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  1. How would Joker Tickets not be good enough for this already ?
  2. If I had the opportunity to then me.... but its disabled so meh This is why I wish we had an actual economy similar to how warframe does.
  3. it is little orbits job to add new maps and/or upgrade existing ones to be a real city fan made ones are doubtful if little orbit could use
  4. I wouldnt assume that. Cyberpunk 2077 took 9 years .... 9 YEARS to make.
  5. Pretty much this.... Any real progress for APB needs an engine upgrade anyways. There is no real use of diverting most of the finances and resources on an anti cheat and not upgrading the engine as fast as possible. This game would stay dead and only be good for sucking the life out of Little Orbit . If APB is to ever turn around the engine upgrade is a must have.
  6. This is why I wish I could shoot the people in dump trucks if they are out of a mission. sure you could make them invisible and drive through etc but is it as satisfying ??? lol
  7. years ago at the skate park I took my 4x4 on the skate ramp jump , hit the invisible ceiling upside down , and got stuck up there like that. I could only jump out of my car and fell to my death I am not sure if it was a bug and patch needed or just a glitch that happened to me. I can not remember.
  8. They are...... They are working on APB so that people will want to stay. They mention what they are doing when something is going on that will impact APB and keep us informed. Theres a list a lot longer than the short answer of " working on APB" of course.
  9. I believe what is meant is that bronzes were crushed beyond any playable fun at all....so they left. no new growth plus players getting older and having families work etc means shrinking population. phasing and matchmaking the way Little Orbit mentioned seems the best option for fun game play. just removing segregation to be able to play now is not a good fix but instead chases the lower players and kills us as well. I kept saying there was no reason why people shouldn't invite their friends for a few years now , but no one felt like listening now we do not have enough people and removing segregation without a game plan for fun and fair game play just wont work. history already showed how dead it got not so long ago when we did not have segregation
  10. because bandaid fixes are usually terrible and the one G1 did was just that. fair matches are a must for fun game play and that will help attract new and older players back to APB which is why we need phasing and other proposed changes by Little Orbit.
  11. making a smurf is no different than dethreating. It is done to bully bronzes in an unfair match up to get easy wins either way.
  12. I dont log in because I work so much that when I finally have a day off , I'm cutting firewood since its still snowing here..... If I get time I'll play again.
  13. and ? not all of us players own everything.. if you want me to own it so badly then buy it for me i guess ?
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