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  1. Once again this is not the U.S.A. government , but is a private game company. Free speech does not apply here. With that said if someone talks trash to you guys , let your weapons do the talking. It is why we are here to begin with. Kiss kiss bang bang.
  2. if we were "easy" you wouldn't whine about no one giving you any well at least they would be cooked i guess
  3. Fortune Runner


    mini guns in real life have a major kick when starting up them smooth out over time so I would suggest that if possible. have it own positive and negative to balance it.
  4. Why is he saying you're easy? You're a major pain in the #$$ to play against. I remember Halloween you and BXNNXD rolled anyone in the way (myself included) lol
  5. Anyone who knows anything about basic programming skills knows you alpha test then beta test.
  6. New content whether events that can be rotated in and out similar to how gta 5 does , or ones that come once a year like holiday events do , in the end is new content to make a fuller plate to enjoy. Not everything at the table is for you. Some of it is for someone else so don't throw it away just because you're a picky eater.
  7. I want RIOT. I want RIOT with the new engine , and not before the new engine. I want new content , like a bus or other transport to defend. I want to go into tasty burger (tasty burger really exists in real life) to eat , and in game want to see a tasty burger mascot npc walking around. but that's just me.
  8. Interesting entertainment. Thanks. Yeah I caught onto all of that right away.
  9. theory's are not fact they are guesses. It was misrepresented in those awful APB reviews that came up from people who took things way out of context , and that's if they were accurate at all to begin with. what you want , and what is best for APB and Little Orbit are two very different things. What you "recall" doesn't change that the engine upgrade and problems with it would be blown out of proportion by those reviewers out there who do not do proper reviews Yet enough people would see them to hurt apb's future.
  10. I read ops post and thought it said " I want to get fixed by tonight" I mean if he really wants to be....
  11. that's the part I was asking about but you have a good reason not to so ok.
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