think the OP did a fantastic job organizing information and data about Midtown. We do have quite a bit in the archives, but the work was all temporary and never intended for the final product. Second, I don't think the current version of the game would benefit from LO building out Midtown right now. In my opinion we need to make sure there is enough content in the current 2 action zones so they can progress characters and get matches. Having said that, we do have some ideas for possibly incorporating Midtown in the future when the game has different matchmaking and streaming systems. As others have mentioned, I also think it would be fun to free roam and drive all over the map from district to district. Thanks, Matt ------ Thank_you_very_much_for_the_response! @MattScott I will keep working on Midtown as long as I can (As a video game designer student this project is the perfect sandbox for me hehe) I hope that one day it could be used for something! ============================================================================================ Hi there ! First of all I'm sorry that this thread is not originally supposed to be posted in creations However I would like to give it some time to sit right here because this is a very important topic for me and I think that can help APB somehow Well this whole project is based on APB... This is project Midtown which is a project I started few years back and also posted a thread about it on the old forums. It was abandoned but right now with the new management and with the news that APB is going to be ported to Unreal Engine 4 I hope that there could be a reason that Project Midtown could be renewed! ---------------- Now let me tell you about Midtown! ---------------- My name is Nick and I play this game for about 6-7 years I always loved APB and it's great potential and lore So when I was in high school (So about 3-4 years ago) I tried to make a project based on APB and it's lore As you may know San Paro is a big place There is a lot of lore files hidden mainly in in-game email you receive trough time. My favorite place in San Paro to read about is Midtown. So one day I downloaded Sketchup and started to model something that looked similar (in my vision) to the Midtown District as described ingame in email and by contacts.. I looked for references and some of old APB videos that apparently may have been some sort of early versions of the district as well as making (As seen in the image above a mock-up of full San Paro.. References such as APB Retribution and old leaked content helped to base the theme of the project. Also I took an existing concept of the Midtown District and copied the clock sized and the roads.. =================================================================================== As you can see Midtown is a bit south out of what is known as Financial District ==================================================================================== Based on concept art and lore it's quite easy to see what the original developers were going for.. =================================================================================== I started with basic concept of a building and expanded from there First I looked at the concept art and then I tried to model something similar Later I discovered that it is better to stick to current APB sized (Such as base ladder is 4m and etc.) Current version is APB size based Recently I tried to import the map to MAYA and work on it and there are some results.. =================================================================================== CONCEPT Sketchup Maya ==================================================================================== Eventually it's planned to test if the ready blocks can be exported to Unreal 4 And now as we know Little Orbit is working on exporting APB to UE4 Anyhow few years back I made a thread on APB forums describing my work and also tried to gather a small team of people who may want to help with the project. So for example Queen of Love helped with designing 3D models and was in charge of a block's environment design... Soon enough the map started to look a bit more alive It is far from being finished however there is a base image of environment to you can see the basic gameplay that is possible on this map. For example on the image below you could place the RAMP prop in APB and cars can get into the balcony of the Police Department Building =================================================================================== Here we can see the Letsby court of Midtown (as described in the lore emails) it's concept version.. PAINT 3D =================================================================================== Next step was importing some APB models So I used Jenz's NinjaRipped models from the game and placed the m in Sketchup This was somewhat the result: This is the same place in Maya And view in Paint 3D ==================================================================================== There been a lot of versions of some spots and it should be all balanced Here is an example of such place First image represents never seen environment feature of APB i would like to implement - Vents. And second is more closed environment based on current level design seen ingame =================================================================================== Some areas still need a lot of work and it is not clear yet in which direction some of the map changes should go However if it it possible that the map will be implemented it should be balanced on the used game mode/cars and weapons (Green spot is place of Dump Truck) =================================================================================== So to cover this all there is still a lot of work to be done however I see a possibility that this version of Midtown (Or some parts of it) Could eventually be used ingame.. Midtown's streets are based on existing lore name and some parts of it are combined with Red Hill district To compare the actual planned size for the map you can compare it to existing 2 mission districts... =================================================================================== Some concept envirompents ==================================================================================== So in the end when the map will be processed in Sketchup/Maya and other programs for designing and modeling as well as ported into Unreal 4 I hope that it could be actually used for APB:Reloaded on Unreal 4 as a map that could be used as a mission district or entirely new game mode! @ Little Orbit team Hi guys I'd like it if you could answer if this project is something that is worth working for to export it to APB I think it will be a great addition to the game considering you guys would like to add new maps to the game In any case it's great to see that you guys are working on expanding the game and I hope that the future for you and APB will be awesome! To finish off I'd like to say that this is a very exciting project for me because it may let me insight into real video game level design which is also very good for my studies of video game art design. I don't know what will happen to this district next but I could always use this map with few changes in my own projects.. Still I hope that one day this project may come alive! Thanks for your time! -Nick Ellix
  8. Yo whats up its ThatGuyHD and today im making a post. this post is gonna be for discussing my youtube series that im beginning. Its gonna be a series of APB videos basically a road to 255 Im gonna use different styles of play and weapons in different videos and ill use alternative characters but mainly my enforcer account. so here's what i need from you the community. im gonna need a audience of curious or interested community members aswell as feed back on weapon choices to help me improve my match participation. since this is a role playing game titles and topics for videos are also gonna be helpful so please check out my first video and if you like where its going share to your friends.
  9. Good night, I think we need more beards in the game, we have few to choose, and all are similar , i have some ideas to make to look more manly. I hope you like them. I really think the part of editing character needs new stuffs i hope you like some of the beards, thank you.
  10. Can you guys make a wild west version of this game like re make it but during the late 1800s or early 1900s with cowboy themes like the old wild west almost and or can you make one set in the 1940s or 30s with the mafia and classic cars and flappers or whatever and with the chicago type writer also if you guys are having so much trouble with the game files and what not why not just restart all over keep the same concept but remake this game using current modern technology and programs instead of just working with old files that aren’t compatible with today’s technology.
  11. I'm thinking something like -200-245 health damage -automatic, but very slow -30-45m range -high hard damage-around same as hp damage -very small AOE -Mobility like coroner -low recoil, but high spread unless in ADS -8 (?) magazine size and 32 reserves -NOT a JMB weapon
  12. Fifth Echelon is a newly created clan which is recruiting all threats, both factions! From the top-tier players all the way down to the fresh spawns of APB, everyone is welcome! Starting from the bottom, we prefer english speaking players, having a mic/discord is NOT mandatory. (Discord might be setup in the future). For more info, send a message to Capitalize in-game! (Use the ingame mail system when I'm offline. Hope to see you soon!
  13. BaronSaturday

    After the EU.

    So. After the EU I think it would be good to add a new district as "end game" content. This district would be accessible only after you complet 10 ranks with a brand new level 1 contact. So about an hour or so worth of game play if you're brand new and set this contact. It would be a New York/Chicago type area called Old Town. It would add two new factions with 50 ranks (immediately and then an additional 206 over time) and some new items, weapons and cars. For the Criminals the faction would be a Mafia type group. For the Enforcers it would be an FBI type group. For weapons, the first rank unlocks a zero slot short barreled Chicage Typewriter with a wider bloom radius but lower recoil than the one that exists now for both factions. At rank ten we'll unlock both a single slot version and a new red mod called Chrome Barrel 1 that slows bloom over time. We'll also unlock a new Zoot Suit jacket that is pre pin striped for criminals and a new slim suit jacket for enforcers. At rank 15 we'll unlock a Zoot Zuit bottom and new slacks. Also some new decals would be good here. At rank 20 we'll unlock a new vehicle. It would be an old school 4 door ford type vehicle that will also unlock a few hot rod mods for it with a new vehicle mod called Bullet Proof Doors that decreases acceleration rate significantly but adds health significantly. For the Enforcers they'd get the same mod but also unlock a SWAT van. Also also we'd get a 2 slot version of the new Typewriter and Chrome barrel 2. At Rank 25 we unlock a few more decals and some more mafia/FBI themed clothing. At Rank 30 we unlock the 3 slot variant of the new gun, and a single slot version of the new vehicles. At 35 we unlock some more decals and clothes and the 2 slot varient of the new vehicle. At 40 we unlock a 3 slot varient of the new vehicle, the new faction variant of the Typewriter with Chrome Barrel 3, Mobility Sling 3 and Hunting sight 3 At 45 we get more clothes and decals and things. At Rank 50 we unlock the 4 slot variant of the vehicles and a faction varient with ammo, nitros, bulletproof doors and ramming plate. We also unlock a title. Mafioso and Agent. The final clothing pieces are in this rank. Story and Lore intigration for this area. As tensions mount in the major Financial and Waterfront areas of San Paro, the factions struggle to stem the losses. Record deaths on both sides of this conflict have lead Arlon Benjamin and Michael Simeone to convene in private. Michael Simeone reached out to mafIa contacts half a world away to provide much needed gusto and wealth. The Di'Pietro family now join the G-Kings and Bloodroses on the streets of San Paro. But they want favors in return. Criminals all over San Paro now fly to Old Town on the East Coast to handle business Old Style. But the criminal organizations are not alone in their pursuit to turn the tide. Justin Teng has called in reinforcements from the East. The Federal government has agreed to get involved. The Federal Investigation Unit (FIU) have arrived to give much needed support to the city of San Paro. In exchange they need CSA Enforcers to fly East to help bring down the Di'Pietro family. You thought crime was a hard fought war in San Paro? You haven't seen anything yet. To those tested in battle, it's time to answer the call. New District. Old Town. Welcome to the East. New Contacts. Mario Di'Pietro and David Anthony. New Weapons and Mod. Old Town Typewriter. Chrome Barrel I, II and III. New Vehicles. Patriot Model 1. Dolton Rover. New Clothes. Zoot Suit. Agent Suit.  Fight hard. Fight long. Fight Old Style.
  14. The current unboxing system of the joker boxes is really boring in my opinion. So why not give it a little upgrade? I created a concept of a new opening system which look more intressting. ( My concept isn't the best because im not a designer) Give us more options to open the boxes: Each box 1 by 1 All boxes at once That are my ideas how the opening should look like: Opening 1 single box: Opening 2 Boxes at once: Opening more boxes at once: The opening animation will be the same. Each row shows maximal 3 rewards. As example: [ Reward 1 ] [ Reward 2 ] [ Reward 3 ] [ Reward 4 ] [ Reward 5 ] [ Reward 6 ] [ Reward 7 ] [ Reward 8 ] If there are any questions or even better ideas feel free to ask or write something.
  15. Greetings everyone, I'd like to suggest to rename "APB:Reloaded". Not just because we have a new publisher and to get rid of the bad memories with GamersFirst, but also because the actual name isn't "mouth propaganda" friendly. An example from my everyday life: People: Hey, do you play video games? Me: Yes, I do. People: Cool, which games do you play? Me: APB: Reloaded. People: What? ABP..what? Me (louder): APB: RELOADED. People: Never heard of that... An observation I made is that almost all players use to say "Let's play APB" instead of "Let's play APB:Reloaded", which was originally the name of this game. The "Reloaded" is just an unnecessary adjunct and makes the name harder to pronounce. So one suggestion would be to rename the game back to "APB", also to make it more marketable. Another alternative would be to make a survey where everyone can submit suggestions. At the end, we'll vote for the best name. Best regards PLAYLUXE
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