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  1. Legit the more underpowered pack ever. Odin is the only good one and you have to buy the entire pack for it. Hel is okay, that's the acc gain with shooting, but the issue is the damage. OCA, PMG and just about any other SMG that isn't a meme will outclass you 90% of the time in a 1v1.
  2. I bought the collection as a meme buy to say I have every gun or a least a variant of it, and I have to say I wish I got a discount of some kind because EVERY GUN BUT THE ODIN was worthless in terms of usage. Like the Hel was the only mildly usable one besides the pack exclusive. Which mind you was like.. 5K+ creds? Over $50 for a handful of under preforming stuff. On the other hand I realize the actual TTK might be bad but if you do have a good hand you can manage to a degree. The mag size complements the fact that it's shit at doing everything else. Regardless, I still feel almost always you'll be outgunned by almost any other SMG that comes prepared to fight.
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