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  1. Hoping there is better stuff than just like 2d lines that you can make with symbols and tattoos. Making new clothes is a step in the right direction in my eyes. Making new clothing for armas only already when your game is in dire need of something new....not so much. People want stuff that they can't already make... so tube socks isn't really that. Neither is some fishnet tops. Examples of stuff we can't make on our own. The last one the jacket isnt really possible. The leggings is technically possible but me being one of the few designers on APB NA i know that making leggings this good looking is physically impossible due to the texture on the current leggings in game. They look more leathery rather than comfy fabric leggings. I'm sure there quite alot of nice suggestions on the forums too, don't be afriad to use them, LO.
  2. If you find everyone laughing and bashing you for breaking a rule, and announcing it on the forums funny then sure I guess enjoy the "comedy". Life must be really boring if that's how you spend your time.
  3. I don't think you should be permabanned despite already getting a temp ban for the same thing. However you're talking shit towards the company and further provoking the situation and show no remorse of your actions therefore wouldn't unban you. You can't break a rule and then be mad at LO for doing their job. Everyone saying they let cheaters be, and ban griefers. Cheaters and griefers are two different things, and one is much harder to determine over the other. I've been temp suspended a couple of times for some interesting symbols to say the least and never did I rant about it on the forums. You clearly care to some extent about being banned to rant on about it, and if you do you should show some remorse and apologize to maybe turn around a "perma ban" and even make a ticket. Replying multiple times on a forum of a "dead" game for a game you don't care about and no longer allowed to play... seems rather interesting and contradicting of your statement of not giving a fuck. Your statement of just announcing where you would be has been done and no longer need your excuses of your actions or nonsense. You broke the rules and you got punished for it.
  4. It is nice seeing new stuff in the game. Just would be alot nicer in my opinion that benefits more people and is definitely more APB's strength. (customization)
  5. It's not really that weird of a comparison The point of the matter being they're making more changes and content (stuff no one really gives a shit for) and you're backing them up lol. I understand they're "trying" to do the engine update, but words are just words as they have been for the years we've been waiting. If "oh they're working on an engine before they release new content" was an excuse then why are they adding more money funding items, gambling items like it's valve with csgo. Again they could be focusing on stuff that doesn't really hurt the game and benefits everyone, but they don't do that. They'd rather waste time and resources making a box (gun) thats more than likely gonna be bitched about on the forums that it's too OP. Then they're gonna have to spend even more time and resources fixing and nerfing that weapon. Fortnite surely is a more successful game with alot more resources, there's no arguing there. However the way LO is spending their current resources (on guns) is stupid. It's not their strength and your argument is invalid and dumb at this point.
  6. Sorry Chief, didn't know it took 1000 people to make some clothing that just about the entire community has asked for and is literally like the only pinned suggestion in the suggestions section for the GAME. Yeah let's totally not spend some of our resources on our "complex" customization to further progress it. Solid points there, captain.
  7. Weird fortnite does two or more new skins every thursday and saturday.
  8. It feels like the only thing LO has done sense they took over is add a trade system lol. Its amazing they haven't taken a bunch of small things, small suggestions, gathered them up and made a real official patch. Things they really can't go wrong with like removing P5 and more clothing. Stuff to keep us occupied till engine update. They'd rather do big gun changes and add more guns to possibly piss people off and have more people complain then do the safe changes. TLDR while waiting for engine update or anything actually new.
  9. So new gun, new gambling box, new mode which could flop. Only real guarantee'd content is the weapon if you decide to spend money to get it. How about something we all can enjoy like new clothing, more stuff to work with. I can't imagine it would take that long to do and add to the game and it cant possibly break any meta for people to complain. It would make people happy to see some of the stuff they wanted added to the game. It would show people you're actually listening to what we're saying and listening to our suggestions. I would like a pair of UGGS for females, and many more things but its a simple start, and then you could do another item for males too. It'd be a great addition to June's patch other than the usual money collecting boxes that people like myself who have no problem killing people with the guns that are already in the game give a damn for. I don't think you're known for your combat, more or less the amount of customization you have and yet you guys aren't progressing your customization anymore, making it so you lose everything positive that you have. @MattScott
  10. Ranting on and stating false information in the first place is shitty "criticism". Don't tell me what to do like you're my boss neither, specially when you're the one who was giving attitude in the "early" stages of this thread.
  11. Again 100+ items for price of one > or 1 item for price of 1 Season passes are great from my experiences.
  12. You disagree. Welp lets start with the facts. You were indeed wrong in your first post, and you did have a shitty attitude. Secondly you prefer them just add items to armas marketplace like they've been doing for years AND FAILING. Good idea there, bud. To top it off you compared season pass to lootboxes which is also mind blowing that you would stoop so low to say that because you see what you're getting in the season pass and its not RNG at all if you get it or not. Lootboxes is RNG, a gamble, and season pass is simply not, therefore not making it the same at all. 100+ items in a season pass for the price of one skin > one item for the price of one skin. HMMMMM, what sounds better? Again its annoying asf that just because you got a little of reputation because you maybe spend a little bit too much time on the forums posting at every little thread, that you get responded to by LO, and its almost like they take your words as if it's the whole community speaking which has clearly been proven to be dumb to do since you're wrong about half the shit you say. Disagree all you want but that would prove further your stupidity because those are FACTS at this point. You had an attitude, you were wrong in the first post, lootboxes are nothing like season pass.
  13. I can't believe the logic you have since the first post you posted on this thread. Season pass is such a great idea for one. Backing this statement, the reason its good is because its forces Little Orbit to continue making new content and new things/ new rewards for us every season rather than every decade. The reason season passes are made in so many games is because they are successful, in no way shape or form is it bad for the player really at all. You usually buy a season pass and you get all the rewards you can get in the time period of the season. AND the fact you're complaining about the possibility of items being exclusive to people who bust arse to unlock them is ridiculous. You say that should never happen and that statement is bs. Someone who is LOYAL to the game and has played when those certain rewards are out should get the items and the people who didn't stay loyal and didn't play the game at the time shouldn't have that chance. Being a limited time item enforces people to keep active and play APB more than your non exclusive items idea, meaning people cant quit the game, not give a flying F what is happening, and then come back and pay for it. That's beyond stupid. I don't wanna bust arse to unlock something and then later down the road see someone else with the thing I worked so hard for because he threw acouple of dollars at LO all because you're too much of a snowflake to play the mode and unlock it yourself. Not to mention your attitude in your first post towards LO and being wrong about the whole mode in a whole. It's disappointing to see you're one of the more known and well respected community members on this forum after those statements. Shaming LO for making new content, smfh.
  14. Hope to see cool rewards like new clothing and stuff in this "season pass". I'm gonna be very disappointed if all there is skins for guns, titles, and decals i could make myself. In general I wanna see new clothing, new vehicles, new hairstyles. It'd be cool to get an idea from the dev team what to expect. Imagine if you could make your own clothing designs somehow like not the decals and stuff on it but the shape of the outfit and physics that go with it if at all any.
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