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  1. nothing to worry about, sakebee is currently enjoying some time off. sakebee will be back to posting soon enough.
  2. hi there, the best way to go about getting your key if you didn't get it would be to contact our support team on https://support.gamersfirst.com or directly via email on support@gamersfirst.com. be sure to include your backer number so our team can verify your info faster and they'll be sure to get you sorted out - ComFeyer
  3. it opened a few minutes ago, but keep in mind this is only a single financial instance that's open for this stress test
  4. in total we will be looking at a lot more, but the things mentioned by matt were fixes that needed to happen asap to allow players to test more things or were breaking the gameplay
  5. are you using steam or email and password? steam won't work on the testing environment
  6. that would be the issue, i don't believe steam login is active on the testing servers. you'll have to use email and password
  7. are you logging in with steam or email and password
  8. we're doing a few changes and restarts. we should be back up and running in 5-10 minutes
  9. seeing more and more people log in, give it a few minutes and then try again. let us know if it works then
  10. was this before or after 9:15 am utc?
  11. are you still getting that now, can you recheck?
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