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  1. no one stops you from playing in your proper district with your friends teach the game to them and go play. not like you cant carry people . removing threat does not = bronze vs bronze it does however mean golds against bronzes that much more - history has shown this already
  2. we had that somewhat recently and lost a lot of people from bronzes being crushed just as we were getting new players. no thank you. you want people to play then invite your friends and stop putting the blame solely on others. you dont have friends? invite some random people to come play. you want more people then get more people.
  3. are you going to pay for the servers and employees by yourself then ?
  4. no one in their right mind will deny they did that as for buffing or nerfing can it be said either one is the correct solution ?
  5. that happens regardless hen games becomes old as APB is
  6. lots of bias assumptions and opinions there ..... not accurate how Little Orbit feels at all are you? .................. whyyyyy do you actually know this ?
  7. little orbit has been working endlessly to upgrade APB and you think they do not care ? wow.....um yeah just wow
  8. yours and others for not getting your friends to play and making excuses not to do so ban who ? if the game is dead ban someone making it not dead who may actually not be cheating ?
  9. What I wonder about is why the current maps were never updated by anyone to be larger with more to do in them. wow because you need a story ? Story is more city came out of full lock down so open it up or whatever. there's your excuse meh new content would help , but would need someone who is expertly skilled at map making to do that. and no i didn't say little orbit i had said anyone as in why didn't anyone consider it in APB history. a major update like that is as important as an engine upgrade so of course i dont expect it tomorrow , or at all , but it would help if it were done " hey i dont remember that building there " "wow do you even pay attention to your surroundings , what are you a rookie ? " good enough excuse for npcs to say about it as well
  10. whomever it is if they are doing it because apb has not been upgraded then they are an idiot for not letting apb get upgaded
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