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  1. one thing i would love is the fallen earth companion app back
  2. yes please bring in swords so we not have to hear mushy constantly say that he wants a ap sword
  3. carrying mats from place to place is not the drama lol and i do have the vault upgrades. its holding enuf mats when i want to craft a full set of 30 for some items like those cit bunkers as i mentioned. why would i need cali when i already have 60% resistance and i can already tank dome 1-9, never tried 10. as for being a medic i am not good at healing others. i stick to what i am good at. and if ya making a medic in this game u would go nano that the best for healing others.
  4. yeah allot of people say that and when i have been asked to recommend a build on the discord for a rifle crafter for example all the builds i have looked at on there i did not like myself. and yet with that build even when i was only using vol redstones and vol meso suit i often had to tank events cause i would od maybe 90-95% of players (hell even when i been much lower lvl like lvl 40 i have oded other lvl 55 pistol users at cit and at 50 at outpost defence raids i have had to tank the boss cause of the same think. And with this terrible build as most people call it i can solo most of the games content as i have mentioned above which allot of players beg for help for. b4 g1 nerfs i did use some mutations and had a dif build but that was so long ago i cannot remember what it was but i know that they took out some skills i used to use and after their first nerf i was so unimpressed with the new mutations that i have this build ever since and it has worked out for me. yes i could remove 2 points in perception but 10 ap is not going to make any difference and as i do farm mats every bit of harvesting skills can help you get more from nodes. having some of the stats max do benefit me in other ways as well for example the high str means i can also carry more gear and even with that and the Muscular Regulator which i use for stamina regen but also gives str i cannot hold enuf mats to craft 30 cit bunkers for example at a time i think i can only craft 15 maybe at a time. and while as i said i do not like other peoples build if ya did watch my newbie vid i did say in that for people to look on the discord at the builds and to google as well to get an idea about how to build their character.
  5. at 55 this is it (from memory as the server is down atm for over 8 hrs lol) https://aethaeran.github.io/Fallen-Earth-Build-Planner/#3701364162626262626241C4010101C0010101C4C4C30101C48201010101010101010101 but at lower lvls : first i add pistol (then max perc first then dex) then i max intel then first aid the i work on armor use and its stats then power and then str then finally precision so like at 35 when i was soloing those bosses on viridis etc she would not have really had much precision but the rest of those skills would have been max for her lvl
  6. i do use armor use and power lol and i do not use dodge. if ya mean perception i do use that too as i do have maxed tradeskills and max pistol skills so i not am not limted by having to use a stance or items to use the lvl 55 pistols.
  7. i did not mention patch as it does have a 2 minute cooldown so not that useful and i am sure everyone body got it but i can use it when it is available at the same time as staunch wound and as i said if i am taking alot of damage i do use staunch wound more often. the cooldown for both staunch and bene is the same too so u can use it just as often. as for reso stanch wound comes with 12 points constant health regen which is 15 points less then reso but it is constant so does not need re spamming unlike reso which only last 5 seconds. and if i have to sacrifice 1 inventory spot for bandages for a better heal i think that is worth it. and as a pistol crafter i do not have to add ap to charisma just to use empathic as perception and intel are already maxed.
  8. ah i forgot the lb master/boss for the trav quest but i did do vids for grendels, a hulk commander at the camp just north of WC, the chem town masters at lvl 35 and due to the exp i got the briggs point masters at lvl 36 and then the super soldier world event boss. i did get some people say they could do the hulk commander at lvl 20 but my vids are not meant to show off my build as i not have a meta build etc they meant to show that the content is soloable even as a crafter etc. as for bene, staunch wound is a better self heal then bene, for example staunch wound 7 heals self for 256 while bene 9 heals self for 141. ofc there r differences between bene and staunch wound like with bene u can keep shooting while you heal but u cannot move i beleive while with staunch wound u cannot shoot but u can move so i reload when i heal and if i am getting hit allot i reload and heal earlier then a full clip etc. and as all my toons are pistol crafters (i have tried the other weapons b4 g1 came along and pistols was the last i tried and i loved it the best) putting ap into first aid is logical for me. the earth bound cave? is that the cave near blackridge? i have help others with it but never tried to solo it and thank you of reminding me of it i will have to give it a go. as for the terminal woods boss i do rememebr trying to solo earthwalker when he came out lol it did not go well. and i think its a snake boss down south who followed me while i was riding in the area minding my own business lol and killed me. i not tried them again and never tried the scavenger bosses or gored bosses either. but i have soloed a few of the boses in alpha county appart from dying to the southern Venomous Drocera which i uploaded a vid of i went and killed the northern one for a revenge vid and it was too easy at 55 tbh. appart from the boss in a tower i have heard of north of shackelton i not met the harder ones i know are the judge camp south of the traveler base cause of the bullet sponge vets and u goto fight the boss too and those vets respawn while u still fighting the bosss but its doable and t he all mind boss who is annoying. but i not done vids of those yet. i have done vids of lower lvl stuff as well like the sector 1 bosses and masters, a few of the sector 2 stuff as well that people have dramas with except for grinder i have heard a few exploits (but i refuse to use exploits or show others them) to beat him and tbh i have only tried to solo him once but to go back without a good strategy would be stupid.
  9. the only boss i know with bs attacks and i prob do not know all the bosses in the game is the final boss at the redstone facility for one of the instances t here that does 2 3k hits in like 1 second lol i not tried to solo cadejo at sector 3 level but thats cause he drains ya stamina and i heard gamma so u cannot sustain ya heals. i am slowly levelling viridis to make a video of the human league recruitment center and while the bosses there do have a ton of hp prob 30-50k lol the hardest part of that place is fighting the vets to get to the bosses as u often get 3-4 on ya at a time and as i only use first aid it can be hard.
  10. i definitely agree with ya saying the the plats are terrible and i would advise a pistol player to go to gunpowder pistols asap too but i am hesitant to advise a new player to use shivs til they can make/use gunpowder pistols might confuse them as they may add ap into melee etc.
  11. Just finished my new player video guide also have a few other guides i have uloaded as well and there more like a few walkthroughs and other stuff at my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCulCsr2DXQhThvDRUH0OQLw
  12. does anyone know where weepy upshire is? was sitting at the bar having a few drinks in sector 3 when i saw this message [19:42] [Region] Weepy Upshire: No factions control this town. been playing since beta and never heard of it b4.
  13. hello does anyone know the armor calculations? ie how much armor negates how much damage etc? as in how to calc the resistance goign down as u level etc.
  14. hello, i do not know if you know this but the server is down again. seems to go do more times then a yoyo laterly.
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