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Found 8 results

  1. Clothing : Cat ears? Headphone? Make it both together? Everyone love headphone owo! Some ( included me ) like both of em, and make a CatEars Headphone~ or make baseball hat and headphone can be use together? Sleeveless hoodies? or any other clothes that with sleeve can be sleeveless? Larger size of clothes? so can just cover panties? inside of make them shows in public? Backpack ; Weapon hosting backpack? or more tactical backpack? More color options? or just an option to remove the sleeves or something? increase the layer space on the clothes? also the data space it used for clothes? ( cause i really need those ) Weapon : Make every gun unique? all of the states and way to use it? ( not just copy the other guns states and make it as a new gun? ) Weapon Model n Polygons ; Make it looks realistic as possible? ( i know license of the gun model is expensive... But i'm having bad experience of the gun model we have... like it just not the way they look like... ) Weapon Skin ; probably allow us to make our own weapon skins? just like vehicles is stuff we already have? i just wanna have a unique look on the weapon and make it suit my taste inside of using the default one. ( nothing wrong with the default weapon skin... they look great! i just wanna have a really cool looking and unique gun skin. ) Weapon Visual ; I like all kind of gun in armas! I would buy all of em... but it's kinda pain if the look only apply on other guns.. well of course.. no one will agree with this one.. but i would love the gun with different look of attachment on em... like literally... of course the states on the gun itself wont change at all.. it just the look of the gun changes Animations : Reload Animation ; Fix all the reload animation, either its not in the right spot or the reload animation is all in one on most weapon. ( This is only my weird idea, Maybe having a station to customize your own reload way on the guns you use? Animation is you guys doing the judge of course. Just allow to have different way to reload the magazine on the gun your have in your inventory. Preset animation only. It just my weird idea.. Don't get wrong with it. ) More Emote Animations ; Probably add more Emote animations? like for group animation or others. Vehicle : More type of vehicles? kits? sounds of it? Options of the coloring can be changed on the symbols? like Pearlescent and Metallic paint on symbols? so it wont ruin the design on the based of the car paint? More space of data on the car design ( almost have this problem too... Design is too complex..... out of design space with only 1 100/100 symbol on. ) * Probably will add more later... I can't think of anymore idea currently... my brain stuck.. * x.x
  2. Before I begin: I dunno if this would be better in Social or in suggestions. I'll put it in suggestions since I feel like that's better. Could be wrong. So, weapons are being balanced. That's great. But I've been chatting to a few folks on Discord and I've noticed something that concerns me: Some weapons feel like they're being nerfed to cut down the effectiveness of a particular mod setup, but in doing this they're making only that mod setup viable. For example, let's take the classic NTEC loadout: HS3 and IR3. IR3 and the NTEC have both been tapped with the nerf/change bat a bit, but it feels like they seem to be balancing the NTEC around the fact that IR3 is so common. This is a bit of a problem if you don't use IR3 on the NTEC. Since the game is being balanced around the expectation that you're using IR3, not using IR3 means deliberately handicapping yourself. In addition, due to the IR changes affecting all weapons, it feels like shotguns no longer have a useful red mod, as many people advise against using CJ in any form on shotguns as the spread/bloom gets awful. Now with IR3 making shots slower shotguns don't have a viable redmod since they need to get their shots out quickly to compete with SMG's, who can just hold the button down until they get a kill or die. This is especially notable on the Strife, which made heavy use of IR3 in order to help with it's abysmal range. A decrease in ROF on top of it's already abysmal ROF is simply unacceptable. I've got two ideas that could fix this issue. 1: Have weapon mods be tailored to individual weapons or weapon classes. So that way IR3 on assault rifles isn't the same IR3 that rifles/snipers get. 2: Introduce a new red mod (when the time is right) for shotguns: Slug rounds. Slug rounds: +damage, +range, -99% pellets, -spread. Affected by bloom. All damage loaded onto one pellet. (Note: I know this is probably a horrible idea, but it's an idea.) Anyway. I'm moderately concerned about weapon builds becoming very static, and I'd like steps to be taken early and often to ensure that they don't.
  3. I don’t agree for the new weapon balance i thought shotguns were fine as they were i find this so unnecessary so what am i going to use to counterbalance a yukon honestly i better not be the only one who feels this way the shotguns should just be left alone they were perfect before.
  4. Hey, i have been testing the Shotguns and Ntec changes in the prototype districts since they were released and have a few comments -Shotguns feels great. The only thing i could point out is that there could have been alitlle more damage on the CSG shotguns. Nfas could have had alitlle less damage and less spread. Else than that i have no complaints what so ever. -The Ntec i have mixed feelings about i think it would feel alot more balanced if the bloom modifier was set to alitlle more. And the shot modifier cap to be alitlle less. Else than that it feels better and the CQC abilities has been decreased a bit and the gun overall feels alot more balanced. Which is what was needed from the start. -The next gun i would like to be looked at is the misery. That gun is alot of fun to use but it just dosn't compete with the guns of it's class and should have had an improved TTK. Everything else on the gun is fine could have lowered the bloom modifier a bit to be able to keep alitlle more up with a faster TTK aswell. Thanks for taking the time, SarRzer
  5. Oh boy, this might be a doozy... So I've been using the ATAC a lot recently and it's been feeling kinda off. I'm sure a lot of people will say "Oh just get good" and I know I could improve on some things but hear me out. Whenever I have someone in optimal range of the ATAC it feels like it just doesn't want to finish kills. My best guess is that this is due to the fact that it's an 8 STK weapon. But I'd be called crazy to ask for it to be buffed to have the STK of other AR's, so could it instead have the nerfs it got hit with removed instead? I know it's something where the ATAC is supposed to be an AR that functions like an SMG, but in practice it feels like it fails horribly against a lot of the weapons that it would encounter within the ranges it's supposed to operate in. I frequently find myself getting outgunned by SMG's in close range, and then I don't have the range or accuracy to finish other AR users off when fights enter into the 50-60 meter range. Even weapons like the OSCAR, which I should naturally have an advantage against due to an automatic vs burst fire weapon, just hipfire me to death remorselessly. Again, I'm aware that to most people it's probably a skill issue, but something just feels off about the whole thing. It's outdone in what's supposed to be its good ranges by SMG's and other CQC dedicated weapons, it's outdone at long ranges by regular AR's, and even when trying to hipfire a regular AR that is 6 STK feels like it has a sizable advantage due to the fact that it has to manage to hit 6 shots while praying to RNG instead of eight. Meanwhile when I'm ADS'ing at someone with an ATAC it feels like I only hit every third shot, with the rest going into anything but the person that's shooting back. Can we see about doing something to help this thing out?
  6. Hey everyone, as you know, many of the guns used in apb are typical "meta" guns, as in the guns that offer the most power and versatility in the game. the role of this post is to try and balance out "underpowered" guns in the game in order to bring more choice and versatility during missions. feedback and suggestions are welcome BTW: STK = shots to kill, TTK = time to kill. S1-FA "frenzy" : reduce STK from 7 to 6 Colby M-1922: reduce vertical recoil by 50% Norseman: so many things that need tweaking on this gun, but my main suggestion is to reduce its STK from 11 to 9 as its TTK is just terrible compared to an oca or pmg. DMR AV: reduce vertical recoil by 30% , niche gun really; its high recoil, TTK and low magazine capacity makes it one of the least used weapons in the game even though it's quite cheap. Agrotech ACES: reduce STK from 15 to ??, reduce fire rate in exchange for higher magazine capacity. this gun is extremely misleading, it looks good on paper due to having a TTK of 0.63 but the ridiculous STK and comparatively low magazine size makes it too weak and unreliable in the competitive scheme as it loses 99% of the time to guns such as OCA and PMG. SWARM: reduce horizontal recoil by 50% , this gun seems to be a weaker, more accurate ALIG, however the horizontal recoil makes it terrible to use and not fun for anybody. R-2 'Harbinger': remove from the game. If I have forgotten anything please don't forget to include it in the comments, thanks!
  7. N-TEC-5 and N-TEC-Scope We have been seeing the N-TEC 5 being used more than we would like. We are slightly decreasing the spraying accuracy to help make room for other assault rifles. Shot Modifier Cap: 2.0 -> 2.1 So, it seems that developer of this game are really dedicated to break the ntec but they seem don't know how to do it, so here I am giving some suggestions on how to break the ntec Ntec have always been there even before you buff the Shot modifier Cap in the first weapon balance, so no matter how you change the modifier cap, ppl are still gonna use it because ppl are going for short bursts and tap fire and they would rarely reach the max spraying bloom. Here are some options to break the ntec: 1. Nerf the walk modifier - so it's accuracy break to shit once u try to move while firing 2. Nerf the recovery delay and recovery per second - so you can't tap fire that thing as fast as now 3. Nerf the range - make it 40m just like the atac so ppl will throw it into the trash bin immediately 4. Nerf the ttk - I guess I don't need to explain this? Pick anyone of the nerf listed above and if you want to be sure that no one ever use the ntec again, use all of them.
  8. Hey Guys ^^ I have been following the dev-updates and the stream last Friday, and they talked about weapon balance in armas and in the normal shop. I think weapon balance is better when the player base points out some problems here and there. In my opinion we have a better feeling what gun is too good and wich Weapon is too weak and easily outgunned. I will not post my own opinion here so it is a clear start to talk about it, and is not another "My opinion" post. I do think we know that better then a designer who is knew to this game ^^ sry about my english im from Austria
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