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  1. i didnt get chance to log in, so i'd be fine with giving it to everyone who attended/logged in during that time rather than just everyone, seems unfair for those who didnt log in to get a reward for something they had no part of.
  2. Seadee

    Is faction segregation overrated in FC?

    it only improves on the already dull fight club experience making balanced teams and allowing it to actually possibly be useful in the future for more mini game modes. I approve. ruining immersion... they are talking about fight club, it's basically got nothing to do with APB as a game concept, might as well be a different thing completely
  3. i know harassment is not a nice thing, but really? "salty whispers" from some kid saying that you suck because you beat them, are people really that delicate these days that a bit of childish behaviour gets to them this much? i mean logically think about it, YOU suck because THEY lost? what does that make them? ... if its physical abuse, what do you think they are getting out of it, if you don't react to their behaviour or you just move onto something else then you take away their fun, they want you to rage about it, just take a breath, mentally tell them to get stuffed and play on, elsewhere, or not at all. really is a waste of time getting hung up on these issues, especially in an online game, it's not like the person knows where you live or meets you in real life where you can no escape, even then, you call the police or contact the appropriate adults (if you are still a kid) report them, take screen shots, if its against ToS they will be banned, move on with your life and become a stronger person and remember they are the only losers in this scenario.
  4. just get it next year.
  5. on the OTW wasnt it? not released released.
  6. no one can ever win this, 4 years from now, i will remember the thread and Necro it, you might as well just give up now.
  7. Why? Why? Why? What? Why exactly? What? Why? Be more constructive with your feedback, please, why? Why? so you don't want the game to be fair for vet players and more accessible for new players as well as potentially increasing revenue in a constructive way so that it can keep being developed and become the game we want to love? If you think having OP weapons and winning because of crutches is the "purpose" of the game, then i think you might have missed the point a bit.
  8. it sounds trivial but you are not wrong, even if its the CR5 3 slot (thats gold isnt it) people still think its something different, i mean one way to possibly solve that (which would require some effort of sorts) would be to allow you to inspect players from the scoreboard, then have ACTUAL weapon stats in the weapon profiles. so they can look and see "oh its just an ntec" Maybe, but then that would be slightly counter productive, who would pay for anything if they can grind the perm for free? you've still got to make it worth spending real money on the game, but you have to make it so that those players are not at an advantage when it comes to PvP. proper match making can fix this sort of issue as well, if it accounts for all weapons and equipment that that player has immediately available to them (as in all weapons/mods/cars in your inventory/locker) as well as their skill level, spread across the whole player base, not just the one district, but that is a different conversation for a different thread.
  9. but the problem is that people on the outside dont give the game a chance, because it doesnt look like it warrants it. LO need to make the game appear as it is and iron any discrepancies out, there is no point trying to defend it by saying things like "well its not that bad" it either is or it isnt, at the moment even though its only marginal and its a nothingness because of how the majority play the game, there are people out there who take one look and see the differences and say "nope thats p2w" If for example, every item you can lease on ARMAS had a Joker Ticket Cost as well as the G1C value, then people could see that you can buy them in game as well as with real cash and anyone who looked at the shop to see if its "pay to win" would see that you have everything available to you. there are many other things and ideas that i'm sure everyone has about how to make the game more transparent for new players, i'm just throwing a few of mine out, being a big fan of "this game is not pay to win" i want to make it so everyone can see the game with the correct mindset. sure it wont stop everyone bitching, thats what being human is, but it will help.
  10. Nice suggestions, an important thing to remember with it is not to make it too imbalanced in game terms for premium and none premium players, other than that the world is their oyster. if the benefits for premium went beyond "making your outfit that one time" then more people would maintain it, which means free players (from a business sense) would have more support. as much as people say things like "but i bought guns" or "i had premium" at the end of the day, if you are not signed up for premium you cant be count as projected funding. if people sub for premium there is a set income for that month and can easily be projected, from a business point of view it makes more sense to make premium attractive and free play not so attractive, but this should never be done at the detriment of actual enjoyment of the game for all players regardless of money spent. this is not a discussion about if the game is pay to win, it's only mentioned purely because of the sort of posts you think you are responding to. because of the minor mechanics that really dont make any difference, but cause the perception of pay to win, people slather it with the brush and force the rest of us to make posts like yours. i'm not saying you are wrong, i dont think the game is pay to win, i think there are aspects which could be fixed, there ARE weapons that are considered straight upgrades and are thus better than standard counterparts which you can only get on ARMAS (if these WERE actually pay2win EVERYONE would have them) but when you consider the most common and most useful weapon in the game is an NTEC followed closely by the HVR, CR762 and OCA, you quickly realise how the game is just a bit wonky. but thats the problem, its not US who have to be convinced, its the new players who come on for 30 mins, get crushed, then complain that the game is p2w, write a review on a website, which slanders the game and no one else plays it again. TL:DR - i agree, its not p2w, but it looks like p2w if you dont pay attention properly, which is most people who are new to the game, fix those discrepancies, fix the perception of imbalance.
  11. that could work, only reason i suggested bonus JT was because of games like PS2 where the "premium" option gives you Credits to spend (though i suppose that's like paying $10 a month and getting 500g1c as part of the package)
  12. Premium is nice, i like it, i work and i dont have the time to grind away endlessly at games anymore, with that in mind, the way premium works is also not particularly useful for people who work all the time, but that is life right, you pay for 30 days and use a total of 6 days worth (wow and other monthly sub games are just as guilty its normal) but you also have that issue where Premium lets you "pay to win" by giving you a bonus cool down, extra rep, extra cash and a discount for ARMAS (p2w city amirite?) i dont totally agree with the p2w ethos, the most used weapons are all available in game, ARMAS lets you skip the grind (good for those who want to play without grinding) unique weapons however should be available in game and not just in ARMAS, JMB's should be available to purchase in game some how or the legendary items in themselves available (or a version of, say the same stats and mods but a less flamboyant skin/model) if premium gave the rep/cash bonus and also a set amount of Joker Tickets per 30 days time purchased (based on an average player's grind) but then you removed (or gave everyone) the cool down for orange mods (this quelling some of the p2w) whilst also putting "less legendary" weapons into the Joker Store, priced appropriately, as well as certain mods, kits and clothes ( leaving Vanity items, New or Fancy Car Kits, Clothing, Remodels of weapons in the ARMAS store) you could give a reason to have Premium and also stop a lot of the p2w nonsense. tl:dr - Premium - Give cooldown to everyone even none premium, Give set amount of Joker tickets to premium holders for every 30 days the buy, continue getting Bonus to grindables. Joker Store - base models of weapons (3 slots/"less than legendary"/unique) to LEASE, some plain/old clothing items, car kits and a selection of mods/consumables ARMAS - Remodels of weapons (3 slots) Legendary JMB (gamble aware) and Unique to BUY, all Clothing items, Car kits, Cars, ETC Both stores have the same meaningful impact, ARMAS just has more vanity items and permanent options that are more accessible for people who don't have the time to grind.
  13. just make them all the same (JT and Reward versions), getting the as rewards means you don't have to grind joker tickets.
  14. hey everyone is entitled to have opinions and ideas, leave the guy alone, at least he is trying!