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  1. I think the deployable vehicle will just make the game more Life-like and interesting. The combat would be on a different scale..Yes, but It would fit the theme of the game so well. Players would just have to learn to use them, or don't. Then the skill level and stuff will rise..
  2. Yo yo guys, I was kinda thinking. Could We get skateboards? skates? maybe heelys?? I kinda figured. Since I play the PC version, and I play on controller, It would be fun to kinda get around on my own custom skateboard that I wear on my back. I'm liking the aim and MMO game-play feel of this game. So the combat would change a bit, but hey, isn't that what an Update is?? I also think it would make the game more fun and interesting!! ”おもしれ”I think it would make the game so cool. heelys combat would be specifically interesting..You probably could keep going on those??
  3. The game needs to be improved, not changed. The graphics are pretty old school, which isn't really a bad look. It's just, players like nice graphics right? Have you seen the Beta? it looks amazing..
  4. This game is gonna take off! All we have to do is act like a respectable community. The action in this game is like no other. Its an Open-World MMO-Third Person Shoorter! It's to much fun. The grapchical updates and changes this game needs with make it into a whole new game. After the update, we will have a brand new game. Updates to gameplay, weapon/movement mechanics, Contacts, and hopefully vehicles. I just can't wait. I want to help make games like this one! The ultimate gamer's experience..
  5. I'd like to see the game get as big as Possible. New players, brings better players. The game will be more enjoyable. There would be more people to play with and against. Playing on Citadel for me is really a participation of player thing, no one is ever on on Jericho sometimes. So my alt on Citadel tends to get alot of action. I can't wait for the engine upgrade. This game will be much more lively and fun in my opinion just from seeing the beta videos on youtube. I appreciate all of their hard work, and one day hope I can work with them.
  6. Hey APB Reloaded fam. I put together a quick video of me with a nice few shots at some players. I put together a video for you guys to gauge my skill level, and guess how far I can go. I'm going for Rank #1. Let's see how long it takes to finally reach that..
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