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  1. were they Little Orbit GM's or were they player GM's
  2. Fortune Runner


    Are you seriously acting like a child now? "I'm right and you're wrong" really? We literally spelled it out for you in our posts. too many to quote so go read them again.
  3. That is fine to have your own opinion , however trying to beat people down until they conform to you is wrong. can you stop please? As for my opinion - most of what I said is facts. There is a reason why my opinion will not call everything evil. I try my best to base my opinions on truth. By the way aren't you the guy who did this exact thread a year ago? Because this argument of yours is word for word of that other time.
  4. People who have addiction problems choose it. The only ones who can be helped are the ones who want help. Parents who have a credit card should not give it to their children for loot boxes. The parents are responsible for that. Every time you say "Think of the children" you remind me of the Simpsons. Stop refusing to take responsibility and pushing the blame elsewhere. As for predatory monetization , where in APB is that done to milk us? As an example : To say killing someone is evil so self defense is evil is bull shit. The same goes for loot boxes that are not milking us for predatory monetization on APB which has already been shown its a M rating plus parents are responsible for their own children BY LAW can you just stop now please?
  5. do you really have to make micro print? lol
  6. Do you still play? If not come back and go wreck stuff. Its good therapy to cut loose once in a while.
  7. we already have more clowns running around Jericho lately so why not ice cream trucks too so they can make sweet tooth from twisted metal
  8. Once again you are missing my points. Denying parental responsibility is how we got to this point to begin with. To be blunt : stop talking and start reading. I said enough times that I never said not to make proper laws but to also make sure all parts were addressed such as parental responsibility. I don't think anyone said contrary to that. But ScLines implying "loot boxes on APB are evil just because it is elsewhere" is complete bull Why do i think he is implying that? Why else would he be on me thumping so much to conform to him when I never said to not make proper laws. and its possible to do that for free
  9. many people new as well as veteran players over the years have noticed how players are tossed in district , and expects you to know how to even use the tutorial , to be able to use the tutorial to begin with. If some tweaks were made to improve the tutorial mechanics as well as how it functions , like a special tutorial area even if its just a separate instance that starts up the tutorial more clearly , then it could be much more useful. as it is most new players don't notice it and get stuck in action districts not having a clue what to do. don't forget translations for other languages in case that isn't done for it . I don't know if it is or not I'm just saying if its not that is needed too @MattScott this is one of the reasons why I said before to not rule out instances , but if you think of something better by all means go for it. I'm just posting ideas to contribute.
  10. that would be lack of , and the parents denying responsibility. laws don't change anything if you don't hold all parties accountable. and regardless of that , as i already said , I am not about to ban loot boxes or make APB adults only just because of how other games are preadatory and APB is not predatory like other games are and less so thanks to Little Orbit.
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