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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. APB Reloaded's consumable items are a divisive topic. But I think we can all agree that one item has more than it's fair share of problems: Deployable shields. The starting problem with deployable shields is that you can deploy them instantly, regardless of what you're doing. Losing a gunfight? Deployable shield! Someone get the jump on you? Deployable shield! Jumping through the air? Deployable shield! And, even better, you retain your full jump! The instant activation of the deployable shield is massively exploitable, but that's not all! In APB Reloaded, crouching and uncrouching doesn't affect your accuracy at all. The only things it really affects are the modifiers you get from some weapons, but the difference is overall minor. Does this matter with deployable shields? You bet it does! An extremely common exploit is to crouch behind a waist high wall (which renders you totally invincible to all damage unless your hitbox is poking out a tiny bit, and even then good luck hitting that tiny hitbox) and then grab everyone's favorite sniper rifle: The HVR 762. With this instant 850 damage you can lock down an area and be totally unassailable due to the fact that you can just line the shot up using the third person camera, aim, uncrouch for only a few moments, take the shot, and then crouch again. Instant 850 damage that the opponent simply cannot contest unless they have the magical ability to predict that you were going to do that and hit you in your 0.02 second window of vulnerability. Which... If someone had that they're probably not going to be playing APB, being honest. How are deployable shields relevant to this? Deployable shields give you a waist high wall anywhere in the game world. This naturally renders exploiting this bundle of mechanics extremely easy. But wait, there's more! You know what else you can do with a deployable shield? Drop it on an item that you have to pick up. You want to know when this happens? Take and hold missions. You cannot hold anything else while holding a deployable shield and, since most people will still guard the item that needs to be held, a decent team can render an item effectively unreachable to the enemy team by simply dropping it in a corner and then dropping a deployable shield on it. An additional tactic is to drop them at the top or bottom of a ladder in order to block/delay people from climbing it. Though this might've been fixed, I'm not sure. Overall, Deployable shields are highly exploitable and don't really serve much of a purpose outside of being exploited. I think it's time for them to go.
  2. Dear APB family, It's almost my birthday, in just a few days I will be 5 years old. It's going to be a very special day for me and I am excited for it. I would invite you all to my birthday party but mom and dad don't like too many visitors in our home, they say I'll get too excited again. I don't want to mess things up and father only just recently told me how much of a good boy I have been. My birthday is March 2nd. I. . I really hope for good things and best wishes ^-^ Love, Eisena
  3. May or may not be related to all the people being re-granted access to the game but I noticed earlier this morning that the market was suddenly getting flooded with cheap kill themes, almost all of which were just a pile of max volume multi layered high-frequency screeches for the whole duration. Imagine nails on a chalkboard and microphone feedback wrapped in one and dialed up to 11, and that's the kinds of "kill themes" I'm talking about. Won't call out names or the like, but I was wondering what LO's stance would be on these, since they're obviously intended to be physically painful. I've got a bit of hearing damage already from time in the Army, and all I can think of is the fact that these kinds of themes are beyond simple trolling. We're talking about real potential damage to hearing or headsets with these things. So other than "just mute anyone using these", what would LO's stance on these kinds of themes be?
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