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  1. It popped up after starting the launcher through steam. Redownloaded the game through Gamerfirst's site and it's all fine.
  2. Does this also have anything to do with not being able to play the game? I have a GTX 1650, and recently right after I picked one of my characters, the game immediately kicks me back to the login screen and I couldn't even click to join a district at all. The problem still persists to this day, even after several reinstalls, switching from steam's launcher to GF's launcher, and numerous launcher repairs.
  3. It's tanking the fps very hard and obscures vision so much. Pls.
  4. The SCAR line of firearms is one of my favorites irl, so when I saw that APB has one by the name of the COBR-A, I had to buy it. Problem now is, the COBR-A honestly feels pretty god awful by N-Tec standards (hell, even the STAR feels more reliable). It takes the same number of shots to kill as the N-Tec and STAR does but has a significantly slower fire rate and smaller magazine size. It's saving grace however is that it has a slightly higher damage output allowing you to put Heavy Barrel 2 into the gun without increasing your ttk, and it has a somewhat decent accuracy when firing continuously while standing still. Thing is, if you're going to put heavy barrel on a gun that has a ttk close to a second, you might as well put heavy barrel on an N-Tec so that you don't gimp yourself further than the 3 stacks of butt plugs you've already put in your patootie trying to make this gun work. On paper, it does seem like the COBR-A was perhaps intended to play out the role of a semi-rfileman, taking pot shots from far away without losing the ability to full-auto, but the thing only has a max range of 50 meters, takes 8 shots to kill at 80 meters (the CR762 only takes 6), and has a pretty god awful follow-up spread to boot. The first shot off the gun causes a ridiculously large bloom that you can't burst fire at 50 meters the way you could with N-Tecs too, so to even maximize the damage output of the gun, you have to get dangerously close to your enemies rather than stand back, and while you're at it, you'd already get out-dps'd by a basic STAR. Much as I like the look and feel of the COBR-A, I don't really know what I can do to make it stand a chance against the other assault rifles in this game. Nothing really clicks with me in terms of what I can do. I tried putting cooling jacket to bump up the fire rate but that only makes it incredibly inaccurate and Improved Rifling makes the second shot accuracy worse which defeats the purpose of it being a reliable medium-long range fighter. So for those who are proficient with this gun, how do I get gud with it? What's something that I've missed about what this gun could do to match up against the other assault rifles?
  5. If you're using the mouse itself, there shouldn't be a concern, as the extra buttons on a mouse are already recognized as buttons in most games including apb. What would cross the line however, would probably be softwares that runs macros. So as long as you shut down or never open your hardware's specific software that allows you to do macros, you should be fine.
  6. You forgot the Obeya CR762 existed. That gun could melt someone from 80 meters away. Before this it was way more powerful.
  7. There's a minor display model bug with the Atac 424 "Bodyguard" specifically on male player characters where the character would hold the vertical grip like it's a foregrip. The bug only happens on the "Bodyguard" version of the Atac, I'm not sure if it happens to female player characters as well.
  8. Did.. Did you not read my post at all? I said I've frequently used it and it felt cheap to me.
  9. The Atac feels very cheap to use. With a damage drop off of 50 meters, it breaks the balance of close ranged weapons because of how accurate, easy to control, and fast it is. With all of those things combined alongside a mobility sling perk (which is something that already comes with 2 pre-modded Atacs), the Atac as an assault rifle, does the job of a sub-machinegun better than a sub-machinegun would, because they don't sacrifice medium range fighting capability for short range accuracy and mobility (by a significant margin at least). Not to mention just how accurate it is compared to other smgs as well. I honestly think it needs a bit of nerf on the movement accuracy side so that sub-machineguns would at least have better movement accuracy to compensate for the lack of damage they do down range. As you can tell, my opinion of the weapon is quite negative even though I frequently use it but I would like to know the opinion of others for this matter as well, see if there's anything that I got wrong. So what do you think? Is the Atac a yay or nay?
  10. I've been playing this game for a year now and I could safely say that, playing in the EU servers while living in South East Asia is not a very pleasant experience. On higher threat servers, gameplay feels very inconsistent, some enemies felt like they were firing way too fast, driving of course felt like it takes a century for your character to turn the wheel, and running into cover with a slither of health left is almost impossible. Basically everything in the game felt delayed but the EU servers are the only servers with the fastest ping for my connection. I wouldn't mind the fix to this being that a lot of gameplay elements gets becomes client-sided instead of server-sided (though that may be upsetting to some) but I would honestly prefer to have region hopping and more regional servers available. Partially because I want to still have the option to move to a different region so that I could play with some of my international friends, mostly because I want to move the characters that I've spent so much time and money with on the EU server, to an Asian server so that I don't have to start from scratch.
  11. To me, a Tryhard is a rank 255 gold in a bronze server using nothing but the Explosive weapons and a Nano secondary on people below rank 100.
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