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  1. I can't afford most necessities let alone a monthly subscription. What I will do however, is play a free game and put money into it when I can.
  2. I had to wait 6 months and for a new company to take over before I could get my unbanning settled :^)
  3. You seem to be more rational the more detail I'm forced to give. I don't think any tutorial should force anyone to do anything. I think every tutorial should be exit able at any point in the tutorial (If it moves you to a designated area). I hate Planetside 2's tutorial for this exact reason that you can't leave it and are forced to take it, and it's a little much. Though the reason I figure most forget the tutorial is because they know what the tutorial taught them and built on that, which is fine and should be what happens, I just think rather than live fire situations there might be ways to inform players what to look for or do when doing said basics, as per mini example clips or even photo's of potential mission targets. For example, recoil control is taught through experience, it would help to have a TIP on recoil control with the N-Tec as an example in recoil control/bloom control, in maybe an accessible "in-game tips" section. Now I haven't said anywhere how one would get a better tutorial, but as I said earlier a suggestion is maybe a mini video clips of completing various objectives in the tutorial (mission stages such as windows and cars, how to adjust symbol shape and size, layering and ect.) Quality of life things like that so people know what to look for when they see the "STEAL" marker over what looks to be a plain ol' window or if they're caught wondering what all the tiny little buttons are in the symbol designer. Things like this IMO could help the already existing tutorial to MAKE it better, not to entirely revamp it. I still think maybe a practice range to help with recoil management would be nice. Though that's development time and server power to run instances dedicated to only testing/practice.
  4. You're ultimately arguing against having a better tutorial. I still don't see the point in your argument. Uninformed, in what way? I have 3K hours. I kinda know what the tutorial tells you to do. They don't have any pictures telling you where to go or what to do. Though they do give the occasional marker to your mailbox and such. But nothing on how to claim mail, and the likes. It's still text based... idk how you can argue that. You have to learn everything using purely text as a guide to your actions. It's like you think an individual could instantaneously know how to shoota n-tec perfectly after telling them to click left mouse. So I don't understand how it's a conflicting statement. Rather than just saying it's conflicting please do explain next time. And if you agree in saying there's no right and wrong then why do you continue to undermine my efforts in creating alternate suggestion in letting new players learn how to play? I'm tired of this, you can say you won all you want but as far as I can see there really isn't a winner to be had. All you did was piss and moan about how it's all good as it is and I think the game could benefit from having a more user friendly tutorial. And having a tip section might be a good idea for situational areas.
  5. I really didn't think I was going to have to reply, you seem to omit things I say or outright ignore them all together. I never said a more intrusive tutorial is needed, in fact, I said maybe a separate mission district is what is needed. Quite the opposite of "intrusive".\ I never said I didn't see your point of view, but from a global elite standard of CS:GO they already have gaming expirence, and if people choose APB as one of their free shooters to try while getting into PC gaming, again, we have undeveloped skills that a plain form of text can't exactly help effectively. You do realize there are learning types right? Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learning... Two of which are neglected in APB's fully text based tutorial. So if we want to argue learning curves for independent people and how a standard cut and dry text based tutorial with NO engaging features other than an annoying board that blocks a good chunk of your screen. We might be here a long time. We're clearly going to run in circles if you stand firm on a different opinion. I think the tutorial could use work, you don't. You don't work for LO so ultimately you have no say in the matter but you are free to express your opposition to my opinion. I'm just trying to make suggestions to better a decent game and I shouldn't be ridiculed based on that. What isn't okay, is that you demonize me with some wise crack about gandhi or the 5 year old comments and whatnot. Childish if anything. Insults have no place in an argument and I do stand by what I said in saying that it was idiotic to think the tutorial is in an okay state. For you and your friends who play games constantly, situational awareness is a skill that can be transferred anywhere. APB is a free game with a $0 entry price point and with that being said, a lot of people trying to find something new to play could look at this game and go "oh neat" but when they spawn into a mission district. They're met with Auto Ready and being forced into a mission without even being told the basics. And to say that there is a right and wrong in this matter is ludicrous because as far as I'm concerned. Tips never hurt anyone, nor did a good tutorial. NOT AN INTRUSIVE ONE. Somehow you can't differentiate from good vs intrusive. P.S. Statistics shown only on steam probably don't count for everyone else who uses the G1 launcher or the likes, kinda hard to take anything from a bias prospective of just one source. Albeit an uneducated one at that, hence a lot of the negative reviews being about either the toxicity of the community (a valid claim) or the P2W stigma which is false to a degree. Also you make a habit of blowing things out of proportion, like giving players aimbot and whatnot. Idiotic statements that twist points of view into overly negative effects. Noice slippery slope fallacy. Giving players tips on how to hide behind walls or anything isn't going to hinder or intrude on your precious time. Especially with a big fucking SKIP button if you're so unhappy with it. Making a mountain out of this mole hill of a tutorial.
  6. When people stop being shitty and back charge cards getting other people banned on purpose? Iirc that's the reason it was removed, along with kiddies stealing cards and scamming for G1C. There were a lot of issues with it at the time.
  7. I have no issue with either, I have the commander. The issue I have is HVRs hitting me through closed doors, and nades being thrown under the doors.
  8. Again, another post with a fatalistic attitude towards sinking or swimming with the current tutorial. Skills are taught and gathered over playtime sure. You can scream hand holding all you want but when I see that people can struggle with markers, distance, not knowing the map inside/out while struggling to do objectives all while being spawn killed or killed over and over after just reaching the point. They need help, and they won't find it dying over and over. These are things I've personally seen first hand while training others. And you're telling me the tutorial is okay, yet I KNOW that it isn't and it doesn't teach very well. Sure you didn't say "remove the tutorial" but the current state the tutorial is in, there's not much help to be given. Grats, you played some cornerstone plat former fighting games in your time, same. And SC basically tells you every move you can do with whatever char you're using. So there's that. And I have my DS in the other room with smash currently in it. So idk what you're trying to say, I'd to point out that both games have a following well over anywhere near APB's. So community support is waaaaay more present. Can't learn a combo? Tutorial online on how to do it. APB doesn't have that luxury. Clearly we ran in circles about genre and honestly you seemed to just repeat what I said in the first reply about reusing games for different points but let's just ignore that retardation all together. Please tell me again how our game population is doing so well with new players? I'm genuinely curious if you honestly think that the current tutorial is any bit helpful? Learning how to play a game and not be useless =/ playing the game pro league. reeeeee idiotic statement. You seem to like to call out logical fallacies yet you throw the point of an argument into orbit? Can we reel back on the hypocrisies? Especially with the projecting thingy there. And last I checked the tutorial is for those who have no skill and are new to the game, so using skill as a point of argument in a situation of trying to "get gud" is a little patootie backwards. We're trying to help the unskilled to make them skilled. Not hinder their growth with a shite tutorial. Honestly at this point, I don't get what you're on about, you just debunk shit and throw fancy words but you literally aren't helping anyone. Kinda like that person who criticizes a group project but does nothing to contribute to the effort. Make a constructive suggestion for every point you debunk then, other than "it's hand holding" and "intrusive" because last I checked, if we're going to play the "what I said and didn't say" game then you could pick up on the hint of having just a better tutorial, maybe one that doesn't look like a shitty out of place UI element considering you seem to be obsessed with intrusiveness and hand holding. Maybe it doesn't need to ever come up in mission district. Maybe it should have it's own district away from people who already know how to play the game. All these things that COULD be done. Instead you.. I don't even know what you're doing at this point other than complaining over people getting more help lmao And that's fucked up imo. As for weapon stats, I never said that had to be in the tutorial, I'm just pointing out that the current state of the game is hard enough to grasp let alone when things don't even work right. I think this will be my last reply as it's honestly a waste of time. I've said the constructive things I've needed to say, you're just ridiculing for fun at this point and I'm pretty sure the Forums aren't exactly a place to banter back and fourth. To sum it up as far as I can tell, you think the current tutorial is fine and they should just stick with it. I don't see any other feedback other than you complaining about what I have to say and no alternative to a better system seeing as you think it's fine. I can bet there are plenty of people who think, like myself, that the tutorial needs work and I'm sure it'll be reworked. End of story
  9. I very much doubt it was intended, to prevent door camping or not. Throwing a nade clean under a door or through the cracks of a door is silly. Especially with legendary guns with mods specifically designed to punch through doors/objects.
  10. A whole paragraph and a half just to throw a bow on basically saying "ur bad, get gud". Mega man, yeah, a platformer that afaik, doesn't have more than one person playing at a given time, nor is it against other people. >Uses BnS and genre to debunk previous point, uses a platformer as a point of own. Can't tell if you actually keep track of what you're saying or if you just missed that all together. Also, Soul Calibur and smash both have extensive tutorials on comboing. I don't expect to be a master at a game after a tutorial, and in the instances that game mechanics become usable in game are in the rare instances where again, skill gap is involved and the likes. Regardless the things I mentioned are clearly not intended as apart of APB, that's like saying that every ban ever done over exploiting out-of-map areas shouldn't have been done because "it was a feature". A tutorial is meant to help a player and you just seem to want to hinder any sort of help that the new players could use by saying "fuck em, I didn't have my hand held." The tutorial can also be skipped so there's that too if you're that afraid of having your hand held. What's your deal? Did someone hurt you? Just because you, and like myself and others, have figured out how to play this game, new players who sometimes never have even seen a third person shooter, have a hard enough game to play as it is, but when you have people with the mindset of sink or swim it makes learning a game a lot less fun. The game will die if it doesn't get the help it needs and a tutorial or even an easier way for new players to cope with the current stigma. Something has to change. Moronic to think this game doesn't have a skill gap. Kinda why the threat system has so many issues no? APB might be a simple game, but with weapon ranges, modifications that change statistics that aren't even reflected in game or market properly, mod descriptions being broken and just about every other small thing adds up to a learning curve and complexity intended or not. And after all the whole point of a game is to be fun no? And if you have a hard time learning said game it might not be fun any longer.
  11. To have a game with an incredible skill gap and such a small population, yes. Take Blade and Soul for example, with the implementation of the training room, they allow you to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about your class, right down to end tier skills. So like, yeah, I expect to learn how to play the game well through a tutorial. I don't think it'd be silly at all, it's something that's super simple to do that can save your life and give you the fighting edge in a fight. ESPECIALLY in a game where cover is kinda the point in having a firefight... You're an idiot if you think a tutorial isn't to inform a player as much as possible to improve their time playing the game.. If it's not an intended feature, fix it. Be rational. As a side note I'd like to point out your criticism helps nobody, you failed to give an alternate to helping new players deal with the new game/experienced players.
  12. I'm currently amidst training 3 new players and 2 of 3 have bought Armas items in the 1 week they've been playing. As they're true silver/bronze material it can be quite hard trying to teach people as the tutorial basically tells you what to do, but not how to do it effectively. They use N-Tecs, NSSWs and the likes, it's very hard to encourage weapon changing as the cool down is 4 minutes if they decide that the weapon they change to is ineffective or they don't like it. Considering how APB is about weapon flexibility idk how I can further that reinforcement to use more then just one weapon per game. What I mean by teaching effectively is the tutorial may teach you how to open a door the dumb way, walk up and hit F. Though the MLG gold standard of APB is jumping, hit f mid air and slide out of the way of the door. Nobody teaches you that. Survival tips like not getting out of your car opposite to your opponent for cover, hiding behind corners/walls and waiting, prenading and pretty much any other habitual thing like even constantly switching weapon sides to cover all view angles. All things the tutorial and even game tips sometimes forget to mention. In short, I find that the long standing community of APB has different ways of doing things that'll be always obsolete compared to what the tutorial teaches you. For example, Being able to throw nades under doors, or shoot perfectly between the doors when they're closed (never done it but I've had it happen to me on several occasions). Things like these are not exactly taught yet they're used every day in APB and being a new player is hard enough without all the bells and whistles of an arsenal of effective guns, halved cool downs or even an knowledgeable tutorial. As for this proposed system, it might work, it might not. We have a very small and sometimes unfriendly playerbase and salt is inevitable if someone is using explosives or cheap tactics all together against low ranks and when names get thrown in, things can get messy. And at the end of the day lower ranks which are the new players, are barred off from explosives or even the means to effectively protect themselves from said explosives till R195. Friendly reminder that the OPGL is still a 1 hit at distance, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to land those massive nades. In what way is that fair? The joker store isn't exactly a fair substitute for using flak 24/7 till R195. But that's a personal gripe I have with full gold teams who go explosive spam against a team of 1 R255 and 3 <R60s.
  13. ho lee shit. In my 3K hours I've never noticed this. I only thought it applied to dump trucks/garb trucks.
  14. Sounds like a tinfoil hat theory, I don't think I've ever seen a non taxi han veo that isn't player made.
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