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  1. you're on the wrong thread for that.... please keep it on topic thank you for the quick response
  2. because switching to a better anti cheat is nothing good? because we should do a pointless hardware I.D. ban even though it can be changed in under 5 minutes by a cheater/hacker/ and only waste time and money resources on something that does nothing but waste our time? because there must be something that can be done with limited resources , regardless that the extra suggestions you gave have been proven to be a waste for over a year now , but no it must be Little Orbit's fault.... sure....lets to with all of that. *facepalm*
  3. It wasn't just last gen but also now for the same reasons. How would APB be any different though? it's susceptible as well.
  4. no server merge scheduled that anyone is aware of so where did this come from? Edit : are you referring to the global networking?
  5. ok fine ill bite.... so EVERY last person who launches through steam ( the old launcher) MUST be cheating?
  6. wouldnt that be about the same thing? E.U. to progress to fixing this mess? hope the upgrade is soon
  7. either prove that CookiePuss is cheating or stop the hackusations and slander. fyi , if i can kill CookiePuss and you cant then its because you suck , and not that "everyone else cheats" git gud Theres a few closet cheaters on apb , but for the most part there's not anywhere near as many as people claim. I get accused of cheating for blowing people up by killing the car next to them..... some even accuse others of cheating for running them over with a car.... sigh i want Christmas cookies to nom nom on Edit : https://www.allrecipes.com/recipes/841/holidays-and-events/christmas/desserts/christmas-cookies/ so far i found these Edit 2 : https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/our-best-christmas-cookie-recipes/ forgot to add thse
  8. better to have some comfort than none at all now only if we can get an engine upgrade and optimization to have it all
  9. I can not imagine not playing at max graphics. you poor things *pats on head*
  10. I've heard the game crashes with the rtx , but I do not recall anyone ever took the time to say potato graphics helps stop that. Thank you.
  11. most games do not allow this apb included gta 5 was an exception but they too stopped doing this.
  12. did you trick someone into selling it to you? did you trick someone into buying it from you? no? then there is no problem.
  13. never said the current flawed system if a child is not disciplined they get spoiled and grow up rotten and the behavior only continues , so how is that bad then for APB?
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