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  1. Id rather not see bronzes and/or new people get destroyed by golds more than has already happened. APB needs more people. start inviting people and also i hope little orbit does something worth advertising soon to get fresh blood into apb
  2. even a cheap graphics card bought and installed would be better than built in graphics. no ones responsibility but the computer owner to upgrade parts sorry https://www.tomshardware.com/ https://www.newegg.com/ etc
  3. most people have somebody related or randoms on facebook twitter etc.
  4. I believe that this panic may turn people away from APB as well. invite your friends people we need a larger player base side note : lets have a talk ? birds n bees ? I already know dad
  5. I personally do not believe a buff is a good idea I do have a suggestion of how if LO makes a temp mod for testing that expires and is removed later that tweaks to mods can be done with a dummy mod that will be set to expire expire and be removed from a server update This way IF and i stress IF LO wants to test tweaks on mods then this may make things easier.
  6. there's 3 people who would go through posts from 2 years ago to now and down vote them when they were completely buried so yeah im sure did you forget some people get salty with me if i say not everyone cheats and that they need more than 10 frames a second to be able to tell easier etc etc ? (its been a while i dont expect you to remember back then its ok ) +1 ....what ???
  7. I could simply say hello and a few people who would stalk my posts would down vote it and any other post I've ever made. I kinda got used to it and now I wont know if I'm trolling them by kindness and not trolling them lol
  8. Fortune Runner

    Dirt bikes.

    and this is what i mean by the community working together to make apb better. ideas like this for new content , how to get new players , or anything else that can help.
  9. Fortune Runner

    Dirt bikes.

    maybe stop an armored car from burning up the enforcers payroll and visa versa
  10. Fortune Runner

    Dirt bikes.

    i want firetrucks which gives us the options of putting out fires in new missions
  11. so people went back to school and work.....and we lost players because of it... yeah and ? we already knew that would happen so maybe invite more people to play ?
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