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Found 2 results

  1. lvrq

    leveling on apb

    I have played APB for a very long time now and I have leveled many characters to max or close to max. In the prime time of APB, leveling to max took around 600-700 hours played, this is more than most people ever put into a single game. Currently in APB, there is far fewer players, therefore you get far fewer missions. Leveling now takes substantially longer than before. On top of this absurd amount of time it takes to level, half the mods in the game arent even unlocked until 195, which takes like 300-400 hours played, which is still more time than some are willing/able to put into a game. I feel that increasing the experience gain by 2x or 3x would speed up leveling and make end game seem more reachable to players, especially those who dont feel the game is worth their time because they dont have the time to dedicate.
  2. I haven't really seen any threads talking about this (or maybe there is and i'm just blind) but what are your opinions on the current ranking system. (ranking from rank 1 to rank 255) I feel that it's too slow and that achieving max rank should be obtainable by a somewhat casual player. I'm not saying it should be too easy but somewhat just right. I have been playing for roughly 500 hours mainly across 2 characters on different servers and never have I felt that progression was fast. Maybe I'm just interpreting ranks in APB wrongly but I view it as levels in a rpg game where once you reach the max level, the 'end game' would start, which wouldn't take any less than a week or two of playing to reach. (while you could argue APB really does not have a endgame, most/some of the things are locked behind a rank requirement) Right now to me ranks just feel like competitive ranks instead where the higher ranks are rarer and indicate skill + playtime. Since high ranks are difficult to obtain. Maybe,yes you can achieve max rank within like 500 hours or maybe way less but with premium and non stop grinding of missions (also finding people with the district you are on) (not including social aspects such as making clothes and stuff) I know at this point like 60% of the people who stuck onto the game is already probably max rank but what do you think of this issue? and what do you view rank as?
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