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Found 2 results

  1. Mitne

    Rework spawn system

    Spawn system needs serious rework... the fact that you can in some situation spawn litteraly next to opposition or in line of sight of opposition right now is insulting. I have few suggestions what should be done: 1. Add additional starter spawns to FC - similiar to Asylum where you can at start spawn in 5 places, same should be applied to Waterfront (Whole north should be Enforcer starter spawn zone, whole south should be Criminal starter spawn zone) OR 2. Remove starter spawns at all (forced spawns at certain locations when you join district or respawn after end of mission usually make you spawn among enemies). 3. Make spawn system detect if opposition can see that spawn or is in some radius of that spawn (like one or two floors above - this situations happen way too often with current spawn system that you spawn one floor under or above opposition). 4. Additional spawn points in action and FC (Maybe spawns in alleys or outside street too? Currently all spawns are too open.). 5. Propose other spawns if conditions from point 3 are not met instead of locking out all spawns in red. 6. Remove forced respawn for VIPs and team-killed - since they often punish VIPs and team killed themselves. They should have normal respawn like others. OR 7. If you can't get rid of that mechanism - at least make it that this who are forced to respawn where game chooses will respawn as far possible from where they were killed (in case of VIPs at least 500 m, team-kills might be closer). Absolutely disable forced spawn on car spawners (as this both trigger cooldown to spawn in car as well spawn in not so smart places(can spawn half way across map in some random newbie car...)) I think that would fix spawn system to at least decent level.
  2. Which was better, the old or newer system, or a revamp? Or what would you improve on the current/old system? What does the community want/think of it.
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