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  1. its a god thing to assume that anything offsite used on apb files will get you banned its also a good thing to assume tampering with apb files will get you banned
  2. Coding already proven for ten years that when you fix one thing two or more break and make things worse. "engine upgrade is bad just fix things" - thread keeps going on n on having to state the obvious that new games need new engines etc. me "............like seriously? what? this still? "
  3. and yet this is exactly what we are talking about !! make up your mind !!
  4. and the bans that could be PROVEN to be justified were not unbanned. This has been public knowledge for two years how do you not know this?
  5. two years ago because of false bans by G1 ..... that's how you're making a claim about today when back then was justified anyways? *facepalm*
  6. we were told in advance that this was a beta test and nothing more ,and to expect problems and WE are the ones who pushed to do this test , and the whole time Matt Scott mentioned he had concerns. chill.
  7. The open beta that was announced is the engine upgrade that is needed to fix major problems with APB including a server side detection of cheating. I hope you do not give up just yet and stay with us , but if you do go I hope you return someday as well.
  8. a few questions : Is it for yourself to quit the game , or to start completely over? is it for someone you invited in who APB does not entice them to stay ? some other reason not listed ? if its for anyone quitting APB I'm sorry to see you go and hope some day you return. many new changes are going to be made over time to make APB better , and i hope you get to play it.
  9. I wonder if they will add other things better than the crown now. you never know with Little Orbit they made a few changes that surprised us for the better
  10. the real question should be what causes trade locks I've traded a couple times with no problems.
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