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  1. But first I want to look at the riot. tell me: is he beautiful? Will not my random team consist of a golden me, and three silver ones? I suppose that if the matchmaking system is used in the riot as in ordinary missions, it is impossible to win a solo victory. Tell me that the Riot is designed for beginners, and not for grandmasters with 10000000hours in apb. Sorry.
  2. Don't pretend like you don't understand anything. Wherever age from 18 is required - you cannot create an account / enter the site from the very beginning. Example - https://www.rockstargames.com/V/restricted-content/agegate/form?redirect=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rockstargames.com%2FV%2F&options=&locale=en_us Facebook, twitter, phub, etc. This should not be a trap.
  3. Hi. 1. High toop bots ( https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=65&subcatID=208&productId=1516 ) You can add to the basket (probably you can and buy) many times. 2. Weapon packs ( https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/index.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=63&subcatID=204 ) worth up to 2000G1C have the old prices in the description (the prices of the goods you changed, but did not take into account the description) 3. You will soon add a new mode battleroyale, respectively, waiting for the influx of players. Right? Remove the "trap" in which new players fall who have indicated an age less than 18 at registration and cannot enter the game. You can technically prevent the creation of an account, if you specify an age less than 18. 4. You find time to edit such insignificant things, but you don’t find really important things: user convenience. I can hear someone give the command to fix it. LOLOLOLOL 5. About two weeks ago I noticed that the Reloaded Productions logo appeared on the LO website. I was waiting for news - but they did not follow. Therefore, I am writing this here. @MattScott earned more money and bought RP? The fact that the RP had not been with the LO before, is indicated by two factors: 1. Matt said that RP was not part of the purchase. 2. Immediately after the purchase of G1, the RP logo disappeared from the APB bootloader from the site. There appeared (and now it is) a logo LO.
  4. Graphics in apb and so normal. With the exception of disgusting daytime shaders (UE 3.5 fix it). You guys forget that APB is a competitive game. Only PvP. She does not need modern graphics. This game is at the bottom of all 10 years not because of the graphics, but because of its root features, such as copies of districts, incorrect progression (STRONG restrictions on rank), a visually complex interface / lack of a normal tutorial. Together with the graphics, let's add realistic physics to the machines. Add motorcycles, helicopters. Remove the color change of sight on the target, breaking car windows... YEEAAAHHH!!!
  5. You are static. None of you say yes or no on some question. You are always neutral, as if you have no opinion. 0 initiatives.
  6. Why do the SPCT express their loyalty in ANY question?)))
  7. By the way, yes. Current LO is G1. Now on the site LO is listed Reloaded Productions: http://littleorbit.com/ I remember Matt saying that the RP was not part of the purchase ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ (but if you download the APB from site, for example, the RP logo in the bootloader has changed to the LO logo. What happened recently? LO decided to buy and RP? Personally, I'm more worried about the name of the game. After updating the engine you need to change it. No one will know that the game has changed, if it will have the old name and logo.
  8. Well, since the battle royale appears in the APB - I want the battle pass. @MattScott A battle royale cannot be a battle royale if there is no battle pass in it. You want to battle pass in APB battle riot royale?
  10. Some players managed to launch an upcoming riot-map and place intriguing screenshots. It would seem to be a normal practice when data miners find secret information in the game files and publish it. If the patch is on the OTW, then it is no longer so secret and internal. This cannot be considered a leak and removed. And where you can not delete - ask to delete. Nobody leaks - the players themselves found the card in the files and launched it. Okay? The position of LO on this issue is not clear to me. In addition, RIOT has already been officially presented and will appear in the coming month. The mode is already ready, except for small details. What the players found in the files is, in fact, the final product, not the alpha-prototype. Why is it removed? Tell us. Even personally, my comment with a screenshot was deleted here yesterday on the forum.
  11. Stupid to compare GTA and APB. Naturally, the company purchased the game for a reason. Any company, even the most inept - she will try to pull the game from the bottom.
  12. Prices have always been like this. There almost every week there were discounts throughout its existence. Prices have been equally low always. Before they made the armas free, they made a copy of the base.
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