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  1. lol they not doing anything, just the same guy griefing all streamers for 2 weeks already every day from morning till night
  2. It is still relevant btw, there is no GM's in game and u cant add Selali in discord, so problem still not fixed, streamers still got griefed every day
  3. Can we actually have a GM's in a districts? There is a few Insults removed ~@mayii who just keep grief streamers, so its making game unplayable for them
  4. About bounty system, if you guys want punishment for being good on missions, LO can make you only visible for enemy team but still neutral for everyone else who is not on mission
  5. Dear, Little Orbit, you have been owning the game for 2 years and I want to ask few questions. Hope, you will response detailed. Also, I'm asking players to fill my list of problems if I forgot something. 1)Are you really trying to make the game better or you don't care about live version? Seriously, for the whole time of you owning APB you made only few good updates, at the same time, you made some bugs into the game that you haven't nerfed yet. 2)Why can't you focus on the problems that you're able to fix with the current engine. I'm not talking about bad optimization that is not possible to fix on the current engine. I'm talking about gameplay problems 1.Problems with modifications. For example spotter (example) or Radar Tower in the car that can make you visible no matter how far you're staying from the car. 2. Terrible spawn system. Sometimes Spawn points disappear from the map. Sometimes opponents can spawn 10m from you or spawn points that make you instantly able to defend the point with long range weapon. 3.Bounty system. Absolutely useless system that only bothers. Just delete it while you can't find a better solution. I lost so many missions because one random kid decided to come for me and kill me that makes me losing my position. 4.Missions. At the moment there's only one balanced final stage - deathmatch, every other finale depends on RNG. The VIP stage is the most terrible should be removed from the game and replaced with any other final stage. There's also a big problem with time on some stages.For example, on one stage where you need to raid 2 doors and grab 2 small items and drop it at the same stage has 10 minutes while the same stage but with two medium items has only 7 minutes. Most of final stages such as item hold or points don't have enough time. It's just nearly impossible to comeback without overtime. These finals should have 10 mins time and ends up when one of the side gets the maximum amount of score. Final stage with item drop is a joke. Some missions always have drop points 400m+ and have only 3 minutes for a stage. If you want to comeback, you have to kill the whole team that takes a lot of effort, take the item and come to your point, kill the opponent team again if they're on the point and then drop the item. It takes more than 3 minutes usually. 5.Vehicles. Most of them are useless. Everyone now running 4x4 Vegas or Pioneer/Espacio. Why don't make vehicles that is supposed to be top tier (Bishada/Jericho) having the same stats as 4x4. It will work basically as weapon reskins. 6.Bugs. UI bug that you made into the game with the autumn assault event. Being unable to make a car object until you push it by your car (example). Also at car-park most of the time any car point almost always explode. There're more bugs that difficult to remember. 3)Also, almost any modern f2p project has only cosmetic things in their ingame stores that doesn't affect the gameplay, I have no idea why you're still going with that old fashion that makes thinking every newbie that the game is hard p2w. Also you trying to fix some weapons from contacts but u didn't try to fix their analog from armas. 4)Weapon balance. You're listening to the players who don't play the game on high skill level. Me and some of the russian players daily playing arranged and sometimes we play in the prototype district. Changes you're making to the shotguns don't make sense. You and most of the players who sits on forums don't understand how huge impact JG or CSG can provide with cornercamping or with cargameplay. You just kill every other cqc gun except maybe PMG. While NTEC gets a good change, not this garbage you made before that completely destroy the only one decent f2p Assault Rifle. 5)Terrible EU servers. Server latency jumping like crazy. 6)Player support. Why don't you want to support players that makes their own event. For example tournament that is going to happen. I tried to contact Matt about the tournaments but he doesn't care about it. Innova had supported tournaments or other events from players. You could type the special command in the chat to start the specific mission and instantly get the opposition. Don't need to write that you're busy with the new engine. While upgrading the engine you made 3 pointless events that died in 2 days each one and RIOT that was an unfunny joke.
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