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Found 6 results

  1. Hey there all, I just started to playing this gem again. I would love to know which weapons are the best in current meta. (Used to play Corsair & Bloody Mary) Thank you!
  2. Can kill's by blowing up a vehicle PLEASE count toward role progression? For the longest time it has made no sense that APB would have dedicated anti vehicle weaponry like rockets and AV machineguns or even AV Snipers and then force people to instead injure cars and hope to kill the enemy once there out of it just to get kill's toward there role. It just makes no sense, why it wouldnt, get a kill with that sweet as hell long range conc throw blowing up someones fleeing vehicle? Why should you not be rewarded for your efforts? calculate your enemy vehicle route and spawn in to intercept blowing up there car with a Volcano, why should you not get credit for that? Surf around on your buddies car chasing down players that are relocating with your dedicated AV gun, why should APB deny you just cus your killing a player by using there vehicle against them? Please Little Orbit, common, make it happen.
  3. ALIG 762 is in a bad state - the weapon is just not capable to fullfill its role. Compared to the SHAW 556 it performs worse on every front - slow firerate, high weight, bad accuracy at all ranges(exept medium), and high recoil. It's only upside is hard damage, however even that feels useless, considering any rocketlauncher or a grenade would do a better job, as explosive damage passes through Steel Plating Mod. It would be a plus if you could shoot this weapon out of a car, therefore giving it an upper edge over other hard damage weapons, but its not, therefore its almost completly useless. The way to buff it would probably be increasing it's maximum accuracy, making it viable at longer ranges and maybe buffing it's soft damage to make it a 4 shot kill. Its a heavy machinegun for christ's sake, why it takes the same amount of shots to kill as PMG's tiny bullets?
  4. First of all, let us compare the S1-FA 'Frenzy' stats with both the Ntec and FAR. NTEC stats: Time to Kill 0.70 sec Shots to Kill 6 Health Damage 190 Stamina Damage 20 Hard Damage 19.00 Drop off Range 50m FAR stats: Time to Kill 0.70 sec Shots to Kill 6 Time to Stun 6.86 sec Shots to Stun 50 Health Damage 175 Stamina Damage 20 Hard Damage 19.3 Drop off Range 50 m S1-FA 'Frenzy' stats: Time to Kill 0.69 sec Shots to Kill 7 Time to Stun 5.64 sec Shots to Stun 50 Health Damage 143 Stamina Damage 20 Hard Damage 14.3 Drop off Range 50 m ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion: As you can see, the S1-FA 'Frenzy' clearly does NOT FIT in its category, it requires 7 STK, which is extremely unreliable, it may be the same TTK at very close range, however at medium range, trying to land that last hit is quite difficult and often frustrating, if you are in a fire fight, you mostly just end up dying anyway. the S1-FA Brothers are quite competitive and well in their place inside their category, while the Frenzy is clearly outmatched in 90% of the situations compared to his brothers, since LO is working so hard in the balance department , I highly suggest you consider a buff to this gun.
  5. Especially the bloody mary at least some reduced recoil or something to improve them a little bit more?
  6. Just curious, there's a lot of nerf threads spawning everyday, but wouldn't you guys rather buff something you currently use rather than nerfing what others are using? Just saying. Here's an example, buff the trunk space in my Coywolf so I can run ammo depot and still carry a briefcase :) You may now debate why this is probably a bad idea (even I think it is to an extent, doesn't mean I'd cry if they did it though) EDIT: I think it's a bad idea because the Coywolf is already fast, agile and carries 4. Being able to carry items (without having someone hold it in their lap and thus preventing them from shooting out the windows) kinda seems like it'd be a bit too versatile. My current garage has: cars that are fast but carries 2 persons and up to 1 large item trucks/suvs that are slow but tough, carries 4 persons and enough truck space to carry 3 large items for those really annoying pick up missions (or the 5 medium items in Creme la Crime) a van for ram raiding and finally, the Coywolf, if this could also carry items in the trunk while having 3 shooters and enough speed to outrun some other cars... seems a little much.
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