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  1. this is why i've always had a smooth experience in APB, overclock the shit out of my CPU regardless of requirement, last build was a Intel Core i5 4690K Processor (3.5 GHz, 6 MB Cache, LGA1150 Socket) which i have overclocked to 4.5ghz (a quick google shows i could get it to 4.9ghz) couple with decent ram and an SSD, ive never had a single issue playing APB, even from RTW days i had a core duo overclocked to 4ghz... so i've only been saying this for about 9 years ...
  2. i dont think they are temporary... like the snowball cannon and all that? they are just available at certain times, if its the ones with random mods, that's purely the mods that do it. i'm not saying it's impossible, but i bet it's a lot more work than spinning up a district with a slightly different weapon set, since THAT already exists as a function in the server.
  3. It's done like this because the district has the weapon information, its server based, so you'd have to make multiple variants of the same weapon to be able to mail them to everyone, which would cause a headache further down the line
  4. Oh look a thread that says "we are putting these here to test, please test them" which is followed by people saying "these changes suck" despite not testing it ... it's almost as if everyone wants things to change for the better but purely want to rely on incomplete information to perfectly balance everything ... just test and give actual feedback back and then LO will adjust things again and eventually we will have a whole load of perfectly balance weapons that we can all enjoy or you could could all moan about everything that ever gets given to you, miserable sods.
  5. yeah i was unsure about the 280 and 290 icons. but i like to think of it as an overall improvement, since the original icons get more stars or diamonds then one big one or something special, then Reloaded just made up a bunch of random icons, which actually could have suited for the base of at least the next 5-10 rank sets ...
  6. not that it matters, but i just felt like doing it...
  7. mongoose to their snake ... @CookiePuss i'd love the little fella as my rank, OMG in game vanity pet snake or mongoose that fight each other in social when idle!!! this is where its at !
  8. system already exists ... its how they gave out prizes in RTW before G1 scrapped it. Clans and Players have or at least HAD a score that was tracked, weekly and possibly monthly (i cant remember now) and you would get a mail with an item, better you did the better the prize pool your item came from, i tended to sell them on the market for premium currency. SOOoooo logically, if the code is still there, re-enable it and the scoreboard, dump out the JT's as prizes.
  9. Are you actually DarkZero? you seem very pessimistic about this.
  10. depends who you talk to, a financial director would argue that there is a very reasonable reason, probably something along the lines of "to pay for everything" JT's for wins would be great, more JT's for wins if you had premium would be nice too. not locked behind a paid service, but improved by it, because why shouldn't people who pay to play have an easier time getting what they want from the game, otherwise bin premium completely as its totally pointless.
  11. I'm well aware what rank and threat are and mean, dont need to pretend you are giving anything new away here, as it stands matchmaking doesnt work, wont work, cant work until the EU happens, upon which point a selection of technologies will be unleashed. until that happens, we have broken APB to deal with, what we know is that you can spawn districts, we know you could in theory, limit who can join districts based on certain things... maybe if they could limit districts based on Account play time it would work much easier, but again, people could just make a "smurf" ... nothing stopping them doing it now, or in the future even if match making did work, the people who want to beat noobs will always want to do that, i guess they find it rewarding to punch invalids too... you are right about the Fuster Cluck though can't side step that issue atm, Just trying to work the system we have to make things a little more organised?? new players vs veteran players (even if the same actual skill) is a big no for player retention, in a game that looks like you are more powerful with a higher rank (new players will associate rank with level and level with having more op stuff)
  12. at this point i dont even know what you are saying any more... my OP is about how LO could make life easier for EVERYONE for matchmaking purposes, not make the game easier, as in, make it less of a cluster buck than it is right now.
  13. that's exactly how it works!? Match against people your skill level, beat them enough, your skill level goes up, match against people who were higher than you before, try to beat them, beat them, keep going up, that's literally how matchmaking should and does work... it's not appealing to low skilled people, its changing the game so EVERYONE fights who they are SUPPOSED to fight in an effort to make the game BETTER FOR EVERYONE. you have a bit of an obsession with "low skill players" if anything, you sound a bit too salty about this whole thing and i cant see a reason why you should be.
  14. Statistically, its mostly silver, that was stated at the point the threat system changed and it completely obvious when you look at the distribution of districts, it's neither here nor there as the make up of the skill spectrum has no bearing on my actual idea, as if there are in fact more gold players then there would be more gold districts to play in, easy. i also don't disagree with you that the game is designed for people who enjoy a challenge and put forward a decent amount of skill, the Bronze and Silver ranks are (personally speaking) just the stepping stones to get you prepared for the actual game (Gold) but there are people who are not as skilled as some who find it a challenge to be silver, some even find bronze a challenge, being "soft" has nothing to do with skill, its their attitude, i've seen plenty of high ranked golds who are "soft" .
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