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  1. Fallen Earth is real nostalgia. Seriously I wonder if anyone is still playing that game. Maybe some people who are just using chat to arrange meet spot for selling/buying drugs.
  2. The guy I was talking about was busting my a** about anything I ever posted on this forum. So I said I was definetly not missing him and then you come out of nowhere and you are immediately toxic for no reason.
  3. I am glad people like you play this game it suits you perfect, cause everyone in this game is just as toxic as you.
  4. Nothing new has been said, we all know this already. If you want to play this game you have to be hackers c*m doll.
  5. I came back after 4 years to check how many changes were made in the game. Surprise surprise it still looks the same and I can honestly say I didn't miss the person above me.
  6. Well it seems like we won’t have it this year. Maybe I am wrong and it is still coming but if I remember last year it was released on 14th december. Right now it is 17th december and nothing was announced yet. One more thing if it will be released I hope there will be written everything you can earn during it. Just read about Halloween Event 2023 on APB news there was not written what you will earn by shooting red and purple pumpkins.
  7. I used to have some account like 10 years ago too. 2 weeks ago I posted support ticket and yeah they asked me bunch of questions that I can't remember answers to (of course I can't even remember when I was signed in that acc, all I can remember it was before 2015). They dont't even care about the fact that I still know password for that account. I just ate the loss.
  8. What do you mean if it can't be fixed? Do you seriously expect any more updates? And that whole END OF THE YEAR UPDATE is a joke too.
  9. Remember when we used to have christmas event? Good old days...
  10. LOL those SPCTs thinking LO gives a shot about this game xD
  11. Well I just realized that this game is piece of garbage and stopped playing. I only check forums to see if anything has changed.
  12. Yeah all the money that people keep spending on this dead game make them busy.
  13. Who knows, maybe they havent even start working on it....
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