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  1. Newbplay

    Something is going on with hit reg...

    almost dethreated (not on purpose) from this no hit reg problem. i sware it felt like enemies had kevlar15 equipped
  2. Newbplay


    cash cash cash xd
  3. Newbplay


    you get unbanned. whats the first thing you do in APB when you log in to your account? :^) /yell IM BACK BITCHES
  4. yea why dont they just throw out unreal engine 4.0 and along with that 1000G1C for everyone while at it with your demand.
  5. a lot of fun(boring) stuff going on here with a dose of borderline bronze gameplay by my side. will be streaming verry soon probably these days tune in and get your IQ lowered!
  6. oca and osmaw all the way bruv.
  7. at least it will be fun to have a goal(for some, not all) in the game to make money back and JT-s too
  8. i see some people bitching about their apb$ and jk tickets going away, well guys you need to realise that a month and a half /two months ago you couldn't imagine this. your accounts getting unbanned, new anti cheat, upcoming changes. be gratefull you got your accounts back + new anticheat system. thank you LO
  9. guess i should use it wisely then
  10. i think you can check if you are unbanned here. for me it says this. guess i'll wait
  11. well the title says it all, i think LO is promising? or am i wrong?