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  1. Oh boy, this might be a doozy... So I've been using the ATAC a lot recently and it's been feeling kinda off. I'm sure a lot of people will say "Oh just get good" and I know I could improve on some things but hear me out. Whenever I have someone in optimal range of the ATAC it feels like it just doesn't want to finish kills. My best guess is that this is due to the fact that it's an 8 STK weapon. But I'd be called crazy to ask for it to be buffed to have the STK of other AR's, so could it instead have the nerfs it got hit with removed instead? I know it's something where the ATAC is supposed to be an AR that functions like an SMG, but in practice it feels like it fails horribly against a lot of the weapons that it would encounter within the ranges it's supposed to operate in. I frequently find myself getting outgunned by SMG's in close range, and then I don't have the range or accuracy to finish other AR users off when fights enter into the 50-60 meter range. Even weapons like the OSCAR, which I should naturally have an advantage against due to an automatic vs burst fire weapon, just hipfire me to death remorselessly. Again, I'm aware that to most people it's probably a skill issue, but something just feels off about the whole thing. It's outdone in what's supposed to be its good ranges by SMG's and other CQC dedicated weapons, it's outdone at long ranges by regular AR's, and even when trying to hipfire a regular AR that is 6 STK feels like it has a sizable advantage due to the fact that it has to manage to hit 6 shots while praying to RNG instead of eight. Meanwhile when I'm ADS'ing at someone with an ATAC it feels like I only hit every third shot, with the rest going into anything but the person that's shooting back. Can we see about doing something to help this thing out?
  2. APB Reloaded's consumable items are a divisive topic. But I think we can all agree that one item has more than it's fair share of problems: Deployable shields. The starting problem with deployable shields is that you can deploy them instantly, regardless of what you're doing. Losing a gunfight? Deployable shield! Someone get the jump on you? Deployable shield! Jumping through the air? Deployable shield! And, even better, you retain your full jump! The instant activation of the deployable shield is massively exploitable, but that's not all! In APB Reloaded, crouching and uncrouching doesn't affect your accuracy at all. The only things it really affects are the modifiers you get from some weapons, but the difference is overall minor. Does this matter with deployable shields? You bet it does! An extremely common exploit is to crouch behind a waist high wall (which renders you totally invincible to all damage unless your hitbox is poking out a tiny bit, and even then good luck hitting that tiny hitbox) and then grab everyone's favorite sniper rifle: The HVR 762. With this instant 850 damage you can lock down an area and be totally unassailable due to the fact that you can just line the shot up using the third person camera, aim, uncrouch for only a few moments, take the shot, and then crouch again. Instant 850 damage that the opponent simply cannot contest unless they have the magical ability to predict that you were going to do that and hit you in your 0.02 second window of vulnerability. Which... If someone had that they're probably not going to be playing APB, being honest. How are deployable shields relevant to this? Deployable shields give you a waist high wall anywhere in the game world. This naturally renders exploiting this bundle of mechanics extremely easy. But wait, there's more! You know what else you can do with a deployable shield? Drop it on an item that you have to pick up. You want to know when this happens? Take and hold missions. You cannot hold anything else while holding a deployable shield and, since most people will still guard the item that needs to be held, a decent team can render an item effectively unreachable to the enemy team by simply dropping it in a corner and then dropping a deployable shield on it. An additional tactic is to drop them at the top or bottom of a ladder in order to block/delay people from climbing it. Though this might've been fixed, I'm not sure. Overall, Deployable shields are highly exploitable and don't really serve much of a purpose outside of being exploited. I think it's time for them to go.
  3. You're one of the first to like my Strife rework. Fancy that. Last I remember reading the ISSR-B there was a ROF change, which I didn't really appreciate. I could see tapping the hard damage down to about 50 or so, but I disagree with nerfing it's range. Especially by that much. If you did that you might as well put it in the rifle category and not the sniper rifle category, but even then it'd probably be outclassed in that category anyway. Could also just leave it as I rarely see people up in arms complaining about it.
  4. Before I go through the document changes individually, barring the weapon I'm about to talk about, I want to address the elephant in the room: The Strife. The Strife exists in a very weird place. I personally think it's decent as it is but at the same time I see a lot of wasted potential that could be put into the weapon. I've seen a lot of people who want the weapon to remain virtually untouched, or they want to nerf it's two main selling points, but this to me says that the strife is in dire need of a total rework because nobody seems to be able to figure out what they want to do with it. Thankfully, the Strife is close to being an iconic weapon in shooter games and only needs a little push. For those unaware, an iconic weapon in video games is a "Super Shotgun" of sorts, usually taking the form of a break action double barrel shotgun, typically arranged with side by side barrels instead of over/under configuration. This "Super Shotgun" features a few notable traits: Short range, small magazine (typically two shots at most), and a truckload of damage. Now look at the Strife. It's got a short range of 15m (which people keep wanting to nerf), a massive 950~ damage (which people keep wanting to nerf), a fairly small magazine compared to other shotguns (5 vs 8), and it's frequently cited as being useless since it's still a two-shot kill, but delivers those two shots much slower than both the CSG and JG. To me, this spells out entirely that the Strife needs to be reworked from the ground up, and we're so close to an iconic video game weapon that it's the only logical solution. Reworking the Strife into being a double barrel "super shotgun" would fix most of it's problems, along with giving APB an iconic weapon that has been long overdue. Here's some stats I've come up with, using the stats provided here as a base: Damage: 850 Accuracy: Unchanged from provided shotgun stats. Drop off: ramp begins at 10m, ramp ends at 15m. Fire interval: 0.70 (0.02 higher than provided CSG/JG stats.) Reload time: 0.5 (Identical to Thumper, no partial reloads.) Magazine capacity: 2. (Configured in a way that modifications don't affect it, similar to rocket launchers.) Reserve ammo: 20. (-5 from shotgun stats.) This rework accomplishes a few things that people keep saying they want in that the damage is lowered from 945/950 to 850, so now it's not one shotting anyone while still reliably killing even kevlar 3 users in two shots. Additionally, the range of the shotgun is now much shorter, which means that the shotgun won't be able to fling it's 850 damage very far. In essence, the Strife becomes the polar opposite of the HVR: Same damage, but instead of safely sitting away at 100m you're forced to get into the fray, pick fights, and be mobile. The Strife would now be a feast/famine weapon akin to the Colby .45 AP. You kill in two shots, you have two shots. If you miss, you lose. This allows Strife to retain its status as a niche weapon that people pick up to goof off with while still bringing it much higher on the "viability ladder" than it currently is. If you don't like the idea of having it be only two shots, then perhaps give it four shots instead and give it a model like this instead of a traditional double barrel. Why do I keep arguing that the Strife should be made a double barrel? Aside from the fact that it's super close to being in that niche perfectly, it fits thematically too. Think about it, the Strife is sold in the Pack of Revelations, which is heavily themed around the apocalypse and other apocalyptic settings. You know what's a really common weapon in apocalyptic settings? The double barrel shotgun. The Metro games have one, Rage has one, the fallout games have them, a lot of indie apocalypse games have them. To quote Ahoy: "If there's one thing that guarantees the weapon's appearance, it's the apocalypse." So, overall, it makes the most sense to me, especially given that people keep wanting to nerf it even though they'll also say that it's not viable in most cases. Moving on. NTEC/STAR changes: I disagree on making the magazines 24 rounds, why not go with 30? It's the gaming standard at this point and allows for more wiggle room when it comes to missed shots. Something I like to keep in mind is that not everyone has pinpoint, or even good, accuracy. The less rounds you give per magazine to people, the higher you raise the skill floor. Too high of a skill floor can prevent game growth, which leads to us having more problems with population than we already have. Relevant graph. Ursus changes: Disagree on magazine change. ATAC: Disagree entirely on the change, the ATAC is barely a problem and I barely see anyone use it outside of CQC since it behaves like an SMG. Misery: Sure, it needs help. COBR-A: I agree that it needs help, but as others have said I'm not 100% sure on how to help it without having it's niche idea erased. That being said I don't mind making it closer to an AR personally. LCR: Agree that it could use a fire rate buff, but I worry about buffing it too much since it's largely a limited availability weapons. Carbine: Sure, less RNG is good. Shredder: Agree on buffing it's fire rate. I've said a few times that it feels like you could change the modifier to basically give it CJ3 for free and it still wouldn't be great. CSG: Disagree on 675, maybe 700 instead? NFAS: Agree. Strife: See big wall of text above. PMG: Sure. Though I worry about making it too similar to the OCA, or just making the OCA the go-to and the PMG irrelevant. H-9 Curse: Sure. It could use a bit of a bump. Whisper: I don't agree with putting it entirely in line just because it then begins to beg the question of "And the point is?", not to mention that minimum accuracy on SMG's is something to consider for trying to actually use it at 50m. I would be alright with tapping it down to 40m instead of slamming it to 30m. HVR: I don't personally like nerfing the damage so much, but considering the amount of complaints it's received in general I'd rather wait and see how it works out rather than protesting the change immediately. ISSR-B: Disagree on changes, it's not a popular weapon and it's already 4 STK, it being nerfed isn't going to fix it's status as a non-problem. Scout: Disagree entirely. The point of the scout is to be a mobile sniper and it's already fairly balanced as is, not to mention it only does 550 damage and in most cases it only takes two seconds for someone with CJ3 to turn the 2 shot weapon into a 3 shot weapon. Euryale: I don't disagree that it's a bit powerful, but I feel like I must point out that the SHAW has a lower TTK. Would have to see how it pans out. ACT44/RSA: I agree with buffing the accuracy on them, they can feel a bit clunky sometimes. RFP: Agree. Showstopper: To be honest I barely see them, but sure I guess. Snubnose: Sure. OCSP: Sure. PIG: Yes. Perc: Sure. Low-Yield: Sure. Stun Grenade: Sure. Volcano: I don't really know about this one. I can agree on an increased equip time but I'm not sure about the fire interval given it's two-rocket system. Perhaps a slightly longer wind up timer or something else? Stun OPGL: Agree.
  5. I don't personally like shortening the range on shotguns, especially since people keep wanting to rework Improved Rifling. The main reason I don't like this is that it feels like it'll push shotguns into too binary of a play style in that all they "can" do is just hide behind corners/hide behind cover and abuse lean/crouch/movement to make themselves vulnerable for 0.2 seconds while they attack. Additionally, I don't really like nerfing the damage on shotguns because having shotguns be three shots to kill feels like it would just render them totally useless. Or, if you buffed their rate of fire to allow them to get shots off quicker as compensation for having to hit more shots, they would totally eclipse SMG's in CQC engagements. Personally, I'd like to address Cooling Jacket's downside to shotguns while we're trying to get them figured out and then maybe we can get shotguns figured out a bit better. As it stands the only red mod ever used on Shotguns is Improved Rifling 3 because Improved Rifling has no downside for use on a shotgun. Heavy Barrel is never used on them because the reduction in damage comes with no benefit, and Cooling Jacket isn't used because the increased spread usually means that you just cannot get enough pellets on target to make your shots count. Thus, I would like to propose changing the downside of Cooling Jacket to affect the minimum accuracy and spread of automatic shotguns and not affect the spread/accuracy of pump shotguns. Thus you open up pump shotguns into new ways of being configured: If you slot Improved Rifling, you have a slower TTK but better range to work with so you are not entirely dependent on being in "hugging range" but if you equip Cooling Jacket instead you opt for more speed and a faster TTK in exchange for having to be within that "hugging" range and forcing you to not use cover and corner-pop as much. The other thing I'm worried about is making pump shotguns into 3 STK weapons. I could see making the CSG, with it's improved range, a 3 STK weapon, but the JG feels like it needs to be a two shot in order to not just be totally eclipsed by the CSG having better range while still being two shots. As for the Strife... I'd really like to see it reworked into a double barrel, and to be honest it continually being a gun in a weird place feels like it needs it.
  6. I've got an idea to potentially increase the ability for shotguns to duel automatic weapons, though it would probably require nerfing their damage a bit. What if, while ADS'ing with a shotgun, you slam fired the shotgun? You'd have to give up mobility and so on due to ADS'ing, but it'd give them an edge should someone with an SMG get the jump on them. Could even make it an exclusive red mod for shotguns since they only ever really use Improved Rifling, which would help the Thumper keep it's unique trait since it already does ADS stuff.
  7. I've noticed a lot of things that APB doesn't have in regards to other games, and I wanted to start putting together a list of things that I feel like could be changed and improved on with the coming engine update. A lot of these are going to be focused towards making life easier for content creators and streamers, but can have use to other general APB players. Without rambling on: Implement the option to appear offline to friends. Implement the option to turn off all music in the game, including a separate option for kill/death themes so that streamers and other content creators don't have to worry about someone else's copyrighted song causing their stream/video to get demonetized, and to shut down the abuse of "earrape" kill themes by cheaters and other scummy people. Implement the option to have your character only render on your screen as "default guy" so that content creators/streamers could hide how their character looks in videos and avoid harassment. implement the option to hide teammate names and to hide your own name. When sprinting, push civilians aside. Fix the "stickyness" of vehicle controls when you're getting out of a vehicle. I cannot count the amount of times where I've activated my nos from 5 feet away because the animation wasn't finished by the time I pushed shift. Allow for menus to be opened while dead. Make calling backup automatic instead of opt-in. Have grenades thrown by players that aren't in your mission/incapable of damaging you leave no smoke trail or smoke effect upon explosion. Add in a "backfill" medal/award for players who get called in near the end of a mission so that they aren't stuck with pocket change for having the mission end before they could even show up. Add in a "Non-contributor" detriment for being 100m+ away from the objective and not interacting with the mission. It would have to be a fairly strict set of criteria, but there needs to be a way to boot teammates that aren't contributing while also not teamkilling or being AFK. Add an option to disable the "do you want to group with your team members?" post-mission popup. That's about all I can think of now. Feel free to comment your own or give feedback. Try to think "small" in terms changes, as I'd like the whole list to be something that the dev team could reasonably do in a week or two and not in a month or two.
  8. Personally... The shotguns feel pretty great to shoot, though the district was empty at the time so I couldn't get any PVP in. However, there are a couple of changes I'd like to request. These mostly concern the Shredder and the Strife. For the Shredder: I'd like to see it given a slight ROF buff since it's the second slowest firing shotgun in the stats that were posted in the other shotgun thread, and using it just feels kinda awful. I would wager that giving it a fire interval of 0.390 (What you get when you equip CJ3 on it atm.) wouldn't be so bad. Additionally, I'd like to see it's damaged buffed a little bit, perhaps up to something like 50 damage per pellet? (50 x 9 = 450. Still 3 STK at 450/900/1350) The main reason I ask for a damage buff is that the drop-off feels kinda wonky on it. My experience using the Shredder on live has been pretty rough in that I've engaged people who are well within the 20m drop-off start and even though I've hit them consistently they didn't go down until I was about 5 shots in, which was pretty painful. Thus, the increased damage might help the drop-off curves a bit. Though that being said I could see some concern raised that the combination of giving it the previously mentioned ROF buff and the damage buff might turn it into *too* much of a killing machine, although according to APBDB's calculations the TTK (using live values and giving it CJ3) would be 0.78 seconds, it doesn't seem that bad, but I could be wrong and this is kinda the point of testing. If someone's better at the math, feel free to correct me. For the Strife: I understand and enjoy the niche that the Strife provides, however I feel like the refire time of 1.25 seconds feels like it could be slightly buffed without doing too much damage. I know that balancing the firing speed of the Strife is tricky because it is smacking people for 950 damage, and having it smack too fast can turn it into a game-breaker. Maybe buffing it to 1.15 instead of 1.25 would be an idea? Alternatively, and this one will be very controversial, the Strife could be reworked to be a different type of shotgun altogether. A common weapon in video games is a "Super Shotgun", and the Strife is almost a perfect fit into that trope, but it's not quite there. My suggestion would be to change the Strife from a pump-action shotgun into a double-barrel break action shotgun. Here's some prototype stats to detail out how I imagine this would go: Damage: Unchanged from provided shotgun stats. Accuracy: Unchanged from provided shotgun stats. Drop off: Unchanged from provided shotgun stats. Fire interval: 0.70 (0.02 higher than provided CSG/JG stats.) Reload time: 0.5 (Identical to Thumper, no partial reloads.) Magazine capacity: 2. (Configured in a way that modifications don't affect it, similar to rocket launchers.) Reserve ammo: 20. (-5 from shotgun stats.) The basic gist of this weapon is that you would lean fully into the feast/famine idea that the Strife already toys with, styling it akin to the .45 AP in that you have to either hit your shots perfectly or you lose the fight. Alternatively, if you wanted to provide the gun with a little more wiggle room (As the .45 will allow you to miss twice per magazine), the weapon could be styled as a four barrel shotgun and given a total capacity of four with potentially a reload of 0.7 seconds (Identical to CSG/JG provided reload.) This redesign will likely not be enjoyed by some parts of the community, as when I bring it up on the APB Discord it's frequently shot down as being a fairly dumb idea. However, I wanted to at least put it out there. That'll be all.
  9. They come out of random drops from monsters, so technically yes if you approach it from a certain angle.
  10. Probably LO or the marketplace itself. Presumably the price brackets would also be somewhat dynamic in that if a lot of X legendary is being sold at minimum cost the maximum and median cost would slowly start to trend downward and lower the overall price of the legendary.
  11. I'll be brief. Trading in APB is an awful pastime and some players (no names, please) seem to go out of their way to hoard legendary weapons in order to charge absurdly high prices for them, and some other players (again, no names please) seem to always expect you to overpay them in order to actually get them to part with a weapon. When I first started playing (2014) trading an Ogre for an Ursus was a fair deal, but now I've heard at least one story of someone having to give someone two Ogres for an Ursus. Now, granted, this is probably due to balance changes and the like, but player manipulation, price gouging, and downright scamming has become the norm in the legendary trading market. Thus, I would like to propose one of my most controversial ideas yet: Regulation of the legendary trading market through a centralized marketplace based "grand exchange" (Yes, I'm totally stealing from Runescape.) where people will be able to buy and sell legendary weapons at fixed or mostly fixed prices. Preferably, this market would be connected across all regions. The primary purpose of this market would be to remove "NPC Shopkeeper" habits from players. (Shopkeeper sells sword for 4000 gold. Shopkeeper will buy that exact same sword for 7 gold) and will "normalize" prices for legendary weapons in order to provide a reasonable benchmark for people to refer to prices and stop "word of mouth" price quotes used in scamming. Obviously, this will provoke a massive change in the way trading is done and how the market is structured, but I think that this would be an overall net positive for the future of APB, especially if we get a swarm of new players with the engine update that don't know what they're doing when it comes to trading.
  12. Controversial idea time: The fang is a major problem in that as it exists it warps the game around it, but changing it to anything else essentially just destroys the gun or is entirely pointless. Well... Why not just go with the practical thing and delete it? If it can never be good without warping the game, then maybe it should just go? I'm reminded explicitly of League of Legends, in specific of champions designed by CertainlyT. They're frequently loaded with so many passive abilities and other gimmicks that having the champion be "good" means that the champion is brokenly overpowered, and thus for the champion to be "balanced" they have to basically suck. The Fang feels the same way. If it's "good" that means it's destroying the secondary balance. If it's "balanced" that means that the Fang is awful. I would personally favor deleting it and giving the option of a G1C refund or picking something else out from ARMAS. If it's going to be this problematic why not just be rid of it? And yes I'm against removing content from the game, but being honest... We're not losing much. We still have several other RFP variants that aren't problematic and losing one variant that is problematic to balance doesn't mean we're losing out on the RFP as a whole. So deleting the Fang is fine to me.
  13. One thing I would like to see is perhaps a ping-based filter for choosing an action district that's enabled by default? And preferably takes a small amount of work to disable so it's not easy to just bump it? That way we don't have everyone just trying to join the most full district at the time and keep pings relatively equal.
  14. I haven't gotten a chance to play yet, but I wanted to give some first impressions based on what I'm reading here. RFP: First impressions of the RFP changes are negative. The big issues most people have is the range to it, so making it longer ranged seems like a step in the wrong direction even with the damage nerf to be 4 bursts (which is frequently shown to be like 5 bursts tbh.) Generally speaking I feel like a better change would be to push the RFP ranges in-line with the RFP-SD's old range (30m) and then maybe tweaking bloom a bit so that you have to have more precise timing before it begins to bloom on you? That way you can't just crap out bursts with no penalty in the general direction someone is standing in. I would also personally keep the BTK at 3 and tweak the damage only a little bit so that you have to hit those 3 bursts quickly in order to get a kill. Something along the lines of 115 damage? Or maybe 120? This would push the skill floor (Skill Floor = Base level of competence needed to use the weapon effectively) of the RFP a lot higher since you'd have to be careful not to just throw bursts downrange without thinking due to the increased bloom gain, but would still need to be quick to get kills. OCA: In general, these seem alright. Right now the OCA dominates CQC and other short range combat due to the fact that it allows you to empty your magazine into someone without really thinking about controlling the weapon. On the one hand this allows for newbies to pick it up and pick up kills with it no problem, on the other hand, this also allows even decently skilled players to rack up kills with impunity due to the excessive ease that the OCA gives. Additional thoughts: I honestly kinda think that if we're going to start changing around weapons again, especially weapons that are the bases for so many different reskins, that it might be time to consider making some of those reskins stand-alone weapons. Now, granted, I'd want to get what we have balanced first before we just start throwing a ton of 1% different weapons into the mix, but it might be nice to help flesh out some categories of weapons that feel like they're 90% reskins of the OCA, the JG/CSG, and the NTEC. But that's just something that feels like a nice idea and not something that is totally flawless and should be done instantly. Take it with a grain of salt. Speaking of off-the-cuff ideas, I'm going to plug the thread I made a while back now: I'll take a look at the test districts when I can and I'll post some more feedback.
  15. There's a lot of things that bug me in APB. Here's a bunch of fixes for them. I'll update this thread as I think of new things. Feel free to disagree, most of these ideas are rather off-the-cuff and so not everything is going to be perfect. Changes to Gameplay Remove all heavy items from missions. This would be things like PC's, barrels, and other stuff like that. They're tedious to deliver. Make stance changes (crouching, leaning) increase bloom akin to firing the weapon. Change the minimap icons to be circles for same elevation, up arrows for people above you, and down arrows for people below you. Add shot buffering so that clicking too fast simply fires a weapon at its maximum existing fire rate (Akin to clicking perfectly as it stands) instead of halving the fire rate. While sprinting, civilians are pushed aside. Add in an option to disable environmental voiceovers. This would be things like the GA5 station voice clips and the Tastyburger voice clips. The ability to adjust individual sounds overall would also be nice. Improve the stun animation so that you remain crouching for the entire duration and get up quickly when the stun animation is done so that there is a clearer visual indication between who can and cannot be arrested and to cut back on "last second" arrests where the character is visually ready to fight but is not yet back in the players control. The ability to open menus and potentially change weapons while dead would be nice to have. Imagine if someone on your team decides to go teamkilling. You are their first victim, but you're also team leader. You know that they've got a second before they can reach and teamkill your teammates. Unfortunately, you cannot open the team menu because you're dead. By the time you're alive, your other teammates are dead and the mission is irreversibly lost. This would be one of the benefits of being able to open menus while you're dead. The ability to sort, favorite, and otherwise organize the weapons in your inventory. When a vehicle is highjacked, add in a minute-long cooldown so that other not-in-mission players cannot get in the vehicle. This would help prevent intentional or unintentional griefing by someone randomly getting into a vehicle. Extend the "bad cop" detriment you get for killing arrested criminals to killing stunned criminals as well to discourage people from abusing instant stuns (pig+perc) and then just killing you with a primary weapon. -------- Changes to Character Modifications Rebalance Kevlar into a better position and remove Kevlar 2 and 3. Remove Clotting Agent 2 and 3. Rebalance Clotting Agent to be between the two. Delete Happy Landings 2 and 3. Rebalance Happy Landings to be between the two. Add the "Marked on Radar" penalty to spotter, similar to Radar Jammer. And also make it more obvious to people that they've been spotted. -------- Changes to Weapons. N-TEC 5: Change ammo to be 30 per magazine with 120 in reserve. Reduce damage to 180. S1-FA 'Frenzy': Revert to original launch stats. COBR-A: 1 less shot to kill, reduce bloom build up slightly. Star 'LCR': Add it as a rare daily activity reward? With open slots perferably. SG-21 'Strife': Rework into a double-barrel shotgun. Shredder: Make the damage more consistent and the drop-off more forgiving. It frequently feels more like a 4STK than a 3 STK. Also increase the fire rate a little. ACES (SMG and Rifle): Reduce the overall "vibration" of the recoil. Perhaps also shrink the bloom a little bit so that the gun is a bit more accurate and less dependent on RNG? Colby M-1922: Reduce the recoil by a lot. Perhaps a bit tighter bloom so that it's less RNG dependent? Norseman: An overall damage boost and STK reduction, smoothing of recoil shake and tightning of bloom so that they're less RNG dependent and feel like they respect the direction you point them in. Troublemaker: A reduction on bloom buildup. And open two slots. Whisper/Kris: Remove the crouch benefits. Joker RFP-9 "Talon": Increase the range to match the other RFP-9 pistols. Fix the bugged silencer mod, or just make the bug official. S-AS PDW/N-FA 9: Slight damage bump/STK decrease to improve effectiveness. ----------- Changes to The Map Limit access to the tan rooftop in Financial - Eastside - Ferjandro Shipping as it has only one way up to it and it's difficult to attack properly due to the complexity and jumping required to get onto the roof. Add a third ramp to the broken highway near new cross, or change it so that there is one large unified ramp across the entire gap. --------- Changes to Game Features Limit the amount of social billboards that one person or clan can purchase at any given moment to prevent abuse. That's generally it for now. Again: These ideas are not super-well thought through, and many will probably be controversial. These are naturally also moderately opinionated since I'm basing most of these changes on personal experience using and facing these weapons.
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