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  1. LOL those SPCTs thinking LO gives a shot about this game xD
  2. Well I just realized that this game is piece of garbage and stopped playing. I only check forums to see if anything has changed.
  3. Yeah all the money that people keep spending on this dead game make them busy.
  4. Who knows, maybe they havent even start working on it....
  5. Ok so I am trying to log in the game and it keeps showing that my password is wrong... down again? However when I open browser and try log in to armas everything works.
  6. I even forget that Asylum exists. Good old Beacon.
  7. IF NO: What would you want the main focus to be right now? I really think that it is pointless to add new stuff to the game untill EU is done (if ever)
  8. Today was a big day for @apb_reloaded. We got our first look at the new multithreaded rendering system for the engine upgrade. The goal is to polish up the loose ends through the weekend and getting it into testers’ hands on Monday. Screenshots coming after that. This was posted 5th april and now it is 21st may. We havent heard or seen anything in those 48 days.
  9. Yeah there were updates 1 with new joker box. 1 with absolutely boring event. And some others with events that we had even before. Only thing that changed since G1 "left" is that there is new trading system (which ive never used and probably will never use it), ubanning cheaters new joker box that i wont buy until something is actually gona happen with this broken game
  10. Being mad at LO isn't going to help; they're certainly more transparent and seem to be trying much harder than G1 ever did. Im not mad I just think it is funny and how do you know that they are trying harder than G1?
  11. Yeah maybe they care, however how are we expected to enjoy the game with 0 updates?
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