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  1. I swear to god if this game ends up giving guns preset sprays I prob would't play another match again. Part of the charm of this game is the inability to predict what your gun will do when you unleash it. If you have an idea of how to control it based on your own experiences then you become more skilled no? Take the snub nose, total meme of a gun anywhere else but a good player would have a blast shooting newbies with it, or even show off the valentine variant. Or on the side of things that shouldn't get preset patterns.. any of UL-3s, yukon or basically any retardedly fast firing gun would IMO be fundamentally broken if given a preset spray. RNG has and should always be in a shooter to a degree. I don't think anyone in this world could hold a gun full auto and hit every shot in the exact same place, not matter how talented or stronk you are. (Unless you're using some stupidly small caliber bullet, I still highly doubt someone running through 30 rounds of 9mm could hold it completely straight in a windless environment) Kinda why I dislike CS:GO but also admire it, at the same time, in instances where recoil is fully predicable, you know that the fact someone beat you was because they ultimately knew what they were doing better than you did. Then you run into cheats that move mice to mimic the perfect recoil pattern and you open a whole new closet of horrors. Win/loss I suppose? It would change this game entirely me thinks if RNG was removed.
  2. Aight, I'm having an internal crisis as I go through my inv and notice all the weird changes. Why is the Trouble Maker (along with a few other select weapons) now coloured white whereas they were gold? Why is there a new 5 min cool down to bought and retrieved guns? Is it to mitigate mid mission buys? And if so, why? I don't see the reason I shouldn't be able to buy an OPGL if need be on the spot so I can use it against someone who's got one before hand. And I earned Mobile Radar as a contact reward to be greeted with the surprise that it's disabled. Everything seems mildly on fire, is everything good? Just a lot of weird and questionable changes that I've missed I suppose, and if anyone has reason for them I'd love to know.
  3. It's the end of the world as we know it lads. jk, hope the new servers give us our 100 per dist servers back.
  4. I mean, even though it didn't hit live, the coding was there. Would've just been nice to have more music beyond annoyingly loud cars. Then again might just be me being tired of the same sounds we've been hearing for the past 6+ years. I still think RTW sounded better for a lot of the weapons we have today.
  5. If this was an intended feature like themes and deaths, this needs a forum post of it's own. who cares about 3 slot OSMAWS, I want that s*** on my AAEPD! It sounds like a bottle rocket going off as it is. WHY WAS THIS REMOVED? Even the annoying themes/songs that are just one tone really loud would be funny on a rocket, imagine hearing some inception deep horn as it flies by you. That would be funny as hell and would most certainly make getting blown up by them a lot less frustrating as at least it'd be funny.
  6. Did someone spill coffee on the laptop running the servers?
  7. Just saw this now. If instinct is to shoot your buddies based on colour, a friendly fire game isn't for you. Especially since I could colour my entire person bright red and according to your instinctive logic, you'd kill me every time and most likely be kicked for TKing. I think anyone after a while of being in a match can identify their targets based on their appearance, and while in a case of FC where players drop in/out frequently then sure, I can see a simpleton getting mixed up with tags and names, but that doesn't give chase to another rabbit hole of the P5/N5 argument. If you're gonna make the Demon tag no longer red to avoid confusion? Then suddenly having a Yellow/Gold tag makes me think you're P5/N5 and I'm gonna cap you because I'm confused by colours. Because after playing APB it almost becomes instinct to shoot Gold/Yellow tags since they'll also always be an enemy, Friendly N5/P5 is always green. This is stupid please bring back nice things. Or at least make it just a different Red. Like you most likely have a HTML or HEX limitation on colour but for the love of god there's more reds than just ANOTHER DAMN ORANGE TITLE.
  8. Okay sure, Red is the enemy too so you can't have that, but then make it dark red? Or literally any other shade of red. Not having red titles sparks the whole "Red is dead" argument for colour detecting T-Bots and that shit hurtie. Member when a GM used a colour based TBot on stream with a DMR? Ha that was a good time. I honestly hate that this game can be exploited in stupid ways like colour manipulation/detection. As for the individuals who cannot restrain themselves from shooting anything red, jfc get glasses or something because you're a danger to yourself and everyone around you clearly. Like I'm dressed in red and black head to toe in game. I never get shot by teammates unless some stupid positioning is involved, and if you can't NOT HIT GREEN? just like you'd see RED? If that's the case, remove every green title. Just to be sure lol? While you're at it please remove all the gold/yellow ones because I can't tell if their P5 or N5. Holy shit if they do this I'll actually kms.
  9. I made a thread a while ago asking if anything thought that NVidia support for Ansel at the time was possible, for making realistic screenshots and adding filters to in game captures. I remember a lot of people saying that it would be a lot of money, time and effort to bring something like that into an older version of the game. So most likely not. Finances willing, and maybe if the launch of the updated APB goes well, they might have it for the engine update. But I wouldn't hold your breath. I know there's an SDK for devs to get add support into their titles but again, with how wonky APB is and it's spaghetti code, might add some new rendering for screenies and real time, but might lose render distance or increase pop-ins, that or just break everything. EDIT:
  10. Then if you CQC w OBIR then maybe the OBIR needs balancing too? It's not meant for that role lol... And yeah, I found it harder to jump and spray with the Ursus than the N-Tec 5, not only did I find it harder, but I showed you how it could be harder, that's why I brought up ROF and TTKs with STKs. Clip size matters too when spraying for infinite amounts of time. Aimbots was a sarcastic point to illustrate how silly it is to use jump shooting as a legit CQC tactic. (Jump shooing is a legit tactic with specific guns, Snipers in part along with shotguns, but I feel the N-Tec has no place to take part in that playstyle for CQC usability) I feel like you're going above and beyond stupid right now and are ignoring all data that I shovel to you. Unless you respond with something worthwhile I'm done and I can consider what I've needed to say, to be said.
  11. I didn't say that the changes were good, I do think though, the range in respect to damage drop off needs to be looked at, as for ROF and clip size, I think they're great changes because do you honestly know how smart it sounds to be like "Yeah, I was using a CQC weapon and got beat out by a dude jumping around a corner mid air with an AR."? They're making people use something other than an AR at CQC. Skill =/ usability in all scenarios. N-Tec is effective across the board and doesn't seem to have a weakness besides really long range. Sure an OCA can out TTK a N-Tec but why should it have to be that counter? You're essentially over "meta"ing the n-tec to be to goto gun. The Ursus doesn't have the same usability due to the smaller clip size and slower ROF and perma HS 3 People don't have aimbot or perfect aim so if you're consistently TTKing while jumping around corners full fire you might need to lay off the pills, seek addictive help or just seriously reconsider your life. Clearly N-Tec mains can't take a change in meta for the better.
  12. So what you're saying is then, the n-tec should have only 6 bullets and as much recoil as the HVR and if you miss, it's your problem and not the guns? Poor logic. We're looking at the overall usability of something. My second point is the N-Tec 5 does 180 damage a shot, a person has 1000 hp, it's 6STK so you're doing 1080 damage to kill. In those 5m, that 80 damage will be spread across the board to still kill your target in 6STK. That's where the ranged bias till become more noticeable when vs something like the Ursus, which has a much steeper damage dropoff. The Ursus for comparison only does 210 damage per shot. Resulting in a 5STK, but only just BARELY. So much as Kev 1 can defeat the Ursus' 5 STK and theirfore making it a 6STK which ups the TTK retardedly due to the slow ROF. Please tell me more now the N-Tec is not more usable and how it's just my skill.
  13. I bet to differ, I can't jump and hose with the N-Tec 7 as well as I can with the N-Tec 5. The High ROF really helps with the odd missing, that and the Ursus doesn't have the choice of removing hunting sight 3 so I always have a harder time spraying while moving, Also I don't use mobility sling/cj on Ursus, only IR3. So I'm still at a disadvantage. The normal N-Tec is too usable. The 5m difference is almost negligible, the normal N-Tec can outrange an Ursus due to the Ursus' harsh damage drop off. Normal N-Tec overdamages as it is so you'll still 6STK at your normal ranges. Just not overdamage at further ranges.
  14. This thread: But in all seriousness, I think it's the versatility as well, a lot of other people pointed it out a million times before me. The Ursus can't jump around corners and hose people down with it's low ROF and 25 rounds. Even though it has the same TTK as the N-Tec 5. Why should the N-Tec 5 be able to hold 32 rounds, a higher ROF and be waaay more forgiving up close when it's not meant for it? I'm sure the overall ranged play with the gun will be unaffected, but the usage up close is what needed adjustment.
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