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  1. Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but they were at their finest spot before LO changed them the first time.
  2. Hello, not gonna comment about the other weapons balance but if that's what you have in mind for weapon balancing especially for shotguns I'm glad to tell you that this game will die sooner than you think with how you're ignoring what the players have been saying over and over like reverting the shotguns to the pre LO weapon changes, all shotguns were 100% fine. If anybody had any problems with them, that was just them having a really bad aim. The two main shotguns that everyone who really knows how to play this game care about worked as inteneded, jg was always better in closer ranges than the csg even though the csg still had a close RoF to the jg, and the csg was always better in longer ranges than the jg, there was no need to nerf/buff/rework anything. Aside from having good server, client performance and stuff to grind in this game I think the gun gameplay is the most important thing to consider when someone wants to enjoy a shooters game, and if you don't realize how bad you're ignoring players and how bad you're doing on balancing (fucking) weapons thinking that you're the one with the better future vision for this game, well... You're done for. I'm just here watching you fuck up time after another with not a single remarkable positive change, even some people would think that this isn't a fuck up yet, It actually is a fuck up to even introduce these ideas a begining for weapon balancing. Get your shit sorted please.
  3. When running higher resolutions, gpus are the bottlenecks. When you lower the resolution, cpus become the bottlenecks. You're welcome.
  4. Original packages : 919+537= 1456. ??1498?? Converted packages : 706+24= 730. Percentage of converted packages : 730/1456 = 50.1% Wrong calculation depending on the total packages given by matt : 730/1498= 48.7% ??~83%?? Am i missing something? If not then that's some interesting mathematics right there.
  5. Sarcasm aside, you have written a well organised thread that sums up efficiently what the priorities should be especially after 3 months or more with no info about the progress of the engine upgrade whatsoever. I don't think you need to bother explaining anything to anyone, what you're trying to do or say is pretty clear, cheers.
  6. I did and i think you forgot to mention unreal engine 4 and how mattscott said during his Q&A session with Kempington that he has another team working on it in parallel with the team working on unreal engine 3.5
  7. Who even enjoys gaming at this kind of latency, non the less playing apb which is such a mess right now and doesn't even look that it's gonna be better in the near future, what you should do is that you uninstall this game and play something else till it is worth enduring the high latency for, that is if that ever happens which i doubt.
  8. Yea you if you're an enforcer you literally need about 200k which is not considered much to buy a 2 slotted one from the ingame market place, 200k can be farmed in 2 to 3 days with premium or 5 to 6 days without so rewarding indeed you should feel proud. Casual players like you aren't the reason why it hould be nerfed, i wouldn't mind having a casual player use that car I'm speaking about the real veteran players who abuse the shìt out of this car in this game and are ready to buy it from armas on every single character they create.
  9. Or you could just buy the car on armas market Never seen such a pathetic excuse about the pioneer tbh
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