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  1. yep i missed it thanks i had seen the post before and seen the post after weird
  2. lets not sink a company on a rework that was unplanned when other projects were already in the works. spreading too thin would only be harmful. I'm not saying blind trust , but I am saying there's a lot more than just us going on so we need to be reasonable
  3. did anyone have any ideas for new lovegun skins? or only just the guns? both might be nice.
  4. ........... what did i just read nevermind I don't want to know
  5. dump truck wars..... now hat would be a fun mission to do Edit : posts were changed about how getting districts up wouldn't bring in new players or old ones , so my post wouldn't make much sense. whomever put the confused , thanks or i wouldnt of known. witchqueen did a dump truck war on one of the videos on youtube it looked fun
  6. or they could , you know, just finish on the networking ?
  7. I dont care where it is currently hosted since the fact is Little Orbit is working on the networking that they discussed with the community for a year or so now and its finally happening. If we can get a build for the Engine Upgrade as well that we can go live with , without bugs and with SPCT stamp of approval , then that should be even better for all of this.
  8. l lol I don't mind something added for aesthetic value since it makes APB more desirable for bringing new players in but that is not aesthetic like bimbos getting their lips mega swollen huge ugh no thanks hopefully engine testing is moving forward. I'm not sure if a bug made things stuck again.
  9. detrheating is an issue yes but i am unaware personally about premade dethreating accounts. some golds do threat shame but its not as many as it seems (they have alt chars so it seems like more) no one claimed you threat shamed anyone , but yes there are golds who threat shame bronzes and silvers in the bronze district. I've witnessed it personally each month from dethraters. if you truly believe its only people crying rather than others sharing how they see and feel , then it is you who is being callous towards the community who is a majority of silvers. as for the game itself , others brought up on a different thread yet again , how Little Orbit was lied to about how bad the current APB really is it is a mess still from extra work to be done but they are cleaning it up its just taking longer than expected because of it ( new bugs being found by Little Orbit and SPCT is proof enough )
  10. i thought that they were not finished yet that there were more servers to setup? did they finish that already with the rest of the servers?
  11. there's a temporary simple solution to this issue golds and silver please go to the testing district and go wild. the trainees greens and bronzes can play (?) and we can test weapons for future development of apb.
  12. i do not believe anyone ever said it was perfect and wanted it as is. if so then i missed that. many had fun and many did not. some people like pickles some like octopus. everyone likes different flavors.
  13. hmm valentines gun skins but no st patrick skins? no kiss me im Irish jokes i guess
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