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  1. ^ this, 2010 this was a good idea, 2019? not so much, the world is full of kids who want everything ez mode and full of dance emotes, all we wanted in 2010 was the ability to Teabag someone after we killed them... dont get me wrong, still love the game and hope to crap that LO can do something with it once UE3.5 is out and hope that the IP is kept alive and used in an APB2 (UE4) but APB as it was has been Bob Dylan'd.
  2. i'd agree that keeping the G1 and possibly even the "Reloaded" were bad ideas, as everyone mistakenly associates G1 with the developer, despite the fact that it is a delivery platform, it's like being angry with steam when valve dont release HL3 ... unfortunately its unavoidable, i'd have renamed G1 to something else... maybe cleaning the name or changing it to identify that it's "under new management" could help refresh peoples views on it.
  3. 1) the population - so we can all enjoy matches as frequently as required 2) the enthusiasm for the game - so that everything feels new and wonderful 3) the NL9 - just for lolz to show people how OP it really was LO are clearly working on 1 and 2 so i'll hold out hope for #3 Realistically 1) Scoreboards, Clan and Player, this game is about epeen, always has, always will. 2) Rewards in the mail for being good at the game, even just rewards for playing would be great (used to be random items for getting high in the rankings, sometimes guns, sometimes cars, just do that and throw JMB's at us. 3) Language Districts, but combine them all so that you get NA and EU on the same district menu.
  4. edited my reply as you were writing your response, your idea makes more sense now that i have read it properly.
  5. but you wont get that, you will get a district with random people in that you definitely don't want to play against, exactly the same problem that has plagued the game from day 1. but having reread what you are saying. 1 single log on server, where we have access to all region districts rather than just EU or NA makes more sense, like the old EU servers where they were language based, but actually also be location based as well. that makes more sense.
  6. not really a good idea, as the current issue of not having proper match making will not be solved by throwing more people at it, the match making solution didnt work when there were thousands of players, it still wont work now, LO can update, then fix the match making system, and even with 300 people your experience would be much better. Edit Misread the post, idea makes sense, what i wrote is true, but the idea isnt what i wrote so its not applicable here.
  7. it can be one day, baby steps though, they've got some solid foundations in game logic, they just need to stick it together with some other systems and smooth it all out, i imagine its something for after engine upgrades though.
  8. whats to say they wouldn't pay G1C to play in that district too? what would be better would be to reintroduce the language districts like the game used to have, and just have RU and EN districts, it wont 100% work, but it would be more likely to solve that kind of "issue"
  9. that's what the dynamic mission/objective bits are for and the fact that you can only capture when you are edge to edge, perhaps you make it so both sides start with 50% of the map, then activate key objectives to encourage/focus the fight? i suppose you could have it so only a few sections per "round" are open and you fight in that area for supremacy, then when the "round" finishes a batch of new areas "open" and the old ones "close" a whole game could consist of however many rounds it took to fight for the whole district. -- added to OP
  10. didnt matt say you could play riot without a pass but you'd only get riot tokens if you have a riot pass?
  11. I was pretty sure this had been posted before, but i cant seem to find it anywhere, it might be in the big Clan thread that @Esther created. A lot of people (myself included) have been asking for a area control district for a long time, with RIOT in testing it looks very much like the idea we had... sort of, of course the method in which it is employed in RIOT is to prevent your access and close down the district, like in BR, the way Gang War would work was more in tune with Planetside, in which each "area" has a control point which you can capture, you would spend your time in district capturing these control points for your side, at the end of an allotted time, the district would be reset and anyone who participated would receive rewards based on effort put in. now if this is an idea for a future Riot mode / season, then good stuff. if not, then consider adding this after the update as i feel it is more akin to the concept and lore of APB than the current RIOT mode (though im not going to complain about content and development, keep it up) 1. players start at opposite sides of the map - maybe location can be randomised for a change of pace each reset. 2. even split of control points between sides, players can only capture points that are connected to their current points - encourages combat situations 3. Timer could be 6/12/24 hours giving everyone a chance to participate, players get points for kills/assists/arrests/point captures/defending - no pressure to get in and play, but more rewarding if you do, points translate to Cash, Joker Tickets and Riot Tokens. 4. when the Timer is over you send rewards to the players who played based on % player points vs total points for the team. 5. rest the map, relocate the spawns, set it all off again. you could mix the maps up add barricades and block certain roads off to add a bit of a all out street war feel as if it has all totally gone to shit, it's an opportunity to realise what 10 years of fighting in the streets would do to a city... you could even then apply those or some of those changes to the actual districts (maybe use the gang war as a method of introducing map changes) you could also use the global mission system (i dont know what you call it, but thats what i call it) to channel players to certain areas, make some control points "extra special" at certain times, that give additional rewards to players who complete the objective, this would artificially create focus points for battle, giving the illusion of a fuller district (you dont want people wandering around for hours fighting no one) alternatively, you could lock down the areas in which you can fight in (using the gas mechanic) so that only certain control points are accessible at any one time, forcing the fight to happen in a smaller area (about the size of 2 fight clubs perhaps) once a winner has been determined those control points turn to their colour and the zone shifts to another set, half crim, half enfo, rinse and repeat until the global timer is up, hot dog we have a winner! Anyway, im sure this could be fleshed out more, feel free to comment with your ideas people, i'll add them to this post if they are any good.
  12. Once BattlEye lands WASP is back in full swing, keep yours eyes open whilst on the streets on San Paro.

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