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  1. while it is wrong for detrheaters to be in bronze , it is also wrong to throw matches and screw over your team two wrongs do not make a right and in this case its why they came to their decision. i have no personal opinion on the matter.
  2. removing the distance fog has nothing to do with seeing the distance of ops. the distance fog is farther than that and only impacts computer performance for aesthetics ( how it looks to the eye) if you are referring to the distance fog , then i do not know of Little Orbit saying its cheating since you see people the same regardless. if they did say so I'd like to know. if you are referring to the Halloween event then yes that definitely was because it allowed people to be unfairly seen when they could not be otherwise. In my case I do not touch any files regardless.
  3. isn't that what people refer to as "closet cheater" ?
  4. arresting a crim hearing a crim talk dirty and wanting it rougher. me killing the crim to get the heck away used to happen a lot on Jericho lol
  5. we are discussing this on that thread as well. I personally do not know what is happening to VOIP but i hope it gets solved soon.
  6. two anti cheats and also new anti DDoS says Little Orbit cares
  7. true. any suggestions on what you would like different to adjust things? personally i'm fine with how it is since i " just do what i do " sort of thing. but theres always room for improvement so i ask
  8. that sounds like ...... the one we shall not name.. yeah that was a horrible time for APB.
  9. so no work around posted yet? sorry socks was rooting you'd find out a work around.
  10. with the current menu for choosing districts we can only have so many anyways so a new map isnt a good idea without an engine upgrade i dont think people really know that yet though
  11. the engine is what makes the game move. if it is not complete then you can not rush it or it will simply not work.
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