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Found 13 results

  1. Have Kevlar reduce incoming damage rather than increase health, the health pool remains the same (1000) but with the reduction in Incoming damage you can survive slightly more shots, the key here though is that when you do take damage and get into cover, you are actually less damaged than an equivalent none kevlar user (at the moment a 850 hit is a 850 hit kevlar or not) this means you have less down time whilst you regen. This subtle change to Kevlar's properties, makes it slightly more worthwhile without completely breaking it... 4 second delay, then just under 5 seconds to regen (595) rather than almost 7 (850) - (rough guess wont be 100% accurate) probably needs more work, but there is the basic idea.
  2. Back in 2015, the developers asked the community if there were any game mods they thought could be removed or improved on: [Q&A Feedback] Game Mods, you feel can be removed or improved upon I made a follow-up topic on it which has some additional discussion in it: [Q&A Feedback Follow-up] Game Mods, you feel can be removed An overwhelming consensus were for the removal of car spawners and remote detonators, with the arguments that they were detrimental for gameplay and the game would be better without them. It has been three years since then, so it would be interesting to hear people's thoughts on it today.
  3. On one hand, when I see people use the OSCAR, they tend to dominate with it and absolutely shred anyone in their way, long range and short range. On the other hand when I use the OSCAR, I can barely hit anyone at range even though the Joker Carbine and OBIR can both manage long range poking just fine, and when I try to CQC with the weapon my need to adhere to proper fire rhythms means that people with full auto weapons can just hold the button down and delete me. So, what gives? How do I use this thing right? What mods does everyone run for it?
  4. You people didn’t take me serious but whatever im glad the same people who disagreed with me are now unhappy. I told all of you so and this topic is about why a lot of people are complaining about the new patch
  5. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the weapons thread. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the vehicles thread. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the vehicles thread.(Alternate thread) For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the mods thread. (Scavenger) For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the mods thread. (SteamAnimator - Broken Images) Basically, we'll try to suggest/brainstorm new things for future reference/request so the devs can get an idea of what the community wants. For the new stuff that gets added, I'll try to keep the OP regularly updated. Vehicle Suggestions: Cont'd Weapon Suggstions: Cont'd Mod Suggestions: Cont'd
  6. Before I begin: I dunno if this would be better in Social or in suggestions. I'll put it in suggestions since I feel like that's better. Could be wrong. So, weapons are being balanced. That's great. But I've been chatting to a few folks on Discord and I've noticed something that concerns me: Some weapons feel like they're being nerfed to cut down the effectiveness of a particular mod setup, but in doing this they're making only that mod setup viable. For example, let's take the classic NTEC loadout: HS3 and IR3. IR3 and the NTEC have both been tapped with the nerf/change bat a bit, but it feels like they seem to be balancing the NTEC around the fact that IR3 is so common. This is a bit of a problem if you don't use IR3 on the NTEC. Since the game is being balanced around the expectation that you're using IR3, not using IR3 means deliberately handicapping yourself. In addition, due to the IR changes affecting all weapons, it feels like shotguns no longer have a useful red mod, as many people advise against using CJ in any form on shotguns as the spread/bloom gets awful. Now with IR3 making shots slower shotguns don't have a viable redmod since they need to get their shots out quickly to compete with SMG's, who can just hold the button down until they get a kill or die. This is especially notable on the Strife, which made heavy use of IR3 in order to help with it's abysmal range. A decrease in ROF on top of it's already abysmal ROF is simply unacceptable. I've got two ideas that could fix this issue. 1: Have weapon mods be tailored to individual weapons or weapon classes. So that way IR3 on assault rifles isn't the same IR3 that rifles/snipers get. 2: Introduce a new red mod (when the time is right) for shotguns: Slug rounds. Slug rounds: +damage, +range, -99% pellets, -spread. Affected by bloom. All damage loaded onto one pellet. (Note: I know this is probably a horrible idea, but it's an idea.) Anyway. I'm moderately concerned about weapon builds becoming very static, and I'd like steps to be taken early and often to ensure that they don't.
  7. Hello Wastelanders! LittleOrbit will allow Fallen Earth players to modify(mod) certain User Interface(UI) elements. The purpose of the UI Mod section: A place to discuss UI Mods Find out where to get UI Mods made by other players How to create your own mods. All user content mods and posts are governed by GamersFirst End-user License Agreement (EULA). Please read the EULA in the links below before proceeding: Terms of Service (TOS) Privacy Policy Code of Conduct Mods are also subject to any other Notices, Agreements, Policies (public/private) that GamersFirst may choose to enforce. CAUTION: Use caution when downloading files from somewhere/somewhere you don't know. GamersFirst is not responsible for any problems that may occur from downloading content from links on the forums. Please make sure to scan all downloads for viruses/malware and please bring any infected UI Mods to our attention so we can prevent other users from downloading malicious software. Thanks everyone, - Shy
  8. Since the gun will get a buff ill start using it so what mods should i put on and how would the playstyle be?
  9. First of all hi everyone. Everybody knows that CA3 is most used green character mod of all the time. This shows an unbalanced situation among green mods. I'd like to share my ideas with you based on buffing other mods. I don't know exacty numbers and calculation about CA. So i made poll about relationship CA and other green mods. Please vote your opinion. Ok let's start: GREEN MODS Kevlar: Kevlar has a great positive effect, but negative effect is much worse than its greatness. Instead of slowing character down why we don't force player to be lighter for carrying kevlar. Kevlar I - +10% HP /OR 10% Damage Reduction(Damage Reduction is Seadee's Suggestion) - You can't carry secondary weapons /OR If you carry secondary weapon -7,5% Sprint Speed, If you carry grenades -7,5% Sprint Speed Kevlar II - +20% HP /OR 20% Damage Reduction(Damage Reduction is Seadee's Suggestion) - You can't carry secondary weapons, grenades /OR If you carry secondary weapon -10% Sprint Speed, -5% Run Speed and if you carry grenades -10% Sprint Speed -5% Run Speed Kevlar III - +30% HP /OR 30% Damage Reduction(Damage Reduction is Seadee's Suggestion) - You can't carry secondary weapons, grenades and -25% stored ammo /OR If you carry secondary weapon -10% Sprint Speed, -10% Run Speed and if you carry grenades -10% Sprint Speed -10% Run Speed Sphagettio's Kevlar III - +30% HP /OR 30% Damage Reduction - Grenades are disabled - -12.5% /OR -10% Sprint&Run Speed Fragile: Fragile is an another mod that suffers from weak positive effect. Become faster is not enough. You can't dodge at all. I have 2 concepts in my mind. First one is Stealth / Assassin like gamestyle, other one is Acrobatic/Athletic like gamestyle. Fragile (Stealth) - +14% Run Speed - +14% Sprint Speed - You won't be shown on enemy radar when you shoot /OR You won't be shown on enemy radar when you shoot with your secondary and shoot with your primary weapon when crouching - -14% HP Fragile (Athletic) - +14% Run Speed - +14% Sprint Speed - You can jump higher - Climb ladders and fences faster - -14% HP Sphagettio's Fragile - +14% Run Speed - +14% Sprint Speed - +1 /OR +2 Grenades - -14% HP Flak Jacket: Maybe there could be exactly opposite mod Grenadier to make useful flak jacket more?? Grenadier - +1 Grenade Count - +40% Increase Explosion Damage Taken Clotting Agent: As far as i don't know exactly numbers of regeneration of HP i can't say anything about it. Blue and orange mods haven't got high priority to make balanced as green mods. But i will share my thoughts with you. BLUE MODS Car Surfer: To make this mod less abusive i think there should be a timer to activate car surfing while you are on vehicle. Valzipram Tablets: It's useless just fix it. ORANGE MODS Radar Jammer: This mods main purpose is just showing your symbol to other players at the moment. It needs some love but i don't know how. Feel free to make your critics. These are just my thoughts and there will be always better ones. And I will edit my post if you have another ideas. Thanks....
  10. Rinamii

    Modding update

    It's a simple request, but I'm sick of having to micro-manage mods on weapons, make it so we can add 1 mod to every gun.
  11. As the title suggests this thread will contain all Vehicle related suggestions so keep the ideas flowing in. I will start off that since LO's CEO mattscott has decided to add new content into the game, with one of them being a new release of a vehicle, I would suggest a slight modification to that new car if possible. SCISSOR DOORS. It's about damn time we got a vehicle that opens up with a scissor door (meaning upwards like a Lamborghini). Anyhow, that was just a suggestion to get this going, but feel free to mention more suggestions related to vehicle please post them in here, have fun and thanks! :D - Kush Patel 7/24/18 (Fluidify/LDnB) Twitch.tv/FluidifyAPB
  12. So I thought that since mods like steel plating reduce speed, why not have a mod that makes it so that it has a slightly higher top speed and better acceleration but takes more damage from weapons? Something like Weight Reduction 1-3 or the likes. Maybe even high torque mods? Just something so each car is more unique than the kit and colours it bears. Just minor differences, maybe nothing that is meta shaking or anything. Like not overkill on increase in top speed, maybe by 1.2 kms or so. (for reference the cisco has a top speed of 80 or so kmph, and the normal vegas has a top speed of 83 or so.) Just a thought, I'm sure someone has thought and talked about this before but I'm curious on how the community would feel if given the choice. And if you do think they could add something of the likes, what would you like to see as a vehicle mod?
  13. Guest

    Can you please buff Flak Jacket

    Can you please consider buffing flak jacket to reduce up -45% explosion damage to -50% or at least -55% grenades and explosive weapons such as the opgl and car bombs are no joke and sometimes I feel like they get spammed a lot especially if there's a whole group of people using them at the same time against just one single person you people should consider this.
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