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  1. quite seriously....what? I want a jellybean threat. because "wth color is that" might get people to realize more colors wont do what they think since ppl will be good regardless and that might be hysterical when they get killed randomly from it - imagine a streamer doing a wth face then dying lol
  2. from those whom I've talked to in game , many bronzes do not have a graphics card other than built in which isn't really good
  3. wait are you talking about the old engine or the new one. because the new engine should let us do foundation repair. we are probably overthinking this and should just wait and see. too many what ifs. a decade ago they tried lot of weird stuff in any topic. look at some of the "gourmet food" they come up with. or the clothes no one wore. seriously got weird even for weird back then.
  4. like i said. pretty much this. but also redesigning a house doesnt mean you rip out the house and foundation either. theres no easy answer to this and only time can truly tell.
  5. pretty much this . but it should also help go towards more fair and be better than today at least. for it to truly become more fair we would need more players for an even better pooling.
  6. illgot everything i said already happened. and you still have nothing against that happening that denies that. Instead you're saying it already happens by detheating so lets make it worse. Little Oribt announced phasing to prevent this so e can have even better matchmaking yet you want it even more so only to satisfy yourself even though it would only get worse and kill APB. There's a reason why we lost half our population in December but you conveniently ignore that out of selfishness. I will never intentionally support anything that is unfair to players and/or makes APB worse and this one is already proven to do so by December's history.
  7. never fails. every month you post the same thing even though its already been seen what happened in December. you mention opinions as facts however i mentioned what results already happened. you really do push to be able to farm people way too much. this is why i hope the engine upgrade and phasing happens soon. less whining from people about matches that they arent getting because they should be allowed to farm bronzes easier smh
  8. not the same thing and you know it and it also didn't change what i said which did in fact happen.
  9. not true. a thread on this was complaining by all threat levels and it was pretty popular at the time. as for bronzes not knowing fake golds from real golds , either way they shouldn't be paired against bronzes no matter the gold level. your point is irrelevant. no it was bronzes vs golds. the old thread from around December states this from multiple people even from golds commenting on it happening at the time.
  10. wow i cant imagine spamming that long. normally it takes a min or two for me yes nevermind that the newbies were crushed and that golds were bored when segregation was broken chasing people off , which was by far worse than today's amount of people.
  11. all i can suggest * is to invite friends and other people to come play apb * not guaranteed to work since they would have to stay
  12. if the new engine upgrade allows event districts to be randomized easier then it would not be an issue.
  13. Everything in the universe is either a potato, or not a potato. aren't french fries both? I thought this might get delayed further , or even not at all from budgeting. nice surprise.
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