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Found 3 results

  1. Oh boy, this might be a doozy... So I've been using the ATAC a lot recently and it's been feeling kinda off. I'm sure a lot of people will say "Oh just get good" and I know I could improve on some things but hear me out. Whenever I have someone in optimal range of the ATAC it feels like it just doesn't want to finish kills. My best guess is that this is due to the fact that it's an 8 STK weapon. But I'd be called crazy to ask for it to be buffed to have the STK of other AR's, so could it instead have the nerfs it got hit with removed instead? I know it's something where the ATAC is supposed to be an AR that functions like an SMG, but in practice it feels like it fails horribly against a lot of the weapons that it would encounter within the ranges it's supposed to operate in. I frequently find myself getting outgunned by SMG's in close range, and then I don't have the range or accuracy to finish other AR users off when fights enter into the 50-60 meter range. Even weapons like the OSCAR, which I should naturally have an advantage against due to an automatic vs burst fire weapon, just hipfire me to death remorselessly. Again, I'm aware that to most people it's probably a skill issue, but something just feels off about the whole thing. It's outdone in what's supposed to be its good ranges by SMG's and other CQC dedicated weapons, it's outdone at long ranges by regular AR's, and even when trying to hipfire a regular AR that is 6 STK feels like it has a sizable advantage due to the fact that it has to manage to hit 6 shots while praying to RNG instead of eight. Meanwhile when I'm ADS'ing at someone with an ATAC it feels like I only hit every third shot, with the rest going into anything but the person that's shooting back. Can we see about doing something to help this thing out?
  2. Hello, I'm one of many not-so-skilled gold players. While I personally enjoy new changes to IR, I think there is a problem with that version of ATAC. ATAC "Patroller" comes pre-slotted with HS3, IR3 and Mobility Sling New IR changes make precision oriented guns shine at long range while limiting their CQC capabilities. I think ATAC was never intended to be a precision oriented gun. IR change brakes the gun because it doesn't have accuracy to utilize extra range, and worsens its close- and mid- range performance. I don't own ATAC "Patroller". Why do I care? It comes with KTTW pack, which I wanted to buy, but this change stops me from doing so. I played on OTW with patroller while IR3 was +12m, -15% and it felt bad. Played with it now on FC, it is horrible, absolutely trash. Math: (stats from http://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_ATAC_Armas_Preset_FN1/). New range: 59 meters. Accuracy diameter at 10 meters: 46cm. Tap firing at 59 meters in marksman mode crouched: 46*0.5*59/10*0.9 = 122.13cm Player model is ~70cm diameter. That makes roughly a 57% chance for bullet to hit a target while tap firing and crouched. That is completely not reliable in my opinion. Thank you for listening.
  3. There's a minor display model bug with the Atac 424 "Bodyguard" specifically on male player characters where the character would hold the vertical grip like it's a foregrip. The bug only happens on the "Bodyguard" version of the Atac, I'm not sure if it happens to female player characters as well.
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