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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone, as you know, many of the guns used in apb are typical "meta" guns, as in the guns that offer the most power and versatility in the game. the role of this post is to try and balance out "underpowered" guns in the game in order to bring more choice and versatility during missions. feedback and suggestions are welcome BTW: STK = shots to kill, TTK = time to kill. S1-FA "frenzy" : reduce STK from 7 to 6 Colby M-1922: reduce vertical recoil by 50% Norseman: so many things that need tweaking on this gun, but my main suggestion is to reduce its STK from 11 to 9 as its TTK is just terrible compared to an oca or pmg. DMR AV: reduce vertical recoil by 30% , niche gun really; its high recoil, TTK and low magazine capacity makes it one of the least used weapons in the game even though it's quite cheap. Agrotech ACES: reduce STK from 15 to ??, reduce fire rate in exchange for higher magazine capacity. this gun is extremely misleading, it looks good on paper due to having a TTK of 0.63 but the ridiculous STK and comparatively low magazine size makes it too weak and unreliable in the competitive scheme as it loses 99% of the time to guns such as OCA and PMG. SWARM: reduce horizontal recoil by 50% , this gun seems to be a weaker, more accurate ALIG, however the horizontal recoil makes it terrible to use and not fun for anybody. R-2 'Harbinger': remove from the game. If I have forgotten anything please don't forget to include it in the comments, thanks!
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