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  1. Developer/LO: Please Immediately code and install: 1. WHEELS and Audio Kit 2. Police Roof and Bumper Emergency Lights 3. Exhaust and Transmission Kit We want these things Immediately as well as further full carrying kits. How can you make a vehicle without decent Rims? This is gonna be the number 1 issue with anyone buying it. How can this be the Only vehicle we cannot put any Police Lights on? Other vehicles such as the Fresno also need Audio Music kits. As You know I have several Characters and I would be interested in buying the Mirage for at least 3 more characters. However I will not purchase further Mirage's unless the kits and lighting are available. I had heard the vehicle was lacking wheels but was flabbergasted to see that none of my lights fit, and not even default police lights. I mean c'mon man. I invite the community to comment on the mirage issue or any other vehicle related opinions so that if enough of Us comment, LO will install the kits.
  2. I know this will be a controversial topic (AKA everyone will call me a scrub and that I'm wrong in every way, whatever) but this game has a well-earned reputation of being incredibly hard to get into, and it's what's holding back community growth. Could we please address the flat-upgrade mods/ tools? Far too many modifications come with no downside, or the downside is irrelevant to gear which they apply to. The listed downside for target marking is that the victim can see when they are marked. That's a comedically pointless drawback since it doesn't really help your situation any, just inform you that you are in a bad one. Car surfing with rocket launchers is such an incredibly effective tactic which new players have not even the faintest hope of achieving for a long time, and furthermore, besides being out in the open, there isn't much of a limitation to car surfing itself. On the topic of cars, there are barely any tradeoff modifications outside of them taking up a mod slot, which I wouldn't really consider a full penalty. Experienced players just have better cars. There is no aspect of side-grading. I'm not going to list every grievance here, but let me also point out upgraded tools. Why is it that the most experienced players who have a substantial advantage in knowing the map (and therefore objective locations, flank routes, vantage points, etc.) ALSO have the ability to complete many objectives faster with no form of penalty? Could unlocked tools at least make you take more damage while completing the objective? Speed is critical in many objectives, so why have the best of the best be able to both reach the objective location faster via upgraded cars, but ALSO rush objectives faster when they get there? It's pointless. Speaking of pointlessness, when new players complain about their weapons sucking compared to unlocks/ purchases, they are often recommended the N-TEC as an effective starting AR. While it's true that the N-TEC is good, it hardly comes close to ones which are running say, Hunter Sight 3. Oh, and another thing about weapon power, let's bring up one thing that should be made very clear. Rocket launchers are broken. Not in that they're better at killing than other weapons, rather they perform two critical actions which are NOT available through normal progression for a long time. The first is vehicular stopping power. Yes, the ALIG is a great weapon for anti-vehicle, but rocket launchers are the single most effective way to lock down car-based objectives. (Besides the dreadfully strong conc grenades (by the way, if you say that their big limitation is that you can only carry one, don't kid yourself. Your resupply options are crazy. In the heat of the moment, you have one less nade, it's true, but that's hardly a good downside considering their killing power and vehicular stopping power) ) Their other advantage is the simple bypass of cover. In a game where working corners and using cover is integral to the core of combat, launchers are a tool which allow you to ignore that factor. If you're pinned down by a sniper, you can at least hold out via cover. Until someone with a launcher forces you to either die to the rocket, or leave cover and get put down by the sniper. Is that really okay? (If you are saying yes, you're a sadist with no consideration for those at an objective disadvantage. Sorry, but it's the truth.) So many times I see someone try to get into the game, only to abandon it because they feel helpless against the equipment of people with more skill in the first place. The game requires IMMENSE patience and persistence to be invested in, which considering there are more newbie-friendly PvP games out there, puts APB at a staggeringly bad position in the market. Okay, time to get dogpiled by everyone.
  3. Have Kevlar reduce incoming damage rather than increase health, the health pool remains the same (1000) but with the reduction in Incoming damage you can survive slightly more shots, the key here though is that when you do take damage and get into cover, you are actually less damaged than an equivalent none kevlar user (at the moment a 850 hit is a 850 hit kevlar or not) this means you have less down time whilst you regen. This subtle change to Kevlar's properties, makes it slightly more worthwhile without completely breaking it... 4 second delay, then just under 5 seconds to regen (595) rather than almost 7 (850) - (rough guess wont be 100% accurate) probably needs more work, but there is the basic idea.
  4. The title tells it all. If you have an idea about a modification you would love to see in game you might not be the only one and this is the place to share it. Not all modification need to have Pros. and/or Cons or make sense in relation to real life. As long as you think it will spice up gameplay in a way that will attract others or just yourself then it's good enough. We'll let the developers decide what they will add to the game or what tweaks they want to make. Character Mods Gas Mask - Immune to gas effects Ballistics Implants - Reduced bullet damage at the cost of reducing accelration Car Remote - Pressing a bottom locks your car doors keeping teammates from getting in but allowing them to leave. Pressing button again or re-entering yourself unlocks it again. Charge - Charge forward for a limited time at a slightly increased speed while more easily running through civilians Raging Bull - Upon near death or stun a character withstand addition damage but health regeneration is delayed and is slower Intelligence - Player can see opposing team's location on district map for a limited time. Players with Radar Jammer equipped do not show up Focused Fire - When activated, player gains benefits to accuracy and recoil but surrounding sounds become muffled Agile Assault - Increases accuracy while moving with a slight increase to walk speed in marksman mode Ammo Saboteur - All enemies within 40m of you to drop all surplus ammo when activated Grenade Jammer - All enemies within 40m of you drop all stored grenades when activated Disguise - Your name shows as friendly to opposition for a limited time when activated Confuse - Opposition sees friendly names as enemies for a limited time when activated Adrenaline Syringe - Revives teammate in range with lowered health and a delay to health regen Spring Loaded Shoes - When in a full sprint jump height is slightly increased Pitcher - Increase range and speed of thrown objects Friends with Benefits - Reduces friendly fire damage and allows the usage of car mods owned by teammates Prowler - Climbing ladders, jumping gates, opening doors, cooking grenades, and footsteps produce less noise to opposition Weight Conditioning - Speed penalties from carrying heavy weight are avoided at the cost of movement acceleration being decreased Eagle Eye - See the health status of enemies your crossair hovers over Actionman - All actions that aren't mission objectives are done faster at the cost of producing more noise Last Laugh / Parting Gift - Upon death drop a live grenade Selective Hearing - All environmental audio is increased (opening doors,climbing gates,etc.) while gun shots and cooking grenades become quieter Radar Amplifier - increase how long enemies appear on your radar Civilian Cloaking Device - Disables name above your character Vehicle Mods Speed Demon - Increases overall speed while reducing overall health Roof Bars - Allows players to ride on the roof of the vehicle Faraday Chassis - Immune to EMP effects Tuning - Increases speed by 20.5/21.5/22.5 m/s but reduces handling by 5/10/15% Ejection Seat - instantly launch out of your car with the press of a button or automatically right before its destruction Torque Tuning - increases torque of vehicles allowing them to more easily push through traffic Spotlight - when activated any enemy in front of the vehicle has a marker placed over their heads Enhanced Grip Tires - increases handling but reduces overall speed Mobile Jammer - works just like the character skill but for your car and always on until the vehicle is destroyed or low on health Right of Way - causes civilian drivers to come to stop when a certain distance from your vehicle Weapon Mods Bipod - increases the benefits when shooting while crouched but decreases them when standing Advance Scope - scope that can switch between zoom levels Holo Sight - decreases zoom while in marksmanship shop and adds a red dot to the middle of the screen ACOG - scope that zooms in 10 degrees Thermal Scope - See heat signatures of players, vehicles, and civilians while zooming in 10 degrees Advanced Barrel - decreases weapon's bloom recovery but reduces range or ROF Augmented Muzzle - increases damage but reduces range and increases recoil Anticoagulant Rounds - increase the delay of your target's health regeneration Magazine Clips - reduces the amount of surplus ammo you can have but increases how fast you restock Consumables Rally point - mobile spawn point in the shape of a flag Oil Slik - cars that drive over it have their handling reduced Spike Strip - reduces a vehicle's max speed that drives over it Health Supply - a health station that can instantly restart health regeneration to anyone within range but only a for a certain amount of times before it self-destructs Claymore - anti-personal that constantly beep like a cooking grenade to allow those paying attention to be able to avoid it
  5. Almost all of you remember this system called Refer a Friend, which is a simple system which gives you the option to invite a new player to the game and play missions together, and win points on each mission you win or everytime the referred friend rank up(?). heart of the point is if you are going to bring it back, because I heard you are willing to, in which stage are you going to do so, because it helped a lot of people to get into the game and get interested more in it, in other words it's a valuable kickstarter which will interests a lot of players into coming back or joining the great community again, I am not denying that this system got abused a little, but the only reason of that is the lack of events and giveaways and content that was presented by gamersfirst. Regards, /Recenite
  6. Here's some suggestions ! : 1. We'll have the choice if we want to hold the pistol at 2 hands or 1 hand ( As Enfo's holds it with 2hands / crims with 1 hand , This one is more of a preference suggestion ) 2. Making the Music Studio Fullscreen ( That will be really usefull for theme / song Makers , also every other Kiosk is fullscreen why not make music studio fullscreen ? ) 3. Adding a search option to the Mail ( That one is also really usefull for people that got many stuff to look for ) 4. Queue System for Joining Districts ! 5. Saving weapon mods loadouts ( So everytime you choose a weapon with slots you get automaticly your saved mods on it ) Please add more suggestions on the comments if you ever got :)
  7. I hooked up one of my girlfriends (best friend no homoo) with a yukon a while back before the update because it was a really strong weapon and a lot of times you can’t depend on your teammates but anyways i spent a lot of money on it for it to be “fixed” or nerfed in a manner that former yukon owners don’t like why can’t you keep the original ttk and just put a wind up timer on the yukon for it’s fully auto mode? Like the ogre
  8. Im sick of the team killing Little orbit or whoever is in charge of this game needs to take off friendly fire because i am sick of the team killing lets be realistic even if i do report them for team killing it will take days just for staff to get the report and either way this same perpetrator can just make a new account it’s not going to resolve much. As an enforcer i try my best to play for my team and to provide as much participation as possible until i have someone from my own team shooting at me to lower my health or just plain team killing me and you know dang well these perpetrators are trying to accomplish to help the opposition win and i could say the same thing happens to the criminal side im speaking for every victim who has to go through this I don’t put in a lot of time and accuracy and planning to try to get an enemy just to get teamkilled at the end or shot at by my own so called team mate everytime this better be taken into consideration because i don’t need to take sh*t from some random stranger who only knows how to team kill or is just abusing the system. Im not the only one who feels like this
  9. Now I'm not saying by any means that these ideas I'm putting out there are fool proof nor perfect or what should happen in fact. It's open for discussion. For the most part, a one stop and shop in the corner of social is the only spot of "social" interaction and players huddle around there and then either hang around for a while longer or move dist. I personally think that social is very underutilized and could benefit from a few things and sort of "fill out" social and make it more lively. I know it would be at the cost of convenience but I've got a few suggestions of my own and I'm always curious as to what everyone else thinks on this. - Separate the "one stop and shop" corner. - Spreading out the shops and make each shop unique to what it sells and style the interior accordingly? - Make faction only items available only from a shop/contact in the faction clubs. (That's kind of a thing already but it's not locked to them or anything. Again, "one stop and shopping". - Usable seating in clubs, social areas and park benches. (I know that sounds kinda RPish and cringey BUT it would help with social grouping and making the game lively. If it isn't your cup of tea than so be it. You don't have to use it. - Mini games? Arcade area? Something that can show the peaceful atmosphere and inspire friendly competition between crims and enfs in true spirit of Social. - Update the car customization area/dealership. Make people's display cars open to the public, maybe lay a few out in front of the doors going into the dealership. (Contest winners held by LO/CMs for customization?) I don't exactly know, those are just a few suggestions that I've thought about. I'm a sucker for the lore and the free spirit of APB, I'd just hate to see so much potential go to waste with social.
  10. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the weapons thread. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the vehicles thread. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the vehicles thread.(Alternate thread) For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the mods thread. (Scavenger) For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the mods thread. (SteamAnimator - Broken Images) Basically, we'll try to suggest/brainstorm new things for future reference/request so the devs can get an idea of what the community wants. For the new stuff that gets added, I'll try to keep the OP regularly updated. Vehicle Suggestions: Cont'd Weapon Suggstions: Cont'd Mod Suggestions: Cont'd
  11. Boys and girls of APB; As many of you who still roam the forum, I've been playing this wonderful and amazing game since the old RTW days, on and off. After following LO in social media since they took over, reading their posts, watching the new engine stream, seeing the amazing work they are doing and how open @MattScott is with the community, I'm posting my list of suggestions to improve the game, hoping to get some traction and reaching the people who can take action. Feel free to add your own suggestions, I'll edit the post to include them. CHEATING An actual, working anti-cheat for the game would be nice... Shadow ban hackers so they can only play against other hackers - this is the feature I want to see the most. Ban macros and triggerbots - these external apps are not being monitored at all and there are clans that even distribute them to all members as if a triggerbot was something normal and acceptable to use in any other shooter game... Add potential cheater flagging methods based on stats, so a mod is required to review a player live in a district to determine if they are hacking (ie: a K/D ratio above X ==> flags an account to be reviewed by a game mod). THREAT LEVEL Make intentional dethreating much harder (more games required to dethreat (especially to Bronze), additional factors considered to dethreat, etc) and lock gold players out of bronze districts (if you're a Silver threat player in a Bronze district and get bumped to Gold for abusing lower skilled players, you {and your group} should get automatically moved to a Silver/Gold threat server without the possibility of rejoining the Bronze district until there are no Gold players in the group). The game is already hard to pick up and currently new players get rekt until they uninstall by people that shouldn't be in low level districts owning them non-stop. Add more factors to how threat level is calculated (K/D ratio, assists, medals per game, etc). A new threat level above Gold and sub-levels within each threat level. A seasonal pinnacle reward system for reaching the highest levels (similar to Destiny 2) would be nice, but it won't work unless the hackers are dealt with. In a completely different, alternative scenario, remove threat level based districts, create a "skill level" value for every player and allow anyone to join any district, but make the matchmaking strict within skill level. WEAPONS Rethink weapon balance: instead of nerfing the weapons that perform well, take what makes them good and buff the weaker weapons accordingly. This, of course, is tied to the vision LO has about the overall weapon balance, TTK, etc. Reduce the huge impact RnG has in gunfights. A LTL weapon series for Criminals, or at least an option as annoying as them. Add a "test" feature to Joker Ticket weapons similar to what the ARMAS marketplace has. Weapon loadout creation for easy swaps during missions. ACCOUNT-WIDE CHANGES Increase to symbol, theme, song and clothing limit. Symbols, cash and Joker tickets shared across all characters in the same account. Add a safe way to quickly transfer tradeable weapons between characters from the same account. Make Joker ticket weapons account bound. SERVER CHANGES Server login queue. Increase population cap and remove Green threat servers. Have an Trainee exclusive server not visible from the District list) only available for new accounts until they get a proper threat level assigned. Add the option to turn off other player's customization (turn them into a default Criminal or Enforcer skin) to improve performance for lower end PCs. Rework in-mission spawns ensuring you can't have someone spawn X meters away from you with direct LoS. Ping considered for matchmaking. OTHER / QOL Disable other players' car radio. Please. Pretty please. Character and vehicle customization limit increase. Increase the drop rate of vinyls Twitch integration (streamer mode, Twitch drops, Twitch Prime packs). Clan progression and the always requested Clan base/house/club/whatever. Create a standard tutorial mission for new players against bots, going over the basics. Take faster and harder action against Nazi symbology. Every day I see multiple people with Swastikas and SS uniforms roaming the Social district like there's nothing wrong with that and it's weird AF...
  12. Big, bulky, finger-covering gloves would be a nice and hopefully simple addition to accompany the Fingerless Tactical Gloves we currently have in-game. Current normal gloves look so slim and barely touch the character's wrists, making them look like skin-tight latex gloves. Like this, but complete gloves, not fingerless.
  13. I love this game, I have 304 hours on it which I know is few in comparison to some . I'm also not a game developer or anything of the sort so I don't really understand the process or updating a game or what proof testing before an update is released. This is just a rant i recorded on my phone will I drove around in game. I curse a lot but i do support the devs and no hate, I take it far and exaggerate to try and get my point across but I don't mean any harm or anything bad just want the game to be better. Again because I'm not a game developer I don't know what will make this game better and some of the features I listed are just based on what my small brain thinks might work but I honestly have no idea. So again hopefully it doesn't piss too many people off and I don't mean any hate to the game or any of its developers I know you guys are working your best to update the game but this is just a dumb teenagers frustrations after playing this game for a while. Here's my rant hopefully the links work if not ill edit and post working links https://vocaroo.com/i/s0rzleRHM3cp https://vocaroo.com/i/s0L3oCHoYJ5H https://vocaroo.com/i/s1nP3AHw0L9I https://vocaroo.com/i/s11LH3IC66BG https://vocaroo.com/i/s1wHANKpQWfR https://vocaroo.com/i/s0qWBt6yL9Sq Any questions or criticism are welcome and more suggestions for the devs too if anything maybe this can add something to the game
  14. before the developers bring in new content or whatever is planned for the next updates i would like a very small and or minor update for the apb characters what bothers me a lot about them is that these characters don't blink at all like they do not blink their eyes just stay open all the time can one of the developers please do something about this because the only time my character blinks or any apb character blinks is when you whip out the ammo supplier that's it but i would like for my character to blink all the time like regularly but yeah that's all i ask for how come the npc's get to blink?
  15. Im probably speaking for the majority when it comes to adding a queue list, when joining a district. S/o to my bois at HAN, who never experienced this issue.
  16. Hello everyone! Welcome to my Topic! Today I'm gonna show you, and sugest to G1: A concept from the Trade System inside the game! Well... I have to explain how it works. Disclaimer (All pictures are made with photoshop, I wasn't using in any moment any type of third party program) You have to press the interact menu and choose Trade After that. You have to choose an empty Slot and choose a tradable Item. Then you mark the empty square to press ready, when the 2 traders are ready you can see a green tick, then you can press the Change/Trade bottom button. And that's all, easy & fast, no scams, no middle-mans, no chinese farmers selling APB$
  17. I want to weigh in on the back and forth about dethreating and server ranking from my own point of view. First (so you're less likely to want to jump down my throat and berate me), some context and stats: I'm pretty much a perpetual silver (a bit of that is by design, more later). I currently have just over 2000 hours in the game and, while I understand that I could easily of padded that stat in Social, I didn't. That's boring and, in my view, pointless. I enjoy playing the game. I've seen a lot, raged a lot, smiled a lot, been accused of hacking a bit. I have only one account; Citadel (originally Obeya) with three characters: 1 Crim (Jobs2k: 255), 2 Enf (Laney: 255, Jobs2k: Can't remember the rank but low and pretty much unplayed. Now, the content. After many years of playing I feel like the main reason to dethreat, especially in the current segregation system, is for someone of a gold skill/experience level to gain access to bronze level servers. My reasoning is simple - gold can go to silver any time they want. A frequent exchange when I kill a gold player goes like this: "You're shit. Go to bronze." "I'm silver, this is a silver server." "Then you should be on bronze [Insert random slur]." "I'm silver, this is a silver server. You should go to gold." "You're stupid. Gold servers are empty. Everyone knows silvers play on bronze and golds play on silver. Fuck off you stupid noob scrub." Let's break that down a little. Apparently, because I am not playing at the level a gold player thinks I should be to go against them (even though I just killed them) I shouldn't be in the server they are in. Now, I know that the most likely instigator of the exchange was 'butthurt' due to 'death by scrub'. People don't like to lose. I'm allegedly a person and I don't like losing. Now, why would/should the silvers go to bronze? I see two reasons. They can fight bronze level players there. They can 'escape' the golds there. They can fight bronze players, but "silvers play on bronze" so they'll be fighting both. Silver on silver is cool, it's the way it should be, but they shouldn't be slapping around bronze players. Why not? Because the game needs to keep players, not lose them. Bronze and green players need a place where they can be safe from stomping until (at the very minimum) they feel comfortable to branch out. "But wait, you said golds dethreat to gain access to bronze!" True, and I'll be the first to say that I don't have a foolproof solution for that incredibly complicated problem. What I will say is that I don't condone it and I wish LO every bit of luck finding a way to stop it. At the end of the day this game will succeed or fail based on holding a player base. Having newbs getting stomped and leaving is, in my view, the biggest root cause of the game being 'dead/dying'. The next point thrown out is that "gold servers are empty". My immediate reaction is "OF COURSE THEY ARE! You're all HERE!", hence me saying that I shouldn't have to go to bronze because they should be in gold. I realise that (while I feel that is correct on the face of it) it isn't a viable solution at this time because the player base is so small. I understand that people don't want to take on the same 10 - 20 players for 3 or more hours. The answer to this goes back to bronze players getting happy and secure enough in the game to enjoy it and stay. They then become silver, but happy silvers. They can take a bit more and they understand the game enough not to instantly feel victimised. To finally explain what I meant by being silver by design... I'm not generally at gold skill level because I don't play for a sustained amount of time. I'm back and forth in many games I play, spending multiple days focused on one or two until my desires shift. This means I frequently return to APB in a 'rusty' state. It also means that towards the end of each period of playing APB I have recovered what I had before and even progressed into 'gold territory'. This creates a few issues. Due to my feelings on what is fair I only enter servers that match my displayed threat level. No, I don't go gold and instantly switch servers, but I do check what my threat is before going to the server list. I know that players can move to one threat level either side of their current threat level. This means silver can go to bronze and gold. While my view of fairness means I don't go to bronze, I only hold that view when I'm playing alone or with similarly skilled players (well over 90% of the time). However, if I am bringing a new player in, and trying to help them find enjoyment in the game, I'm not going to take them into silver! At this point I will enter a bronze server, but I spend most of the time helping them understand the main mechanics and watching their back to stop gold experience silvers stomping them. I rarely end up at, or even near, the top of the mission stats. Because I don't know when a friend might express an interest in joining the game, and I want to support the game and grow the player base, I essentially give up making an effort (though I won't go AFK) when I go gold. I basically maintain silver as a personal balance. It allows me to play at my general level even when I'm rusty while also helping new players when desired. No matter what is done there are going to be 'bad actors' that like to spoil things or just simply test (and play with) the boundaries. I realise that this will always leave LO (or whoever owns the game) open to criticism. That's a hard place to be and I applaud their efforts while simultaneously being glad I'm not in their position. I would like to offer two potential solutions for the community to pick apart and criticise me for. Maybe LO might even consider if it is viable: Would it be possible to time lock moving out of your threat bracket? Example: A silver goes gold. They can't switch instantly to lower server. They carry on playing where they are because it only just happened and they are doing well, having fun. If they haven't moved out of gold threat for 24 hours then they are refused entry to silver servers. Eventually they would have to stop playing (sleep, eat, RL stuff) so balance would slowly be achived. This would also mitigate people being silver, having a string of a few bad missions, then being unable to access silver to play with their friends. It could also have a knock-on impact of people trying to help others to stay at the same threat with them. Would it be possible to kick players with a threat level that differs from the server threat? Example: The server has 39/40 Enf. A silver Enf goes gold or bronze. They are marked as 'kickable' and the server registers the time. A silver Enf enters the server. Server now at 40/40 Enf. The non-silver Enf that has the highest time being 'kickable' is allowed to finish the mission they are in, prevented from 'readying up' and kicked after X seconds. Server now back to 39/40 Enf. If the server is below 39/40 Enf then players of differing threat levels can still enter based on current 'one either way' rules of entry. This solution still allows for servers to remain well populated but they would slowly balance to being full of players of matching threat level.
  18. I would like to gather some ideas for the possibility of making factions matter in game. Feel free to add suggestions! (Please don't fight though... these are just suggestions not ultimatums. There are no wrong answers.) It may or may not be a focus but, might as well have a list for reference. Here are some that I like the idea of.
  19. There must've been a post about this but what if joker tickets were tradeable? i think it would be interesting but i would like to also transfer my tickets from character to character or help a friend with some to say get a firebomb from the joker distribution store. What do you guys think? Should they or not?
  20. Going straight to the point. I'm not going to transfer over guns that already got added to the game, even if the stats were implemented differently. I'm also going to mess up carrying over the stats others were nice enough to create but I'll eventually get it all. As for anyone new you can suggest your own weapons and I'll add them to the list to keep the developers from having to scroll though pages before getting to you. Unless you add something so inappropriate I can't take you seriously odds are I'm putting your suggestion on the list. No stats ATM because I'm not rushing this due there still being bigger priorities for Little Orbit, and I'm still trying to figure out how to display all the information without clutter and making it an eyesore. Assault Rifles AN-94 TAR-21 XM8 LR-300 FN F2000 DA21 HS Produkt VHS 2 OICW STG 44/42 MK-20 HCAR BREN-805 Submachine Guns AKS74u OTs-14 Groza PP2000 Scorpion EVO 3 Shotguns Double Barrel Remington M870 Saiga 12 USAS 12 Chiappa Triple Threat 1216 RMS Rifles MK14 EBR QBZ Type 97 Ruger 10/22 Marlin 30-30 Lever Action G3 M1 Garand M16A3 Compound Bow / CrossBow Sniper Rifles M-200 Winchester 1886 .45-70 SVD Dragunov SCoped Springfield M98b Light Machine Guns MK48 MOD 0 MG-42 G36C Drum M249 BAR MG36 Explosives RPG SMAW M79 Grenade Launcher Javlin Grenades Throwing Knife Tear Gas Mustard Gas Flashbang EMP Grenade Claymore Nail Bomb Smart Phone Secondary Guns MP9 SA-61 Skorpion USP LAM Suppressed Desert Eagle Suppressed MP7 Suppressed 1911 Glock 18 HK45 Chiappa Rhino Serbu Super SHorty Robocop's Pistol Less Than Lethal Stabba - SESP-11 STabba - SDSR-24 Taser Gun X25 Special / Event / Pick-up / Misc. M134 Flamethrower
  21. Hey everyone, as you know, many of the guns used in apb are typical "meta" guns, as in the guns that offer the most power and versatility in the game. the role of this post is to try and balance out "underpowered" guns in the game in order to bring more choice and versatility during missions. feedback and suggestions are welcome BTW: STK = shots to kill, TTK = time to kill. S1-FA "frenzy" : reduce STK from 7 to 6 Colby M-1922: reduce vertical recoil by 50% Norseman: so many things that need tweaking on this gun, but my main suggestion is to reduce its STK from 11 to 9 as its TTK is just terrible compared to an oca or pmg. DMR AV: reduce vertical recoil by 30% , niche gun really; its high recoil, TTK and low magazine capacity makes it one of the least used weapons in the game even though it's quite cheap. Agrotech ACES: reduce STK from 15 to ??, reduce fire rate in exchange for higher magazine capacity. this gun is extremely misleading, it looks good on paper due to having a TTK of 0.63 but the ridiculous STK and comparatively low magazine size makes it too weak and unreliable in the competitive scheme as it loses 99% of the time to guns such as OCA and PMG. SWARM: reduce horizontal recoil by 50% , this gun seems to be a weaker, more accurate ALIG, however the horizontal recoil makes it terrible to use and not fun for anybody. R-2 'Harbinger': remove from the game. If I have forgotten anything please don't forget to include it in the comments, thanks!
  22. Long story short, gives us the ability to delete a reply in which was made recently. And allow us to edit posts, regardless of how much time has passed.
  23. Armas Marketplace 1) Update Armas Marketplace prices for weapons (lower them significantly). DONE, still think some prices are high but it's much better in general now 2) Armas should only be selling re-skins, clothing and vehicles. So, make weapons like the Colby CSG-20 and other non re-skin weapons available through packs become available through contacts and/or the Joker Store. Progression 1) Revamp how weapon and modification progression works: Remove primary unslotted, 1 slotted and 2 slotted weapons from the game, only having 3 slot primary slotted weapons should help balance the game for new players, since most players are veterans anyway. Primaries with 1 and/or 2 pre-attached modifications should be updated to include a 2nd and/or 3rd modification. Secondaries should stay unslotted or 1 slotted with a pre-attached modification. This is the current state, don't change this. Allow players to use (but not purchase from contacts) all weapon, character and vehicle modifications from the get-go. This would limit the progression to $APB instead of grind to reach the modification rank requirement. While this was fine when the game was populated and fresh, now it's just a big disadvantage for new players. Balancing 1) Fix unbalanced missions and spots in Financial and Waterfront. I wish I had a list of them... 2) Perform a balance pass on a few weapons and modifications. A few ideas come to mind from weapons and modifications that I'm more concerned about: Nerf the Low-Yield Fragmentation Grenades, from 3 to 2 grenades to match the other grenade types. Nerf the Percussion Grenades, from 400 to 300 max health damage per in radius hit. Nerf the Joker RFP-9, decrease its effective range from 40 m to 30 m. DONE (a better nerf was applied by LO) Nerf the OBIR, decrease its ammo capacity from 10 to 7 magazines (240 to 168 bullets), make it on par with the Obeya Rifle CR762 with ~7 magazines (100 bullets). Make it bloom way more when jumping so it's not pin-point accurate. Nerf the ATAC 424, increase the spread when spraying very slightly, while still allowing it to be better than the N-TEC 5 in close range but staying worse in medium range. Nerf the NTEC-5, make it bloom more when jumping. Nerf the AAEPD 'Volcano JC, increase its resupply time to be on par with the OSMAW. Nerf the Colby PMG 28, decrease its effective range from 35 m to 32 m, which is still higher than the OCA-EW 626 (30 m). Nerf the N-HVR 762, from 850 to 720 health damage per shot. Remove the link between accuracy and damage (this is quite a weird mechanic, specially for new players), make it bloom way more when jumping so it's near impossible to hit a jumpshot even at point blank. Nerf Mountie SF9 'Yukon's modification, more like a bug fix, decrease its fire rate as it is way too overpowered right now. DONE Nerf the NFAS-12 'True Ogre', decrease the pellet count because getting hit by this weapon literally kills the hitreg for everyone in the area. Nerf the OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' and PDW-56 'Kris', increase their crouch modifier from 0.8 to 1 and lower their range from 50 m to 30 m to match the OCA-EW 626. Nerf the OSCAR, lower its range to the same as the Joker SR115 Carbine and add bloom when shooting at its max fire rate, similar to what also happens with the Joker SR115 Carbine but less pronounced since it's a burst fire weapon. This last one is literally just to avoid full mag macro spraying with no consequences to accuracy. Buff the NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen, either completely rework it or make it a re-skin of another weapon because, in its current state, it's pretty useless. Also, remove the crosshair modification (Hunting Sight: 'Anubis') or change it to something better. 1/2 DONE Nerf the Spotter modification, decrease its duration from 8 to 5 seconds. Spotted players should stop being spotted after they are 100 m away from the exact position they were spotted in. Make the marker blink instead of just being a straight wallhack. The cooldown should also be increased to 1 minute like it was for non-premium players previously. Remove the character/vehicle modification cooldown reduction for Premium players, it's actually "pay to win". DONE Remove consumables (yellow character modifications), their addition created a lot of unbalance (Shield and Ammo Box specifically). If you really want the Satchel Charge, Shield and other consumables in the game, just make them orange character modifications. At least, rework the Shield deployment to use a "wind-up" system where you have to stand completely still for at least 3 seconds. 3) Make Clotting Agent 3 the default health regeneration and make Clotting Agent 2 the only Clotting Agent level. Fragile, Kevlar Implants and Flak Jacket would need re-balancing though. 4) Reward Joker Tickets at the end of missions. More tickets the better the score, duh. 1/2 DONE, still not enough in my opinion 5) Don't allow Prestige 5 (P5) and Notoriety 5 (N5) players to be killed by players outside their mission. Remove them from being shown in the radar and map. Reward more APB$ per kill while being P5/N5 to incentivize having high notoriety. Right now, this system punishes players for doing well in missions and makes them choose to teamkill someone outside their mission in order to lose their bounty for their own mission's sake. 6) Don't allow players to spawn using a vehicle with the Mobile Spawn Point modification when it is within 20 m of objectives, not items (apart from last stage items such as the ones from item hold missions). 7) Remove Green threat and merge it with Bronze. I really don't see a whole lot of difference between these 2 threat levels. Bug Fixes 1) Fix the bug where a player can see their enemies' nametags through walls and fire hydrants. Those issues (probably) have different causes, but have the same effect. DONE 2) Fix the way a player can enter and leave vehicles since there's a small invincibility timer while performing the entering/exiting animation. (This probably requires a networking update, if it even is possible) 3) Fix entering vehicles if the chosen door cannot be visually opened (add collision check to vehicle doors), this fixes the case where a player can enter/exit a vehicle instantly without an animation. 4) Fix when a player presses the key to exit their vehicle and they go out from the wrong door instantly without the exiting animation, in an unpredictable manner. This doesn't have to do with the vehicle being too close to a wall on both sides, it just happens randomly. 5) Fix how, sometimes, another player exits their vehicle while driving fast and curving sideways which makes their character get pushed by it and then de-synced from the server. This usually happens with fast cars such as the Vegas. (This probably requires a networking update) 6) Fix Unreal Engine's built-in mouse acceleration, the in-game settings option does not remove this entirely and players rely on file changes to do it. DONE (explanation) New Features 1) Finish the Scaleform UI update. There are pretty good mock-ups by ShepardHS that follow the style of the bits from the Scaleform UI we currently have. (https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/237-game-user-interface/) Scaleform is deprecated 2) Add the "Dedicated Automatic Matchmaking (D.A.M.)" described in a blog post from 2015. (https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2015/01/matchmaking-on-global-scale.html) 3) Add ghosting to players and their vehicles which are not part of the same mission, this avoids griefing and targeted abuse towards streamers. Maybe this could be a toggleable command for players. In my opinion, I'd just never deactivate this but, I guess some people would. 4) Add an in-game trading system. DONE 5) Add crosshair customization to the settings menu. 6) Add Always/Hold/Toggle Sprint to the settings menu. 7) Add Hold/Toggle Crouch to the settings menu. Credits Me and my bro Lumsheden.
  24. so like new players and returning players yeah they don't have the skill ya'know to fight that plague known as dethreaters im just like perma silver now but ive got a few simple suggestions that can help with the dethreating either a seasonal ranking thing with brackets for instance they last a month or 3 each badge colour threat is a bracket like what we have now but how it'd work with this system is it resets every month or 3 and once you climb into a different colour it stays until the season ends then it'd get reset probably not that simple of a suggestion but heres another if they hit a higher threat colour in a lower district they'd get sent to social soon as they change colour locking them out of the lower district they were clubbing don't be aggressive about the responses im just throwing these ideas out there to discuss cause everyone knows that dethreating is an issue in all mission districts
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