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  1. the team has been made aware of it and is investigating it so we can resolve it for you all
  2. this is a more recent issue, the team has been made aware of it and is investigating it so we can resolve it for you all
  3. we are investigating the current issues and will work to resolve them as quickly as we can. update: issue has been resolved.
  4. we just had a restart to clear up some issues. it should be working again already.
  5. as some of you will have already noticed, this issue has been resolved and we are back online fully. our apologies for the unexpected down time. - ComFeyer
  6. i want to thank your all for your discussions so far on our 2022 roadmap. i have gone ahead and merged the various discussion threads and will pin this one so it is easier for people to spot. for those who might have missed it, the roadmap was posted by @MattScott on our news posts: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2022/1/29/apb-2022-roadmap - ComFeyer
  7. we should be coming back up in a little bit. our apologies for the downtime/frustrations.
  8. we will be getting a restart very shortly. this should resolve the issue.
  9. our apologies for the abrupt disconnect, the team is restarting various aspects to improve the experience.
  10. hi there, matt has been traveling in europe since oct 11th so it's been a bit trickier to keep us all updated. he did recently stop by the discord to share a small update, which starts here. there is a bit of chatting after this, but the update itself is this: the link to the video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iuqzmfu7x8dlm27/2021-10-31_14-58-52.mp4?raw=1 - ComFeyer
  11. for now i am going to suggest using the apb.exe in the binaries folder ("APB Reloaded\Binaries\APB.exe") to launch the game. if it worked earlier this week this should work for you. could i get one or more of you folks to send me the launcher.log (located in "APB Reloaded\Launcher\launcher.log") to me in a dm? that way we can look into this in more detail and see what's actually going on.
  12. can you check in the taskmanager to see if there's still one of apb's processes running? this will likely be either apb.exe, apb_be.exe or vivoxvoiceservice.exe and terminate that. should that still not allow you to fully go through the launcher a restart of the pc should resolve the issue fully.
  13. if the game itself is up to date launching it from the apb.exe in the binaries folder should always work. what else is shown in the launcher when it shows 'error'? the launcher will always try to scan and repair the client if a 'bad exit' was detected last time, so that aspect of it is quite normal.
  14. nothing to worry about, sakebee is currently enjoying some time off. sakebee will be back to posting soon enough.
  15. hi there, the best way to go about getting your key if you didn't get it would be to contact our support team on https://support.gamersfirst.com or directly via email on support@gamersfirst.com. be sure to include your backer number so our team can verify your info faster and they'll be sure to get you sorted out - ComFeyer
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