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  1. Maybe i should reword it to "This community has its shit bits sometimes"
  2. implying we are not already doing drugs and that's why we still play... > Play game about drugs and crime who's game play centres around violence. > Complain when the dev's do a meme themed hide and seek game. this community is a bit shit sometimes.
  3. Good Post, I keep an ear out for mentions but i agree with you, not only is it not fair on the lower skilled team it also isnt any fun for the higher skilled team. in WASP we dont find it fun to stomp bronze players (or shouldnt, i'll have words with anyone found doing that) i suspect MOST players have the same mindset, playing in Silver just to get missions is bad enough as you still get "easy" missions (sorry if thats offensive to anyone) no one wants to play in Easy mode. a proper matchmaking system will only be fully effective with a larger player base, a larger player base would even make the current system work better, it used to be fine when we had 3-4 full high threat districts and 50 odd districts all together multi language support etc. Population first > matchmaking. APB Community is its worst enemy.
  4. yeah, we'd all be banned if those videos were true, most of the time they are hilarious to watch, but sometimes they can be very convincing, especially if you are out to find a reason to believe that someone is cheating. we've kicked and banned people before for being Fair fighted, even if its a false positive, if they got cleared of wrong doings and the ban was lifted they were allowed to come back, but usually by that point the damage is done, good bye trusting friends, goodbye fun community, hello constant suspicion and underlying hate.
  5. im pretty sure San Paro is moving on a daily basis the largest amount of cocaine than any where else in the world, i doubt Columbia can create it as quickly as it get impounded in this game... it's either that or Washing powder and Sugar are contraband. i like the brave step, i hope to see more events like this in the future.
  6. *blows dust off of the chair and puts feet on the desk* Man, it's been a while... With RIOT on its way and Other games out there embracing the "Clan Cultre" (Hello Division 2) maybe LO should make sure they have a decent plan of action in place for bolstering the social aspects of a game (which a lot of AAA titles really miss out on and which was pretty much the only thing APB (RTW) nailed and didn't get surpassed on) this thread has a shed load of really neat things, even seeing a few of them appear in game would be fantastic. tl:dr - Glorified bump post.
  7. if only the series of events that happened last night and this morning that left me covered in sick and having poop on my trousers didnt happen, i'd have been in a hour before and posted the same thing Grats SK4LP, well done.
  8. I Know Freespace isn't really Descent Cannon and its not really the same developers... but... it would be awesome and if you make it quicker than Star Citizen (lol) then it would be a nice slice of the action. TL:DR - Descent : Freespace 3 - get that IP, win the internet!
  9. literally just making it up... assumed its BR squads of 4 battling it out is how APB works already Shrinking map confirmed by Matt fake news is fake. Clans are going to wreck face even if it was with randoms, they will find a way.
  10. swine, i didnt see your post, now i am the fool! Redhill is clearly a uMoldbro Industries rebrand
  11. what you say sonny? i couldnt hear you over the memories of RTW points pouring in from selling Pioneers on the market then watching the severs come crashing down around us as EA pulled the plug.
  12. Welcome to another high quality thread (got to keep those post counts up right?) APB thrives on competition, its a massive Ego booster and we all know that APB has some massive egos to boost. so with that in mind, as i'm sure some of you are aware, APB isnt exactly perfectly balanced as a game, match makings, missions weapons etc (my other post today deals with weapons and gear) match making is something being worked on already (yay) so i'll talk about missions for a moment. there is a simple and straightforward way to make "competitive" missions "balanced" ... at the end of the mission, flip the teams and play it again. yup its that easy, even CSGO does, both teams have a crack at it from both angles. now of course this wont work for every mission as some do specifically criminal activities, so someone will have to spend time making missions that work for both teams (one does arson, one does camera/bug, one is a drug raid, one is breaking and entry, easy right?) to create a more controlled environment you can slice out chunks of map (a la fight club) and initiate an instance of it (so the living citizens are in the same places, or not there at all for both teams) the missions in these "competitive districts" would be as dynamic as they are in the "real" districts, but you would also have a modicum of familiarity that you can build up easier with controlled areas. one possibly idea is that when teams get matched they have a pre-match area in which they are shown the map with the prospective objectives on it, allowing them to plan how their mission will go (if it goes to plan, which it rarely does) the simple act of flipping the teams at half time (15 mins each way?) means that the match becomes inherently balanced, in the event of a draw you go off of a set of win conditions in decreasing importance, Winner > Time > Points >K/A/D or something along those lines. throw in a league table with some points rating system (glicko2 or whatever) and you have a neat little measuring stick for our competitive community. no need for weapon restrictions or mission skipping, because "anything goes in APB" as everyone has just as much chance of using the same loadout to the same effect. (if you deal with the weapon issues as detailed in my other post about ARMAS) collaborative credit to the APB discord peoples : Explosion, Nitronik4ever, NotGoodAtNames
  13. Hello everyone ARMAS has guns, guns that you cant get in game, this makes people sad and shout pay2win, even if the guns are not great, it is still a bit of a bum deal. Proposal time! Any unique guns/cars in ARMAS should also be put into the Joker store for JTs, perhaps with a different unique skin, this curbs the pay2win somewhat since both are the same weapon. Any new base weapons /cars (1,2,3 Slot, Pre-mods) on ARMAS should be added to contacts or a contact (perhaps a Black Market salesman in social) for Lease in APB$, this keeps the flow of "new content" without the imbalance. Contact progression should be for cosmetics, new clothing options, a few weapon skins, new natives, decals, etc all mods should be available at the same time, possibly even get rid of the level 1 and 2 mods, just have a flat set of modifications available for purchase at <insert rank here> from the Black Market contact. Pre-modded weapons should be rank locked to whatever rank their mod is obtainable, other than that it's just if you can afford the lease. so in summary, Everyone has access to all weapons, ARMAS is "pay to progress" for people with more money than time, Joker Store and Contacts are grind for for people with more Time than Money. no one loses out, everyone is better off, leases of items will lead to purchases when people run out of time because they are earning money. Winning. Merge. whilst we are at it, Add something like a weekly point accumulator for the factions (pledge to any contact, earn points during missions) at the end of each week, anyone who reached goals gets a sudo joker box (or even just an actual joker box) giving them a weekly chance at winning a big prize for practically no effort other than playing the game. you could add many rewards to faction contacts (cosmetics) and people would gladly grind them, other people would just be happy to earn things whilst playing.
  14. back in my day we ain't had no Devil Dogs all we did was go to Suji's then they change Suji's and now we go to the Club, but someone put a cardboard cutout up there and now it's cool or something. i say move that cardboard cutout and your keep your devil dogs away from "safe areas"
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