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  1. there's 3 people who would go through posts from 2 years ago to now and down vote them when they were completely buried so yeah im sure did you forget some people get salty with me if i say not everyone cheats and that they need more than 10 frames a second to be able to tell easier etc etc ? (its been a while i dont expect you to remember back then its ok ) +1 ....what ???
  2. I could simply say hello and a few people who would stalk my posts would down vote it and any other post I've ever made. I kinda got used to it and now I wont know if I'm trolling them by kindness and not trolling them lol
  3. Fortune Runner

    Dirt bikes.

    and this is what i mean by the community working together to make apb better. ideas like this for new content , how to get new players , or anything else that can help.
  4. Fortune Runner

    Dirt bikes.

    maybe stop an armored car from burning up the enforcers payroll and visa versa
  5. Fortune Runner

    Dirt bikes.

    i want firetrucks which gives us the options of putting out fires in new missions
  6. so people went back to school and work.....and we lost players because of it... yeah and ? we already knew that would happen so maybe invite more people to play ?
  7. I think you can take a minute or two out of your life to deal with a bounty on yourself.
  8. Assuming APB gets cleaned up to where its worth streaming , then yes this would be good since its a form of advertising and players may come in and/or return who get curious. In its current state , not if someone is using potato graphics just to stream , and not if they have high lag , low frames etc , which means a lot of people shouldnt .
  9. Aggressive anti cheats are why we have less cheaters. Little Orbit as well as players do care , but players ( the community ) are basically fed up with people who make excuses for unfailr advantages since its normally the same stories for macros. AHK and other means are said to be planned to not be allowed to function after the engine upgrade and as far as i know this still is planned. it might make some of your stuff useless regardless - i dont know what exactly you have since i dont have what you have And finally , staff get busy since theres so many things to do, also see if any of them had time to reply , since some are in different time zones and have to sleep at times we are awake. it might be what happened.
  10. There have been many people in bronze do go easy on others because of poor matchmaking however there are just as many golds and silvers in bronze who clearly do not. I for one refuse to go all out hard on a bronze unless they are good enough for silver I'm a silver and play both districts since I'm not normally gold. Cant wait for phasing since this wouldn't be an issue anymore. I hope APB gets to that soon.
  11. the word " if " when used in sarcasm does not mean if though , and since I cant tell by typing alone I poked you in the eye to see if you were a dead deer or not
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