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Found 2 results

  1. There's a minor display model bug with the Atac 424 "Bodyguard" specifically on male player characters where the character would hold the vertical grip like it's a foregrip. The bug only happens on the "Bodyguard" version of the Atac, I'm not sure if it happens to female player characters as well.
  2. Hello, I'm one of many not-so-skilled gold players. While I personally enjoy new changes to IR, I think there is a problem with that version of ATAC. ATAC "Patroller" comes pre-slotted with HS3, IR3 and Mobility Sling New IR changes make precision oriented guns shine at long range while limiting their CQC capabilities. I think ATAC was never intended to be a precision oriented gun. IR change brakes the gun because it doesn't have accuracy to utilize extra range, and worsens its close- and mid- range performance. I don't own ATAC "Patroller". Why do I care? It comes with KTTW pack, which I wanted to buy, but this change stops me from doing so. I played on OTW with patroller while IR3 was +12m, -15% and it felt bad. Played with it now on FC, it is horrible, absolutely trash. Math: (stats from http://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_ATAC_Armas_Preset_FN1/). New range: 59 meters. Accuracy diameter at 10 meters: 46cm. Tap firing at 59 meters in marksman mode crouched: 46*0.5*59/10*0.9 = 122.13cm Player model is ~70cm diameter. That makes roughly a 57% chance for bullet to hit a target while tap firing and crouched. That is completely not reliable in my opinion. Thank you for listening.
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