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  1. Ye but it shows how incapable they are of doing it right at the moment, so the least they can do is that they let people enjoy playing this category of guns like they used to pre LO while they figure out what they are supposed to do with the real problems of the game.
  2. I wonder if being an spct helps in conveying this message more easily to whoever is responsible for these weapon balances. Not saying it wasn't requested multiple times by alot of people (me imcluded) already but hey.
  3. Ok buddy, Since you clearly have so much knowledge about how the game works and it obviously did you good, I have no choice but to step down. there you won, congrats.
  4. Correction : someone with bad aim will struggle with everything he holds in his hands until he eventually gets better and learn more about recoil control and Rng, which guns like atac nearly eliminate from the game making its user not able to learn anything or improve since it's a pretty brain dead weapon that requires no actual skill what so ever yet somone who can't aim in general will still be bad with it and it'll bring him down even more the more he gets used to playing it only or any kind of similar weapons. and sorry for repetition i just thought that i needed to stress that on that point since there's alot of guys like you and him in here.
  5. Now if you don't mind it, I'll be giving you my opinion on that even though i don't really care that much. (quarantine is getting through me) That doesn't look like 20 30 meters away. he literally melts an enemy right there from at least 40 to 50 meters with HALF the magazine and with little to no effort. And how all you have to do in CQC to secure a kill with literally 0 effort is hold your left click while pointing in the general direction of your target. And let's not talk about how the ATAC actually hurts even when getting tapped by it from 60-70 meters when it shouldn't. (yes it is able to land those shots from that distance).
  6. How about having servers in south-east european countries like Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece or even Turkey for north african / middle-eastern players and players in that region in general to have better latency aswell? Edit: just curious whether that was considered as to be something in the future or not
  7. Your ip changes every 24 hrs but still remains in your country, if you're friend accessed your account from another country it gets suspicious especially when he logs in alot, yet there's no prove you're not using a vpn. So if they really just randomly decided to check your account's login history they still have no solid information on whether you really shared your account or not. Which isn't enough of an evidence to ban a player imo. At this point i strongly believe you haven't told us everything. Merged. Have you ever heard of account selling? It hurts their wallet, and that's why they do ban shared accounts if verified just for that reason alone.
  8. How would they know that you shared your account? They don't just randomly check random accounts' ip addresses log in history, do they? If that was the case then that's pretty sad.
  9. Once you get the hang of the .45, it is by far the most satisfying side arm to ttk enemies with and it has that high risk high reward factor which makes it more fun and clutchy. Personally I've been using the .45 ever since it came out and never felt the need to choose the fbw over it anytime. Fbw on the other hand is kinda boring and too easy/risk free yet a good fbw player will almost always lose to a good/consistent .45 player because of how those two guns perform.
  10. Why are so focused on making the CSG a downgrade of the thunder, how on earth can a secondary shotgun "showstopper thunder" can get higher range than the primary ranged shotgun "CSG". I mean why bother using a ranged primary shotgun when you can equip a secondary one that can out perform it at 20-25 meters fights which should have been its arena. You did buff the CSG's damage to 651 as many of us suggested and buffed the fire interval to (0.7s) instead of keeping it on par with the JG (0.68s) which might not even be noticeable so i have no complaints. But why did you need to nerf their ranges that badly? You literally fixed one problem and created another for no reason at all. The JG's range is so bad right now i dont even know what you're doing at this point.
  11. This should change with the upcoming shotgun balance, hopefully. I agree, ursus is too good at the moment with no real competition in its weapon category, being a mega buffed ntec version. I agree, if they wanted to nerf the jumping accuracy of the MAIN most used assault rifle they should have applied this to all assault rifles, otherwise people will switch to Obeya/FAR/Obir/Ursus in most cases instead. Disagree, OCA was too strong and forgiving, pmg was a matter of rng either you hit all your shots and that makes it superior to the oca in that case or miss everything. People have always complained about the pmg for years and is still yet to get reasonably nerfed. I agree, Thunder being a SECONDARY shotgun that can 4 or 5 stk at 40+ meters, let alone consistently 3stk at 20+ meters, even the PRIMARY supposedly "high ranged" shotgun aka CSG isn't even close to that. They are in the process of "reverting" it to it's viable state, even though uptill now i wouldn't call their latest update viable or let alone a reversion, anyways that should change with the upcoming shotgun balancing patch aswell. I agree, the hvr damage is way too high and forgiving not it's ability to jumphot/quick scope/no scope. Instead of actually nerfing the damage a little bit considering the already existing downgrades of the weapon like it's heavy weight and weapon switching delay between shots, LO took the easy way out by killing one of the fundamental gameplay of snipers in any existing fps game. It should get have its damage per accuracy back to what it used to be and get a slight damage nerf. I'd rather have someone trying to jumpshot/no scope me instead of someone camping 80/90 meters away 85ing me with 1 shot I don't understand how hard it could have been to figure how to fix that annoying bug that LO themselves introduced to the game and actually fixing it for good, it's been almost 2 years now, comon. Radar tower is one of the core mods in the game and this bug is way too annoying and frustrating to stay until UE 3.5 comes out, it should have had a priority quick fix on the live version long ago imo. Not an NA player, haven't played the game for almost 2 years now but this NA has always had this issue and removing threat segregation wouldn't be anything special, bronzies will quit tired of being stomped on by better players, the good players will quit bored of playing against players lower in skill than their own. NA's only fix to that issue, or APB in general, is the hope of players coming back to this game after the new engine update gets on live. As i previously said i haven't been playing for a long time and have no idea of how that actually works but I actually support the idea of reworking the prestige/heat systems competitively. I don't fully support the the current bounty changes, but I think they are meant to be temporary until they figure out what to do or how to do it, which is still better than nothing for the time being.
  12. Don't really get the idea of over nerfing guns needlessly, the CSG's damage doesn't make sense verses a kevlar 3 player, as a pump shotgun it should at least reward its user by allowing him to be able to 2 shot the enemy if he's accurate enough. the CSG's firerate is much worse than the JG's therefore it's firerate will still render it useless against a JG user up close in its supposed "range". On the other hand the JG looks more balanced having it's pre LO damage back to 720 which is still high enough to be feared at cqc. In my opinion, CSG's fire interval needs to be on par with the JG's (0.68s) and get a damage boost up to 650 which is the least max damage required to 2 shot a kevlar 3 enemy player having a total of 1300 hp (in case of landing all pellets on target), which was the case with the pre LO CSG and it simply felt great to use. The difference between those 2 shotguns was always the extra damage per shot for the JG meaning it could end an enemy who's tagged more than 28% in 1 shot unlike the CSG which needed a 35% tagged enemy, also JG was always the less accuracy per damage shotgun choice making it excel at closer ranges unlike the CSG which needed a more accurate shot to be able to deal a respectable amount of damage per shot making it excel in farther ranges. I'm confused at how you're seeing them similar, you can't just over nerf one of them and let the other outshine it simply because you think that they need to feel that much different according to your data. What's simply gonna happen is that CSGs would remain unused in the inventory of most of the players which has been the situation since the last weapon balancing. Edit : if you guys are incapable of managing a shotgun balance right now, i suggest to just completely revert every shotgun to its pre LO stats and push these changes to live so players can actually enjoy playing them until you guys figure out a better plan which would be completely unnecessary since all shotguns except shredder were 100% fine as they were.
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