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  1. Then why did Matt two times announce when a riot would appear, and that didn't happen twice? Not ready = do not say, do not announce. By your logic, you can justify old G1 with their "first quarter of 2014" Support works equally badly throughout the year. 30 days - is incredibly long.
  2. Just the facts: The end of May. No RIOT mode. (You, @MattScott personally promised us a new mode, first in March and then in the first half of May. You did not keep the word twice.) No new engine OTW. (and even no screenshots! Imagine how far we are from OTW if they still cant even show screenshots.) No support.
  3. - Add cars. But they should be rare (So that players perceive the car as a value) Cars should be scattered around the map, ~10 pieces for the whole map. - Add any sounds. Without sounds, the game looks damp, there is no atmosphere. Just silence. - fix spectator mode.
  4. You said old equipment is outdated and there were problems. Also, you said that players should not experience a decrease or increase in performance. Have you moved to a new (other) equipment, or to the same servers that were before? It is also interesting, have the IP addresses changed the server login? (If you have changed - please tell me. Players from one of the Russian countries 2 years used to experience connection problems due to an IP blocking error)
  5. This is the only live section on the forums. Sorry, mods.
  6. Good time to get rid of Fallen Earth, @MattScott I reason from a business point of view - I dont think that FE will ever cease to be an extra burden on your shoulders. Little Orbit - is a small company with a large number of projects under development today: Unsing Story, Descent (for the price of AAA games), APB and Fallen Earth. I think you took too much upon yourself. You can't handle. At a time when support responds for 1-2 months, you are simultaneously developing 4 games, and call yourself GamersFirst. Publish derogatory support statistics, as if you can't do anything about it. Nothing personal, but if you do not cope with the task that can be solved by increasing the number of employees, and publish support statistics - stop doing it. Just ignoring this question would be more ethical than every two weeks to shrug, as if you do not know how to solve the problem. I dont expect an answer, but I’ll just ask: under what conditions did you buy the G1? Or maybe it was not a purchase, but a merger? Your approach is identical to the old G1 approach. (old G1 also talked to us. They talked while they were fine. I do not see any differences between old G1 and new G1. They also liked to take more projects and not cope with them)
  7. I click on the pre-order button on the main page Gamersfirst and an error appears https://www.gamersfirst.com/descent/pre-order I wanted so badly to buy this masterpiece for $39. It was a great price @MattScott We hope that the excellent sales of Descent will not affect the reduction of resources for the development of APB
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