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  1. Yea you if you're an enforcer you literally need about 200k which is not considered much to buy a 2 slotted one from the ingame market place, 200k can be farmed in 2 to 3 days with premium or 5 to 6 days without so rewarding indeed you should feel proud. Casual players like you aren't the reason why it hould be nerfed, i wouldn't mind having a casual player use that car I'm speaking about the real veteran players who abuse the shìt out of this car in this game and are ready to buy it from armas on every single character they create.
  2. Or you could just buy the car on armas market Never seen such a pathetic excuse about the pioneer tbh
  3. WEAPONS : Ntec : statistically fine even though sometimes it's hitreg feels like traveling to mars when you need it the most. Hvr : needs to have the accuracy nerf reverted and instead decrease it's damage a little bit. Oca Whisper and pmg : need a range nerf. Shotguns : should be reverted to what they were before LO fked them up. Semi automatic rifle Obeya : is fine. Obir : complete bs due to heavy burst damage, range, mobility, accuracy, equip time. Rfp : even more bs than obir itself. Oscar and carbine : oscar is somwhat bs but it's still acceptable while carbine is fine. Low yields : needs damage, radius and should be only 2 grenades. Grenades in general : should have a cooldown to get them ressuplied again. Opgl : needs damage and radius nerf Stabba opgl : since it's radius is far more bs than the normal opgl this one really needs a radius nerf. MODIFICATIONS : Yellow modifications : remove Shields and ammo boxes. Spotter : only one player per team should be able to equip this modification. Remote detonator : cheesy stupid modification imo that should be removed completely or you can just nerf it by cooldowns for the cheesy stupid players who like that mod. CARS : Pioneer : either nerfed to the ground or removed cuz it's abused to the extent that makes you want to break your monitor in high skill matches. MISSIONS : some missions are horribly unbalanced for one of the two sides and should be removed completely or reworked. side note : I'm not saying this to everyone here but I like how there are complete morons here who don't know shit about this game yet are doing a great work spreading bs on these forums when they are in reality either bronze district players or borderline golds or just the kind of old "veteran" players who manage keeping their gold threat when they are still completely garbage at the game after thousands of hours of gameplay. Meanwhile most of the real one's either stopped, playing long time ago (majority) or still playing and not giving af about forums (minority). Edit : but hey i guess Riot is more more important than balancing the game right
  4. The Middle East has alot of money, this is an interesting topic to her and to her company, Have a great day.
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