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Found 5 results

  1. before the developers bring in new content or whatever is planned for the next updates i would like a very small and or minor update for the apb characters what bothers me a lot about them is that these characters don't blink at all like they do not blink their eyes just stay open all the time can one of the developers please do something about this because the only time my character blinks or any apb character blinks is when you whip out the ammo supplier that's it but i would like for my character to blink all the time like regularly but yeah that's all i ask for how come the npc's get to blink?
  2. As the title suggests this thread will contain all Vehicle related suggestions so keep the ideas flowing in. I will start off that since LO's CEO mattscott has decided to add new content into the game, with one of them being a new release of a vehicle, I would suggest a slight modification to that new car if possible. SCISSOR DOORS. It's about damn time we got a vehicle that opens up with a scissor door (meaning upwards like a Lamborghini). Anyhow, that was just a suggestion to get this going, but feel free to mention more suggestions related to vehicle please post them in here, have fun and thanks! :D - Kush Patel 7/24/18 (Fluidify/LDnB) Twitch.tv/FluidifyAPB
  3. Especially the bloody mary at least some reduced recoil or something to improve them a little bit more?
  4. Intro As promised, i`m going to talk about cars, ( Took me a while to defeat my laziness to write this. ) I remember from Q&A there were talking about new car in the works, so one thing came to my mind, well more like a problem. Right now we have around 22 available for purchase cars ingame, with only 5 are used by people on average basis. Even in past cars that were not in " top tiers " came absolute rather...quick. There is not point for veterans to buy them, nor there is any reason for a newbie either. Since its rather easy to buy better options from marketplace or ask for a clan design car if you are part of more or less " set up clan ". So, when amount of cars will increase even more, previous stuff becomes even useless. Speaking of which...whos even gonna buy kits for them in armas? Here is a tier list of cars of " worth " currently. ( In my opinion ) S tier - Patriot Vegas( Including 4x4 ), Patriot V20 Jericho, Bishada Rapier, IO Growl S2. ( Speed, its all about getting from point A to point B ) A tier - Nulander Pioneer, Seiyo Espacio ( Can be made into tanks ) B tier - Packer Vaquero ( Solely for 4x4 and size combo that helps to get in weird places in order to utilize spawn and in past radar mods ) C tier - Charge Mikro, Packer Ceresco, Charge Cisco, Han Veo, Sungnyemun Moirai. ( They are one tier up then cars below solely because newbies tend to buy it. ) D tier - Nulander Kurai, Patriot T-25, Dolton Broadwing, ( Can be somewhat useful for newbies, but rarely picked anyway. ) F tier - Balkan Ravan, Balkan Varzuga, Macchina Calabria 127, Charge Sentinel, Dolton Fresno, Dolton Montane ( Basically there is zero reason to buy this cars even for new player. ) Idea/Suggestion To give actual " worth " for cars below tier S and A is implementing " upgrade " mechanic. And here we have 2 routes. Route A - Think of old race games like NFS Underground or recent GTA 5. While you could buy direct upgrades to suspension, transmission, engine and etc. Im not sure how realistic this would be in terms of engine architecture in APB and synergy to " mod " system. Well, i decide to write about this anyway, just in case. Also, you would probably say " Wait, if we can for example increase engine power for +20, it means " tiers " will not go away, since you can do same stuff with " good " cars and the gap will not go away ", I would say you have a good point, but in my idea you can upgrade only " bad " cars. At least for now. Route B - Its a bit more weird. Lets make an example, Vegas and Vegas 4x4. So my idea would be a similar system, like you take a car and bring it to NPC who with a fee will upgrade it into new version. Price of conversion would depend on how many slots original car had, basically if it has 1 slot or even 0 you would pay more. So, basically idea is to give said " unpopular or inferior " cars something that they lack to become somewhat viable. For example I would take two cars, Han Veo and Nulander Kurai. ( Why? Because they have great armas kits ) Right now they are basically a trap, if you played more then a day, you would know that buying their kits are waste of g1c and cars themselves are waste of ingame cash too. So, in my idea you bring these cars to a NPC in social car area and exchange your car+cash for an upgraded version, basically we can have a " new " car that uses same models and kits as old one( Hello vegas 4x4 ). So Nulander Kurai for example could be a bit lowered and given more power, while Han Veo would be also given more competitive speed( not exactly same as for example S tier cars, but in between of A and S tiers, ) and possible a 4x4 as well for better acceleration all around. ( I know that " Coywolf " version of Han Veo should be already " buffed " by lets be honest its same old junk Han Veo and its still useless ) TL:DR - idea itself it so " revive " out of meta cars and give them ability to be used. You can be rather creative with " upgraded " versions, heck nobody said there could be only 1 version for each car, it could be multiple. Plus side of profits, its easier to do this and sell kits for existing cars, even add more in future for them, then develop a whole new one. Extra As bonus, it would be nice to see racing modes as well. ( Specially if you make more cars viable ) Could be under of " Joker " brand as well to reword small portions of JTs, for those people who despise FCs ( Or specially Baylan...). In years of playing I saw multiple times people trying to orgonize races in freeroam or doing challanges for drift, drag,, So why not make it official? Plus extra reason to " showoff " your cars there...basically extra motivation to have a " fancy " kit, *wink*.
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