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Found 9 results

  1. I'm releasing this post a bit early due to the weapon balancing that seems to be going on in APB. This post isn't a suggestion but a collaboration among veterans to reach an equilibrium with weapon balancing. This document is no where near complete and still needs a lot of work but i feel it can serve as a justification what can be changed to benefit all of the community. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E6xMggGRngFFBTetuZQ7-e9cmWTRgSiX54BxO4gVGr8/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Hi, I want to open up a discussion on the NFAS 'True Ogre'. This variant features the Double-Drum Mag: +200% magazine size +100% stored ammo +31% fire rate +60% reload time adds a 0.59s delay before firing moderately increases recoil Talking from my own experience, I claim that the True Ogre is too strong in its current state. Every close-quarter encounter against a True Ogre user so far ended up with the enemy being the winner. The buffed fire rate from the magazine mod reduces the TTK by too much. No weapon I have tried so far could beat it in a 1v1, it was moving me down too fast - I feel like I am always dying instantly against it without having the chance to react to it. Yeah, it has a delay before firing, but finding cover for 0.6secs for it to charge up is alot easier than to deal with a charged-up True Ogre, you know what I mean? These 0,6secs almost feel non-existent. Now this is from my own experience and it is certainly biased. Maybe the enemy was just too good, maybe I was just too bad (git gud at this point huh). Maybe I just had a bad day. Maybe I have killed many NFAS users before without remembering. There are many variables that may come into play. However, this is why I am askin you about your experience. Perhaps you don't feel the same about it and it's just me. The more stats and opinions I can gather, the better the picture on the NFAS-12 'True Ogre'. Leave a comment on it and take part in the poll.
  3. Hi how's it going, this thread is more focused on players that arent as skilled as the big veterans in this game. But I'm also very happy to know their opinion on this subject. Basically, I've got 360 hours in this game. And for some games that is a lot! And you should have some form of skill in the game, and I'm not wrong I do, It's very noticeable when I join a bronze district. But because I play so good in a bronze district I eventually become gold threated and I'm forced to play in a silver district. And this is basically where my hate for this game grows. It is hardly possible for me To make my way through these districts because I am being teamed up with these crazy ninja dudes and dudettes, I do not feel like I'm making any progress skill wise because I do not get the chance to actually do something. It's hardly possible for me to get even near these people, it only takes them 1,5 seconds to kill me with ex. an NTEC but when I do the same. I just can't manage to pull it of. Not because I can't get in control of the recoil but they always get me first. It doesn't matter who started the firefight. When I play in a bronze district I can literally play this game all day long, but when I'm forced to play in the silver districts, I usually leave the game immediately after getting anal fisted without any lube. I just want to know what type of changes are going to be made to make a difference in this. And what you guys think about it, how you deal with this. and if you have any tips for me. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, Gardenias.
  4. It was nice to see and spend time with the Devs and GM's in-game, so thank you for taking the time to do so! I noticed there was no thread at least in social for feedback yet so here's one. --------------------------------- Open PVP didn't work out too well, it was somewhat enjoyable but definitely nerve wracking trying to figure out if the out of mission guy next to you is going to kill you or not. Luckily this is being addressed. Gm presence was great to see, though I do agree it would be cool to see them as split between ENF and Crim so that more people get to play against the GM team during events/testing. Testing: For testing I only used a few guns during the testing time (shredder pr3 preset with ir3) and strife. So I'll mention my experience with them and opinion. 1. Shredder got a much needed decrease in effectiveness, at least that would be for the base variants, the IR3 (pr3) version which has now only a partial gain in range in comparison to before sadly got hit with the extended rof decrease giving it a roughly 1s ttk for a weapon with ~25m range. The weapon no longer effectively 3 hits as easily, which can be seen as a positive however, that often leaves it severely lacking in most situations in the closer range ranges even against ARs with its now very high ttk. The base variants without ir3, should however be much more balanced than before the changes and won't have the same issue as the pr3. But I cannot give a full review of them as I didn't use them. Next 2. Strife, I'm unsure what to make of the change I didn't notice too much of a difference, however, it wasn't exactly too strong before imo, especially since it's high ttk kept it in check. So while I'm not against the rework it's not something I feel was needed. The strife itself isn't used very often in general because most other shotguns are better choices in most, if not all situations due to its ttk, so having a high Overkill for it isn't something I'm against. Didn't get to play around too much with the ar changes, but a test beforehand showed ntec could 7/8 hit at 52m which seems to have the desired effect for AR's. So that's a plus. Further observations: IR3 Ir3 as a as a mod or even as a preset on shotguns seem to hurt them with very little to no benefit now. Before it was used as a way to improve the weapon with no downside, now that the mod has a downside, any shotguns with it often become worse for little gain due to the rof changes and at most ~4 to 6m average to gain. If you account for spread on shotguns it may not be a very good trade. This difference forces them to lose out against their peers due to ttk differences. The mod at one point being preset made sense. With the new changes I am unsure whether it can holds true for so little to gain with the current downside. On smgs IR3 has a little better effect, however, most times they aren't effective in reaching and taking out enemies at their max ranges in the first place so it isn't likely going to see much if any use on many smgs if any. Due to losing out in cqc and unable to make use of the extra range.
  5. I haven't really seen any threads talking about this (or maybe there is and i'm just blind) but what are your opinions on the current ranking system. (ranking from rank 1 to rank 255) I feel that it's too slow and that achieving max rank should be obtainable by a somewhat casual player. I'm not saying it should be too easy but somewhat just right. I have been playing for roughly 500 hours mainly across 2 characters on different servers and never have I felt that progression was fast. Maybe I'm just interpreting ranks in APB wrongly but I view it as levels in a rpg game where once you reach the max level, the 'end game' would start, which wouldn't take any less than a week or two of playing to reach. (while you could argue APB really does not have a endgame, most/some of the things are locked behind a rank requirement) Right now to me ranks just feel like competitive ranks instead where the higher ranks are rarer and indicate skill + playtime. Since high ranks are difficult to obtain. Maybe,yes you can achieve max rank within like 500 hours or maybe way less but with premium and non stop grinding of missions (also finding people with the district you are on) (not including social aspects such as making clothes and stuff) I know at this point like 60% of the people who stuck onto the game is already probably max rank but what do you think of this issue? and what do you view rank as?
  6. Which was better, the old or newer system, or a revamp? Or what would you improve on the current/old system? What does the community want/think of it.
  7. In my opinion, I find it better than the HVR. Sure, it fills up slightly different roles, but the main role is sniper so I usually prefer a DMR instead of an HVR. It's nice and fun to play, very versatile. You can slap HB on it and it becomes a LTL so you can support your cop buddies. I find it nicer to shoot with because since it has more ROF, it's more forgiving than the HVR, and it also feels "faster to kill with" even thought it isn't (I think?). It however can have the same kill potential as the HVR, since the reverse-dropoff perk can enable it to two-shot people. The weapon's hard damage is also very good and therefore it makes the weapon really "jack-of-all-trades-ish" since it can kill, stun, and destroy! I also really like the sound and the look of it. I was wondering if with the engine update, the draw distance could increase, making this weapon a extreme long range sniper? The setups I usually run on this weapon are HS3 with Tagger and sometimes HB3. What are your opinions on the DMR-SD?
  8. Hey, The new JMB came like 28h ago and the price drop is huge, I believe the cost of that weapon soon will be similar to Condor or anyways less than 5m because people are trying to get rid of this gun as fast as possible. The weapon itself was meant to be mix of an SMG and AR yes? As an SMG-like weapon it's pretty meh, the weapon spread is basically too high. In the other hand we have LCR-like marksman mode that's faster than standard Star 556 "LCR" but slower than Ntec-7 Ursus because of its mod to keep good accuracy with full auto in marksman mode. In the result we've got a weird mix of an SMG and AR that's surprisingly disappointed a lot of people, that's why we can notice a huge price drop only 1 day after the weapon release. Ntec-7c "New Glory" feels like a "easier" to play version of Ursus but in my opinion it needs a little less spread w/o marksman as a proper SMG's are used to, at least keep the spread stable. Would it be nice to see Armas version of Ntec-7 without any special mod inside like G1 did with Mountie? I personally like this weapon, I'm curious what's are your thoughts about it and what should or could be changed or maybe it's already balanced and should stay as it is now. Nighty
  9. Hi there, I've been getting into shotguns as of last week and starting to appreciate their playstyle. I landed on the good ol 12 gauge JG, mostly because I feel like the Colby CSG/TAS is less trustworthy in terms of damage output when fighting around cover. Any opinions on this opinion from more experienced pump-action shotgun users? Auto shotties I dont consider a real weapon sorry, no offense.
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