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  1. Seadee

    Hardware IP bans!?!?!?!

    well then 2 step auth with email if you dont have a cell phone (but seriously 2018, no cellphone, how do you survive?)
  2. Seadee

    Vehicle Mods

    i would say it doesnt matter, but to some it does, so for the sake of argument they follow the same pattern. Armour/Weight = Green Active Ability = Orange Stability/Power = Red Endurance = Purple Passive = Blue something like that.. because you wouldnt put a mod on that took armour away, then add one that added it back right? Alternatively, there are no colours and you just adjust the stats directly, each car type allows a certain max and min adjustment, but you cant set all to max and all to min, you've got to make sacrifices when you adjust the sliders.
  3. i think they are making a positive impression with their attitude towards the betterment of APB, but then again G1 came out with the same stuff when they arrived (although they got out the rubber gloves and started milking this cash cow asap) anyone who changes a game to F2P clearly isnt doing it completely for the "love" for LO it's already F2P, they probably got this Multi Million dollar game (11th most expensive game development ever...) for a pittance ... they also have or seem to have Legit reasons for doing it themselves (make their company more than just a franchise game studio) if they pull it off successfully they earn massive kudos from everyone whoever played or complained about APB, which in turn boosts their credibility, which also directly effects any other game they develop or publish. TL:DR - taking on APB and doing a G1 on it is essentially business Suicide, LO HAVE to make good of APB or declare it dead in a dignified way if they want to be a Success in the future. i voted Yes, but more for the potential they represent and their attitude towards this mess that is APB and its community.
  4. I say, Yes, BUT do it as a Humble Bundle once 3.5 is released and proven to work. you'd get a huge boost in the player base and it would advertise the fact that the game is improving.
  5. google london 2038, thank me later
  6. @MattScott if you want a challenge, get Hanibat to sell the IP for Hellgate London.
  7. Seadee

    Premium changes!

    i fail to understand your aggression here, everything you wrote has literally nothing to do with anything i wrote...
  8. Seadee

    Premium changes!

    although i believe free players need to get a grip and realise they are free players in a game where other people pay for it for them, i agree that the cooldown is essentially a pay to win feature, not hugely effective, because how often are you using these mods that the cooldown different is noticeable? but for the odd person who does notice the difference it would be game breaking for them. Nice adding auto sub though, i could have done with this a few years ago.
  9. Did you just add a turf/gang war esk event with region capture and total domination win condition? edit : i am stoked btw, really, i will be playing this, wife and kids be damned!!
  10. Seadee

    Vehicle Mods

    That increases the ramming damage... and reduces the breaks, but directly, not in response to the change of weight that adding ramming plates has had.
  11. Seadee

    Vehicle Re-balance and How does it work?

    {"mod_effects": {"fmaxrepairtimesecs": 14.0, "nmaincargopipcapacity": 12.0}, "Category": "Vehicles", "icon_url": "https://db.apbvault.net/static/img/APBMenus_Art_VehicleIcons/SeiyoEspacio_Enf.png", "url": "https://db.apbvault.net/items/Vehicle_Truck_C_Carrying_Enf_Praetorian_T5", "VehicleItemType": {"id": 450, "einventoryitemtype": 9386, "sapbdb": "Vehicle_Truck_C_Carrying_Enf_Praetorian_T5", "efnmod_1": 18, "efnmod_3": 0, "sresource": "Enf_Citadel_PraetorianOR", "efnmod_0": 26, "efnmod_2": 5, "nreeditfee": 0, "bpreset": 1, "evehicle": 21, "sdescription": "Templeton has managed to secure a vehicle that was previously only available to Criminals. The "Defender " Citadel comes built to his specifications and with styling by Wilde Designs. Add a Mobile Supply Unit, Fast Fix Chassis 3 and a Brick modification to this already exclusive vehicle and the best gets even better."}, "VehicleSetupType": {"fwheellatasymptoteslip": 2.8, "f0mssteerangle": 33.0, "sshareddataobject": "v_c_carrying.C_Carrying_Shared", "ncargoareaseatpositions": 0, "ffrontlatfactor": 1.85, "epedestriandriver": 8, "f7000rpmtorque": 3.0, "framraiddamagemultiplier": 3.5, "ncabincargopipcapacity": 0, "fidlerpm": 1500.0, "bhastaillights": 1, "evehiclecategory": 0, "fgearratios_3": 1.7, "ncamerapitchmax": 53000, "fcargoheightreductionfactor": 0.2, "nmaincargopipcapacity": 15, "fwheellatasymptotevalue": 0.5, "id": 21, "sgolemobilebase": "v_c_carrying.C_Carrying", "ffrontwheelmeshoffset_1": 0.0, "frearwheelboneoffset_2": -18.1, "frearwheelboneoffset_1": 0.0, "ffrontlongfactor": 2.15, "bhasalarm": 1, "edrivetype": 1, "ninitialcampitch": 50, "nspawncost": 100, "evehiclemodelclass": 0, "fsuspensionstiffness": 135.0, "bhasrearseats": 1, "fmindust": 25.0, "frearlatfactor": 2.0, "fcambasezfar": 60.0, "f3rdgearspeed": 1200.0, "frearsuspensiontravel": 21.0, "ffinaldriveratio": 15.0, "fwheellongasymptotevalue": 0.4, "fsteerspeed": 98.0, "fdrivercamnear": 450.0, "frearwheelradius": 38.0, "svehiclesetupasset": "C_Carrying", "frearwheelboneoffset_0": 0.0, "fwheellatextremumvalue": 0.8, "svfxprefab": "vfx_vehicle.Templates.VFX_Vehicle_Van", "fsuspensiondamping": 1.5, "fwheellongextremumslip": 0.1, "eaudiotype": 19, "fgearratios_4": 1.0, "fmaxbraketorque": 1500.0, "fpercentdirty": 30.0, "fwheellongextremumvalue": 1.0, "fgearratios_0": -2.8, "ncamerapitchmin": 4100, "f4thgearspeed": 1500.0, "ffrontwheelradius": 38.0, "fblobshadowscale_0": 641.25, "egameplayobject": 43, "fmaxrepairtimesecs": 20.0, "fmaxspeed": 21.5, "freversethrottle": 0.8, "f22mssteerangle": 15.0, "fmaxreversespeed": 9.0, "fwheellatextremumslip": 0.35, "ffrontwheelboneoffset_1": 0.0, "frearlongfactor": 2.0, "fchassistorquefactor": 0.01, "sdisplayname": "Seiyo Espacio", "sapbdb": "CriminalCarrying", "ffrontwheelboneoffset_2": -18.1, "fredlinerpm": 6500.0, "frearwheelmeshoffset_1": 0.0, "fcollisiondamage": 0.8, "fblobshadowtranslate_1": 0.0, "frearsuspensionspeed": 50.0, "ffrontwheelmeshoffset_2": -18.1, "f2ndgearspeed": 900.0, "frearhandbrakelong": 0.8, "fbreakincsaduration": 0.0, "frearwheelmeshoffset_2": -18.1, "fcambaseznear": 60.0, "nmaxrepaircost": 0, "fgearratios_1": 3.1, "ffrontsuspensionspeed": 50.0, "euicategory": 0, "ffrontsuspensiontravel": 21.0, "frearwheelmeshoffset_0": 0.0, "fmaxdirt": 100.0, "fcomoffsetx": 28.0, "nsecondarykey": -667907669, "eexplosiontype": 12, "fwheellongasymptoteslip": 0.35, "evehicleanimationcategory": 3, "ffrontwheelmeshoffset_0": 0.0, "svehiclename": "Criminal Carrying", "f4500rpmtorque": 8.0, "fpercentperfectlyclean": 5.0, "euimeshviewersetup": 5, "fmindirt": 50.0, "fcomoffsetz": -10.0, "etempassets": 22, "fcargotorquereductionfactor": 0.2, "fmaxcargotorquereduction": 0.8, "fsteeraccel": 1500.0, "sphysicsasset": "V_C_Carrying.LOD_Base_Mesh_Physics", "ffrontwheelboneoffset_0": 0.0, "fblobshadowscale_2": 200.0, "evehiclesetuptype": 21, "frearhandbrakelat": 1.45, "f12mssteerangle": 21.0, "f5thgearspeed": 1700.0, "fgearratios_5": 0.7, "fblobshadowscale_1": 349.16, "fblobshadowtranslate_2": -29.0, "fenginebrakingfactor": 0.75, "fmaxcargoheightreduction": 1.5, "fblobshadowtranslate_0": 2.04, "fmaxdust": 100.0, "fgearratios_2": 2.8, "flsdfactor": 0.0, "bisplayeronlyvehicle": 1, "f500rpmtorque": 5.0, "f2500rpmtorque": 20.0, "nmaxhealth": 1600, "fdrivercamfar": 550.0}, "item_detail": { "einventoryitemtype": 9386, "screatorname": "Patriot Auto-fabrication", "ncostrewardtokens": 0, "sdisplayname": " "Defender " Citadel", "sapbdb": "Vehicle_Truck_C_Carrying_Enf_Praetorian_T5", "bcansellback": 1, "narmascategoryid": 0, "benforcer": 1, "bgifted": 0, "eorganisation": 0, "nminrating": 195, "elease": 0, "etrade": 2, "narmasproductid": 0, "bnodelete": 0, "id": 9386, "ehudimage": 2713, "ncostapbcash": 150000, "bignoresddvalidation": 0, "nsecondarykey": 622297281, "eunlock": 7862, "einfracategory": 124, "bistestitem": 0, "narmassubcategoryid": 0, "brussianonly": 0, "bisarmas": 0, "bcriminal": 0, "sdescription": "Templeton has managed to secure a vehicle that was previously only available to Criminals. The "Defender " Citadel comes built to his specifications and with styling by Wilde Designs. Add a Mobile Supply Unit, Fast Fix Chassis 3 and a Brick modification to this already exclusive vehicle and the best gets even better."}, "Explosions": {"id": 12, "ecamerashake": 8, "sapbdb": "MediumVehicle", "nstundamage": 600, "fsoftdamagemodifier": 1.0, "fexplosionradius": 850.0, "flifetimemaxdamagetime": 0.0, "enpcworldevent": 11, "fimpulsezmax": 1200.0, "eexplosion": 12, "svfxasset": "None", "fharddamagemodifier": 0.486, "fgroundzeroradius": 550.0, "fimpulsezmin": 500.0, "fminimumdamagepercentage": 5.0, "flifetimemindamagepercentage": 0.0, "fragdollradialimpulse": 200.0, "saudiotype": "None", "ndamage": 2000, "svfxasset_airburst": "None"}} This is the data from APBDB on a single car, quite a significant amount of stats to tweak in order to get a car to work properly, are any of these linked together or are they all individually adjusted ? as far as how we would like cars to behave, it doesnt matter, i'm just curious really.
  12. Seadee

    Vehicle Mods

    So to rope you into a greater discussion than just car re balance I'd also like to ask about vehicle mods. They didn't seem to get the same loving attention that weapon mods got/get. I put to you that it would be more interesting if vehicle mods directly effected the cars performance and stats. Increase armour - increases weight, reduced acceleration and effects handling Increase engine Power - Increases acceleration, top speed and effects handling Sharpen Steering - Increases Handling, might have adverse effects when travelling at high/low speeds etc by allowing the players to throw mods in that change the stats, things like Health, Top Speed, Ramming Damage, Transport Space would be effected as a by product, this all depends on the idea that those things are all linked in some clever system, if its all just numbers in a table with no correlation then it becomes more difficult to just adjust these things with mods.
  13. Hello me again. After a brief discussion about the cons of owning a Fresno (protip: there are none) we hit upon the question of "how do cars actually work", no not like in real life or like magnets, but how does the game handle cars stats? i'd like to think that they are some clever intricately entwined set of stats that combine to create the handling, speed, acceleration statistics, set a cars Armour which determines weight, engine power which determins top speed and acceleration, then combine them with the weight to end up with handling and suitably modified speed and acceleration. Logically a big heavy car with a large engine will be slower to accelerate but have a whopping top speed and ramming ability (think of a truck, MAAHOOSIVE ENGINE, slow AS, Kills you if you look at it funny) where as small light cars with a reasonable engine get a bit mental, Vaquero? light, no armour to speak of, high acceleration, low top speed. TL:DR - so my question to LO is, IS there a clever system behind all of this (like how it deals with the mods) or is it just random numbers punched in and fingers have been crossed (sometimes feels that way) with that in mind, Perhaps a visit down the list of cars and a good re-balance is due, Meta has for a long time been restricted to a few choice vehicles, with all the others being a poor choice, especially when the "best" vehicles can be obtained so easily and are really no more expensive than the others. vehicles should all have Pros and Cons (much like weapon mod choices) there should really not be a clear "best choice" in terms of game balance. you can get modern cars that have good handling by usage of clever aerodynamics, but you can also get them (GTR) which have good handling by virtue of the fact that it is heavy, it's fast because its got a whopping big engine, but its ability to stick to the ground and go around corners at speed is due to its weight. i cant think of and big, van like cars, that have a GTR engine in them (apart from that XJ220 mule in a Ford Transit) might be an EU/NA difference, but over here we dont tend to put a V8 in a mini van... Diesel torque to shift the weight... i digress, Lets open the discussion! What do you think of the current state of the Cars in APB and how would you balance them so that every car has its own niche?
  14. Seriously Seadee, you need to up your shitposting. Put some effort into it. sorry, i'm not as good as this lot, at least i am trying right?