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  1. does anyone know where weepy upshire is? was sitting at the bar having a few drinks in sector 3 when i saw this message [19:42] [Region] Weepy Upshire: No factions control this town. been playing since beta and never heard of it b4.
  2. hello does anyone know the armor calculations? ie how much armor negates how much damage etc?
  3. hello, i do not know if you know this but the server is down again. seems to go do more times then a yoyo laterly.
  4. after lotsa trys i managed to get in
  5. hello when i am trying to log into the game using steam authentication it is coming up with Login Error_. i have been able to login normally for weeks and no dramas but not i cannot get past this. when i go to log in manually it says my password is wrong..
  6. hello for the last few hrs i keep getting the message Alex masters Offline message when i am trying to log into my fallen earth acc, is the server down for long? do u even know it is down?
  7. I managed to be able to log in my character this morning thank you if ya did anything
  8. Hello i am having trouble logging in my char at odenville. I can log in my other characters. i even made a new char and that works ok but the char i want to play i cannot.
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