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  1. I've been looking for a group or clan or just someone to RPing for a long time. All i found is dead today, all forums, all blogs, all groups... all dead. Finally I decided RPing alone. Your character can join my character, Tefrak, if you want. Just contact him in game, sending a 'RP letter' using mailboxes please. Your character could ask him if he could craft a rare item or something else. I've also started to write a Tefrak's journal here: Guilded: Fallen Earth Roleplay.
  2. Hi! I am looking for the same
  3. Morning from Spain, Today I was playing normally and then I go out to get supplies (in real life). When I come back I couldn't connect. "Unable to connect. Please check your internet connection." message appears in start console... but I have a good internet connection. Anyone knows what happned? Thanks,
  4. ¡Muy buenas! Viendo que este fantástico juego está de vuelta me he propuesto buscar jugadores de habla hispana, con los que formar un grupo enfocado en el roleo. ¡Si estás interesado escribe un comentario!
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