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  1. By the way, I met with similar game when my account was stolen, I waited 3 months for all these disassemblies to pass
  2. Bro, I didn’t understand anything in that regard, since the buzz gives me the wrong translation and I have to wrestle
  3. HAHA I don't go to McDonald's. And in such similar eateries. If I stand in line at the store I am silent but, fuzzy bunny wait for a ticket for 17 days is not normal. Seriously, I don’t give a damn about this Colby 45, even if I at least return the volat, I’ll buy another weapon for myself. You, too, a genius, cite as an example a live queue that can last a maximum of one hour and the turn in support is such an example
  4. Fucking dude, 12 support tickets are hanging on my support. And the difference is zero Yes, I read and therefore decided to make a very rude joke
  5. Today, September 1, I declare mourning support as 17 days have passed since the ticket was submitted and no one answered. So I was right to know that the Chinese killed the support team.
  6. This is her job. After all, she is a technical administrator.
  7. We are not terrible people, just you live in a completely different way for us, the prices in Armas for half of the country's population are really high and when this happens and nothing is done it starts to enrage because our population has an average salary of $ 300 and how it doesn’t get angry for the first time didn’t come then to buy a new one when the support does not take measures? What do we do? Do you say mmm? I currently live on a benefit of $ 100, you think it’s a lot for our country, it’s not such a thing, as I repeat again I can live for $ 15 for 1 week
  8. Maybe for you 15 dollars is a penny but for these 15 dollars I can live a week
  9. You know, I live in Russia and compared to this, these are still flowers
  10. You will help me all. You are no one and you can’t help me What's wrong with me? Haha funny question. Everything is fine with me. This is not all right with the bosses of this game. oh weird are you Europeans
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