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  1. hello i made a frag movie subscriep thx.
  2. Newbplay


    *Clap* Yes *Clap*
  3. it would be nice if they added some time in the future, new EMOTES that let you inspect your wielding gun like in csgo and some other games, lets say they make it as one command /inspectgun which has different animations depending on the gun you have equipped currently.
  4. i always wanted to try some New and kinky stuff so im wondering how does/does it at all affect ntec? the heavy barrel mod. i equipped hb2 on my ntec and i dont think it does anything special
  5. imagine beeing a dumbfvck and buying this weapon account wide because of its looks and after a minute realising how bad it is
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3fterm=You%2bNeed%2bHelp&amp=true
  7. you need help and i dont mean customer support kind of help
  8. imagine this. you walk into a Mcdonalds, you see a lot of people in the waiting line. you stand at the end of the line yea? and u are waiting for so long that you start yelling at the staff to hurry up and to fix you a meal cuz ur hungry. BUT WAIT, you arent even at the counter yet??? you are in the waiting line yet you expect to be served ASAP. the staff would dismiss you as the annoying one and wouldnt even try to help you as quickly as possible. hope this will maybe help you since you dont understand normal english
  9. bro i just stopped reading when you complained on the waiting time BRO i waited a month. A MONTH and THEN i double texted tro try to get a responce, and waited another week or so to get a single reply to them. and you dont see me complaining here.
  10. hahahahahaha hahahahahahah hahahahahaha hahahaha HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA try the rfp with ir3 before it gets nerfed and then tell me its not OP jeez almost lost my shit here, u saying there is no OP guns
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