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  1. it opened a few minutes ago, but keep in mind this is only a single financial instance that's open for this stress test
  2. in total we will be looking at a lot more, but the things mentioned by matt were fixes that needed to happen asap to allow players to test more things or were breaking the gameplay
  3. are you using steam or email and password? steam won't work on the testing environment
  4. that would be the issue, i don't believe steam login is active on the testing servers. you'll have to use email and password
  5. are you logging in with steam or email and password
  6. we're doing a few changes and restarts. we should be back up and running in 5-10 minutes
  7. seeing more and more people log in, give it a few minutes and then try again. let us know if it works then
  8. was this before or after 9:15 am utc?
  9. are you still getting that now, can you recheck?
  10. yes, that is intended behavior. it's downloading the latest files.
  11. from the wording in the newsletter and blog this will be nonstop.
  12. there seems to have occurred an issue, but we'll get those up and running as soon as we can
  13. the jericho sessions will be happening at 6:00pm pt and at 10:00 pm pt we will be announcing the districts a bit closer to the specified times most likely in-game
  14. we will be running more minigames today as mentioned before. these will be in the bronze and gold instances on citadel. if whatever gold district that becomes populated fills up just join one of the other gold districts and we'll queue there as well we'll post later on for the timings on jericho but that should be the same as before.
  15. the next one will indeed be taking place at 10:00 pm pt on jericho
  16. a latencytest can be started from the /latencytest command ingame. this will automatically run a 10 minute test and save those results to a .csv file in your game directory which is usually in c:\program files (x86)\gamersfirst\apb reloaded\apgame\logs this test can also be stopped before the 10 minutes is up by running the command again. upload this file to a file hosting or directly to the message to sakebee and add any additional information (server, instance, date, time, ...). you can make a message to sakebee directly from this link.
  17. we are still able to play on our private accounts as well, but those names will remain a mystery
  18. the message you sent and my reply to it, as a way to clear this up. [District][LAPDAlonzo]: hey GM you guys should allow the new engine upgrade to be release for a beta public test for 4 days, good idea? [District][<GM>ComFeyer]: lapd, we do plan to have a public testing period with the new engine no part of my reply has any indication of when that test will happen or how long that might be. i can understand wanting this to happen sooner rather than later, but please do not twist my words to make it appear so.
  19. the eu servers are currently spun up in our new york servers while we are working to get the eu servers fully sorted out. they were stuck in customs, as mentioned by matt previously. once those servers are all sorted out we will be bringing citadel back to the eu servers and then jericho should have both of the na locations available. video evidence can always be sent in, preferably via the support reports. keep in mind that any evidence needs to be verified and fully investigated for actions to possibly be taken based on it.
  20. i prefer to just do my work in peace without having to post on the public forums. i'll leave that to our mods and the staff.
  21. oh, hi there. Thank you all for tuning into the Q&A stream. For those of you that might have missed the Q&A stream, you can re-watch the full video on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/478716864 Or Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKvAdRXOeYY @Kevkof was kind enough to make a full transcript for those of you that want to read through the answers instead: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/11052-second-apb-reloaded-qa-videos/?do=findComment&comment=144943
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