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  1. thx<3 i know i'am a sexy model, ty for compliments mate. At the beginning I thought my account was hacked, but this does not seem to be the case,
  2. My clan has been deleted and now have a pay clan? what is going on there? this is the 2nd time on 2 different accounts?
  3. why? 60% of the apb players play in fc because it's just a part of apb, i really hope you have a good substitute please do not ruin it LOL.
  4. i totally agree with u, i dont know whats the point, and why he doing this lmao. There will be no fun in the game anymore when fc is gone LOL
  5. Hello LO is crosshair now allowed yes or no? because no one can give a clear answer about it, it would be helpful if someone says a clear yes or no.
  6. Hello LO Team! what are the people need to do, who do not have access to the email adress or forget, lost whatever, and the password has now expired, you will consider this problem? i write to the support team and still not answer hope LO do something about it. Because no one writes about it, that's why i thought i'm opening a new topic. Regards Kuyichi.
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