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  1. Fortune Runner

    when the event begins in jericho

    isnt there one going on now?
  2. and I said no I refuse and walked away yet you all keep harassing me daily and do not respect my decision just because you make it look one way by talking making claims of "this is how it will be" does not mean thats how it will be done I said no I don't want to be a part of this and here you are arguing saying I should (you wouldn't keep harassing me otherwise) and its fine its safe do it blah blah.... #$$% off I said no
  3. Ramihyn when people keep quoting and arguing telling me to do so the problem isnt me. so step off. Only shady people would try to force me to to begin with otherwise they wouldn't keep pushing at me when I said no. Anyone else wouldn't be quoting and arguing with me they'd just let me leave just like I did.
  4. I refuse to give my account and pass to anyone period If you don't like it too damn bad just because he says one thing does not make it true nor does it mean he or someone else cant take/steal accounts later your word and his word means crap
  5. Fortune Runner

    You're not Excused

    my noodles are homemade keep your store bought generic crap
  6. Anyone can say " I have no malicious intent" yet what happens when personal information is given out? It is irrelevant if your coding is open source or not because YOU would have personal account information and have complete access to other peoples accounts and any g1 cash or g1c items on those accounts. Furthermore you are trying to push against the ToS as if I am wrong for saying no. Since you can not accept that you are not authorized to have access to my account let me spell it out for you. #@$% NO NOT TODAY NOT TOMORROW NOT EVER !
  7. giving out personal information is strictly mentioned to not do that. I've noticed a few people who disagreed with you were down voted then you would reply to them. I'll be blunt....... you sound like a scam attempting to be done to jeopardize peoples accounts. I've seen too many game players use 3rd parties who required a name pass and so on to only have accounts stolen and sold off. Is there any guarantee that would not happen? of course not. its why the ToS says not to do so. I have no reason to do such a thing nor does anyone else. they can simply get on their APB account. at no time do you or anyone else need access to other accounts. period.
  8. ^ This They've talked to us directly too many times to count and have clearly cared about our feedback. A current status report on how things are going is the only thing that I really consider important right now since many are already asking about it and if any changes occurred good or bad to the timetables.
  9. Fortune Runner

    You're not Excused

    first one hell no second one...... you don't want me drinking that jager + me = I don't shut up sober imagine me talking non stop after that.......... and possibly being overly friendly to ppl lol
  10. Fortune Runner

    You're not Excused

    No idea what this is but I'm not hungry enough to even want a taste of whatever it is.
  11. Fortune Runner

    Let me whine

    too bad we dont have a specific customizable skin for a gun like other features of apb That would be fun to make our own then as well
  12. ok thanks for clearing that up makes perfect sense to me keep up the good work cookie btw i fell asleep thinking about this..... its stupid but its bugging me if cookie eats a cookie is it cannibalism.... ........... told you it w stupid lol
  13. Never once said it was a cure all. I did say in a different thread how its a step in the right direction so they can start fixing things that cant be fixed otherwise. The real question would be why you keep trying to be a downer over good things happening.....
  14. Fortune Runner


    no G1 was not generous. G1 made high prices on ARMAS to take as much money from players as possible. G1 made multiple guns of the exact same name and type of gun just so someone would have to buy the gun again to make it account bound. Because Little Orbit released the prizes in this manner many who did not have them before do have them now. Fine by me. do we have those hats and ear muffs in game already?