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  1. @Emcitement Excuse me but I couldn't agree on anything more than that, everything you mentioned was totally on point and i would have said the exact same things, how do many prople dislike this piece of art that this you just wrote ? This is why they should never ever listen to those kind of people who have no actual real experience or competence in the game and are just wondering in these forums trying to act like they know what they are talking about feeling more important than they really are.
  2. I wouldn't call that an accurate statement as there has never been always alot of options for CQC, the OCA, PMG, JG, CSG respectively were always the competitive weapons in that sort of range and now they have decided to remove the CSG in the last weapon balance out of this competition. Ofcourse, there are other CQC SMGs like misery, norseman, vas c2-troublemaker and their other Variants which are utterly uselesss and have been always almost non existent in the meta and between high tier players. I forgot to mention the Cap40, which is "almost" an OCA reskin so i wouldn't categorize it as a totally different weapon. So what i actually see is that the main four options of CQC weapons have been reduced by one "CSG" which totally needs to be either reverted or tweaked, so imo there is basically less options when it comes to CQC now.
  3. Jg is fine, too strong imo, but CSG is a whole different story whether in missions or fightclubs. That extend mag though "cough cough"
  4. Hmm, you played this game for too long you said, not only that, but asking me to get my "facts" straight? Since you look completely clueless to me I'll leave that link here, and good luck in this game. https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Shotgun_JG_Slot2 That's why we should have threats and gameplay time information on forums smh.
  5. We are talking about reverting them to what they were before LO weapon balance, not that insanely overpowered stats that they used to have in 2012 that no one asked for, so i don't really know who are you agreeing with here.
  6. I think that it just had visually different spread animation than the CSG but it was always a CSG reskin and nothing more it was never superior neither inferior to it in any way. Same, I mained it ever since i started playing this game, but i never use it anymore aswell because of this shitty new weapon balance. I think that I hate almost every single weapon balance they ever made even the HVR ones killing one of the fundamental gameplays in literally every fps shooter game which is snipers jumpshooting which i was one of its many fans (i know that some players don't like that weapon and may disagree with me but let's not neglect that alot of players liked it aswell and that was not supposed to be a legitimate reason to kill its ability to jumpshoot). That was never op, It was kinda hard and inconsistent to land the shot and was actually hilarious watching people trying to jumpshoot and failing it most of the time, killing them while laughing at them, what was op was its raw 850 damage that still exists which only needed to be reduced abit. HVR is still op till now, can still quickswitch easily and the players that hate the HVR whom i mentioned above probably still hate it if not more and lets not start talking about what happened with the ir3, but hey lets keep that for another thread and another time. In my opinion, the whole weapon balance shouldn't have happened in the first place, the meta was fine it was not overpowered by any means and i think that the majority of the old good players who make up the majority of the game population right now, liked how it worked, i mean that's the only reason why they haven't quit the game till now when there was no new content or any real updates. What littleorbit did was just breaking the meta, breaking the guns, adding more bugs that never have existed (car radar bug, CSG jamming, false animation and ghost shotting), adding an anti-cheat which lets blatant players roam everywhere for couple of days, sometimes months freely and all we know now is that they are working on the new engine and that they asked the players to be more patient than they already were and just bear with all the annoying things that exist in the game right now including what i mentioned above till the engine upgrade comes out, who knows when exactly, and when that happens maybe they'll do something about these things, and maybe not.
  7. Mattscott said this : Hi everyone, We had a rather unfortunate setback yesterday in CS. The provider that runs our customer service portal was hacked, and ~68K bad support tickets were opened. It took the better part of the day to get things sorted out. However, since we don't run this tool in-house, and we can't mass delete the garbage, it means our stats are now forever wonky going forward. I'm just going to list them here, but I'll likely stop posting these stats and come up with another way to communicate our progress in Customer Support. Like do you even london buddy? There is no 70,000 tickets they were just hacked and they just have to deal with the existing and new tickets in this pile of garbage because they can't clean it up. And that mathematical thing you just did up there is completely wrong, never show off your mathematical "skills" again.
  8. When i mentioned them as garbage players i didn't mean that they were bad, they are actually high tier players, yet they have to play like this every single mission for whatever the twisted reason behind it, abusing the living shit out of everything they can even if their enemies were pure silvers, they would still do what they do and that's why i called them bad because in a normal 1v1 situation they lose normally, but hey good luck ever 1v1ing any of them when they use them tactics and big cars if you get them as your enemies when playing solo. As for the vegas i wouldn't say it's that durable as it can be damaged up to 70% by just one magazine of ntec or star and lets not forget about nades can easily destroy it. I'd say you are over estimating its capabilities, anyone using a vegas is at least 5 times more likely to fail while abusing car gameplay against high tier players than someone who's using a poineer which tanks up to 2 frag nades + one magazine of ntec or star for example and lets not forget also about how poineers can accelerate faster than a 4x4 while using nitro 3 to flee away from a bad situation. Edit : forgot to mention how extremely good it can be used as a cover even after being destroyed and how annoying it can get to actually hit the enemy underneath it in comparison to other normal cars.
  9. Just buy the new intel core i9 9900k for a superior single core thread and you'd get a stable 144fps on maximum graphics
  10. Exactly, imagine playing a vip mission against 3 garbage players, nade spamming and abusing weapons like rfp fang (pocket obir), oca and jg and their vip groupmate is just chilling his pioneer next to a car spawning machine, respawning his car every time it takes some damage. True fun balanced gameplay doesn't exis... Nvm. Just nerf the big cars and add a 20 seconds delay for each time you spawn your car or something.
  11. I'd prefer if they reverted everything completely and just stop using their imagination and trying out weird numbers and stuff when they have 0 experience in that matter and they clearly don't care enough to fix what they have broken for players as much as they care about the engine upgrade which is both promising and depressing at the same time. shotguns were 110% fine and worked as inteneded before the last weapon balance. I'd like to have my 0.68TTK back honestly at least i won't get TTKed by a CJ 3 PMG in close range with no covers before i even get to shoot my second shot. They can just easily revert it if they are too busy to adjust anything else or start a new weapon balance thingy till they finish their engine upgrade.
  12. First of all the csg isn't the (p2w version) of the JG and vice versa, each one of them is a completely different weapon which has different gameplay and better than the other in different situations. JG has been always dominant in closer range situations due to its slightly increased firerate, significantly increased damage, its forgiving accuracy per damage rate to that of the CSG's, and the ability to be modified. The CSG has been always better at range when it had range which isn't its current situation now, slightly slower firerate before LO took over and made a noticeable different in firerates between the CSG and JG, it always did alot of damage only and only when the person using aimed well at the enemy and was accurate otherwise it doesn't deal that much of damage. The CSG has become a degenerate version of the JG which has significantly less firerate, significantly less damage, non modifiable, has the same range of the JG and is now a no pick versus good players as they all would take the JG over it. When i did some testing i figured out somewhat of an animation bug when you try to shoot at the right intervals as fast as you can, what happens is that you see your character shooting and if you have particles on you'll see pellets on the wall or whatever you are shooting at, yet i when looked my magazine ammo it didn't count as a shot, so i was basically seeing myself shoot while infact i was just standing still to other players. That animation bug happens more frequently than you think for those who try to master the timing of the new firerate, sometimes during gameplay someone wouldn't notice and think it was just a random ghost shot, that bug never existed before. And that's all what I'm going to reply you at since the first paragraph you wrote you seemed like you no clue about what you are talking about calling the JG a "f2p version" of the CSG which was borderline op. I'd only think that G1 never made a purchasable version from contacts all these years to force players who were interested to pay money for it, it should have been already an ingame item rather than an armas market item. Talking of op btw, wouldn't you consider your favourite 1 shot 85 damage shotgun "strife" which can basically used to quick switch players at relatively close distances as a op? it has more insanely more damage and range than both shotguns JG and CSG. All in all, the CSG was not just nerfed and was placed in the garbage can as a weak degenerate weapon, but also as a broken one.
  13. Shotguns never had that type of damage. The CSG was at 80 damage and insanely high range while the JG was at 75, it still has that exact same damage till now btw if you didn't know that and had considerably high range, Probably higher than that of the current csg, and these were nerfed in 2013 and were no longer op and kept getting rebalanced over and over till 2015 which had the final and the best rebalance that shotguns ever had. As for the 2012 shotguns meta, no we don't want those kind of shotguns back they were too op, required no skill whatsoever and were complete bs.
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