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  1. either they will drive too close to use it or way too far away to be usefull so that works too
  2. i do not like the idea of trading joker tickets between players. i do like the idea of sharing tickets between my own characters some people have 11+ characters and i doubt they can get the crown for all of them otherwise supporting the game by buying char slots but being burned for it doesnt sit well with me. just my opinion though.
  3. if programmed with an algorithm to tell if its mostly the same spaces and all would solve this issue you mentioned. some games do it now a days like this.
  4. The only time I intentionally ignore the car spawners is when by those spawners there is no cover like in the middle of a road . Sitting duck shooting gallery anyone?
  5. I am terrible at utc time zones i need to practice more
  6. Without buying a graphics card to add to your computer , it means you are using the integrated graphics which is the ones built into the motherboard. For gaming this would not work and you would need a graphics card to install into your computer as well. A Geforce GTX 1050 ti graphics card would work and is affordable for most people and would probably give you 60 fps or better for APB. Although if you can afford a graphics card better than this I would recommend to do so.
  7. pft that's why you let the expert bomb disposal unit deal with it and this one is still in training for that so no thank you patience is a virtue and not goo everywhere
  8. want RIOT , want a battle royale , want a tug o war as well. want a racing track of some sort too. more optional choices to play means wider range pf playing and a lot of old players as well as new ones who hear about it would make our playerbase grow. and want new 4x4s and various new kits like mentioned on a different thread and a taco truck..... i mean what the heck does my character eat when im not around?
  9. hows that? Doesnt feel right to me though. People might mistake what someone has said right? It's why I quote the way I do especially since some trolls do that to take things out of context.
  10. it was openly stated by Little Orbit as well as the community that it is not time for weapon balancing because of the difficulty and lack of expertise on this matter you do not diffuse a bomb with a novice unless you have a will made out for next of kin.
  11. wish it was like that carousel one they have then get it spinning so fast that i puke from dizziness sounds like fun !!
  12. Want pineapple hat in joker ticket store .....for reasons.... like maybe for pizza...yes its a jab at "you" lol Edit : yes I know you're confused but if or when he replies it will make sense lol
  13. Wait a minute....was this the guy who made multiple threads not knowing some of the basics of APB?
  14. That name sounds so familiar and I remember it wasn't something good but for the life of me I can not remember why.
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