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  1. Fortune Runner

    Grenade stun and opgl are OP

    by that logic if you lost to bb gun users because they coordinated then the bb gun would be overpowered.....which wouldn't be true at all *shrugs*
  2. Fortune Runner

    APB i am bored.....

    so do an event where only the most tryhard of tryahards would win?
  3. Fortune Runner

    Can we get a dab emote in apb please?

    somebody kill me ....... ............... damn respawn.......
  4. most reports so far were about hackusations to begin with. *shrugs* paranoia is bad
  5. Fortune Runner


    you guys never fail to make me cringe
  6. Fortune Runner

    After 8 years of playing i came to a conclusion.

    well we do tend to go off wandering to other similar stuff so it kinda sorta makes sense
  7. you keep saying every gun you don't like used against you is op anyways...... *facepalm*
  8. Fortune Runner

    APB i am bored.....

    we just had a lot of new content done for us sounds like you're just coming down from a "sugar high"
  9. Fortune Runner


    APB will never be PvE Doing a thread over doesnt change the many reasons given why its a bad idea , hard to program , and so on. especially when it has only been a few weeks from the last thread.
  10. Fortune Runner

    Grenade stun and opgl are OP

    So since I am not at cop 15 this thread was informative for one important thing instead of blowing myself up around corners I'll have a chance to stun myself like a dummy this is going to be fuuuuuuun being a sitting duck like that *facepalm*
  11. Fortune Runner

    After 8 years of playing i came to a conclusion.

    you always see the same people saying APB is bad yet you cant get rid of them just like a skin rash lol
  12. Fortune Runner

    GM tool: Swap crosshair colors

    never said I wanted to change it from how it is now either.
  13. A few of us were on a different thread talking about free trial guns and it came to me , that as a community , we don't really talk about ideas for a better free trial gun setup. Mattscott posted this on a different thread "We are looking into ways to help players trial weapons without opening up exploits." We know it could benefit new players so that they transition to APB easier when we suggest a gun to them. The problem is the current way doesn't always work out and then they don't remember what gun. It came to me that at least one way would be a testing area for new players to try any gun in there that way it is not exploited in game. However brainstorming with the community might be more beneficial to have better and more refined ideas so I came to ask for help on this. I think its a good idea for us community members to try to help Little Orbit with ideas for this so I came to you guys. I put this in this section intentionally since this is not an idea pitch but rather asking for any ideas in general and how to make it non exploitable for Little Orbit