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  1. bruised


    imagine a game where players have to fix login issues for the devs only in apb lmao ps: props to Iazer but fvck you im not doing it just update the game
  2. yeah no post about it if they silently delete them
  3. bruised


    I haven't been able to login today either, is it a problem in my book? no. but I guess I'm bored enough to mention it on this fine sunday afternoon.
  4. I'd remove the "out of bound" limits and all the invisible walls on high rooftops where we used to jump on with 4x4s cos that was fun.
  5. I have no clue what this means but good luck buddy.
  6. bruised


    Yes, yes and yes.
  7. bruised


    Can we PLEASE get a suppressed CR-5 and FAR? I'd buy them both. Have a nice life, Pin
  8. bruised

    Western Holster

    this also give me the damn soldier boots ffs
  9. Yes more inventory space please. Also the homepage was cool, I liked the idea of having daily/weekly stats.
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