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  1. people want to be able to have something top play with . you cant just nerf every last thing because you dont like it then expect apb to be fun. each gun is different and if you nerf too much then they will all be similar in a very bad way. no thank you.
  2. sure why not. find as many old school clips as you can for nostalgia for extra brownie
  3. fallen earth did just restart so yes probably so
  4. so we can watch ppl insta kill themselves on cars ? ok im in no not sarcastic im serious im in !! sounds like a drunken kung fu night of fun to me lol
  5. just because it was sold does not mean it can not ever be bought back *shrugs*
  6. this is why some of us wish there were kits for the fresno. make some winable/buyable for an event and at least its something. that way if someone doesnt win they can still get it if they wish to
  7. are there any current discussions on what game modes or whatever could be possible to do to add content ?
  8. perfect for the blood roses then ? Merged. id rather pay for it then get my as handed to someone whos already had it but wants easy kills
  9. gamersfirst lied to everybody including Little Orbit. Matt has been doing what he can with what he has. better than what we had before though clearly not ideal. hopefully apb and fallen earth can be fixed properly. or preferably better than that
  10. I think you are just hungry Matt is busy doing Matt stuff of course.
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