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  1. Seem's like there are still a few issues to address, but you are guaranteed that this community will find anything wrong (if its a problem for us) i'm just glad the whole thing is being looked at, its been ridiculous for so long, it was getting to the point where i was actually happy to pay the price of a brand new game for the next clothing set, sort of a Stockholm Syndrome effect...
  2. could be a good idea, you character is account bound, to the point that in any game from the same company uses the same characters, at least as a base, then you can have a nice "social hub" game ... and almost use it as a launcher... the metaverse
  3. GTA Created by David Jones who at DMA, DMA split into Rockstar and RTW, RTW with David Jones, Created APB... i'd say Cousins works there, maybe i should have said Half Brother? do you mean player base or like code base, because LO are doing the same thing with FE that they are doing with APB, have you seen matts posts over there? might be one day FE becomes a popular MMO
  4. LO are redoing FE as well so chances are it might do one day. i know, but it still makes me chuckle that it could be them, sitting there laughing evilly about how they are stomping down on their cousin, afraid that they might one day stand up form themselves. it has be prophesied! (maybe... im sure someone has said it)
  5. boggles my mind that there are some people out there who still seem dedicated to shutting down APB, they really must have some life issues for this to be an important task for them to complete. i reckon its Rockstar, only logical explanation, they dont want APB to succeed under new management and eclipse GTA, because if APB works, then FE will work and it has a sort of post apocalyptic wild west theme, so can pull away the RD lot. Good luck and power through these DDoSsssesss i don't play often any more, but when i do, i still enjoy the game.
  6. Seadee

    Map Change Global Events

    exactly why i said it wouldn't work in this version of the game, it's something that might be an idea to include in a future version, probably the one built on UE4.0 . this version of UE is barely able to function as an actual shooter, let alone a dynamic event driven map adjuster
  7. Seadee

    Map Change Global Events

    it's definitely not a thing to do half arsed, but i'd like to think the seasonal events and test events they keep doing are helping refine the mechanics so that it can work without being game breaking, i imagine this sort of thing appearing well into UE3.5 or even in UE4.0 it's not something i'd expect to be put into the current game.
  8. Seadee

    Map Change Global Events

    that's an interesting idea, perhaps they could and you decide if you want to defend or attack it, could just as easily work for enforcers in such a way that the attacking Enfo's think the point is tactically important and shouldnt be messed with. though i'd imagine perhaps at least 2 points one in an Enfo area and one in a Crim area would be active allowing players to both attack and defend, earning rewards either way.
  9. Seadee

    Map Change Global Events

    An idea i had been toying around with for other projects and i figured it might be nice to mention here just in case it is useful or perhaps inspirational for future versions of APB. if you ever plan to updated Maps, perhaps make it so that the players have to interact with the areas that are being updated, a global event as such, rather than just flat out change the map and expect everyone to deal with it. the initial though that triggered this for APB was .. Seadee: maybe fix the highway, i mean i know roadworks take a while but its been YEARS Whiskey: never seen a construction worker there tho Seadee: we'd only kill them if there were Whiskey: exactly so with that in mind, you decide you are going to fix the highway, put in the missing segments and join it up to change the map dynamic, you set an event up before you apply these changes to the map. Crim's have to kill the workers, because it disrupts the city and throws it into chaos, enforcers protect, after a few weeks of this back and forth, the map is updated, rewards are given out for participation, you could have the relevant "defenders" dependent upon the area of the map that is being modified, you could even go as far as having an Alternative art style depending on who wins, you could then work that into an event in the long run. Personally i always like the idea of a dynamic event driven environment, even something as simple as number of footfalls should effect the environment. Hypothetical game here : two towns either side of a forest, both player built, players move between towns to sell and buy goods, a lot of people will follow a set path, quickest path, so this one becomes worn (like real life) then you get to a "critical mass" and enact a sort of road building event, where npc's are making a proper road (thematically for the game) mobs try to stop them, you stop the mobs, the road will build regardless, but it will be faster if the guys dont die all the time, you now have a real road, maybe things move faster on real roads, even if you didn't do an event and just every few patches you took the stats and updated the environment, town is bigger because more players hang out there, roads appear due to traffic between towns, more monsters attack because of higher available sustenance (people) tl:dr - you set a plan for bits of the map to change, have some sort of event, certain areas are Enfo or Crim, so those are the defenders in their respective areas, run this global event for a month before the patch that will update the map, boom everyone "feels" involved, gets some sort of reward and its "lore appropriate"
  10. Seadee

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1074) discussion

    you are not alone and yes the T25 would probably be what i would give them, or the Dolton Montane just to keep it to more of a "starter" feel.
  11. I am quite happy to hand asses to people, i'm there sitting in gold waiting for opp and get nothing, i've got to step down to silver just to get any kind of opposition, it's almost never a fair match. people need to get their asses kicked for a while to even out their score, thats why they have such a problem, they THINK they are better than they are, i know there are many people better than me, who i just cant compete against, but its fun to play them because hard mode is best mode. all those people who are clearly higher skilled but for some reason ENJOY playing in those low ranges, i just dont get... do they start a new game then select easy mode and after completing the game reassure themselves with a pat on the back and a job well done? pah sickens me, now i dont mind when people ARE that "bad" at a game, but it's easy to tell in APB that most are just poopy butt holes, fair match making WILL "upset" those people, but at the end of the day they dont deserve the chance to whine about "fair" match making when they spend their time messing up the system. the whole system doesnt work BECAUSE of the people who make it their business to be poor sportspersons. RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH tl:dr - yeah and they deserve everything they get.
  12. Minor solution to save hurt feelings, as soon as your rank changes to gold, you get kicked from that district and are no longer able to join it. this of course makes all sorts of people cry, which is why the real solution is to have a better spread of skill districts rather than a hard gold silver bronze, you'd need a Intermediary district for each of the levels as a transition zone, but to do that effectively you need better control over where you can put and how you match people. tl:dr - when LO make cross district match making a thing, you will find all this issue disappear.
  13. Seadee

    New SPCT team

    Nah you are one of the good guys, wouldn't hate on you for being passionate about the game. sure there is a lot more to it, but it certainly is a good indicator, i know that at least 4 of the people in the list are passionate about the game on a level that goes beyond healthy, i'm sure the others are similarly afflicted. i'm quite passionate about the game, i know quite a lot about it, but i wouldnt say i'm terrible skilled at it, i've also lost a lot in my reactions because of my lack of time to play the thing, as soon as my kids dont want my attention any more i'll be back... can LO keep it going for another 15 years?
  14. Seadee

    New SPCT team

    Why are you confused? it was a passive aggressive joke at the people who spent a lot of time saying how they hate the game and that they don't play it any more, yet for some reason sit around on the forums all day making posts. and i would say that time spent playing the game and learning it would show a person with game knowledge significantly more than quantity of forum posts...
  15. Seadee

    New SPCT team

    since when was forum posts the benchmark for actively playing a game? if anything, going by some of the more frequent posters here, i'd say its a good indicator of NOT playing the game. most of the choices have clear reasons to me and they are more to do with ability in game and their wealth of extensive knowledge due to the amount of no-lifing they do (no offence guys) if they quoted their total hours of APB played then i'm sure it would dwarf the majority of people here right now, especially when you consider that some of those names have been around since the very start. And tbh, you'd probably want to balance the game around a team that knows what they are doing together, avoids problems with combinations that you cant see from just numbers.