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  1. I'm very glad someone addressed this, I was looking at the prices confused as hell- more so like what's going on here? Does this even make sense to anyone? Is there a method to this madness?
  2. I haven't forgotten about why G1 used to do sales like that/how often, and I'm not asking for them to do it that way AT ALL. Weeklong sales 5-7 days are ideal for me personally, because I will not always have funds available for "flash sales." (not that there's anything wrong with them per se.) *WHY NOT BOTH?* I hope the "Stage 2 Armas Re-vamp" gives everyone a little improvement they were hoping for.
  3. They keep asking this question because every 40 seconds G1 USED to have a sale, and especially for the holidays I was hoping they would have a big sale and they really didn't. Most people have money to blow during Nov-Jan. Almost every game company has holiday sales at least, and more sales then LO has in MONTHS. That's why people keep asking. I don't think people are trying to rush them or being annoying but may only have so much Holiday money left over they want to spend on APB. Most people I imagine are used to the flow of sales from G1 and they don't want to spend their money because we heard NOTHING from them- then, BOOM tomorrow there's a 24-hour sale. (Personally for 6 months now I've had my eye on certain packs/cars I was hoping would at least get %50 off and never did since LO took over. I'm overall buying way less without the sales because if I can help it I won't spend full price for a car or a $100 pack. Honestly hoping for a premium sale sometime, soon? And also more notice for sales are nice considering very short sales suck for people who have to wait a week or longer for their next paycheck.) I think most people forget that LO is working on A LOT right now to FIX APB rather than focus on sales, at least for the time being. I'm sure, or hopeful they will rotate items on sale, instead of just "popular" items. And it doesn't need to be %50 off every time, but a wider range of items on sale for at least %20-%40 would be nice. And maybe do sales once a month, that would be pretty cool.
  4. I think the point was that some people may want a sale. I prefer sales for buying Premium in bulk, and it wouldn't hurt to have a sale for other things either. *shrug* I don't see the problem with someone asking this question, it's valid.
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